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Spencer Hawes: Prediction vs. Performance

By the way, did anyone else watch the fourth quarter of the Bulls/Heat game? Miami was switching every screen on the perimeter, and Chicago kept using Deng to set the screen for Rose, meaning he was getting switched from LeBron to Wade, or vice versa. Meanwhile, Korver was being guarded by Mike freaking Bibby and just standing in the corner. Why not use Korver to set the screen and see if Miami is willing to switch that matchup?

Rich reply to Brian on May 19 at 0:46

Not disagreeing with your rationale for the 4th quarter execution, but Bibby did a pretty nice job on Rose the whole game. It's weird to say this, but Rose was kept out of the lane mostly by Bibby all night. He literally was daring him to shoot jumpers.

Tray reply to Rich on May 19 at 1:08

Bibby was okay on Rondo at times too, from the little I saw of the previous series. I think it's fair to say that, of all the big superstars, Rose's postseason has been the shakiest, relative to expectations anyway. Westbrook's probably been worse in absolute terms. I checked to see if the 2000-01 Sixers were ever held to 75 points in the playoffs, and it turns out we were once in the ECF (74 points). However, that was a much slower-paced game than this one - 81 possessions, to this game's 88.

Rich reply to Tray on May 19 at 3:16

That was Game 3 too, no Iverson. That was a brutally frustrating game to watch, because they did a good job all things considered on the road. That was a pretty damn good Bucks team that year, one of the best in history when it comes to offensive efficiency.

No doubt. One of the toughest calls to make was sitting Iverson rather than having him play through and be affected the rest of the series. Game 4 was a big win for us.

Really? I only saw a minute or two of the first half.

I don't have any problem with Hawes. It's not his fault that he falls down during warmups, or that he gets blocked by guys a foot shorter than him, or that the ball goes right through his hands and hits him in the face. He's just too uncoordinated to be a good player, so it's not really fair to judge him on production. He's a fun guy to have around, I wouldn't mind if he came back for one more year as long as it's at the end of the bench.

Hoping to have Hawes back next year!

HendrikDB on May 19 at 5:47

I really hate watching Hawes play, but it's not all bad and I think he's great coming off the bench. As a start...not really. I would never sign him, Dalembert would be so much better. I just don't want anymore facepalm trades. Trade AI for a good big and try to sign sammy. And a scorer...check below :D. All the scorers that are free are or overrated, or overpayed. I say just let Turner go to work this season and see if he can become a scorer with Jrue.

A bit off topic:
How about we get Iverson back in the NBA? I think it would be great to have him back in Philly (if he wants to come off the bench) and teach Turner and Jrue the ins and outs of scoring. He could be the backup pointguard for Jrue. After all the bad times he's been through, I think he realizes he's not the guy who can take on teams on his own anymore. The talk about "I'm back, I'm coming" is over which means he finally accepted he has to adapt his playing style.

I know he isn't a perfect fit but he's as philly as you can get. I think it would be great to learn from Iverson for a lot of guys. Coming off the bench with Thad and Lou sounds pretty ok to me for a couple of minutes for instant offence.

For him, I hope he ends up in Miami though and gets his ring.

Oh god no... Please no more Iverson...I would rather have Hawes as a starter than Iverson as anything at this point...

Ryan F reply to HendrikDB on May 19 at 8:22

Iverson is a shell of his former self, a horrible role model, and a shit person. He will never again be associated with the NBA, hopefully.

HendrikDB reply to Ryan F on May 19 at 10:25

I don't know the guy in person so I would have no clue what kind of person he is. Stern and Detroit messed him up completely as did his behaviour. But if he gets his stuff together I'm sure he could learn JH and ET something.

I'm talking about 10 minutes of playing time maximum. More like a player coaching role and let him grab a couple of minutes.

Ryan F reply to HendrikDB on May 19 at 10:50

We're talking about the same guy that we picked up in desperation last year, that went home because of a "emergent family situation" and was out partying in Charlotte while the team was paying him. The same money generated by ticket and merchandise sales that us fans are responsible for.

