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The Conference Finals

Charlie on May 16 at 8:45

I didn't watch the game, but did Loul Deng really force Lebron to 5-15 shooting?

mike reply to Charlie on May 16 at 9:41

it wasn't just deng, though he did have a great game on both ends of the floor. it was gang defense, helped by the fact that noah could leave joel anthony whenever he wanted to clog the lane. the bulls' transition D was amazing and they didn't turn the ball over, which prevented miami from getting out on the break. the reason i thought miami would win this series is because they get so many easy buckets, but last night they didn't get many. they may have to play ilgauskas, or go small with bosh at the 5 because they need to keep noah honest. he doesn't really have to guard anthony.

I thought it was really interesting that Durant addressed this stupid buzz around him "tainting his legacy" if he could not close out Memphis in a game 7.....AT AGE 22.

Then we went out and scored 39 in a closeout game - his second great closeout game this playoff run....AT AGE 22.

Charlie H reply to Rodney Buford on May 16 at 10:00

That's really stupid. The sports press is obssessed with "legacy", comparisons across eras and all-time records in newly invented categories. Just watch the game for a change.

fREAS reply to Charlie H on May 16 at 10:30


If you mean getting a superstar in the draft and then building around him with other high draft picks is something the Sixers shouldn't do, then don't worry, that'll never happen.

It's not like that EVER worked anyway. EVER. In the HISTORY OF BASKETBALL.

hey brian,

ive been watching a lot of playoffs and see point guards like westbrook and rose taking 20-30 shots almost every game. The closer they got to 30, the worse their teams seemed to do. So I went and compared their stats to some of the best "pure" point guards in the game, nash, paul, and williams. Then I compared some of their stats to some of the "best' combo guards from a few years ago, marbury and steve francis. It seemed like westbrook and rose were a lot closer to the shoot first point guards that never seemed to have success in the late 90's early 00's. High shot rate, low three point percentage, low assist/turnover rate. Not exactly what you want out of your point guard.

I was looking at basic stats, but if you guys wanted to run some sort of post on this (I know topics can be thin this time of year), I know that you guys are much more comfortable and better at researching advanced stats.

The reason I was thinking about this, is that if we end up trading andre, then people may start clamoring for jrue to start scoring 20 points per game, take more shots, and be a "leader." But is that really the type of point guard we want him to be? While nash, paul, and williams can score 20, they don't always feel they need to put up those shots. As opposed to rose and westbrook who are now in love with pull up jumpers and bad threes.

These were just some of my thoughts. Because for the first time this year it seems these shoot first point guards are having a lot of success in the playoffs. Just a possibility for discussion or a post if you feel like pursuing it. Thanks a lot, and I enjoy reading.

Good observation and idea for a post.

From casual observation it appears like Rose wants to be more of a traditional PG but both lacks the great vision and his team really wants/needs him to be an attacking scorer.

While Westbrook is the reverse. He actually can really impress you when he tries to be a PG- but he would much prefer to be a ball dominant scorer.

I think that is "gunner" PGs from a decade ago and "gunner" PGs have significantly different games. Back than, guys like Marbury took a ton of long contested twos. Now Rose and Westbrook mostly drive to the hoop. And the biggest reason for that are the rules. Without the "newly" implemented hand checking rule, PGs like Rose and Westbrook would be able to drive at a much lower rate. They would've been forced to either pass or settle for bad jumpers. And considering they are not that good in the passing department, they probably would've been considered as mediocre point guards or even undersized SGs. Not having a reliable three point shot would have hurt them badly.

Good point.

HendrikDB on May 16 at 10:16

Finals will be Dallas vs Chicago. Chicago has way more weapons to deal with Miami. Thibs is a defensive mastermind so he'll lock the 2 superstars out. Sure, Bosh will get a lot of points...but he can't win a series on his own unlike Wade and James.

I hope Dallas wins it all, Nowitski is one of those people that really earns a ring. He's loyal to Dallas, a phenomanal player and plays real basketball.

I'm not really into the Rose and Westbrook hype. I just don't like watching athletic players muscleing their points in. This is also one of the main reasons I love watching ET play...he has that old school flair, same with Harden.

