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What Could Have Been

What if Lou had missed that 27 foot jumper?

We would be talking about losing 9 of their last 10 games and culminating in a sweep.

I think both what ifs should be considered, because they both have something to say about this team and its current composition.

Eh, I'm not really sure how much that shot made a difference. Or at least it shouldn't have. It was great to witness and everything, but when you're looking at the series overall in terms of what it means about the team, they lost three close games either way and played them really tight in all but one game.

That win shouldn't really change how Thorn or anyone else views the team right now. Maybe it changed how you feel about the season as a whole, but make or miss, I think we're still saying the same things right now.

But it would have been a lot harder to see the silver lining had they been swept after losing 5 of 6 to close the regular season. It was the win and the the great performance in a losing effort in game 5 that saved face.

I mean, is the silver lining from the win and game five loss that much brighter than it would've been losing game four by a basket after playing them really tight in games 1 and 3 as well? Or should it be?

tk76 reply to Brian on May 12 at 1:49

To me, yes. Both a sweep and losing 9 of 10 would have been really tough.

And IMO they raised there game another level in game five. That performance really impressed me for some reason. Miami really needed to hit all of their shots to win that one.

So had they lost game 4 by a point, what would you think or say differently right now about the team? Would you be calling for a fire sale?

No, but I would not be praising their heart or competitive effort.

I would probably bemoan that they fell apart (9 of 10 losses) and that the earlier run was another "Fool's Gold" run and that they are utterly outclassed when it comes to real competition. I would also be talking about how a young team lacks the needed cohesion to win when the chips are really down (Not just the Miami sweep, but folding against the Knicks and those last few weeks of the season.)

But instead I am praising their promise and heart. So yes, for me it made a big difference. It would be next to impossible to sell the "moral victory" and silver lining when a team loses 9 of 10 games to finish.

Losing 9 of 11 makes all the difference :)

Winning 1 of your last 2 and playing your best game in the finally makes a huge difference, yes. It is the difference between responding to adversity versus the losses just piling up.

I'm not saying you should agree. It's just how I see it.

So, you think less of teams like the magic or the lakers because of how they played in their 'finally'?

I agree that it definitely left a better taste in my mouth, but in terms of what I think the team should do, I don't think it really changed anything.

Although I have more confidence in Jrue as the centerpiece of the team now than I did before the playoffs began.

Again, it was only 5 games, and I remember a time people were real excited about sam because of his play in a 5 game series (loss) to the Detroit Pistons.

I'm guardedly optimistic.

I personally don't think it makes a 'big' difference any more than the 3-13 start was representative of the team.

I don't see how a 5 game series changes the opinions of the roster, it's too small a sample size (unless you're one of those 'the playoffs mean more' people who also think a great performance in the NCAA tournament means more than 2 or 3 years of college games)

So how reproduicible is the Sixers defense on Lebron and Wade. neither really went off for a game. In fact, the Center position turned out to be the real mismatch.

I can see Iguodala always doing a nice job on Lebron. But do you think Jrue and Turner really can go toe to toe with Wade and Lebron in a real 7 game series or was what we saw mreo of a "best case" in those match-ups.

It's hard for me to imagine Turner could consistently hold back Lebron, or Jrue do the same to D-Wade... unless they each got a ton stronger.

Well, considering the guys we're talking about are 20 and 22, I'd expect they'll be able to do better defensively than they did this year in future seasons.

tk76 reply to Brian on May 12 at 1:53

So going forward you anticipate Jrue and ET will be able to keep Lebron and Wade relatively in check on most nights?

Does that make you a little moee comfortable trading away Iggy for a quality big?

The problem is, unfortunately Iguodala won't get you a quality big, because there are only a handful of quality bigs in the league and none of them is for sale.

As for the ability to guard both LeBron and Wade i am not concerned about that at all. As we witnessed once again this season, the Sixers are exposed on the offensive end in the playoffs not as much on defense. A Turner and Jrue combination won't be even with a, say, Jrue-Iguodala combo, but it certainly won't be worse than what other teams have.

You realize, of course, that had we beaten Boston, that would have been the biggest or second biggest upset in the past decade or so, up there with the Warriors beating Dallas and a much bigger upset than Memphis beating San Antonio, as Memphis is actually a good team and an incredibly hot one over the past few months. I'd also point out that, before the Sixers even started slumping, you wrote we had a 5-10% chance or less of beating Boston. At the time, I said it was more like 20%. I'm still of that view. Upsets of that magnitude happen very rarely, as ideal as the match-up may have been. Their lack of athleticism or a great offense notwithstanding, they'd still have a great rebounding advantage over us, meaning that we would have to have been much more efficient on offense than they were to win. Merely playing them to a draw in terms of efficiency wouldn't cut it. I think we would have lost in 6.