Lets bring him in and let him give Jrue and Evan a tour of Atlantic City, maybe take them to Cheerleader's or something. Then we'll bring in Kemp to work with the bigs, and take the hole team on a field trip down to Texas to meet with Carlton Dotson.

HendrikDB reply to Ryan F on May 19 at 12:23

I did not know that, I rest my case. Wow, partying in Charlotte...damn.

Ai-Love_Hate on May 19 at 7:04

Iverson is garbage now. His fg% has never been that good except when he shot 46% in his second year. Also they brought him back last year for 25 games or so.

I'm willing to give Hawes one more year to determine his worth. He's still young in age. Seems to like it here. Maybe, we'll see a different body on him next year after he follows the offseason workout plans. Defensively this year he kind of reminded me of Brand the previous year when he was horrible defending the pick and roll. I'm optimistic about him. Hoping he develops into a 28-32 minute center next year averaging 12 and 8. We'll see.

It's tough to decide what is funniest about Spencer - his hilarious tweets making fun of ET, that thing he does with his hands while running up/down the court...or the fact that he didn't even make it into that (surprisingly addictive) Facebook game NBA Legend...

speaking of which, has anybody else tried that out at all? It's kind of cool, you get to create your own player but also be coach/GM of a team, and for some reason you start with a team of AI9, your player, and three nonames before you get to unlock, this order: Thad, Nocioni, ET, Lou, Jrue, Brand, and then "legends" like Dr. J, Wilt, Bird, Ewing, and...Tim Hardaway...

I agre with Brian's assessment of Hawes. A bit better rebounding and a bit less shooting. Decent passer if the game slows down, but lacks the hand to make a great touch pass in traffic or even to catch a pass in traffic.

Also agree that there is an urgency about addressing the frontcourt. Finding an athletic P&R combo to team with Jrue or ET iss essential for the teams development. You can't waste next season by not having that guy on the roster.

I'm not asking for Amare. A JJ Hickson type, or even a guy similar to how Speights was as a rookie would be fine. But Brand is not that guy, and Hawes is not even close. And we can't expect Jrue to take that next step without having the proper teammate to start developing Payton/Kemp, Stockton/Malone, Nash/Amare chemistry with. And I'm not talking pick and pop.

Shawn Kemp ain't walking through that door.

seem like the Twolves are pretty high on Iggy


U guys ever consider Beasley ? we need a BIG right? kid gots potential, i like em think hes a pretty tough kid which we need toughness, the mullet is not cutting it, neither is spence, brand is so so i guess. I like Beasley , what do u guys think of beasley ? hes young too, so he'd add to our young core, expand our talent pool as thorn said. lol

I'd like Beasley

I am very low on Beasley. I don't like him on the team, especially not for Iguodala.

Well it seems like t'wolves FANS are high on iguodala - just because fans want a guy doesn't mean the team does.

The T'wolves are a mess and need a alot of players and their GM is a fool - if they want IGuodala - make em over pay

True, try & get the Number 2, & Beasley ??? lol maybe thats pushing it, but you never know, but give or take whatever, the potential of beasley alone, Id want him, over wesley, i mean they don't want YOUTH, they want VETERANS, they dnt need beasley , they got wesley And love @ forwards , so I don't know.. i like the idea of the beast coming to philly, potential franchise right there , our core will only get better for years to come

Oh & sorry for posting so much, but yeah if there GM is a fool, play him as one! get the beast, & w.e. else you can get, they don't want the 2 or youth, they want veterans, ask em if they want Lou? Nocioni ? lol toss em in, get that 2 with the beast, just a dream on my part, but if ya can get it GET IT

Yeah their bloggers seem to be interested in Iggy and the #16 for the #2 and filler. I'd do that trade in a heartbeat, but I can't see the Wolves doing it at all. Derrick Williams seems to be a perfect fit next to Kevin Love, I don't understand for the life of me why they would trade that pick.

