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Could the Lottery Matter?

I feel like there will be plenty of pick movement on draft day. Due to the weakness of the draft and teams holding multiple lottery picks there will be a lot of teams that will be willing to trade out of the top 10. To me the bigger question is how hard should we realistically try to move up, will it be worth it...

I feel like all of the real prospects from the NCAA stayed in school for another year except for Irving. There are a few interesting international prospects though and i feel like that's where the Sixers should aim, if they do indeed decide to trade for a pick.

The only players worthy of consideration (to a variable degree) from this years draft are:
Irving - we don't need him at all, but he has a chance to be really good
Kanter - the guy that is at the top of my board. A legit C on both ends of the floor
Biyombo - huge upside, good intangibles, but very little actual skill - a gamble worth taking
Vesely - Bigger, faster more athletic version of Kirilenko IMO. Could be a nice glue guy for the Sixers at SF.
Valanciunas - Needs strength but has the size and even skill to be a very good P&R C and decent rebounder and defender. The best player from a fit standpoint, but lack of strength may become a major issue

Everybody else looks like a bust to me. The best the others can hope to become is a role player IMO. Oh yeah and that includes Williams whom i don't like at all at this point...

As for teams that might be willing to trade a pick i think the more likely to trade out are: Timberwolves, Jazz, Cavaliers, Raptors and Warriors. I didn't include Suns and Rockets since low lottery is not that much better than number 16...

I definitely think the lottery will have major implications for the Sixers. Depending on what pick teams get or don't get, I could see possible deals with Cleveland, Minnesota, Sacramento, Golden State & Milwaukee. I'm very interested to see what happens tonight.

eddies' heady's on May 17 at 10:31

Good read - that link from a year ago. Can clear up some untruths spewed here throughout the season.

What an exciting night that fizzled out methodically all year long.

Would you guys give up our number 1 pick next year in order to move up this year and get Biyombo? How far do you think we'd have to move up to get him?

I'd think about it for Biyombo, but I don't like Kanter's game nearly as much. I also think our pick next year in the 1st round will be worse than this years pick (call me optimistic). Especially if we got Biyombo and he contributed defensively and on the boards as a rookie.

Raise your hand if you've seen Biyombo on anything other than spliced together highlight footage?

Scott reply to GoSixers on May 17 at 11:52

thats why i asked the question above. i dont think i have enough info on the dude. not sure if anyone else has more info, though, that would help understand his game better. i guess that's what im looking for, and then with that info whether or not you'd make a deal to move up and get him.

i actually feel that way about most of the dudes we could talk about drafting. i guess i shouldn't rule out Kanter without more info either, but just from watching his highlights i don't like his game.

I don't think anyone posting here outside of maybe Derek Bodner has seen much of Biyombo. After all he plays for a second tier club in Europe. He is a huge risk IMO and is seriously overhyped at this point, but his intangibles make him a better gamble than some of his predecessors that failed miserably (e.g. Sene, Whiteside...). But i would scale down the expectations for him, because he looks like he is really really raw at this point (but apparently willing to learn which seems to be important with his type of athletic big men).

The biggest concern that i have with him is actually his position. He doesn't look like a C to me he looks more like an athletic SF/PF with great wingspan for his position, but lacks any offensive skills.

All in all a worthy gamble but a gamble nonetheless.

Who projected him as a center?

He's 6'7 3/4" with a freakish wingspan.

The best objective analysis i've seen of him is the draft express write up (which takes on the age questions as well, to a satisfactory conclusion in my opinion assuming the x-rays were taken by a reputable physician).

He's rawer than sushi it seems but he has those things made sixer fans love a guy like Reggie Evans, according to the write up.

In a draft deeper than a kiddie pool, he's probably a mid to low first rounder (outside of the lottery). It's a talent shallow draft, lots of players will be overpicked but there won't be a lot of starters and or stars in this draft.

A lot of the guys posting here to trade up and draft him think that he can be the C that this team lacks. At lest that's my grasp of everything i've read here. I put him in the same conversation with guys like Sene, Whiteside because he really falls in the same category with them. In a regular draft those kind of players get drafted around 20, but in this draft he will go top 10 possibly even top 5 because simply put there is almost no talent left in the draft. What makes him stand out are his intangibles and it's difficult to project him because guys of his type rarely if ever have those intangibles. Quite contrary they are terrible in that department usually.

