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Pressing Questions - May 20, 2011

johnrosz on May 20 at 0:31

Maintaining the belief that you can build around Iguodala (a guy who doesn't want to be here) is foolish at this point, is it not?

The only belief I really have about Iguodala is that he's the best wing defender in the league and a hell of a player. I take that as fact. The odds of Turner ever reaching his level aren't very good, imo.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 20 at 0:51

Of course. But the leg injuries are pretty disconcerting IMO. Trading Turner to get a top pick doesn't really change the complexion of the team right away. Iguodala is done with being patient, he's still going to be unhappy with the roster next year unless Biyombo or Kanter come in and surprise everyone in a huge way.

I agree

Whether or not he wants to be here isn't going to influence how I'm making my personnel decisions unless he becomes a distraction, which he never has. He stands in front of his locker and answers every single question, he's never thrown a teammate (or a coach) under the bus, he's really never even said the wrong thing to the press and he's the hardest worker on the team. I don't know what to make of the exit interview thing, it's probably not good, but it's hardly a case of him crossing some kind of line that he can never come back from. Put some more talent on the floor with him next year and they have a legit shot at 50 wins. I think that's Iguodala's wish more than a ticket out of town, but I'm guessing just as much as you are there.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 20 at 1:30

I don't want to read into his comments, because I have no idea what he meant with his cryptic answers. All I can do is judge his actions, skipping an exit meeting for a guy who's about as professional as they come doesn't seem like a minor event in my eyes.

Honestly, I think he's gone if the FO likes one of Kanter/Williams even a little bit. Doug has that giant ego, if he doesn't believe Andre is on board with what he's building here I doubt he's just going to look the other way.

I think Thorn would trade Iggy for the #2 without even blinking an eye. But I don't think MIN does it. Chad Ford and his ilk are just making crap up to get attention, just like he did with the Sixers last year ("very likely to trade the No. 2 pick" ... yeah, sure they are Chad).

Charlie H reply to Brian on May 20 at 23:01

so true

"hardest worker on the team" is not the guy you trade, but....It sure feels like a trade is looming. Still I don't see Thorn looking to trade him when he knows he's got what you say - the best wing defender in the league. That's a major asset in the East. Look at what he is, not what he isn't. Turner & Iguodala give them great size in the starting lineup if they stick with them. And a 6'4" PG.

Stuart reply to johnrosz on May 20 at 0:56

I agree with Brian here-- it's not building around Iguodala, it's building around Holiday/#2 pick, surrounding them with other solid young players (jodie, thad) and maintaining a very competitive team and playing playoff basketball...

And despite Iguodala's flaws, I don't think there's anyone the sixers could obtain with a draft pick or trade now that would be half as good he is

johnrosz reply to Stuart on May 20 at 1:02

He doesn't want to be here. Why am I keeping a malcontent in my locker room? He's not that good to the point where you can look the other way. One of your veteran leaders skips out on exit meetings without repercussion? What kind of example does that set for the younger players?

It sucks to get rid of a very good basketball player, but it's time to stop this middle of the pack nonsense and move on. Obviously you want to wait for the best deal, but to continue to think of him as part of the future of this team seems unrealistic to me.

The Greek reply to johnrosz on May 20 at 10:10

Agreed, the dude doesn't even want to be here. I think Turner will be just as good or better then Iggy when all is said then done.

He doesn't want to be here because he said he'd like to have a chance at winning a title?

If that is an indication of being a malcontent than i'd say about 80% of the leagues players are mal contents.

Andre, I hope you get traded, for your own good this summer.

The Greek reply to GoSixers on May 20 at 15:24

If he wanted to be here he would have sounder more like Thad Young during his exit interview.

They weren't asking Thad why he wasn't a number one option.

Charlie H reply to Brian on May 20 at 23:41


OK so we would be trading our lottery pick from last year for the same number pick this year in a draft where no one seems to have a concensus on who the best players are. Is this a trick question? :)

Nope. Should be an easy answer, but I'm not sure it is.

Jrue/Turner/Iguodala/Brand/Dead Weight (or #16 pick)




Jrue/Meeks/Iguodala/D. Williams/Brand

It's probably the flip of a coin for me, but I do think if I have to choose between trading Iguodala for nothing but a top five pick, or Turner for nothing but a top five pick, I'm trading Turner.