Williams and Love are a perfect fit??? They pretty much play the same position. I don't think they can coexist at all... Williams is a combo forward who is undersized at PF and can't defend SFs. He's pretty much Beasley 2.0. And we all saw how good of a fit Beasley is next to Love....

If the Timberwolves like Iguodala here's the deal:

#2 pick in the draft
Webster (almost an expiring)
W. Johnson


Flynn instead of Webster is also a possibility if Thorn feels like he can be the backup PG that we have lacked for a long time.

And with #2 pick we draft Enes Kanter who should be a legit C on both ends of the floor.

Actually we may not even need to give up #16...

I think we most certainly would have to give up #16, and it still probably wouldn't be enough, unless they are desperate for Iggy (which I doubt).

Awesome point, they do have a shitload of PGs lol, none are starter quality (not counting rubio, cuz hes never officially played for them) but i think flynn wouldn't be a bad backup pg , way better PG than lou williamz, U guys say wesley, I say beasley ,tomato tamatoe w.e. lol matter of preference, either way I'm exciting about the potential trade whichever way it goes, I like it, they got a shitload of young players , & Wesley is a good young talent too

Ryan F reply to Xsago on May 19 at 16:41

Swap Seights for Randolph as well and you got a deal.

Why on earth would the T-Wolves do that?

I don't see why the Wolves would give up on Johnson after one year. I think we'd have to take back Johnny Flynn instead of Johnson. Which is fine with me, I'm in it for Kanter.

2010-11 Statistics

+ 15.37

Think about it guys, over 19 points, and hes only gonna get better, I like it! hes listed @ 6-10, this guy is athletic as hell we know that! and theyd throw in some other pieces too to make the salary difference work. hes definitely dispensable to them cuz they got Love , LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN?! Id buy a Sixer Beasley Jersey! The Jruth, the Villian, BEASTley!



Beasley is a really bad offensive player. Terribly inefficient to get those 19 points. A huge drag on the team's offense. I want no part of him.

You just killed my hope lol, I mean the potential is there right? & Isn't collins expertise suppose to be with Big men?

sfw reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 14:20

I agree with Brian. Beasley is a tweener without defensive skills to cover bigs or small forwards. I also do not like his offensive game whatsoever. He's not 6'10''. I'd prefer W. Johnson plus filler and the no. 2 pick myself. They do have a couple players who's contracts are up after this season and Beasley is one of them.

Okay, well Wesley it is I guess, I'm cool with that, Toss flynn in there for a backup PG , lol can we still toss in Beasley ? he ain't nothing IMPORTANT, and would help match the salaries . sounds like a good trade 2 me, if you could do Love 4 Iggy str8 up do it, or how about, Love & Wesley , & they keep number 2 and get Iggy, doubt it tho, they dnt wanna take on a project big, they got the sure thing with love , so I guess make it happen with Wesley and some other pieces

HendrikDB reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 16:10

I think basketball IQ is really important and Beasley has absolutely none. I really don't like him but he is a beast though...I think he could be an improvement.

yeah definitely, his head ain't on 100% str8, but hes an athlete, i mean he averaged 20 points a game, hes versatile,& tough, i think collins could work & mold him, but the fans don't mind throwing em in with a wesley deal, so take him, can't hurt... & flynn could be a backup PG, Kahn doesn't seem to be the best/brightest president there is, I think we could if thorn called, make something happen, wesley ,beasley & flynn, for Iguodala, & Maybe a lou would be required, don't know the exact details, or the number 2 pick, so its wesley beasley & flynn for iggy, or number 2, maybe Beasley & flynn, doubt they would give wesley & the number 2 for iggy

Tray reply to Brian on May 19 at 16:29

That's totally right.


start a campaign, everyone email them lol,

"We want the Beast... http://www.nba.com/playerfile/michael_beasley/"