I'm not sure where the Reggie Evans comparisons come in. Evans wasn't a great athlete, doesn't have that tremendous wingspan, never blocked shots at all and wasn't nearly as explosive off the floor.

I also don't think he'd have much of a problem guarding the five. He's an inch shorter than Dwight Howard was for his predraft measurements, with the same standing reach. If they get him, I pencil him in as the starting five with Brand at the four. Don't think it really matters if you call him a four or a five, he's going to be the guy cleaning the glass, protecting the rim and dunking. I really don't care if he develops much of an offensive game beyond that to be honest with you, I think he can be dominant at those three things, which is what this team needs imo.

The 'intangibles' that made people love reggie evans - you should be well aware of what those are - had nothing to do with his athleticism or ability.

And I'm not sure why those intangibles are a bad thing. the problem with Evans is that he doesn't block shots at all, and he can't finish on the offensive end. If he did block shots and could finish, he'd be a pretty damned good player.

If Sam dalembert learned how to dribble or pass - he'd be a good player.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts.

He's a long term project that wouldn't project high in a draft of even middling depth - and people want to trade Iguodala for him.

It's asinine to even consider in my opinion on such a high risk.

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 17 at 17:58

But Brian isn't talking in terms of ifs, he's saying that if someone with Reggie Evans's attitude (which Biyombo, allegedly, has) had shot-blocking ability and could finish (which Biyombo can do), he'd be a pretty good player. So he's just saying that Biyombo is a good player.

And turning the ball over and committing offensive fouls

I disagree that rebounding and shot blocking are all this team needs. I think we need a complete C. the only way you can have a role player at C is if you have a dominant PF, and we certainly don't have that.

I do like Biyombo to a degree, but i think we need to have reasonable expectations. The team desperately lacks a P&R big even more than a defensive oriented big IMO. They could also use a C with at least decent post up game. Of course Biyombo might develop that kind of skill, but he has a lot to learn to get there.

At this point he is an athletic PF with no offensive skill at this point. He is worth the gamble from pick #7 onwards, but he is by no means a sure thing.

How many complete centers do you think are in the league?

The sixers need a PF a Center a two guard all of better quality (or youth) than what they start now.

Hell they need back ups at the 4 and 5 as well

It's not like they're one piece away - so why waste assets over paying for a project that might pan out that in a weaker draft you don't have to pay to get.

If you think he's going to suck, you don't pay to move up. If you think he's going to be good and he fits, then you do. This doens't have anything to do with how strong or weak the draft is. This has to do with your evaluation of the particular player. My evaluation is that he's a perfect fit and has a chance to be an elite defender, I'm willing to pay to move up to obtain that. The fact that some years you wouldn't have to move up doesn't really make a difference. We're not talking about most years, we're talking about this year.

No one in this draft is a sure thing. Biyombo has the biggest immediate impact on this team, imo, and also the biggest upside. Athletes like him with that length don't come along very often, he's remarkable in those aspects and there's nothing else that's remarkable in this draft. He also happens to fit the team's biggest need.

i think this maybe one of my first, if not the first post I make that has to do with the topic at hand lol, But I agree with you Brian, I been researching, & Biyombo seems like a great defender, & great athleticism , & a freak wingspan , he'll only get better with time, specially since hes only 18, so he'll improve in other facets of the game, but he can provide an immediate impact on the defensive end, which we need, a good defensive BIG .Plus he's hella young which will be another building block for our young core of the future, of Jrue, Evan, & Thad. I'm all for getting this guy. someone start a petition , or email Thorn lol . jk.

Unless of course you got the connections lol

Obsessions with athletes again? Really...

Would you consider trading this years pick (and possibly next years) too much for him?

Would you consider giving Iguodala up for him too much?

The team has MANY big needs - all of them equally important - they're starting two bench guys and a guy whose about to become old. There are too many needs to waste assets filling one with a GIANT maybe

There is no way i would trade Iguodala for Biyombo. I'm not sure i would even trade the 2011 and the 2012 pick to move up to get him. What i would trade is a package of the 16th pick + Speights. Will that be enough?

The centers i would pat attention in this draft are Kanter and maybe Valanciunas. Kanter can already play and has enough upside to become one of those complete centers. Valanciunas has possibly more upside than Biyombo and he too i said to be very hard working and loves the game. He needs to add a lot of strength though.