Ai-Love_Hate reply to Brian on May 20 at 1:08

Brian, what your opinion of tristan thompson from texas? He had pretty good combine measurements.

Where are you seeing the measurements? I haven't seen Thomas play.

Ai-Love_Hate reply to Brian on May 20 at 1:16

i remember seeing it on espn's mock today after the combine. It just said he was 6'9 w/o shoes which probably mean about 6'10 with shoes.

I like the first option best though, Meeks is a rotation guy and Turner is a guard. Except for the fact that you are scaring me by writing the words Dead Weight. I would try to keep Iguodala and draft the best player available who could play center. But if Iguodala insists on wanting a trade, then I must and will continue to believe that he returns more than a draft pick.

Yes Turner could return a top 5 pick, and no, I would absolutely not make the trade.

Iggy wants out. Grant the man his wish and go with the new blood that wants to play in Philly.

I want to play in Philly. That doesn't mean it would be smart for the Sixers to trade Iguodala to make room for me.

Come on, you'd rather play in New York :)

Lets presume Iguodala does get traded (far from certainty but it's possible). Which players around the league do you guys think could be good fit next to Jrue and Turner at the PG/SG? Obviously they need to be above average three point shooters and defenders. Younger players are preferable.

The only two that come to my mind are Batum and Gallinari. Both have some flaws but are definitely good players. Any other suggestions?

I think Battier is the perfect player to put next Jrue and Turner IMO. Too bad he is too old and his type of players are rare nowadays.

I agree with Brian, I never fully believed for a need to TRADE iguodala, okay look @ it this way, free agency star, its gonna be easier to pull a star free agent, with iguodala, than without Iguodala, out BIGGEST weakness, is @ the center position, most would agree, rebounding/Defense protecting the paint... okay, give it another season, Jrue will only get better, & turner hopefully gets his shit together, which I think he will, like it has been stated hes always had a history of starting off shaky & improve with time as his confidence grows, EBs contract expires NEXT SEASON,big money available, you know who else is a free agent, DWIGHT HOWARD, our biggest weakness, CENTER POSITION, rebounding & post D, dwight howard? best defensive/rebounding center in the league! most athletic, and with a developing Offense game, WHY would he not come to the sixers? Major market in philly, money will be available, Iguodala+ Jrue + Evan hopefully will be an attractive factor by than, 3 playmakers, great perimeter Defensive team.. athletic he'll fit in perfect, I think its a perfect tailored situation, the sixers with dwight are automatically in the mix to compete . Keeping Iggy is not a bad idea, if your looking at it for one more season wait, youngins will continue to develop , than EB's contract is off the payroll, and you can go 4 D12, a lot of ppl say unlikely for this & that and whatever reason, but theres no reason it can't happen, Dwight would be able to compete here for a ring . with that cast around him . would be nice if you could sign EB too for less money , ... Jrue/Evan/Iguodala/Brand/Dwight i think that would hands down be the best defensive team in the league. & potent on offense too.

As far as Williams goes, he's a heck of a talent for sure. I'm not sure who he guards at this level though because he's a little bit of a tweener. He looks a little like Beasley to my untrained eye. I really enjoyed his college game and how uber-efficient he was, but I'm not sure about him.

Derek and I spent some time talking about him on the show last night. High FT rate and great three point shooting is a really rare combo, as a stretch four he would cause a ton of problems, but I think I'd probably see if he could handle the three first (assuming iguodala would be traded to get the pick used to take him). He seems like a perfect complement to jrue and turner in that case. Right now I'd say he'd definitely be my pick at number two.

Marty reply to Brian on May 20 at 9:17

I really like Williams, but does his insistence that he's a SF scare anyone? I'm not saying he isn't, but what made him so effective was his ability and effectiveness down low, which probably played a big part in his high FT rate. I have no doubt he's athletic enough to play the 3 at a very high level, just wonder if you'll see him be a different kind of player in the NBA. I'm with Brian though, if we can move up to #2, he's my pick. Still not sure how you solve the issue at the 5-spot though.

Story: Brackins aims to build on 'redshirt year' for Sixers:


I realize there is no sure fire #2 this year, and its a draft full of question marks... But I still don't see either Turner or Iguodala getting you a #2 pick. But I could be wrong.

Put it this way, last year would the Sixers have taken Granger or Gerald Wallace in return for the #2 pick? Would they have taken James Harden (who probably had more value last summer than Turner has right now.)