08-09 MIA 81 19 24.8 0.472 0.407 0.772 1.4 4.1 5.4 1.0 0.5 0.5 1.49 2.27 13.9
09-10 MIA 78 78 29.8 0.450 0.275 0.800 1.6 4.8 6.4 1.3 1.0 0.6 1.68 2.83 14.8
10-11 MIN 73 73 32.3 0.450 0.366 0.753 1.6 4.0 5.6 2.2 0.7 0.7 2.67 3.04 19.2
Career -- 232 170 28.9 0.457 0.349 0.773 1.5 4.3 5.8 1.5 0.8 0.6 1.93 2.70 15.9

I mean, seems like hes hovering slightly under 50% fg, with the playmakers WE got, i think hed play even better, i dnt think Minnesota has any good playmakers, we got @ least 2, hes athletic , versatile , play PF or SF, gots a Jumpshot, seem him like josh smith type, with slightly more potential

Well, he's just like josh smith in that they both like their jumpers too much. In every other way they're nothing alike. Beasley can't spell defense and his offensive game is basically taking a ton of long twos (5.5/game). He doesn't play like a big, he plays like a three who loves to take long twos. And I don't think I'd blame his performance on the MIN pg's, he was the same player in Miami with Wade setting him up.

Well, idk I LIKE Beasley , for his potential, hes still young, and with a good coach might be able to get his crap together, Collins is a good coach/teacher ... we know hes athletic for sure, how about LOVE 4 IGGY??? we here on the sixers, seem to hate/not appreciate iggy, and under value his worth, MOST sixer fans, cant speak for all , Twolve fans seem to LOVE him ,

some talking about str8 up Love 4 Iggy ? ud prefer that one?


they mentioned the love 4 iggy, but as we are studying/watching them, they're doing the same with us lol... they seem to think most of us don't like/appreciate iggy, and would trade him for chopped liver

Love for Iguodala straight up i would DEFINITELY do. Love is going to be an important part on a championship team in the future IMO...

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 16:32

Whoa, how is .457 "hovering under 50%"? That's like saying a .257 hitter is hovering under .300.

man I ain't the best @ math, isn't .500 = 50%??? lmao, okay w.e. either way, beasley or not, I like the deal , hopefully thorn will step up & make some magic happen

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 16:48

The numbers you pasted say he shot .450 this year and .457 for his career. Which is correct.

That ain't bad, I mean good players take a high amount of shots, Kobes career FG% is 0.454 ...., Beasley is still young with good coaching, and good players around him, especially guards like we have with Jrue & Turner, who are both playmakers would be awesome. Think his athleticism is great, hed be good with fast breaks,+ alley oop lobs , i think he gots great potential to be real good, hes had several 30+ point games this past season and a ton of 20+ point games too, & he's only 22 years old I like him, just my opinion tho, i think in a deal we could get him tossed in the mix, with a wesley

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 17:04

Kobe and Durant are doing this at a way higher usage rate, and they're getting to the line WAY more. And they make threes. You can't just look at fg% in isolation. Overall, those two are scoring way more per possession.

alright, higher 3FG% and more trips to the line, equaling more Points per Possession , valid point Ur right, I still like Beasley though, sorry. I'm just infatuated with his "potential" ... driving & drawing more fouls/getting to the FT line would definitely be something to improve for him in his game. I think we would get him toss in a deal for with Wesley or the Number 2 pick, whichever one we'd go for.

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 17:25

I don't think he has potential. I think he's kind of the second coming of Antoine Walker, except he jacks up 20-footers instead of threes, which actually makes him worse, not better.

+ i mean another comparison is Durant, look @ his career FG% it's 0.462 compared to Beasley's 0.457 , not much of a difference

That's why you need to look at stats like TS%(includes FT's and 3's) and eFG%(includes 3's.)

eFG%: 51%
TS%: 59%

eFG% 47%
TS%: 51%

Average NBA:
eFG%: 50%
TS%: 54%

So Beasley is shooting/scoring less efficiently than the NBA average. Durant is more efficient than the NBA average. Not really surprising why one is a high volume shooting superstar, while the other is a high volume shooting loser.


eFG%: 55%
TS%: 61%

Dirk is about the most efficient scorer in the NBA.