I'd trade this year's and next year's to move up to get him. I wouldn't trade Iguodala if the only return was the pick to get him. He'd have to be part of a package that included something else of value, not just cap space.

"After all he plays for a second tier club in Europe"

He plays for a second tier club, but the ACB is a first tier league, which to me the competition he's playing against is more important than the teammates he's playing with.

I have.

And do you thiink he's worth giving up 2 picks for?

Which two picks (I haven't been following along)

Givony of Draft Express just tweeted about Kanter working out against chairs.. a la Darko and Jianlian. All I have is highlights but Kanter already seems to have "veteran bounce". I don't want much to do with him. Biyombo or bust for me.

I don't have a problem with that to be honest. For him that's the smart thing to do because he has almost nothing to gain by playing against others. That's just a business move that has nothing to do with his actual skill.

I understand why he's doing it, but for a guy who really hasn't played in any meaningful competition in 2 years, it would be nice to be able to get a good judge of where he's at. I'm scared of Kanter, mainly because it's hard to really know anything about him.

Found an interesting quote today, anybody want to guess who and when it is from?

"As much as it seems that I get frustrated about the Sixers, about xxxxxxxxxxx's terrible moves, and about our dwindling chances to win the championship, I'm committed to Philadelphia. I truly want to finish my career as a 76er.
Although getting traded wouldn't be the worst thing in the world that ever happened to me, I don't want to go to another team. But I don't want to be on a losing team either.
When I was so discouraged during the playoffs at the end of the xxxxxx season, to the point that I came close to demanding a trade, it was only because I truly wanted the team to be a contender and I wasn't convinced that xxxx had the same goal in mind.
Sure, I've got an obligation to the Sixers, but I also have an obligation to myself. Instead of criticizing me for blasting the team like I did last year, people should have commended me for wanting to win so badly - a lot more than some of the clowns who've come through this city since I've been here. I don't know why people expect me to sit around and lose in the first or second round of the playoffs every year and not complain...."

Iverson maybe?

Ryan F reply to das411 on May 17 at 14:03


Righton, "Outrageous" by Sir Charles (and some other guy) in 1992...sounds kind of like what at least a few commenters here wish AI9 would come out and say...

Ryan F reply to das411 on May 17 at 14:24

Knew it was. Was going to guess '92 as well. Too may syllables in some of the words to be Iverson.

Too may syllables in some of the words to be Iverson.

Yeah, cause Barkleys a friggin einstein who went to a university of high academic repute

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on May 17 at 16:12

Why are American girls so abrasive? What has you in a fuss today? Spill red all over your new flats?

...kidding aside, Iverson makes Barkley sound like James Carville.

I don't think #16 and next year's 1st Rounder gets you close to the Top 5 picks.

Well it's a crappy draft and next year is supposedly super?
Trading Iguodala for a top 5 pick in THIS draft is madness

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 17 at 15:22

DX has Harrison Barnes rated as the Number 2 Pick in next year's draft. Obviously it's a mock, but wasn't his Top 5 stock supposed to drop heavily in next year's supposedly awesome draft when he chose to stay?

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on May 17 at 23:24

hehe! .... he doesn't have the right goals set for himself or his primary love isn't the game. /insert sarcasm/

Cin reply to GoSixers on May 17 at 17:46

It's not necessarily madness considering some of the prospects were staying in the pool were still Top 10 rated before a bunch of elite early entry prospects withdrew. As far as PF/C viable prospects, I'm still staring down Kanter and Valanciunas with wide eyes. Once Valanciunas strengthens up, which is more of an eventuality at only nineteen years old, and he can out work for position at this level - watch out.

Personally I am not so much for trading Iguodala for a lottery pick however.

Who are they going to trade to move up? Jodie Meeks? Thaddeus Young?

Can't trade Thad to move up, he's a restricted free agent.

They can't trade Thad, Hawes, Kapono, Battie, Daniels or Songaila. They can trade anyone else on their roster, they can pay up to $3M in cash, and they can also trade this year's pick(s) and/or future pick(s).