Different situation. You had the CPOY and several big men vying for the #2 spot, and the team with the #2 pick wanted more than one of them. They weren't looking for a veteran, which Minny reportedly is.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on May 20 at 10:48

I want to preface my following remark by saying I like Turner and want him here, but I have Utah taking 2 guards in this draft, B.Knight at #3 and Burks at #12.

My question is does a Turner for Favors trade make sense predraft, with Utah taking a big at #12 and playing a B.Knight/ Turner backcourt after D.Harris is either traded or moved to the bench.

Sure, but I'm still not sure why ET or Iguodala would be worth a shot at a star.

This might be a draft full of question marks, but a top 3 pick still means you have a shot at getting someone who will alter the face of your franchise. And that home run possibility is what makes the pick so valuable.

I don't think Turner carries that mystique anymore. And Iguodala is someone who is seen as having topped out, and has a relatively large contract when compared to the #2 pick.

It more reminds me of the Al Jefferson situation last year. No one would trade Al Jeff for a top 3 pick. But he certainly could have been involved in a trade involving a top pick (Like Al Jeff + #4 for the Sixers #2 and filler.)

I know Minny wants a vet, so maybe I will be shown to be wrong. But I mostly expect Minny trades back a bit, but does not trade out of the lottery altogether.

Sure, but I'm still not sure why ET or Iguodala would be worth a shot at a star.

Have you been paying attention to how people are talking bout this draft. #2 doesn't mean shot at a start depending on the draft.

If Evan Turner was a junior THIS year instead of last - he'd have been the #1 pick probably

I think Williams has a shot at being a star, definitely. I don't think Khan does, though. My guess is that he's much, much higher on Beasley than he should be.

How much of being high on beasley is 'he went #2 after derrick rose' association you think?

I think scouts view this draft as having players with big upside. Their just is a ton more risk than most years. Even the top 4 or 5 guys have a ton of risk because either they have not played much or will be changing positions.

But like I said, the value in the pick comes from the home run, franchise altering potential, not from the most probable outcome. And I wonder if a lot of the talk about Kahn trading the #2 is just like the same talk about Philly trading their pick lat year.

Here's a question for you, of these guys, who has the highest ceiling? Who could potentially be the biggest home run, without taking likelihood into account?

- Bismack
- Kanter
- D. Williams
- Valanciunas
- Brandon Knight
- K. Walker
- Jan Vesely

If you're really bored, put the ceiling of each guy next to his name and even throw Turner into the mix.

I'd say

1. D. William - could become an All-NBA/cornerstone type guy. Or just be a tweener.
2. K. Walker - has some AI, unstoppable scorer potential. or just a Lou Williams.
3. Brandon Knight- Even if he is great, there are already so many great PG's, so it might limit his ceiling.
4. Bismack- Could be the next Ben Wallace, but not the next Hakeem.
5. Kanter- His high motor and physical tools could make him a Horford or Bogut. Lacks the explosiveness to be a superstar big.

I don't know enough about the other Euro-bigs to make much of a guess.

That is not how I would draft them, but in terms of ending up as an unstoppable superstar.

See, I think it's backwards. I think the three collegiate players are safer bets but limited, either by pg instincts (Knight), size (Walker), or defense/rebounding (Williams).


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I don't think scouts believe that Walker or Williams will be superstars. I'm just saying that there is a skill-set there with a superstar ceiling. But most doubt the reach it.

So if Kemba is AI and Bisack is Ben Wallace, then Kemba would be the bigger star. But Kemba won't be AI, and Bismack has a legit shot of being better than Ben Wallace.

As for Williams, his ceiling is a total package superstar. Again, I don't think people believe he will be that, but his skill-set is less one dimensional.

Not sure if I am explaining myself clearly, but whatever.

I agree with this. I don't know how Kemba or Knight ranks in the full-scale of PG's even if he turns out to be a nice player. Just think of the young guys in the mid-teens he has to jump over like Jrue, Wall, Jennings, etc.

These guys were all guys that I liked in college, except Knight. For the two guards, I wonder how much either can run a team. In Kemba's case, he wasn't really running a team, he WAS the team a la Jimmer. In Knight's case, he didn't figure out how to play PG until way too late in the year, basically like a pass-third point guard. Now he had a very nice tournament run, but the whole body of work is a little troubling.