cool, TS% = total shot/shooting percentage, gotcha, thanks learn something new everyday , -_- we could still toss em in as junk to make the salaries match, right? lol

I'm not much of a fan of Beasley, but I can't see why he could not be part of a deal. He is a RFA next summer anyway.

cool, thatd be awesome, Number 2, Flynn & Beasley for iggy , get er done thorn ,

not like we got much to lose in a deal like this, we're getting a number 2 pick, for probably a good big , beasley @ the minimum can set a good screen, and play the pick & roll/pop I'm sure

You're giving up your best player who still has many good years left in the league for 3 quesiton marks.

yeah there's A LOT to lose

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on May 19 at 19:22

are you ok with keeping Iguodala here if he really doesn't want to be here any longer? I'm not

well, we're getting the number 2 , which would probably lead us to getting Kanter or williams, i think that's the problem, IGGY is our best player, and like most of us have acknowledged hes a number 2 option at best, not the first option, or SHOULDN'T be a first option on a good team, think the plan was him being the pippen to brand back when we originally signed EB, he was a franchise player 25-10 type back than, not so much anymore, time to trade and start building for the next era in sixer basketball, & start dumping off the Iggy/brand era, I mean if we could get a kaman & minny pick, which is said 2 be a likely top 6 pick next year than yeah i like that cuz next years draft is seemingly loaded, if not make sumthing happen with the wolves, or anyone who we can get a good deal with,

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 19:23

I'm sure there are some players in the lottery who will be really good, but the chance of picking the right guy at #2 seems kind of small this year. Williams, for example, has real bust, or at least, major disappointment potential. As does Kanter, as does Biyombo.

yeap, thats a point of emphasize to make with the wolves if we were to have some type of negotiation with them, how weak this years draft is, making the number2 not as valuable , & pry some of the young talent they got on there team, we need a backup point, take flynn, beasley, johnson, w.e. you can take from em worth anything, with the number 2 pick, if you can get the kaman + minny pick id go 4 that, point blank we dnt got many options that are THAT attractive, we're not gonna get a franchise player for iggy, unless a miracle happens and i doubt it will

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 19:31

Wait so it's a good idea to do it because the draft is so weak.

noo, I'm saying, Iggy is not a franchise player, i think 2+beasley+flynn is a good deal, if you can get johnson too do it, get as much as possible, we're not gonna get a blake griffin, or KD for iggy, we aren't gonna get any legit franchise player, our best bet is either a high pick in a good draft, which would be the clipper Kaman+Minny pick 4 next years draft, or getting this 2 in this pretty weak draft, AND a bunch of young players with potential,

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 19:43

Where is this potential in Beasley and Flynn? Flynn had a disastrous rookie season, 4.4 assists/3 turnovers, couldn't shoot, etc. He comes back the next season and is way worse, shooting 36% from the field, 31% from three, managing to average 2 turnovers in 18 minutes a game, etc. Another year of that and he'll be out of the league. Beasley has been the same inefficient jump-shooter his whole career. He scored a lot last year; that happens on a bad team when you take a ton of shots. Can he defend anyone? Does he do anything well but score 19 points a game on about as many shots? I mean, he's 6'10 and averages 5 boards a game; last year was actually his worst season ever in terms of rebounding per minute, his worst season in terms of getting to the line as a percentage of the possessions he uses. Over time, he's becoming a less physical player. He's not a 4, and he can't guard threes. Honestly I'd be more excited about a Thornton/Cousins/#7 pick package. At least Cousins hasn't proven that he's a bad player for three seasons, and at least Thornton does some things well, like shooting. Not that I'd take such a package.

The main focal point in the Minny deal would be the number 2 pick, as with the clipper deal with kaman & the minny pick , the focal point would be the minny pick, the drafting of a young player with potential, okay yeah I'd love to get that Kings deal,Demarcus cousins & number 6 pick? awesome I love it , just highly doubt we could get a Cousins & Number 6 pick for Iggy.