Well at least one good thing came out of that Knicks game, the picture of Hawes getting stuffed by Bill Walker. I laugh every time I see it, and I'm so happy that it's made multiple appearances. Nice to have a little comic relief sometimes, thanks Spencer!

Story: Thorn, Sixers looking to increase talent pool:


Memphis is so much more of a complete team, and actual title contender than the Sixers are at this point, I don't think you can really compare. I also don't think there's any way they would have beaten Boston, and that Chicago is the team they would have had the best chance against

Charlie H reply to Mike on May 12 at 10:55

The Sixers don't compare to Memphis? C'mon.

They compare, loosely, but Memphis wins in front court ability, bench depth and versatility, and (at the moment) chemistry. They're currently a better built TEAM (and doing it all missing a very good player). If their coach had figured out his rotations sooner this year they might have been higher than the 8 seed (which might have worked out badly for them, who knows)

Memphis is better than the sixers

Oh yeah, he's stupid about it, but Memphis owner seems more willing to spend money than the sixers ownership.

Did they get damn lucky in the Pau Gasol trade, yes they did (and it's still a bad trade even if Marc panned out) but like someone said yesterday - you gotta be lucky sometimes - they got lucky that their cash dump worked out for them (this doesn't mean I think a cash dump with a future pick and hope is a good idea)

Ah wishful thinking.

The sixers would have lost to the celtics, in six maybe, instead of five, and the sixers front court weaknesses would have been more exposed as guys like Jermaine O'neal and big baby davis had big games against the non existent front court.

Said it then and still believe it, the sixers weren't winning i the first round unless by some miracle they got the 5 seed - which they lost when they went 3-13.

There's no transitive property at work here, the sixers aren't as good in the first round as the celtics who are older and suffered a massive injury to one of their key players.

Only difference would have been who the sixers lost to, that's all.

Honestly i think losing in the first round in a tough series with the Heat is the best thing that could have happened to the team. If they won that Knicks game and somehow won a playoff series with the Celtics (they would have had around 35% chance to win it IMO), in all likelihood the management would have thought they were much closer to contending than they actually are. And we know what happens when management is satisfied with the team...

This way they got both invaluable playoff experience for the youngsters and realized that this is just the beginning and there is still a lot more to be done.

It seems like a lot of people think the team is doomed to first round playoff exits unless we make some drastic moves over the next couple of years. I have to say I think we are on the right path. Any of our "core" players going forward have been drafted. I think Brand is huge part of the team but not a core player, as most people seem to be waiting for his contract to expire before we might be able to win it all. I think we make a couple of simple moves. Let me preface this my next statement by saying this I think Thad is a really good player. but unless he is willing to keep his next contract at a level where it will allow more cap room in the future the team needs to let walk. We do not know what and when the next CBA will bring. So I think the team needs to be very careful with any contracts they sign this year. I he next simple move regardless if we re-sign Thad is to draft at 16 the player with best ability to get his own shot off regardless of his position or draft the player with the best ability to gaurd either the 4 or the 5 and rebound at a good level. I do think Singleton could gaurd NBA level 4. Plus if we are going to be facing the heat that would allow us to put him (hopefuly) on Lebron, Andre on Wade, Brand on Bosh, Jrue and Meeks/Turner/Williams to switch off on the role players. Just my thoughts.

I don't think they're 'doomed'

But do you think this roster will ever be able to beat Chicago or Miami in a 7 game series.

If not they're 'doomed' to be NOTHING MORE than a first round victor because they would have to play one of miami or chicago in the second round

emtmess reply to GoSixers on May 12 at 13:30

I do not look at it as being "doomed" either. "doomed" was Eddie Jordan year being the coach here. "Doomed" to bad play questionable lineups and no D. So I love the way the team played this year. I also remember so bad years after the Barkley trade but back on track. I do not think that we can beat the Heat or Chicago right now in seven game series. I think we are not as far off as it might seem. Right now Miami will beat us in a seven game series most likely 10 out of 10 times and Chicago 9 out of 10. Most times the series going 5-6 games. Chicago has some flaws and I am not sure how much they can change there roster to fix themI think with the right draft pick we could give Chicago a Six or seven game series every time. Miami is a different problem that I think we need a couple more years to match up with and think yeah this series goes six or seven games no problem.

