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Marreese Speights: P vs. P

The Greek on May 31 at 6:46

I agree that he needed to take it to the hoop more. I also think that he hasn't been the same athletically since his injury the previous season.

Remember when he destroyed the Suns in 2010, that Speights got off the ground. this years version was a washed up stiff. I'm sure his lazy ass didn't put in the required work to properly rehab his knew and that's why he now jumps like Reggie Evans.

This guy's only value is as an outgoing expiring contract.

The Greek reply to The Greek on May 31 at 6:47

Sorry for the typo, meant to write

properly rehab his knee

Howard says Orlando is his first choice


Speights has the ability to score inside with his left and right hands, but rarely ventured in the lane. Instead, he was strictly a 17- to 20-foot jump shooter. I don't think Collins trusted him, especially at the defensive end. Brackins is a similar-type player who could have a chance to get some minutes if he gets stronger and improves his defense and rebounding.

Radio interview on WIP ended up being pushed back to 9:05 this morning.

Wasted talent.

Even if he makes a huge jump this year, how do you trust it enough to extend him?

I don't think you can. It's not something worth worrying about at this point anyway, no idea what the CBA is going to look at. Don't look past the draft and trades prior to/during the draft at this point. Everything else is just too uncertain.

I think Speight's confidence is shot. He pouts after every missed shot, after every turnover and after defensive lapse. He hates playing inside on offence cause he doesnt have the upperbody strength. There is no need to hold on to him any longer.

If his confidence were shot he probably wouldn't shoot every damn time he touches the ball

ShowYaLuv reply to GoSixers on May 31 at 13:29

It's shot. He just doesn't show it the same as other players. He gave no effort battling for a rebound(not that that's his M.O. but he didn't even try), and when the rebound came to him he was rarely ready to grab it. This was the same for passes. He bobbled everything. Then, still shot.

Gosh he stinks!

Speights did nothing new this year that he didn't do before - including his absence of rebounding effort.

Speights knock coming into the league was a lack of motivation and work ethic- it's been long enough (in my mind) that it's a proven fact...he's just not going to get better because he's uninterested in getting better

ShowYaLuv reply to GoSixers on May 31 at 16:57

This season his body language came off as a guy that knew he was about to blow it, and he usually did. When he did something well he was almost surprised, and would immediately do something boneheaded. I don't remember his hands being so bad in previous seasons, either. He may need glasses. Seemed like his hand-eye coordination was way off.

Rich reply to ShowYaLuv on May 31 at 16:41

Not only does Speights give little effort on the boards, his defensive rebounding instincts are pretty poor when he's giving a crap. Athleticism is a huge deal, but some guys just know how to rebound. Speights really strikes me as someone who is very unpolished fundamentally with getting position, boxing out, and then attacking the defensive glass.

Speights taking those jumpsuits to me are really a bailout option. He shows no desire to post-up, never puts the ball on the floor and never rolls to the basket after setting a pick. His only offensive move is that jab step that fools noone. He has no confidence in any other part of his game except that jumpshot.

Just check his body language after he makes a bad play. He pouts like a baby.

Use him to move up and get in a better draft position with either pick. Some team will take him on for one year to try to get something out of him.

the 50th pick + Speights might get you the 49th pick.

Yeah, I'm thinking that's about where his worth is at this point.

And that's being generous

Tom Moore on May 31 at 13:37

Updated, merged and edited Sixers video of Brackins, McKie on importance of offseason workouts:


So 1 year of hard work will be the difference between Speights earning 12M dollars for the rest of his NBA career and him never earning more than another 2M total on minimum type deals.

He's a RFA after next year. What's the chance he shows up next year in the hopes of another pay-day?

Dr. Martin on May 31 at 13:44

In hindsight, would you have traded Songalia, Speights and Kapono for Baron Davis and the #4 overall pick?

Not sure where you're going w/ this, but the pick the Clippers traded to Cleveland with Baron Davis wound up being the #1 pick, not #4.

And would the clippers have made that trade?

Not only that - you either bench Baron Davis and have him
being a 'clubhouse' cancer or you play him and screw over Jrue Holiday.

I'm not sure screwing with Jrue Holidays development any more than Eddie Jordan already did would have been a smart idea

Eh, from the Sixers' perspective you can always buy Davis out if he's a problem. Or you can just buy him out for no reason. The question is whether it would've been a good idea to pay $41M for an unprotected first round pick that was most likely going to be in the 8-10 range. To that, my answer is no.