& you're right, not exactly hovering @ about under 50% , my mistake, I was trying to compare Beasleys FG% to the Ideal FG% which is 50% , like i stated his FG% is not too bad honestly, comparing to stars like Kobe & durant, honestly no star averages over 50% that I know, pretty much all stars take a high volume of shots, and make a good portion of em usually none over 50% tho, on average

Went down to PCOM today and talked to Aaron McKie about the importance of the offseason -- especially to young players -- and to Craig Brackins. Am posting videos of both.

Video: Brackins on starting summer workouts, what he learned as a rookie and his chances of playing more next year:


Awesome video, brackins sounds like a smart well spoken individual , basketball IQ is important, sounds like hes willing 2 work hard 2 get PT, & he says hes hitting the weights, too which is very important for him IMO, hopefully he can bulk up some, can be a threat down low possibly in the paint, we already know he gots offensive skills, but just wanna see him be able to Work down low, and get rebounds too, and if he can up his defensive game would be great, lol of course this is the Ideal situation, don't always comes out like one hopes, but he sounds very cool & coachable , so that helps me feel more optimistic about him

Thanks. He's a nice kid. He can shoot. If he gets stronger and becomes a better defender and rebounder, he could be in the mix for minutes.

Video: Sixers assistant Aaron McKie on working with Brackins and young players, and the importance of offseason workouts:


I don't know brian, but I like beasley, think hes young and TONS of potential, possible franchise, with our guards who are both playmakers, think his game would get better, and if brackins can Bulk up, which i think is one of his major issues is that hes too lanky/soft to bully anyone down low right now, but if he can bulk up and start playing down low I like him too, Evan gotta get his Shot down , and the more he goes along the more his confidence will rise, think about this, Jrue/Evan/Beasley/Brackins/Spencer , Spencer is disposable, and either way i think the front line of brackins / spencer is weak, spencer is a given soft guy, & not my ideal center, and the brackins thing is a hypothetical if he can bulk up, and improve his rebounding

saw this report, could effect any beasley talk,

Sam Amico is reporting that the Indiana Pacers and Minnesota Timberwolves are discussing a potential trade for the second overall selection in the NBA Draft.
Amico mentions Danny Granger, Ricky Rubio and Michael Beasley as some of the players being discussed between the two teams, so clearly these two teams are looking to make a major deal. If David Kahn deals the second overall pick and gives up Rubio and Beasley in the same trade, he better receive a haul of talent in return or he's going to face some serious backlash from the fans.

Rubio + Beasley + #2 for Granger???? Kahn has completely lost his mind...

Getting Granger for the #2 straight up is idiotic in my opinion. But I think Amico is just throwing out names to get some attention for himself (and it worked). Most likely Indiana said "We want Rubio" and the Wolves said "no" and that counted as "being discussed."

There's no way Kahn is trading Beasley, Rubio and the #2 for Granger. I could only see the #2 plus garbage money filler for Granger. Having said that, if there is any truth whatsoever to this rumor (which I doubt), Thorn better call Kahn every day until the draft offering Iggy and the #16 for the #2 and filler. If we can get Beasley (maybe by throwing in LouWill?) all the better, though I doubt that is possible. Iggy and the #16 for Kanter is a good deal in my opinion.

Yeah, they can even keep Rubio, and I'll throw in a free Lou.

I'd throw in $3M if they'd take Lou away!

Tray reply to stoned81 on May 19 at 19:30

Granger's a considerable upgrade on Beasley, and I kind of doubt that Rubio will actually be good when he gets here, and the #2 pick is kind of a lottery ticket this year, but yeah, the sum of all those things is way too much for a Granger.

thats freaking CRAZY!!! Why would he give up RUBIO+ BEASLEY + number 2 PICK! FOR GRANGER?! omg lol thats TERRIBLE! , shit if thats the type of deal hes thinking, just offer him Iggy, & Lou Willz, for rubio, beasley & Number 2 pick! loll thats ridiculous, now I see why ppl say twolves management SUCK


seems a little OUT there some may say,

but we get a BACKUP pg, a SF & PF who have not proved they are up 2 PAR yet? I like this trade potentially, unless you can get love in too, not impossible, but not probable

Add the #2 pick. Without it it's a bad trade. With it i would do it.