Charlie H reply to HendrikDB on May 16 at 11:20

I don't care how smart Thibodeau is, they're not going to lock down Wade & James. LeBron is unguardable, and Wade is simply relentless and damn near unguardable.

Charlie H on May 16 at 11:15

After I get over my post-elimination depression, I usually find myself rooting for a team without making up mind about it. I'm pulling for Miami, mainly because I think the Sixers look better having played the eventual champion tough. I like Wade and I don't really understand the venom directed at LeBron. I always liked him, but last year's playoffs made me think he had no heart. I thought it was bad that he left Cleveland, but I've rethought that. I got swept up in the negativity I guess, and the "decision" process was just embarassing, but why should LeBron be criticized for exercising his free agency rights? He wasn't under contract. Many players have forced their way out of cities while under contract (Wilt, Kareem, Melo, Shaq, Iverson) without getting hanged in effigy. And don't tell me it's because he's under some obligation to be "The Man". Kareem was The Man in LA for 4 years and the Lakers were mediocre. Then Magic came along.

I want Dallas to win because I like Dirk and Kidd deserves a title, and I think they will win it. Good point about their defense, Brian, but in their case I think it's the coach who makes the defense good. If they had Caron Butler I'd be more confident.

I had no problem with Lebron leaving. I also did not like the team that the Cavs assembled around him (nor what Orlando has done for Dwight.)

I was turned off by the whole "decision" circus. But the hate is probably a bit overblown IMO.

I was turned off by the whole "decision" circus. But the hate is probably a bit overblown IMO.

I think that's where the problem starts, not the decision to go to miami - the decision to have the decision - the hour long idiocy. It seems like a self aggrandizing (i don't know if it's the right term, but i wanted to use it to) pure ego stroke, not to mention the host (jeremy schapp?) lost all credibility as a sports journalist in my eyes.

The whole We hate the heat but we had nothing wrong with what the celtics or lakers did dichotomy really is fascinating to me. Three team with one superstar, used moves to add a couple other superstars. Two did it by trade, one did it by free agency. The teams by trade were considered smart and successful because of good trades whereas the players are considered greedy carpet bagging scum buckets.

It really is a ridicluous hypocrisy

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on May 16 at 13:34

I totally agree. If there hadn't been "The Decision", most people not in Cleveland would have felt differently.

Didn't the Lakers & Celtics both build through trades? Odom and Gasol came via trades, only Artest and Fisher were free agents.

Charlie H reply to Charlie H on May 16 at 13:36

Never mind, I see your point now. If the players do it, it's arrogance, if front offices do it, it's smart. (It helps when one GM is buddies with another GM who is incompetent.)

I was thinking this morning that I would like it to be Chicago and Oklahoma City because I can never hear the 'changing of the guard' cliche too much ;)

As the playoffs progress we get closer and closer to the first real move of the offseason

RFA Negotiations (July 1st - July 7th)

Spencer Hawes: He's the only candidate to be signed during this period as opposed to reaching free agency and receiving offers. At this point he (and his agent) must realize he isn't even worth his QO amount and is viewed as a backup by the 76ers. Even worse, he exclusively plays the five and offers no positional versatility. A long-term deal in the three year range for 2.5-3.0 million dollars per year is where I perceive his value to be at. More importantly for him is he has the organizations backing, from the coach to the president, and he realizes how critical that is from his time in Sacramento. His only leverage is our lack of frontcourt depth.

Post on Thaddeus Young to follow.

The CBA expires on June 30th.

There won't be negotiations on July 1

Yeah, RFA's cannot be signed until a new CBA is in place.

But there can be trades of players under contract and draft picks prior to July 1st.

There can be - but I don't think there will be.

the Heat will lose. Their front court issues are in full glare because Chicago is so deep and talented in that department. Something both the Cs and Sixers sorely lacked. Even worse Spoelestra went small and made Lebron guard the 4 and 5 positions earning him early foul troubles. Once Lebron or Wade leaves the court, their rebounding and defense take a huge hit. It's like Spoelestra was more concerned about how to score against the Bulls than how to stop them. Wade and Lebron will get tired, and then the series will be over.
I like Dallas against the Thunder. Even though they have no one who can guard either Westbrook or Durant, they play good team defense, rotate well and against the Lakers were able to limit Bryant and Odom from getting to the line. It bodes well for them that they are a veteran team and OKC is still figuring out how to make in-game adjustments. Nowitzki is unstoppable now. Give him the slight edge over Durant. Neither is guardable but I like Marion on Durant.
Should be fun; Dallas vs. Chicago

Maybe keep Iguodala, wait for free agency when Brands contract is up. & Go after Dwight , adding dwight automatically makes the sixers a contender ... Jrue. Evan. Iggy. ????brand???? Dwight ... philly would be raving & blazing .