From the Clippers' perspective, I'm not sure how much they like Mo Williams, but they did get a guy who starts for them in return for Davis and the deal, and they saved a decent chunk of money. I think the more likely trade option would've been Lou + expirings for Davis and that 1st rounder. In that case, then you're giving up something of value AND taking on a ton of salary for a pick that wasn't really all that valuable prior to the lottery.

Personally, I don't think Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams is worth a $41M gamble.

Harold reply to Brian on May 31 at 14:32

I thought it was the #4 overall pick, but looking back I may have taken on Baron Davis' monster contract for the chance to draft Derrick Williams. That's my opinion as a fan. As a Comcast rep, I would never do that trade. Making that trade would force us to trade Iggy though

I've given up on Speights. It's sad to think back to the flashes he showed early in his second year under Jordan. I remember the one game at the Nets, where the Sixers were going to him every time they needed a hoop, and he was delivering. Then again, that was under Eddie Jordan.

Speights could have developed into a quality staring PF. But it was not to be.

Speights first 8 games last year:
26 pts - 5 rebs - 1 blk
4 pts - 7 rebs
20 pts - 10 rebs - 2 blks
6 pts - 9 rebs - 1 blk
10 pts - 3 rebs - 2 blks
15 pts - 6 rebs - 2 blks
20 pts - 8 rebs
19 pts - 9 rebs

I still have faith!

This is the Eddie Jordan year, right?

Whelan reply to Brian on May 31 at 15:03


CM reply to Whelan on May 31 at 15:15

EFJ and Mo Speezy were perfect for eachother

sfw reply to Whelan on May 31 at 15:54

What was their record while he got his minutes? I suspect they weren't too successful.

doesn't mean it was his play that determined that. More than likely he got minutes during blowouts that were already determined.

Here's a tweet from Luol Deng.

Loosing to miami hurt man. I'm trying to do things to get it out my mind but I can't. Already wana be back in the gym.

Gotta love that Duke education.

I try not to judge people based on what they tweet. It's really easy to typo/auto correct on a phone, especialy


Maybe not how they spell their twits, but the content of their twits should allow for judging?

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 31 at 17:50

I'm pretty sure his first language is Dinka so I'll give him a free pass.

The autocorrect feature on the smart phones nowadays can make for some absurd misspellings too.

Auto Correct should not turn losing into loosing

Auto incorrect.

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on May 31 at 23:20

That misspelling is pretty common. (loosing) I see it a lot. It's the double O. How many words with a single O are pronounced like a U?

Tray reply to Charlie H on May 31 at 23:28

Not just that, but loose is a real word, so it's kind of natural to think that losing might be spelled losing. Though the fact that 'lose' and 'loose' are pronounced differently should probably tip people off to the fact that they're spelled differently. (Counterintuitively, it's lose that has the long oo sound and loose that has the short one.)

Tray reply to Tray on May 31 at 23:28

I mean, that losing should be spelled loosing.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jun 1 at 0:27

Just for shits and giggles, I tried to spell out loosing. I was surprised that my iPhone didn't try and correct it.

This type of shit might turn into actual arguments when we're three months into the lockout.

Rast Trent reply to Brian on May 31 at 17:59

Don't be Jalen Rose'n on Duke. Plus you never know, Loul could have been really good at Math. Most of my fellow engineering students can barely speak English.

Tray reply to Brian on May 31 at 18:47

Luol was a pretty bright and articulate guy from the few times I talked to him. As were most of the non-McRoberts players on the team. Anyway, the point of going to a top 5 school isn't to learn how to spell.

Top 5 in North Carolina, I guess.

Tray reply to Brian on May 31 at 20:04

What, have we fallen to Top 10? I never was that impressed with the place myself but people seem to believe it's a good school.

It is a good school, top five is a bit much, though.

Renaldo reply to Brian on May 31 at 21:20

I would rank it 9th


And yes, I left UPenn out. I hate UPenn.

Loosing is my favorite.

I like the should of could of would of genre

I don't see the speez ever amounting to much in the NBA but I couldn't live without his antics and hilarious twitter updates. "Tomorrow I'm going to spend ten G's at the mall, bout 5 on myself and 3 of em on my dawgs, blow a stack on my Lil boy ahh"

Then take a "top 10 nap?"

haha... The five volumes of speezy sez are absolute comic gold.

I could take it anymore and finally signed up for twitter for the sole purpose of following speez. I was rewarded with my first update coming in the form of "Boosie boo U no U no u no u no that I am the truth" Thanks mo!

johnrosz on May 31 at 17:46

Everyone questions the guys effort,for me it's not effort, I've just accepted that he's really dumb. Aside from the savant like ability to score, he's never going to figure anything out. In one ear, out the other, glad he made himself a wealthy man. I can easily see him eating his way out of the league in a couple years.