If you don't think this roster (with minor tweaks) can beat Chicago or Miami in a 7 game series in the next 3-4 years - then they're as far off as it matters, at least to me. If you can't seriously believe you can make the conference finals then I believe your roster needs a shake up untili yo ubelieve you can have a SERIOUS chance to make the conference finals, not just a 10% chance of getting lucky or being less injured than the other team.

This was on the hoopshype.com rumors page a 'twit' from Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Luc Mbah a Moute: Dont even wanna talk about first team it's all politics.. i love Iguadola's game but he is not second team all defensive team this year man. Twitter

Is this sour grapes cause he wasn't on the team or thinking Iguodala got screwed...I'm still not sure

emtmess reply to GoSixers on May 12 at 13:32

I think he thinks Andre missed to many games maybe. I do not agree if that is what he is thinking but it could be it.

I guess it's sour grapes, which is pretty funny. Since when is Iguodala on the right side of politics?

Philly in NYC on May 12 at 14:14

What do you guys think of this trade idea?...

I think it has some interesting aspects for each team.

I'm not sure Pierce is really a good fit in LA, and they'd be trading away their only young talent. I guess maybe they could go for one more title, but Pierce has a pretty long contract.

Where do i begin... The Lakers would never trade Bynum for Pierce. The Celtics would never trade Pierce for Iguodala. The Sixers should never trade Iguodala for the "blown knee waiting to happen" Bynum.

The idea makes no sense whatsoever...

It make sense for Boston. The big three's window has officially closed, they need to get younger.

Time to see how good Danny Ainge really is I guess?

Does Larry Bird help out former team mates?

Rich reply to sfw on May 12 at 14:52

Right away she speculated trading him to get into the Top 5. If that means Bismarck, then that is a package worthy of Iguodala's talents.

Is it really?

Where would Bismarck rank in this draft if eveyone who was supposed to came out. Where would he rank in a draft that had some actual talent in it - where would he rank in last years draft?

This Bismarck thing just reeks of Mamula

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 12 at 14:58

At some point, the team is going to have to take a gamble. I would have been all for a package that brought back Favors, still would if it is possible.

The way I see it, Iguodala is not going to bring back any promising big that has played more than a year or so in the league. If the Sixers think Bismarck is that guy (DiLeo should look very closely with Courtney Witte), then I'd say go for it.

Getting guys like Gay or Kaman are lateral and backward moves IMO.

I agree that getting guys like Kaman or Rudy Gay are lateral moves (getting Kaman is a backwards move in my opinion) but that doesn't mean you under sell Iguodala for a questionable 'workout warrior' in one of the weakest drafts in a long ass time.

Last year was a good draft and most of the big men had little to no impact on their teams when they even played. I think the hype and the desperation of people to make this draft 'better' over rates Bismarck.

At some point they have to improve and make a move to improve it doesn't mean it should be a foolish move - trading iguodala for the 5th pick in this draft is foolish (not to mentnion - you still gotta take salary back unless the team making the deal has a TPE - and one pick in one of the weakest drafts in a long time is way too little for Igoudala)

Pretty sure he hasn't really even worked out yet. He's rising based on his play in the spanish league (I think it was spain) and his triple-double in Portland.

Ah, so even less reason to project a guy high than good work outs.

It's a weak draft and people need someone to talk about, I worry about this out of nowhere kind of guys in most drafts (or fast risers after no one knew who they were? come on). In a draft this weak, with the nba NEEDING some sizzle - don't trust it at all. More bust than boom in this draft

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 12 at 15:13

First off, how could he be a workout warrior? They haven't even started yet.

I don't really know anything about him yet, but he did have success in the Spanish League at 18 years old and that's a good league. He was by all accounts the best player on the floor at the Nike Hoop Summit (12-11-10 in 28 minutes) against all of America's best high school seniors. Those performances should be put into perspective, but it's not exactly like he's laying an egg.

Well just like Brian's proposed trade the other day, the Sixers would probably ask for expirings to match the money up. The trade isn't something you have to do, but getting better value (if the guy they pick turns into even a little above average big- Tyson Chandler or Ben Wallace) will be hard to do.

So he's a hyped euro who looked good in a nike summit?

You're right, he's not a workout warrior - but he sounds a lot like some guy who was hyped cause he was a euro who had some good meaningless workouts - Darko.