I would think Bismack's athleticism puts him near the top potential-wise, and Kanter's size does too.

My thing on Williams is: Who does he defend? The other factor was that Williams did a lot of his damage in college against fours that are smaller than the NBA version. He might struggle against size. If he does, that makes him a stretch four, and if he can consistently knock down the NBA three.

My gut is to put all the euro's at the top. I don't think Knight's a starting point. Loved him when he was underrated in the teens, don't like him in the top 5. I'm not sure what position Williams is going to defend, so I think that limits his overall upside. So it's easy to put the Euro guys up, particularly guys like Kanter who you haven't really gotten to see his weaknesses.

That's what makes this top so extremely difficult. That being said, unless I'm wrong about Knight being able to develop into a point guard or Williams becoming an effective perimeter defender, I'd take a chance on one of these bigs.

Would they have taken James Harden (who probably had more value last summer than Turner has right now.)

I bet they would have

You think the Sixers would have taken a struggling Harden over the chance to draft #2?

Russell Westbrook had an interesting night last night

Yeah, very. I wonder how he responds.

I'm already impressed with his lack of crying and being upset he didn't get more minutes when his team won.

He mouthed back at the coach in the heat of the moment. But I agree that it's more important how he handled himself after he gathered his thoughts.

Some dude (Dave Miller from ESPN 710) seems to be ESPN radios man of the moment in 'coaching analysis' said he agreed with how it was handled. I didn't see the game, just heard the aftermath, and RW's comments after. Was impressed.

Someone (Hollinger?) on an ESPN chat made an interesting comment that Russel Westbrook can't get the ball to KD if KD can't get himself open.

Watching the combine on ESPNU...anybody have thougts on Jeremy Tyler? I remember all the fuss about him when he went abroad. I believe he's the heaviest guy in the draft and very athletic... If Daniel Orton was a first rounder this guy has a chance

He's more talented than Orton. The question really is his feel for the game and whether he's matured in the last 16 months. That's going to be hard to gauge here. he's a mid first round talent, at the latest. That doesn't mean I'm necessarily willing to invest that pick in him and have a high degree of certainty he'll pan out.

Jeremy Tyler also had the largest wingspan measurement at 7'5" and the largest standing reach at 9'4.5", per Chad Ford.

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 20 at 14:15

Yeah, the NBA blogosphere has been making that same comment for the past couple weeks. I forget who did it, but someone did a very good piece with video analysis about how Durant hasn't been getting himself open.

Measurments trickling in. per fagan:

"Faried measured in at the Chicago combine earlier today and his numbers surprised some people: just 6-6 in socks, 6'7.5'' in shoes, but with a 7-foot wingspan and 9-foot standing reach."

"Markieff Morris, PF, Kansas. Most mock drafts have his brother, Marcus, going higher, but more than one mock draft have the Sixers selecting Morris with the No. 16 pick. Morris just measured in at the combine, here were his numbers: 6'7.75'' in socks, 6'9.25'' in shoes, 6'10.75'' wingspan."

Hey tk, can you check your email please ?


Hey tk, can you write me a check for 10 grand please?

deepsixersuede reply to Derek Bodner on May 20 at 13:32

Derek, is J.Johnson a reach at #16? If you were Thorn would you reach for a lower rated big [Tyler] than a wing with more upside at #16?

Huge reach. I like him late first/early second. Good perimeter game, has some turnaround post moves (although not the body to establish good position), can block a few shots. Don't think he can defend the post, though. He's a role player/bench player at this level IMO.

I'd prefer to go with talent rather than reach for a big.

The sixers need a consultant - they hire rod thorn

The warriors need a consultant - they hire jerry west

eddies' heady's on May 20 at 13:15

1) No, Turner is nowhere close to being able to trade into the top 5 on his own. I mean, this guy possesses way more athleticism and a better three point shot, with probably less of a handle and less rebounding, so could you see a team trading a top 5 pick for Shannon Brown?

Why is Turner seen around the league in any more favorable light than a player like Shannon Brown? The sad fact is, he is not.

2) If he was - YES - I'd do it. Never happen though. GM's are silly sometimes but I don't see them being that misguided after seeing the kids' weaknesses exposed majorly this year.

you've compared him to shannon brown several times and I really don't get where the comparison comes from. If anything, they're on the opposite spectrum from a skill perspective. If you're talking about production, why are you comparing a 25-year-old guy who's been in the league for five years to a rookie?