Gerald reply to Brian on May 17 at 17:06

Can't they include a 1st rounder in a sign and trade for Young

based on last weeks report from marc stein - S&T won't be possible any more

They can trade Speigths, possibly Lou. Meeks has far more value for the Sixers than in a trade.

Raptors gave Colangelo a multi-year extension. Good or bad for sixers?

Great news imo. Expect TOR to draft in front of the Sixers for years to come, and expect the softest euro to be off the board before the Sixers can take him.

But the sixers don't draft euros - they draft larry hughes instead

I would trade someone like speights to move up in a heartbeat , we know he can score, hes got "potential" but seems not able to tap it, least so far, what pick is Biyombo projected as? and what pick do we have? 16th right? I'm actually drooling @ this kid Biyombo, so much potential, 18 years old, damn

Don't know if the video will show up by heres the url incase


nope video doesn't show, but ya got the URL, heres another vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Nmndi2b-G5s

http://www.csnphilly.com/pages/video?PID=V8hidrLKNTaR79Zov6whgU2tAYtsfYmV Check that video of ed sniders thoughts on Iguodala & Trading him

Cin reply to Los5782 on May 17 at 18:05

Nothing of value to gleen from this video but his point of not getting an equal return value on Iguodala stands true. Kaman + Minnesota's unprotected 1st this year is equal value in my mind. Win/Win for both parties.

Does anyone here know how highly the Bobcats regard T-Tyme? He would be an ideal target if he could be had. Also if Utah is actually interested in Donatas Motiejunas I would pick off either of Millsap/Jefferson/Favors in a heartbeat. Again, sensible deal for the Jazz with their poor wing play throughout the year.

You tube highlight videos usually have little to glean :)

Cin reply to GoSixers on May 17 at 18:29

This was a one minute interview of Ed Snider regarding the prospect of trading Iguodala. It may have less worth than a Youtube highlight reel.

Oh sorry - missed that this was a THIRD you tube clip - the second one was biyombo clips.


I agree, I would love to get Biyombo, cuz of his potential, young, defensive game, we need a big man with D bad, I wouldn't give up iggy tho , I Like the Kaman deal with the Minny top pick in next years draft. I would do that , but if there is ANY other way, of getting Biyombo without giving up Iggy, Thad, Evan or Jrue, i'm down

My ideal situation, from where we stand right now is , getting Biyombo , hes young with potential, fits in with the core of the future with Jrue & evan & Thad i guess, and iggy get something ELSE for him, the Kaman with the Minny pick would be ideal adding another decent big in kaman, +++ another great pick from next years draft, starting to mold the team, & giving it some positive outlook for the near future

Cin reply to Los5782 on May 17 at 18:53

Getting a defensive-minded big can be a huge boost. Look at Dallas and to a lesser extent OKC who both lucked into not only solid centers, but youthful ones as well (looking at you Portland). That being said, the weight of getting someone of that profile won't outweigh the departure of Iguodala, which will be the cost of Biyombo. Sure, it would have us playing the kind of defensive ball that Collins could mold in to a Top 5 D... but we are already 8th.

Do you think the Heat could have locked Young, Brand, and another offensively competent/defensively adequate PF/C? In my mind, thats another games tacked on to the series.

I agree, Like i have stated I would love Biyombo, seems like a Serge Ibaka type player, maybe a little more upside? not sure but yeah I would love him, NOT FOR IGUODALA , i think Iguodalas value for Kaman & the minny pick is fair , I would do that for sure , Our defensive is so good cuz our Guards, & even brand, they all get into the passing lane and disrupt the opposing teams offensive flow, equals a lot of turnovers & fast break points, not the heat series, i don't remember to DETAIL exactly how the series went, seems like a eternity ago, but I imagine wade & Lebron driving in on us @ will, we definitely could improve with some Post D, Oh & rebounding too

Yeah Cin , i realize my grammar was terrible in that reply i posted 2 you, sorry lol my mind is like in overload fried mode right now haha , but u get what I meant, hopefully

Could ET fetch a top 3 pick in this weak draft?

Furthermore, would you move him for a top 3 pick if he is still worth that much.