Projecting a guy in this draft to be Even as good as ben wallace or tyson chandler seems a bit of a stretch for me. Chandler when he was drafted was much more hyped than anyone in this draft

For me, it's about getting a guy that's a freak athlete w/ great size who can do exactly what I think they need to get from a big: Rebound, defend and finish on the inside. Everything I've seen and read says he's going to be that type of player.

In a normal draft, you're looking for future all stars in the top five, and guys like this fall to the middle of the first round. In a bad draft, guys like this wind up in the top five. Doesn't make him anything more or less than what he is, just means you have to make a move to get him if you want him, rather than having him fall to you at #16.

I don't want to trade Iguodala just to get him, I want Iguodala and Biyombo. But coming out of an Iguodala trade w/ the pick you need to get Biyombo would be better than a lot of the returns I've seen mentioned.

For me, it's about getting a guy that's a freak athlete w/ great size who can do exactly what I think they need to get from a big

So basically you want them to draft Sam Dalembert?

The focus on athleticism over skill is one of the things I believe leads to more draft busts than success.

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 12 at 15:31

Yea, probably, but that's not the only reason it happens. Darko was and still is very skilled.

I suppose but it took how long to get there and how over drafted was he - in a draft DEEP with talent.

Yeah, I'd like them to get a guy who can produce like Sam did, with room to grow.

Check out this video. The highlights are impressive (blocked shots, dunks, etc), but the thing that really caught my eye was how quickly he closed out on a shooter at the 5:45 mark. Guys who are 6'9", 245 shouldn't be able to move like that.

When did RickoT hijack brians account?

It's a youtube highlight film - of course it looks good :)

Sam had room to grow too - he had no dedication

Rich reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:30

That's basically where I stand. I wouldn't say to do it today either, because I don't really have an idea what the guy brings. Let's see him workout a little in America and what the evaluators think of him while also digging into his past.

One other thing, I feel like every draft is now considered weak since the Durant-Oden-Mayo-Love-Gordon-Gallo one. The next year was considered much worse. By picking in a similar spot, we got Speights in the strong draft and Jrue in the weak one. Wasn't last year considered crappy until Monroe, Ed Davis, Bledsoe, Aminu, etc. had nice rookie years?

I guess the thing I'm getting at is that I think the weak draft/strong draft thing is a little overrated. There are always going to be guys that help your team. Maybe there are less of them, but they seem to be always there.

I guess the thing I'm getting at is that I think the weak draft/strong draft thing is a little overrated. There are always going to be guys that help your team. Maybe there are less of them, but they seem to be always there.

That's kind of the primary definition between a strong and weak draft (among other things) is the 'number' of guys who can help your team - the number of future high quality starters if not all stars - that' what makes a draft strong or weak...if the best player in the draft is never going to be more than a sixth man - that's a weak ass draft. If Lebron is 1, carmelo is 3, bosh is 4 and wade is 5, that's a strong draft, because there's more talent. Yes, ther'es always guys who could help - but how much help and how many of them - that's what defines strong versus weak - you can not buy it but you are defining it in the same paragraph. If a draft is weak then you shouldn't trade one of your best players for a guy who wouldn't be a top 15 pick (for instance) in a quality draft

Just because every darft is considered weak doesn't mean it wasn't...since that oden draft, how many super stars, how many full time starters have actually been drafted in a given draft?

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 13 at 0:02

The idea of determining a draft's quality before it happens is what bothers me. Who knows if it's a weak draft? The 2009 Draft was considered weak as it happened by many, and Jrue Holiday was picked after 15. By going by that definition, he was the product of a weak draft. So was Ty Lawson. As for that whole draft- There are a lot of guys who are looking to be like above average starters in this league, which Iguodala falls into as a category (Near the top but still).

So yeah, Jrue was a mid-first pick in a "weak" draft, but that turned out to be a great pick. If the team determines Bismarck is going to be a really good player, then go for it. I don't care when he would get picked in other drafts. I care about where he ends up looking back at the draft in the future, when you can actually determine how strong or weak it is.

She mentioned Canter as the target if they get in the top five.

Rich reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:01

Ugh, a little athleticism in the frontcourt wouldn't hurt, would it?

I feel the same way.

The ideal situation for me is to get up to get Biyombo without trading Iguodala. I'd absolutely love to see Jrue, Lou, Iguodala, Thad and Biyombo as a unit. They'd seriously run any other unit in the league right off the floor.