Better than comparing him to Shannon Doherty?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 20 at 13:31

I'm not really comparing them in such a literal sense but moreso in a GM's mind sense. You've got one guy who has out of this world athelticism and serious hops with range on his shot, while the other guy has a nice handle that doesn't always get him somewhere and crashes the glass with questionable range on his soon to be re-worked shot. One's 25 with what could appear to still be upside (because of the athleticism?), while the other's soon to be 23 with really what kind of upside (just a better shot?).

Since GM's obsess over athletes in this day and age why wouldn't Brown be such a wanted asset if some fans feel that Turner still is?

Body of work? Lack of skills despite playing a position that requires skills? Being a 33% three-point shooter isn't exactly a positive. I think it's pretty clear that Turner has much more room for growth than Brown.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 20 at 22:49

But does that position really require 'skills' moreso than it requires 'shooting'? As it's played in today's game?

I'd say two more positions are higher in the pecking order for 'requiring' skills; not that it's a bad thing to possess it at that position though. Just not sure it helps you win all that much.

Unlimited range? Brown shot 35 percent from three this year. Turner shot 32. Awesome athleticism? Turner still gets to the line more than Brown even though he disappointed in that aspect.

Turner's already a better defender than Brown, and oh yeah, Turner did this as a rookie. One is a 6'7 two guard and the other is a 6'4 2 guard. In a year that Turner struggled much of the time, he compares favorably to Brown in many categories (better playmaker, rebounder, defender). The true shooting percentage isn't as far off as you'd think too despite Turner really struggling there.

That's why he'd be considered more valuable than Brown.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on May 21 at 10:41

I like how Turner 'struggled' and it's not really who he is.

With that out of the way, what number pick would you trade Shannon Brown straight up for this year? Would it even be first round?

What pick would you trade Omar Asik for straight up... and who the cares what pick some random player is worth in a hypothetical trade?

Turner is not Shannon Brown any more than he is Asik. So this entire line of conversation is puzzling, other that it being yet another way for people to express their already well known feelings about ET.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on May 21 at 15:00

ahh, so touchy you are huh? ....

I care, because the post revolved around does Turner by himself get you into the top 5 of this draft by trading him straight up. Didn't you read it??

The point is if Shannon Brown won't get you into the top 5 then Evan Turner won't get you there either, as well as Asik. Though Asik would get you higher than either of the other two just because of the size factor.

(lol... such bitter bitter folks when it comes to passing judgment on others opinions/feelings on Turner and non-expression of them - as was exactly the case here. It may help to read what the conversation was devolving from next time before wadding the bloomers up)

but sorry tk, for actually ANSWERING what the administrator asked in the post and sorry for taking the open mic from you on PRESSING QUESTIONS and bringing up WHATEVER I"D LIKE...you didn't read that part either, huh?
Good day mate.

I'm not touchy at all. Simply pointing out that I have zero idea why you would care what Shannon Brown's trade value is and how that would have any relevance to anything. It just seemed completely random and unrelated to Sixers conversation.

Shannon Brown and Evan Turner...

In complete honesty the first thing that pops in my mind is: "who are two completely opposite basketball players."

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on May 22 at 11:45

You still didn't read...oh well, .. I stated they were two different basketball players. maybe next time....

I would think that a rookie would have more room to grow than a guy that's been in the league five years. I don't know what Shannon Brown would be traded for straight up, a late first? That doesn't happen all that much.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on May 21 at 15:09

Very reasonable answer. And thanks for being civil with it. That was the point I was trying to make and wanted to see where you stood on what Brown would fetch. My thinking being that if Brown only brings you a late first then so would Turner. Turner doesn't get you anywhere close to the top five of this draft.

Him being a rookie doesn't work too much in his favor with him approaching 23 years old already and I'm not too sure he's seen around the league as having 'room for growth' because of mainly that.

In your previous post you were focusing on Brown vs Turner as overall players and stats, while I was focusing on what Brian asked by saying if player 'X' doesn't get you there then neither does the player on our favorite team.

I certainly agree that Turner does not get you a #5, even in this weak draft. But that is mostly because a top pick comes with the mystique of being an unknown possible superstar and when you have a pick you can take the guy you want as opposed to one specific player.