Yes - and I wouldn't trade him at all

I wouldn't trade ET especially not for anything in THIS draft, i think ET is gonna surprise a lot of ppl, and he gots potential, just a matter of confidence with him, & improving his jumpshot ,

I don't see why the Sixers would need to spend any assets for a lottery pick, I think the strategy should be just take the best big man available at the spot where they currently are. That being said, if for some incomprehensible reason a team would want to trade down to acquire Lou Williams, well then I would have to seriously reconsider my stance.

yeah chunkyy lol , Lou Will & Our pick, to move up several picks, several picks up enough to get Biyombo lol

Kill 2 birds with one stone, get a defensive athletic big, young & with potential , + get rid of lou, I don't mind lou that much, he plays with heart , but a lot of ppl don't seem to like em, I guess cuz he doesn't pass the ball for a PG, and takes stupid shot after stupid shot, I think he can improve a bit on his driving abilities , finishing in traffic thru contact, & his shooting touch

Unless I'm mistaken, teams cannot trade #1 picks in consecutive years.

You can't go consecutive years w/out a first-round pick, not the same as not being allowed to trade consecutive first round picks. The Sixers could trade their #1 this year and next year to move up in this the first round of this draft.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 17 at 20:40

wasn't that rule instituted because PHX kept trading out of the first round every year to save money? or maybe it was LAC

Not sure why. PHX kept selling their picks and just giving them away.

The no two years in a row pick I believe is because of the Cavaliers, not the suns.

From nba.com hoopedia (which seems to be the wikipedia of the nba)

In 1980, after just a few months, Zingale sold the team to Nationwide Advertising magnate Ted Stepien. The new owner oversaw the hiring and firing of a succession of coaches and was involved in making a number of poor trade and free agent signing decisions. The result of Stepien's questionable trading acumen was the loss of several of the team's first-round draft picks, which led to a rule change in the NBA prohibiting teams from trading away first-round draft picks in consecutive years. This rule is known as the "Ted Stepien Rule."


I remembered reading about it a couple months ago

I may be in the minority, but I'm very happy there's no Sixers rep at the draft lotto this year.

With you there

I'm very pleased I didn't have to do the annual Secaucus gathering of non-winners. Done more of them than I care to admit, especially in the 1990s.

Cavs might have two top picks

I'm not sure if I'm rooting for Khan to get the #1 pick so he can take another PG or not.

So Cavs have #1 and #4. Wonder if #4 is available.

Raptors, Wizards and Kings at 5, 6, 7. I think you have to get in there somewhere to get Biyombo.

Steve V reply to Brian on May 17 at 21:21

One of the Utah picks are probably going to be available . Would anyone try to pry Favors away from them for Iguodala? With Kirelenko a free agent theyll be looking for a sf. That's one of the few Iguodala deals I'd do, Iguodala for the jazz first pick and a contract to make it work or Iguodala for Favors and a contract to make it work.

Wonder how the Clippers are feeling when thinking about a Kyrie Irving-Eric Gordon-Blake Griffin nucleus...

all 500 of them are furious.

Baron Davis and Kyrie Irving for Mo Williams. Sweet trade.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 17 at 21:24

would think they'll be clutching onto that Minny pick next year with a serious death grip now...they've gotta be a little snake bitten now with moving any picks. Irving was exactly what they needed to, yikes.

Would you guys trade Iguodala straight up for the fourth pick ? The Cavs have a huge trade exception so Iguodala for number 4 straight up would work.

johnrosz reply to Steve V on May 17 at 21:34

I like Kanter, so yes.

No. Not even if it was Biyombo, definitely not for Kanter.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 17 at 21:40

I really don't know how much better of a deal you're going to get for Iguodala than the 4th pick in the draft and salary relief.

Honestly, I don't even think Cleveland would do that deal to begin with.

If the best deal you're going to get is the #4 pick in a bad draft and cap relief, then why would you trade him?

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 17 at 21:57

I think Kanter has a chance to be a solid starting 5, he caught a bad break in the past year.

I don't know how much longer they can keep Iggy, or will keep him. Very much doubt that Doug wants him here if Iguodala doesn't want to be here.

Would you guys trade Iguodala straight up for the fourth pick ? The Cavs have a huge trade exception so Iguodala for number 4 straight up would work.

Chad Ford just tweeted Wolves very open to moving number two pick, Kahn wants veteran help. How about a package around Iguodala for 2?

Steve V reply to Steve V on May 17 at 21:54

Kahn offered number 4 straight up for Batum last year so you'd have to think he'd be open to moving number two in a weaker draft for a much better player in Iguodala.

