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Pressing Questions - June 3, 2011

I would say it's likely that the Sixers could have won another game or two if they had a legit C. Defensive rebounding and having no last line on defense on LeBron and Wade penetrations were the main reasons the Sixers lost the series. That being said, they are too inexperienced to do more than just be a tougher out at this point.

Question, do we really have any minutes at the 4 to draft a player at that position? Sixers need a center, but at the 4 between Brand/Thad/Brackins i think the sixers are going to be able to find 48 minutes there and it would be a mistake to go after Markeiff or kenneth faried. I can understand if Tristan Thompson falls, whose still a bit of a project with a much higher upside than MM and faried but I don't think that drafting a 4 would be very beneficial, I think this team would benefit more from a wing player than a 4 to be honest.

deepsixersuede reply to Jason on Jun 3 at 7:25

I think they have found Thad's role and feel Brackins can maybe serve a M.Bonner type bench role in the future. Brand getting an understudy to replace him in 2 years is important but if an upside scorer is on the board it will get interesting.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 3 at 7:27

I don't think Faried is an option though, very one demensional and may never be an nba starter.

Steve V reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 3 at 8:01

The line between center and power forward has blurred a bit on recent years , so we could get away with a Faried,Brand,Iguodala,Turner,Holiday lineup for long stretches, especially with Faried's rebounding and shot blocking. Same can be said for Thompson.

No they can't. Farried is a 10min player per game at best and he is undersized for the PF position let alone at C.

Steve V reply to Xsago on Jun 3 at 13:42

I'm talking about Brand at center not Faried, and I disagree that es a 10 mpg player , guys with his athleticism and energy are rare. What's the difference between brand at center and Thad at PF than Brand and Faried/Thompson? Both of those rookies are better defenders and shot blockers than Thad.

It's simple. Farried won't be able to do anything outside of rebounding and even that is a huge if cinsidering how undersized he will be. Most likely he will be a smaller version of Reggie Evans. And his absoulte best is chuck Hayes and it is extremely unlikely he will be even that good. Oh yeah and Reggie is a 10min ppg at best and Hayes is a bench player.

Steve V reply to Xsago on Jun 3 at 14:35

Faried has much longer arms , a higher standing reach, and just more athleticism than both of those guys. Same for Thompson , although he at least brings some offensive potential to the table. I have no doubt Faried will be a highly effective rebounder in the NBA. He also is a much better shotblocker than both of those guys you mentioned. I ger the comparisons as all three are undersized and great rebounders but Hayes and Evans both play way below the rim and Faried plays above it.

Steve V reply to Steve V on Jun 3 at 14:41

Actually Faried doesn't have longer arms but does have a longer standing reach and 6 more inches on his vert.

ryano reply to Jason on Jun 3 at 11:05

Do you think the team thinks Brackins is a legitimate prospect? If so then they may want to look elsewhere. I don't really think he is, so I'd love to take a look at a Morris brother or another defensive minded big to help on the inside. Our front court is the problem, and even though Thad does run the 4 quite often, I think the point that the PF/C role is blurring and having a Haslem type player on the court with Thad is enough to get the job done defensively.

All of the players you mentioned are way to undersized to give you minutes at C. they are all smallish PF's.

ryano reply to tk76 on Jun 3 at 15:08

Yes, they are. We ran all kinds of small line ups this year. Brand is undersized, and we played him at center very successfully this year. If those are the best forward types available I think we could have the same kind of success as long as that player is a good defender- and hopefully long (Brand-ish).

My point is don't pass on the forwards available because we could use a stud center even more. Take the athletic/defensive type and hope he can be a bruiser next to Thad and learn from Brand.

I believe the coach thinks Thad with improved shooting can play the small forward position(I'm not sold on his 'D'). With Jrue and ET at the guards his handle won't be so essential. Look For Iggy to be dealt and Thad to be resigned for 9mil plus.

HendrikDB on Jun 3 at 8:29

I don't think we would have won the series but it would have been a lot better and closer. The C's had the exact same problem (their centers weren't exactly trustworthy).

You can't win championship without a solid center unless there's no one around like in the MJ era. The line might blur between the 4 and 5 spot but a solid 5 is way too important.

This is why the Mavericks will be the next champions. Daniels is doing his job but he's the only one capable of doing it so they have mismatches with Chandler.

HendrikDB reply to HendrikDB on Jun 3 at 8:34

The screen Chandler set on Haslem won the Mavericks the game; that's what you get from real centers.