He hasn't been the same since the leg injuries. Trade him for whatever you can get.

I will say that his Twitter account is hysterical.

Speezy reply to johnrosz on May 31 at 18:02

Twitter is made for talking to people in having fun . So why do people question u about it ?

Twitter is made for a special kind of egotistical / narcissist

It's even in the name.

I've been a geek longer than most of you have been alive, but the internet is killing human interaction and communication and it's sad and pathetic.

That's another good one though 'in having fun'

Who does everyone have in the finals? I just don't see the mavs stopping the heat.

Picked the Heat in six in Sunday's paper.

Tray reply to Jason on May 31 at 18:51

I agree. But if they swept the Lakers, they could definitely win in seven. That said, Dallas has played some mediocre defensive teams in the playoffs; Miami's very different. I think Stevenson and Marion can do an adequate job on Wade and LeBron, but they're not going to get all the points from Terry and Peja that they've been getting. And Miami probably has as good a bunch of guys to guard Dirk as any team.

Video: Best of Doug Collins from 2010-11 Sixers season:


btw, does anyone else feel like the Lakers' current run is officially over w/out Phil Jackson there?

Tray reply to Brian on May 31 at 20:03

Not necessarily. They could improve a lot on defense, which would help. If you're alluding to his famous ability to handle all their famously big egos, he never really did rein Kobe in, GoSixers seems to think that he's been unsuccessful in getting Bynum to stop partying (something which is inexcusable of a famous 23-year-old who lives in Hollywood), he might be missed in handling Artest but Artest is no longer much of a factor anyway... and Odom mentally checked in and out under Phil. I don't think things will be much worse under Brown.

Odom coming off the bench, Gasol not playing like a soft euro (prior to this playoff season), Artest keeping it together a bit, Kobe buying in to the team concept for stretches of a game, if not the whole game. I don't think any of that happens without Jackson managing them psychologically. They've been extremely talented, just like the Bulls were, but the pieces don't necessarily fit unless you get great buy-in (and I think the triangle inherently reins in guys like Kobe, Brown said the triangle was going away for the most part), that's always been Jackson's great strength. Mike Brown had difficulty handling LeBron and I don't think he's going to have any success with a fading Kobe. They'll still be good, but as constructed, their elite days are over imo.

Tray reply to Brian on May 31 at 21:25

Gasol didn't play like a soft Euro in Memphis for much of his Grizzly career. If Kobe fades, or rather, when Kobe fades, that will be a problem but it won't be Brown's fault. I don't think Jackson is some magician who could've coached around his star ceasing to be very good. This was actually the second time he lost that team - it happened once before against Detroit. I think I actually give his system a lot more credit than I give him personally.

Whether you credit his system or his coaching, they're both gone. Do you still consider them to be an elite team?

If the Sixers had Bynum, Gasol and and Old Kobe, would they be elite?


Tray reply to Brian on May 31 at 22:30

Let's see... second best center in the game, maybe third. Top 5 power forward (Dirk, Amare, Gasol, Randolph, Griffin, Gasol arguably being better than all but Dirk). Kobe, still about the third best wing scorer in the game after James and Wade. A number of decent complementary players, including the Sixth Man of the Year. Honestly, that's a team that would still be favored to go to the Finals next year.

Looking at your prediction vs. actual side by side, it actually looks like Speights did exactly what you expected of him per minute. So I'm not sure I understand how you can say he did "nothing" with his minutes. He did exactly what you predicted, except that you didn't predict Collins would cut his minutes in half for producing the exact per-minute numbers you expected.

Collins seemed to have it out for Speights, I really believe. Whether or not he deserved it (maybe bad practices, maybe bad attitude) no one really knows, but I don't think his play warranted a complete eradication of his minutes.

I think just about every coach "has it out" for Speights. he's not a player that NBA coaches want to stake their jobs on.

I'm surprised how much I dislike the Heat against a neutral opponent.

I doubt the media will point this out, but Dallas's loss was entirely a function of getting outrebounded. 3 offensive rebounds for Juwan Howard alone. So much of what's happened this offseason has been a product of rebounding differential - like Memphis making it as far as it did without really having a functioning offense.

Tom Moore on Jun 1 at 0:41

Thorn: Sixers aren't committed to drafting a big man:


sfw reply to Tom Moore on Jun 1 at 12:09

In an email response Tuesday night, Thorn said the Sixers "have not determined which way we will go concerning position. It depends on who is available and what we may or may not do before the draft."

It's was nice to actually read that they may do something before the draft.

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