Can we get a Michael Beasly & number 2 pick for Iguodala?

Maybe a Michael Beasly & number 2, for Iguodala, & Lou Willz? or nocioni if he wants "veterans" lol

You forgot the required intermediate step where Comcast buys the Timberwolves and names Rod Thorn the President of both the Wolves and the Sixers.

Ah yes, valid point, I can't believe I skipped such an important, vital step in the process -_-

Chad Ford is making this up just like he made up that the Sixers were looking to trade the #2 last year. Don't listen to that bullshi**er.

Tyler Honeycutt at #16.

6'8'' 200 Lbs.
Excellent shooting form with a high release, can run off screens with Holiday spotted up and ET making the smart play. On top of being a point-forward once his basketball IQ matches up to his ability, he averaged 2.0 blocks per game. Will be a boy amongst men until he toughens up in all regards; he definitely needs to hustle defensively (a la Thad Yo all over the court vs. the Heat) to make at the next level.

Solid potential AI9 replacement.

eddies' heady's reply to Cin on May 17 at 23:39

Solid? Potential? Um, no.

I could agree with potential, I'm just not sure he's all that likely to realize that potential, and it's mostly above the neck.

Rank these big men who would realistically be available for us at 16 here's mine
1. Kenneth Faried
2. Markief Morris
3. Marcus Morris
4. Lucas Noqueira
5. Jujuan Johnson
6. Justin Harper
7. Jordan Williams
8. Donates Matijunas

Ai-Love_Hate reply to Steve V on May 17 at 23:06

Here's my rankings.
1. Markieff Mo.
2. Kenny Faried
3. Donatas Montijunas
4. Marcus Mo.
5. Justin Harper
6. "Bebe" Noguiera
7. Trey Thompkins
8. Jajuan Johnson

Ai-Love_Hate reply to Ai-Love_Hate on May 17 at 23:14

*I forgot about singleton 4th after montejunas

JaJuan Johnson
And I forgot about Trey Thompkins who would would be ahead of Williams for me.

WTF? Why can't any websites just list the lottery results? Why do they have to write a novel just too tell me what the order is?

1. Cleveland
2. Minnesota
3. Utah
4. Cleveland
5. Toronto
6. Washington
7. Sacramento
8. Detroit
9. Charlotte
10. Milwaukee
11. Golden State
12. Utah
13. Phoenix
14. Houston
15. Indiana
16. Philadelphia
17. New York
18. Washington
19. Charlotte
20. Minnesota
21. Portland
22. Denver
23. Houston
24. Oklahoma City
25. Boston
26. Dallas
27. New Jersey
28. Chicago
29. San Antonio
30. Chicago

Well, that was probably one of the greatest playoff games ever played. Superstars for the win.

and loss.

Tray reply to Brian on May 18 at 3:13

Yeah, somebody had to lose. The better superstar won though.

How would you rank Irving, Hickson and Bismack as a future foundation? Say compared to the Sixers future core?

What is the future core? Jrue + ET ? Are we including a soon overpaid Thad ?

If I had to gamble, I'd probably take Jrue + ET over Irving + Bismack, although the latter clearly has more upside and on a given day I may take them. I have no idea what to make of Hickson.

johnrosz reply to Derek Bodner on May 18 at 0:59

Who do you think will be the better pro, Kanter or Biyombo?


I'd probably go with Biyombo, just because he has a greater body of work for me to examine and I'm more comfortable making the pick, and I'm willing to reach on shot blockers like him.

That being said, I'm generally terrified of drafting players I'm ignorant on, and it's hard not to be ignorant on Kanter. His draft stock (in my eyes) is going to be very reliant on how he works out and interviews.

FWIW I think Hickson and Jrue would work well for when Brand is gone. I see Hickson rediscovering his game with a quality PG.

I guess it depends on whether a quality PG can get him as many wide open looks as LeBron did. His play this year on the offensive end was discouraging, to say the least. His rebounding was great, though.

Nice break for Cleveland from a rebuilding standpoint. Sure they had to take on Baron Davis' contract but it gave them another set of ping pong balls to possibly hit it big (not being too results oriented with the thinking here).

If you can't get one of Irving/Williams/Kanter i'm not sure getting the 4 is worth it. And certainly not for just Iguodala.

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