My comments may seem random @ times, & unrelated to the topic @ hand lol, but excuse me , I'm just stuck & set on D12 & Drooling @ that lineup potential.

I really dont care who wins my team aint in it so its whatever. I think its going to come down to chicago and dallas In the end. I wouldnt count the heat out though they have the best player in the NBA in Lebron IMO and Wade is a top 3-5 player but The bulls have a better a bench and a more complete team and it might just come down to that

I hope Dallas wins, I will not be able to tolerate the Rose, Durant, Wade/Lebron love fest that will go on all off season

Naturally I'd like Miami to win. If they don't win this year, they'll probably win another year, but nevertheless, LeBron's losing would just encourage people who are stupid about basketball to believe that he's a worse player than Rose, Durant, Kobe, etc. And that's crazy. Because I want LeBron to be properly rated, and because I like it when the best talent wins, I want Miami to win, though they really haven't been the spellbinding team that people expected they'd be in the offseason. After that, I think Dirk's very deserving, that it would be amazing for Durant to lead his team to a title at the age of 22, and that Rose is just a poor man's Iverson with zero personality benefiting from the hand-check rules. He's a nice kid, but I'd hate it if he won so pundits could bloviate all summer about the humble guy who refused to recruit LeBron for his team, and teamwork triumphing over talent, and so on and so forth. If Chicago wins, it'll be because they have much more size and a much smarter coach, not because they're better, more unselfish human beings.

I hope the Mavs win the title. At least that would mean that the NBA champion is not a team that will be only getting better over the next 4 years. As a Sixers fan, that would be tougher to take.

Title or not - those teams are getting better over the next four years - this is kind of the mavs last shot.

emtmess reply to GoSixers on May 16 at 20:19

How is Miami getting better? I am not saying that they won't win it all if they do not do this year. But I do not think they will get better. Wade, Lebron, and Bosh are who they are they are in there prime but it's not they will change how they play will they. They might be able to make some roster moves but what can they do ?

Barbera Walters reply to emtmess on May 16 at 20:30

Lebron, Wade and Bosh are all 26-29 years old. If they can add a pg that distribute the ball, shoot 3s, and play defense and a decent center that can rebound, block shots, play defense, set screens, and catch alley-oops they may be unstoppable. Also a lot of veteran FA's will always sign with them. Barring injuries they should be a dominate team for at least 6 years.

Part of why I question how Miami will get better is the CBA, what will things look like with the new one. But also going with the current system there are several other teams that could use some of the same type players so Miami would have to compete with them. Not saying they can't do it I just think what you see out of Miami right now is what you will get. I base some of this off of watching Boston they won there ring the first year together and have been very good since. Still like 3 years 1 ring. So with Miami I could see them doing the same 1-2 championships over there 6-9 year prime run.

Ai-Love_Hate reply to emtmess on May 16 at 23:11

I don't think miami will get much better either. If they add a player it won't do anything but get the big 3 less touches. Also d-wade will be 30 come playoff time. So while he's still pretty much in his prime, he's getting older.

eddies' heady's on May 16 at 22:22

don't really give a crap but .... Dirk and JTerry get their rematch vs Wade and the Heat. And the Mavs win the title.

I can't see Chicago taking out the Heat with as much trouble as they had with the Pacers and the Hawks. Miami's defense will step up and their superb talent will eventually win out. Don't think MIA can handle Dallas over a seven game series though. Just don't know who Dallas has that can attempt to contain Wade. Still think Dallas wins even with that obvious mismatch whoever they put on him. Team defense will take over I guess. Always thought Carlisle would have been a good coach here and was a good defensive strategist overall

I'd like Dirk to get a title. When guys are that good for that long, it's good to see them rewarded with a title. It's wide-open though. All four teams have a good shot of winning this.

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