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Jodie Meeks: Prediction vs. Performance

I enjoyed seeing those flashes when Jodie would sprint end to end faster than anyone else on the floor. You can see the legit NBA athleticism there, but he really lets the game come to him so it doesn't jump out at you.

He should stick in the league for a long time. He doesn't really hurt the team anywhere and has a distinct, rare skill. I don't think I would ever buy a Meeks jersey but hope he sticks around.

I'd like Jodie Meeks to be traded, for nothing if necessary, just to get him away from Doug Collins. Meeks is potentially adequate as an end-of-the-bench 3-point specialist who gets 6 minutes a game to give a spark. As a starter getting 30 minutes a game (as he was the last month and a half of the season) he is so clearly outmatched it's depressing. Collins somehow thinks he's a legit NBA starter, and it scares me.

I'm probably in the minority, but I firmly believe the Sixers would win the exact same number of games next year with or without Jodie Meeks. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. He provides very little, and whatever little he provides is offset by his inability to defend or drive to the basket.

Elite three point shooters that are a complete zero on defense are a dime a dozen, yes. But three point shooters that can play passable defense are actually rare. And Meeks has shown the effort and some ability on that end of the floor. He can become an average defender IMO.
Meeks is better suited as a 7th man playing 15-20 min per game as a shooter of the bench, but he is fine as a starter for the time being. I too believe that the Sixers can win a lot of games with Meeks as a starting SG, just by adding an average center.

I am less impressed by Meeks' defense. Yes, he tries hard, but his defense is pretty terrible from my observation.

jkay reply to stoned81 on May 23 at 12:42

keep in mind that he has to pick up the SG for the other team. usually a much quicker and stronger player than he is. Jrue does not do it all the time.

Meeks had a decent year, it was cool to see him play well and get rewarded for it, definetly a fun guy to root for. I'd like to see him with the team for a while, I think his best role is second guard off the bench but solidly in the rotation. A bit of a crowded spot right now with Lou, and I believe Turner is a guard too who shouldn't be at the three much. So it'll be interesting to see how the roster shakes out, but all those guys could be going at each other hard for playing time.

Meeks is good at what you expect from him. However he will give you no more. Does not use up possessions, plays defense somewhat. I fail to see why there would be any need to part with him. It's almost like what Chicago has with Keith Bogans; it's certainly not the best but it'll work till you find something better.

Projection: If he can develop some handles, he becomes a legit role player. For that price, a definite keeper.

deepsixersuede on May 23 at 7:20

I think Meeks gives our front office a blueprint for the player that has to replace Iggy at the 3 if he is moved if Turner and Jrue are our future backcourt; doesn't need the ball, gives effort on defense and seems like a quality person. My biggest question going forward is can he and Lou work if put together on the bench?

They don't have to. Use Iguodala to get the big man they need, and than use Lou + the #16 pick + Speights for the three point shooting SF who plays above average defense. The other way round is also possible...

HendrikDB reply to Xsago on May 23 at 8:30

That would be great :). What 3pnt specialist would you target then? Can't think of anyone right away except for Stevenson but he's noto really a specialist but his defence is tight. I love Gallinari though.

Defensive specialists that can shoot the three well are rare. The best that i can think of is Battier and he is a free agent, but he is also quite old for our core.

That's why i am willing to acquire a player that at least is close to what we need at SF, with Jrue and Turner at PG/SG.

The only two players that fit (to a degree) that i can of are Gallinari and Batum. Can anyone think of someone else that might fit? Who else should we target in case Iguodala gets traded...

I kind of doubt either of those guys are available, and I also doubt we'd have the assets to get them if they were.

I doubt that as well, but i am finding it very hard to find a guy that fits the type of player that we need well...

That should probably tell you something about how wise it is to trade Iguodala.

Marty reply to Xsago on May 23 at 10:57

Dorell Wright.

Injury prone guy who looks like he can't play defense at all... He might be worth taking a flier on because he is on a very decent contract and might become a decent defender if playing for a defensive minded coach, but i'm not sold on his ability...