Rich reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:18

For about 10 minutes a game they could. That would be quite a curve ball for Collins to run out there, if Biyombo can protect the rim as advertised.

What would they have to give up to get him? Probably Turner or Thad.

It was good to read that Turner was candid about what he needed to improve on as well.

Can Thad be traded on draft night? I know RFA's (pending) have some trading restrictions.

Nope, you can't trade RFA's until they sign.

thought there was something, yeah.

As for trading turner, I think his trade value is probably near its nadir

Turner for the pick that gets us Biyombo. I'd do it.

The only reason you do that is if you have no faith in Turner and think his trade value will just get worse.

Are you in that camp already Brian?

No, I'm in the camp that an impact big is what this team needs. Just like I was prior to the draft last year.

I actually see Biyombo as a more aggressive version of Favors.

From some spanish league games and one nike summit?

Rich reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:41

Let's say Turner turns into a decent facsimile of Iguodala (more efficient scoring, a little above average defender but a step down there, and a decent distributor- How does 4 assists a game sound?).

Then I'm assuming you are more comfortable with dealing Iguodala?

If that was a guarantee, I guess. I'm not sold he's ever going to reach Iguodala's level.

More and more, to me, it looks like athleticism is king in this league. Putting five unbelievable athletes on the floor is becoming less of an oddity and more of a necessity. That's the direction I'd be looking to move if I was an NBA GM. I wouldn't be drafting slow centers, and when evaluating my roster, I'd be much less likely to move athletes who can play than players who maybe aren't elite athletes.

it's a simplistic standard, but it's how I feel right now after watching this past season and these playoffs especially.

Rich reply to Brian on May 12 at 17:10

I see what you are saying, and agree, except I think that size and athleticism is far more important at the 4/5. The 2 guard spot does not have to be a great athlete IMO.

Well if he isn't a great athlete won't he not be as good a defender of players who are good to great athletes. One of the things that makes Iguodala (for instance) a great defender (in my mind) is his athleticism

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 12 at 17:28

Turner is a good athlete. Not in Iguodala's level, but he's no slouch there. That is a big part of defending, but he has the tools to be an above average defender.

I honestly think that we've gotten to the point where athleticism is overrated. Skills are important and it's not like every athletic freak can learn some skills after they get into the NBA. Especially in the playoffs i think skill >> athleticism.

And to get back to the point, Turner has sufficient athleticism. There is no reason why he can't be a very good SG in any facet of the game.

I honestly think that we've gotten to the point where athleticism is overrated.

With the #8 pick in the 1998 NBA Draft - the Philadlphia sixers select Larry Hughes

With the #9 pick in the 1998 NBA Draft the Milwuakee Bucks select Dirk Nowitzki

With the #10 pick in the 1998 NBA Draft the Boston Celtics select Paul Pierce

Rodney Carney - runs fast jumps high - not much basketball skill

It's been a problem for a while

Rich reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:34

Eh, I don't know. That's a hard one. The only reason I'd consider it is that frontcourt is such a glaring need.

They won't deal Turner though, I don't think. They probably want to see what he does next year.

CM reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:08

I'd prefer Kanter to Bismack if they move into the top 10.

It's kind of confusing, she says there's stuff going on in the background about Iguodala, then later she says there's nothing more to it than the exit interview, but that should be enough to connect the dots.

I'm just dicking around on Trade Machine & hoopshype - does anyone know what the deal is with Omri Casspi? Seems like a guy with good size, skills, athleticism but can't get consistent minutes in Sactown. Is he really that bad defensively? Or just a young guy that's not there yet? I admittedly only saw maybe two Kings games this year.

Average shooter and pesky defender, from what I've seen. You could do worse for a wing off the bench, but I don't think he's much more than that.

Marty reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:08

Would love to see an Igoudala trade w/ Cleveland or Sac where we unload a little salary, get their pick (in Clevelands case, one of their picks) and pick up a useful part. Tough to find the right guy though for it to make sense for both teams. I really hope somehow we get lucky and something good happens to us. I would LOVE to somehow get our hands on Paul George. Maybe Indy thinks Granger and Igoudala would be a good pair? Doubtful.

Granger was good at getting water for Iguodala when they were both on Team USA.

The Kings might give up their #1 because they (mistakingly) believe they are close.

But Cleveland has been actually taking on other teams garbage in order to acquire more #1 picks. So I don't see how they would give up picks for Iguodala seeing how they view themselves as being years away.

CM reply to Marty on May 12 at 18:22

I'd prefer to get Granger FROM Indy to pair with Iguodala on the wing.