Looking back the past 20 years, how many #2 overall picks would have yielded a high lottery pick the next season? Other than Durant not many #2 overall guys were valuable enough after their rookie years to get you a top pick in return the next year if they were on the market.

These are the guys I came up with for the last 30 years looking at the rookie season of the #2 overall pick and the strength of the next draft class:


That is 6 of 30 (20%)



Tray reply to tk76 on May 22 at 2:13

Doesn't that make very little sense? I agree that GM's would turn down an offer of one of the 14 guys not on your list for a top pick. But how can it be that the actual #2 pick from last year is only as valuable, 30% of the time, as the #2 pick? Isn't the fact that 70% of those guys weren't that great proof that a top pick isn't that valuable? Of course, if you're David Kahn you think that you'll pick the right guy, but if you're smart you should realize that odds are good that you'll pick the wrong one. And so maybe more teams should be willing to take last year's #2 pick for a top pick. Take Kahn, for example; he already has a player a lot like Derrick Williams. And odds are against you picking a great player at #2 this year; odds are pretty good that you'll pick a bust. Maybe he should be willing to trade for a sure thing in, if not Turner, some average player who may well be better than the expected value of the #2 pick.

Athlete with limited skills being compared to limited athlete with skills...

deepsixersuede on May 20 at 14:48

Kanter looks pretty athletic in the drills and measured over 6'11"'s. If Cleveland gets him and Irving they could improve greatly over the next 2 years.

After seeing Singleton's measurements [6'9' in sneaks and 7' wingspan] he seems like the perfect pick for Collins if he is still on the board. He could play the 3 and 4 and make our 2nd unit a lot better.

Does Spieghts get us a late 1st rounder? If Tyler is on the board and we can swap Spieghts for him it could be a win-win.

Who's the second winner?

I think DX has us taking Tyler with our second round pick.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on May 20 at 15:00

He is getting talked up at the combine like he may move into the 1st round. You know how bigs get overvalued and overdrafted. He is a 1st round talent, according to his highscool rankings. He seems to be doing good interviews and being very personable; that seems important in this setting.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on May 20 at 15:05

The win-win, to me, is the sixers can take the best player at #16 if they can get a big in another way. Especially if Iggy doesn't have to be moved.

Good point. Maybe, in this draft................

Great Question!

I can't find a measurement link, but someone copied and pasted them here:


Here is a link to the measurements on ESPN:


You disappoint me, tk.

deepsixersuede reply to Derek Bodner on May 20 at 16:16

Derek, if what you say about Williams defensively pans out, he and Love aren't a good fit. Doesn't Vesely make sense for them, if they are high on Beasley?

Well they were not at draftexpress, so I just gave up looking...

They've been at DX since early this afternoon ....

Umm, 248 lbs and 10.8% body fat for Derrick Williams? That's a surprise to me.

Forgive me for this, but I don't know anything. Is that high or low?

10.8% is healthy. It's just higher than average for an elite athlete.

The wt is much heavier than he looks.

He had some weight issues last year. He looks better now, but he's not perfect. I think he may grow out of it.

thank you sir

I'm asking everyone to answer this question using their most educated of guesses:

Which SINGLE player will be added to OR subtracted from the 76ers on draft day, and how? As an added bonus, choose one player who WON'T be added or subtracted, as applicable.

I'm predicting Tristan Thompson be available (or fall to us, depending on who you ask) and we will draft "Tyrus Thomas w/better intangibles."

I'm also predicting Andre Iguodala won't be traded until a new CBA is established, and with Thompson in our backpocket, he will be exchanged for future assets (rights to an international player who stays abroad due to the lockout) and expiring contracts.

The draft pick (they won't pick in the second round) will be added - no one will be subtracted

Cin reply to GoSixers on May 20 at 17:09

And we're off..

deepsixersuede reply to Cin on May 20 at 18:00

I would like Speights subtracted, for R.Lopez if possible, and Singleton or Tyler added. Thompson measured short [6'71/2" without sneaks] but I would be okay with him.

Does Jimmer end up on the Knicks? It sure would add 3 ppg. to Jrue's career avg. lighting him up all those nights.

Enes Kanter measured even better then what people expected him to be. He has the size of a legit C. Does that mean he has pretty much solidified that top 5 status (probably #3) or he might go even higher?

Did you see that Georgia forward Trey Thompkins has 15.5 percent body fat? Puts Williams and Irving (10-plus) to shame.