Brackins working on bigger role with Sixers:


Anyone watching the ESPN3 coverage?

I completely forgot to set the Tivo. Are they running it on ESPNU again this year? Is ESPNU even still on the air?

Its available on ESPN3, which is streaming online. I believe the entire 4 hrs are there, so you did not miss anything.

It is also on NBA TV as we speak.

Bigs or smalls on the floor now? I can't get espn3 at work, unfortunately.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on May 19 at 18:22

caught a bit of it, Kanter got up and down the floor much better than what I was expecting.

According to ESPN's Chad Ford, Enes Kanter impressed general manager's at the combine with his impressive athleticism.
He was reportedly more athletic than many expected him to be, and Ford goes on to say that fellow first-round prospects Kenneth Farried and Marshon Brooks looked good too. As for Kanter, this report should only add fuel to the fire that he's a serious candidate to be selected in the second overall slot. May 19, 2:38 PM

Lol maybe we should pursue some kind of deal involving Iggy 4 the number 2 pick, + flynn , & Beasley or johnson, w.e. combo works

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 19 at 19:28

Hey, maybe we shouldn't trade for (a) the worst PG in the league, (b) an inefficient, lazy bum whose own GM said he used to be a pothead, (c) a guy who had a worse rookie season than Turner, basically standing around the arc and doing nothing else besides being an average shooter, (d) the #2 pick in the worst draft/the draft most devoid of sure thing prospects ever.

johnrosz reply to Tray on May 19 at 20:07

a POTHEAD in the NBA????????? say it ain't so...

Tray reply to johnrosz on May 19 at 20:43

His own GM though! I mean, it must have been a problem for his own (admittedly crazy) GM to say it was an issue.

I just posted that rumor, about Kahn being in talks with the Pacers, for Granger , for the number 2 rubio & Beasley, than I posted my proposed trade of Iggy for Wesley , Beasley & flynn , they seemed really receptive of the proposal I made, either Wesley , or the number 2 pick , the Beasley & Flynn i guess they don't care much about

below is one of the responses i got.

anonymous sixer fan Hell yes I do that in a heartbeat. I'd trade Wes + Flynn + Beasley for Iggy! (You make it sound like we could keep the #2 overall pick?)

OR, I'd gladly trade the #2 overall pick + Beasley + filler for Iggy + your #16 pick.

OR, I'd gladly do either of those above trades but substitute in Danny Granger instead of Iggy. Either guy works for me.

I would NOT trade Rubio for those guys. I think we have to keep him and Love, adding Iggy or Granger to that mix.

Here are forum posts about all this:

Granger trade: http://twolvesblog.com/forum/minnesota-timberwolves-den/66292-rumor-mongering-danny-granger-edition.html
Iggy trade: http://twolvesblog.com/forum/minnesota-timberwolves-den/66271-sixers-blog-iggy-for-2.html

I think we could get away with number 2, +Flynn , + Beasley , for iggy & 16 , if not I would do the Kaman + Minny pick if possible, get a decent center, + a probable top 6 pick in next years draft which seems like its gonna be stacked

johnrosz on May 19 at 18:40

Whoever runs the DX twitter is being an asshole. Really going to town on a kid for saying he's better than Tony Allen. I really dislike how much certain scouts seem to weigh the interview portion, believe it or not, some people have a tendency to misspeak or fumble over their words when they're being judged on such a large stage.

Tray reply to johnrosz on May 19 at 19:26

Tony Allen's not this great player either. Did you notice how in every game last series, they got a lot better when they put him on the bench and played Mayo? I don't know how a 6'4 two guard who can't shoot and frequently makes really dumb decisions on offense became such a blogger favorite. It's not as if he's on Andre's level as a defender. I guess it's because of all the grittiness he showed when he punched Mayo on the team plane.

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