Would Indy consider one of the follwing offers:

Thad(S&T) + Lou
Thad(S&T) + Turner (too much)
Thad(S&T) + Nocioni + #16

Rich reply to Brian on May 12 at 15:22

He looks to me like a better and much more solid version of Nocioni if that makes sense. I wouldn't mind having him on the team, seems like a guy who works and plays hard.

Iguodala got one vote for All-NBA. Which is one more than Jrue and one less than Kendrick Perkins. I bet it was Kate.


Kendrick Perkins played in 39 games in the regular season

Missed more than half the games played

In those 39 games he averaged under 30 mpg, 4.5 points and 5.9 rebounds

Stuff like this has to be made public because a vote for Perkins is ridiculous

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 12 at 15:18

I mean, as good as Iguodala is, it's pretty ridiculous for anyone to think he's a top 5 player either. Like did this voter vote him in over LeBron at SF? Or over Wade and Kobe at SG? There's not really a credible argument to be made for that. I think these votes are largely symbolic. They know that Perkins and Iguodala won't be named, but want to give them a little credit for being good players.

Pretty sure they vote for first, second and third teams. He didn't get a first-team vote.

Yeah, but come on, he's not a top 10 player either, we all know that

Brandon Roy got how many votes?:)

0. Bargnani got two.

Well he did average over 20 points per game

I got a vote. Had four of five on first team (only difference was I picked Wade instead of Kobe).

Good ballot. Do you pick all three teams?

Thanks. Yes I did. My second and third teams were somewhat different than the final results.

Some broadcasters, so it's possible that was Iguodala's vote.

Should be

Some broadcasters get ballots, so it's possible that was Iguodala's vote.

The Greek reply to Brian on May 12 at 20:42

I doubt it, she rides him like sea biscuit

A little off-topic question for everyone:

I always find myself looking for a place to have good Eagles discussion. I talked to Brian about it, but if I started posting (3 times a week probably) on Don't Boo The Birds, would people read/comment? Are there any other Eagle fans here? Would anyone else want to post there? I think it would be good if that got going, and it's sure as hell easier to talk about a football team.

Honest feedback would be great, because I wouldn't do that if nobody would read it.

I sometimes talk Eagles at ReclinerGM. I would check in at Don't Boo the Birds, but not to the extent that I do at basketball blogs. Basketball is the main sport I follow with blogs. In football the games are so infrequent that it feels like too much talk detracts from the game.

I'd definitely read.

I'm like TK - but football actually comes behind baseball too :) I would read and comment but I have a lot less to say about football (which I'm sure all of you would applaud). I think you'd get quite a few readers, BGN is kind of a 'rough' place to go

Does anyone know when the Lottery is scheduled? I think I'm hoping that somehow G-State moves up to #3. After Irving and Williams, it's pretty much up in the air right? I think this deal makes sense - Sixers trade Igoudala/Speights/#16 for Dorell Wright/Biedrins/#3. If we could keep #16 somehow, that would be perfect, but I think Wright is the spot-up shooter that would fit perfectly starting at the 3 with Jrue and Turner. He's not the defender Igoudala is, but he's not horrible. Biedrins would be a total reclamation project, but if anyone could do it, it's Doug Collins. Plus he's still only like 25. This guy used to be amazing on the P&R diving to the hoop. And if we're really sold on Kanter or Biyombo, I think it's gonna take this kind of deal to make it work.

Ai-Love_Hate reply to Marty on May 12 at 21:24

thats pretty good right there. I've liked biedrins alot and he was a consisent double-double guy before his injury. And still had good per 36 numbers. His ft shooting has been pretty bad for the past 2 years.

Really the deal is Igoudala for Wright and your big man of the future. Biedrins is an afterthought, but who knows. His contract kind of sucks, but pretty much every big man's contract does (Varajao, Haywood, Perkins, etc.). From everything I've read, he's a complete mess right now, but who knows. Anything from him would be a bonus. But I'm not opposed to taking that chance. Not many 7-footers who run the floor like he does. Decent rebounder too, I believe.

Quick trivia question:

How many shots has Biedrins made outside of 9 feet in his last 2 seasons (92 games)? I'm including FT's. And is it over/under my total number of fingers and toes?

I know shooting is not his game, but we can't have his defender completely ignoring him and clogging up the lane.

Brian, I am going to email you some Sixers info.

Sweet, looking forward to it.

guardedly optimistic.

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