I think they can, possibly, If lou will drive more, draw contact & get 2 the FT line more, instead of wanting to be kobe with the bad mid range shots, kobe gets away with it cuz he makes em, lou needs 2 drive & get to the FT line or drive draw the D and kick it out to open team mates, like meeks, something like a Lou= JJ Barea & Meeks = Jason Terry

I'd hope the Sixers would do it. I don't think Cleveland would though. If they really made this offer for Gay, it's because they don't have any scorers and they want one. Iggy doesn't plug that hole.

Depends who's available at #4, what expectations you have for the team in the short term and how high on your list of priorities saving money falls. Personally, I wouldn't do it. I don't think Kanter or Biyombo is worth letting Iguodala go and the cap space may not be all that valuable depending on the new cba.

Would i do it? Can't say, but i am quite high on some of the international prospects this year, especially Kanter and Valanciunas. On the other hand i am extremely low on every other american prospect not-named Irving this year.

Rich CHo - fired

Wow. Wonder if that's a direct result of the story breaking that he wanted to suspend Brandon Roy.

It might be (though he should have been suspended - they weren't going to win that series anyway), but I think it might just be that Paul Allen is one of those rich but stupid owners who can't get out of the way

Tray reply to Brian on May 23 at 17:40

Roy did nothing, and I mean, nothing wrong. Maybe Brendan Haywood should be suspended after he said this about Durant's dunk on him:

“It was a great play, but I’m not even really worried about that. I’m more worried about how bad our perimeter defense was. I’m like, ‘Peja, uh, can you close the gate a little bit maybe?'

Stojakovic saying, “My bad,” after the play didn’t satisfy Haywood, who questioned why the Mavericks had Stojakovic defending such an explosive scorer.

“I was like, ‘A little late for that, Peja. I don’t really want to hear 'your bad.' Just move your feet a little bit better next time. Just move your feet,’ ” Haywood said. “I think that’s the problem. There’s no way in the world we should have had Peja on Durant. That’s wrong. We’re going to blame that on a coaching error. If Peja is on Durant, we should automatically as a team yell zone. It should definitely be a zone.”

Do you really mean nothing?

I don't think what he did warranted a suspension. It's something I'd give my kids a timeout for. Of course, they're literally babies, not grown men acting like babies, so I'm not sure what the appropriate punishment should've been.

Of course he's means nothing, cause he's an idiot. He doesn't compare how Russell Westbrook handled it to how Brandon Roy handled it.

One was the consummate team player and one was a selfish bitch who makes 80 million dollars and can't play starters minutes and won't accept his new role as a SUPPORTING ACT on his team.

Idiots don't think you should be held responsible for their actions.

Like idiots who think Joakim Noah shouldn't be fined because the cameras shouldn't see players being emotional like that...dude - be emotional - just learn what language is acceptable - not really that hard - unelss of course at heart you are a blatant homophobic ass knob

Yelling at your coach and bitching until Cheeks went down to talk to him is the "consumate team player" way to handle it?

Johnrosz reply to GoSixers on May 23 at 20:26

At least Roy showed up for his exit meeting...

fkd215 reply to Tray on May 23 at 20:32

I don't know. I wasn't impressed with him crying about playing time right in the middle of a playoff series. Not suspension-worthy, maybe, but it was pretty weak. And if Portland management fired Cho because of a disagreement between the two, they definitely backed the wrong horse. Roy is not only no longer able to play at a high level, he's also become a locker room cancer. He is now an albatross around Portland's neck, and will be for several more very expensive years.

How much do you think Jodie will get resigned for?? Would you trade him to move up a few picks in the draft?

He's signed for next year for less than a million. I'd trade him to move up for shut who I was pretty sure would be a long term starter if I was worried he wouldn't drop to #16

CM reply to Fasl on May 23 at 22:48

The going rate for one-dimensional shooters seems to be approx the MLE (Kapono, Korver, Redick, etc). I don't think you can have Meeks and Williams both making similar money ($5-6M) as neither is a starter and soon enough you'll have Holiday and Turner making decent money - Jrue on an extension and Turner as the #2 pick.

Like every deal, whether it be Iguodala, Turner, Williams, Meeks, Young, etc - I'd be open to it if it landed a legit big.

I can't help but chuckle whenever I see DeShawn Stevenson on the floor in the WCF.

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