Heh. DeMarcus Cousins was 16.4% last year.

Tray reply to Tom Moore on May 20 at 23:08

Maybe he's paying tribute to Tractor Traylor.

Charlie H on May 21 at 0:11

I have a gut feeling that Kanter is going to be the difference maker. If he's that big and has real offensive skills at the age of 20 or whatever he is, his ceiling might be Rik Smitts or even Kevin McHale, you never know.

Biyombo - Shawn Kemp/Marcus Camby
Williams - Marquess Johnson
Walker - Calvin Murphy

sleeper - Montiejunas

I've got that feeling as well about Kanter. Actually, i think this is the year of the international players. I'm quite high on Valanciunas, Biyombo and Vesely as well...

sfw reply to Charlie H on May 21 at 7:03

Sounds like we have that center already with ball skills. Who's to say that Kanter isn't like that guy starting for us right now.

sfw reply to sfw on May 21 at 7:05

Where would Hawes have gone in this draft?

Current 22 year old Hawes who looks like he will never be much than a bench guy? Probably second round.

19 year old Hawes before people knew he was a stiff? Probably top 10-15.

Rich reply to sfw on May 21 at 14:26

Hawes was Top 10 in an average draft.

Kanter turned 19 on Friday.

Kanter is a completely different player from Hawes. The only similarity they have is they are both white big men. He looks to me like a bigger, stronger and more athletic version of Horford.

I think Horford is a bit more athletic/fluid. But Kanter has the reputation of being a really high motor guy. He should be a good pro. But he's not an above the rim type explosive athlete.

If Kanter were "a bigger, stronger and more athletic version of Horford," he'd go No. 1 or 2 on June 23.

The reason he is not going to be No.1 is because he hasn't played in a year and a half and is pretty much an unknown at this point.

Rich reply to Xsago on May 21 at 14:28

I think you have Kanter wrong. He's more skilled than Horford, but not bigger or stronger. The first two negatives on ESPN of Kanter:

# Not an explosive athlete
# A bit undersized for his position

But I think they are wrong about him being undersized.

He is a legit 6'11, 260 with extremely low body fat for a center. He is far from undersized IMO. And the drills he did at the combine suggest he is probably far more explosive than anticipated.

I have to say I may not be evcited about all the players the different mocks have us taking but I think we will be able to take someone who at least could have a impact for us this year. I think I read a fwe people say they would be unhappy if we took anyone who was a guard or small forward. I would have to counter and say depends witch player it was. For example I do not see it happening but if Kemba Walker was there at 16 what do ya do pass on him?

deepsixersuede on May 21 at 13:02

An interesting name in the 2nd round for us could be Chandler Parsons; I thought he was a soft shooting p.f. but he measured close to 6'10" and is a s.f., according to draftexpress and looks pretty athletic at the combine.

A longer K.Korver would look good behind Iggy at the 3.

Steve V reply to deepsixersuede on May 21 at 15:21

He's nothing like Korver, his biggest weakness is his shot, looks more like anoter Pat Calathes to me.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on May 21 at 15:29

The guy can't shoot though can he? Korver sure could.

deepsixersuede reply to eddies' heady's on May 22 at 8:14

36 % from 3 this year and showed good form at the combine. Unlike Calathes, he seems athletic enough to be a rotation guy at the next level. I loved Calathes skill level but he can't cover nba guys.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on May 22 at 11:58

Isn't he more of a point forward in the Iguodala mold? Didn't Donovan have him initiating a lot of their offense the last half of the year? Meaning, he wasn't used as much of a shooter in the Korver mold as first mentioned.

If Iguodala is traded, it wouldn't be for a prospect. I don't think Doug Collins has any intention of coaching a rebuilding team for the next 3 years.

Anyway, this may be the last time I see you guys. I hope all of you the best.

idk, i think this team is one player away from competing , aka dwight ... the elton brand franchise era didn't pan out, he can still contribute greatly tho, & iggy is in his prime time.. && whatchu we might not see u again?? those words are depressing

Gerald reply to Los5782 on May 21 at 16:30

Sorry I was being sarcastic. I was talking about the rapture.


Dream Big fellas, 6'11" 265LBs of Muscle BIG

Jrue/Evan/Iguodala/ ??Brand??/ Dwight

Hermoine on May 21 at 17:42

What about that C from USC? I wouldn't mind seeing him as a 2nd round target.

