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SixersBeat Episode Tonight - 05/19/11

McKie stresses importance of offseason for young NBA players:


What time?

9 pm eastern

johnrosz on May 19 at 20:10

I saw something about Turner being on DNL tomorrow, guess he's back in town. Hope he's on his way to Magee soon to fix that broken J

You guys mentioned the possibility that Iguodala would get traded for a high pick, but what about the possibility of trading Turner for, say, the Cavs' #4 pick? Derek mentioned that he didn't think Turner would ever become the Brandon Roy-esque player we hoped for, so would we be willing to accept a mulligan and go for a big in this draft? I assume we'd have a choice between at least two of JV/Kanter/Biyombo at 4...

Just curious what you guys thought.

Tray reply to Stuart on May 19 at 22:44

Turner no longer has that kind of value.

I'm not so sure about that. Minny was in love w/ him last year, I think there's a decent chance they'd take him for the #2 pick.

I'd make the trade if they got Derrick Williams or Biyombo with the pick.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 20 at 12:50

Sure they loved him last year, but after seeing him are they still in love with him now?

Wow, you really think there's a chance they would give up that pick straight up for Turner? ... interesting thought you have there. there's no way I could see that happening. wish it would though because I love Williams game and think this Kanter guy will be very solid.

If he comes out next season and repeats his performance from this year, he's going to be untradeable. Right now, I think there are enough mitigating factors that someone like Minny would overlook his rookie year and judge based on their assessment of him in last year's draft (and see the things he did well in his rookie season), versus how they're grading the guys at the top of this year's draft. Not sure how likely it is, but I could see it happening. Not everyone has as low of an opinion of Turner as you do. In fact, no one really does.

By untradeable, I mean they aren't going to be able to get anything of value for him. Technically, he'd be tradeable just like Thabeet and Beasley, to a lesser extent, were.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 20 at 13:23

Sure, anyone could see it happening but as you stated it's probably not very likely.

What my opinion of Turner is doesn't mean squat, but I'm not so sure that GM's around the league aren't just as down on him as I've been after seeing him on this level this year. I would think they don't think he has 'potential' anymore with his age and all, not to mention that funky shot.

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