Giving us more reason to want to trade for him, Chris Kaman tweeted that he's stocking up on guns in preparation for the apocalypse:


deepsixersuede reply to Tray on May 22 at 8:17

And who said Kamen can't defend!!!

I wonder if he is related to Chuck Conners!

He's not the "shooter" this team needs :)

Sunday column: Cost of No. 2 pick would be too high for Sixers:


Sixers getting a lot of ink form Tom & Kate! Kate doing a 5 part series on the Sixers this week.

deepsixersuede reply to sfw on May 22 at 11:06

I couldn't disagree with Fagen more; #1 need has to be the big and when she says scorer, it has to be followed by "that doesn't need the ball". The team is way better off keeping Iggy and drafting either K.Thompson or J.Hamilton, 2 guys that can catch n shoot than moving Iggy for a scorer.

The only way Iggy should be tradede is if a starting 4 or 5 come back. Tom, I would move Iggy in your scenerio but make another move that gets Kanter or Bismack here. Kanter, Beasley and a future #1 for moving down a few spots would be a great return for Iggy but Minn. probably takes Williams and lets Beasley go in a year or so.

I agree with that and I also don't understand why Kate thinks Turner can play such extensive time at the 3. Even though he's not a pure shooter, ET's body type is much better suited for SG than SF. His physicality at the 2 is what allows him to rebound and defend so well. The only way I'm making a move for someone like Ellis is if we're using him to flip for a big man. I keep coming back to this deal: Igoudala to the Kings for Casspi & #7 (for Biyombo). I don't think Casspi is the long-term answer at the 3, but I think he's got some talent and his skill set actually fits this team quite well. We add Bismack and then at #16 hopefully a guy like Chris Singleton is there who could be the long-term answer at the 3. Not to mention the $$'s this frees up to possibly re-sign Thad. For Sacramento, putting Iggy between Evans & Cousins is probably the dream scenario for that team, and his contract is going to be friendlier than anything/anyone they sign on the open market. If you're the Sixers, you're now basically 2-deep at every position and have put yourself in position, asset-wise, to make a move for a big piece using future draft picks, young players, and expiring deals following the 2011-2012 season.

I don't get why Kate keeps writing that Iguodala is owed $56M, that number is just completely wrong. He's owed $44M over the next three seasons, with the third season being a player option.

Stan reply to Brian on May 22 at 22:14

Its supposed to 56 mill over 4 years.

The fourth year is last year, as in the past. Either she's getting bad info from someone, or she's purposely using dumb numbers to make his contract seem worse than it is.

Rich reply to Brian on May 22 at 23:34

Even if she was gonna use 56 mil (When exactly do they get the checks?), she needs to indicate that it was over four and that it included last season. Of course, it would be just too easy to write 44 over three.

I hate to say it, but your last thought also creeps into my head, which is sad.

Pretty sure the checks only come during the regular season. And saying he's "owed" $56m is blatantly false no matter how you try to define it. He's been paid over $12M of that figure. Even if he was traded today, his new team would only owe him $44m.

She is being purposely dense IMO.

Jeevan reply to sfw on May 22 at 16:58

Her trades don not make any sense.

Ellis for Iguodala? Who is going to handle the ball: Turner, Jrue or Ellis? How does this help you financially and offensively?

I also laugh at the fact that she wants us to trade Igoudala PLUS our 1st round draft pick for Granger.

For those Hubie Brown fans. He's doing color commentary on ESPN radio for the Heat-Bulls series. Good stuff.

I want Vucevic @ 16 if we go big, I have no interest in the morris twins, Tristan thompson. Would rather have a wing player over those 3.

Spencer Flaws reply to Jason on May 22 at 19:27

What about jeremy tyler?? He also had a good combine, and looked pretty athletic.

I'm hoping that Brackins can be turned into a late first/early 2nd to get one of Jeremy Tyler/Vucevic.

Last year Thad had the heighest per 48 min +- on this team, our team seemed to go on our runs in the regular season when we went small with him at the four. If he's signed by another team does this team still make the playoffs?

Depends what else they do. If they got more out of their starting center the play of their sixth man wouldn't be such a big issue.

Dear NBA

Your scheduling is ridiculous

raro reply to GoSixers on May 23 at 9:12

+ freakin 1

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