Steve V on Jun 3 at 8:41

I guess it depends on who that legit center is, if it was Dwight Howard then he'll yes, we'd still e playing, if it was Tyson Chandler I think we would've pushes them to a sixth, maybe a seventh game.

bill simmons before dallas started the comeback he tweeted, "It's pretty crazy that the only 2011 playoff team who wasn't afraid of Miami was Philadelphia. It's true"

Junior on Jun 3 at 9:56

Well the Miami that Philly played isn't the same Miami team playing right now. Udonis Haslem has brought an entire new element to the team. Mike Miller has also come out of his shell. This Miami team would have swept the Sixers...

sfw reply to Junior on Jun 3 at 10:02

Agree. Particularly about Haslam. He's making a major difference.

Cim reply to Junior on Jun 3 at 10:39

If Haslem was out there... Miller had a pulse...
If AI9 wasn't hobbled... If Lou wasn't ice cold...

At a certain point you have to take it for what it is. Right now every team is on a hot streak, going back to the conference finals, and they all looked indominable.

Eh. Haslem has been on the floor, but against the Sixers, they needed Anthony out there to cover Thad. I don't think he would've made much of an impact. And James Jones was much better against the Sixers than Miller has been since.

The Sixers were a 27 foot Lou Will jumper away from being swept.

I prefer to look at it as "a Jrue Holiday three in Dwyane Wade's eye" away from being swept.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 3 at 17:55

Thank you. I'll remember that shot as long as I live, because Jrue's going to become an all-time Sixer and I'll always look back to that moment.

And I agree. Can't we just agree that the Sixers weren't afraid of Miami & played very well? Who cares about who didn't play? Wade, James & Bosh played.

Looks like the Clippers are targeting Tayshaun Prince. If i were the Clippers i would sign him and keep my assets rather than trading for Iggy. Tayshaun Prince could be a nice stop gap sf for them while Aminu develops or they could get long their term sf with their 2012 Minny pick.
Milwaukee reporter says Tayshaun Prince will end up with the Clippers
By Patrick Hayes •
5:00 pm • June 2, 2011

This is coming from a bit of an odd source, and there are no details given to back it up, but hey … it’s a newspaper writer, and those guys are always credible, unlike the lowly bloggers around here, who are just shameless rumor-mongers, right?

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times in Wisconsin, who covers the Milwaukee Bucks, added this one-liner in a recent story:

Best rumor of day: Some how, some way, Detroit’s Tayshaun Prince will end up with the Clippers next season.

It would be nice to know where he heard that from, but it does make some sense for all parties involved. Prince is from California. The Clippers need a small forward and a savvy veteran to put next to young building blocks Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Eric Bledsoe. They could even do a sign and trade and give the Pistons a big man (albeit an expensive and injury prone one) in Chris Kaman.

Basketball-wise, this makes a ton of sense. But why would anyone willingly play for Donald Sterling?


A post on a piston blog about a milwaukee reporter with insight into the CLIPPERS plans?

That strikes me as a very reliable source, not to mention it's kind of rude to copy entirely from one web site to another.

Tray reply to Stoney on Jun 3 at 14:45

I'd willingly play for Sterling if it meant the difference between playing in Detroit and L.A., playing in a terrible situation and playing for an up-and-coming franchise, and playing with, what, Jonas Jerebko vs. playing with Griffin and Gordon.

Sounds great, unless you're one of the people who has to sue him to get your pay check.

I wrote a piece for SB Nation Philly, you can check it out here.

Finally, someone talented writing for the city page

I almost never go to the philly page. Not a fan of most of the writers there.

(I should probably be more diplomatic in this post ... )

I like the idea of the 'city' pages, but instead of using different writers, just get the best writers from each of the 'sport specific' blogs to contirbute (you of course would be the only sixer contributor unless they bring brian on full time) but the good phight has a lot of brilliant writers

Agreed on all (city pages being a good idea, not sure why they went external, and tgp being awesome, although at times a little smug).

I don't think TGP is smug so much as tired of being insulted by the 'old school' crowd and the 'idiot' fans at other NL East blogs like talking chop and amazin avenue. Hell, I think one of th TGP blog lords just lives to tell me off but then said something nice about my book review (which very few people commented on and I found that disappointing)

I am sort of surprised that SB would ask Brian for an article instead of someone at LB? Not that it matters, its not a competition between sites.

Oddly, I can't reply to that post. It is being blocked by my work site.

I agree with you contention that their success was mostly due to Collins deploying his players in the right spots. I also agree that they could get to 50 wins with a few tweaks (a serviceable big and player development.)

The issue I see is that 50 wins is a hard ceiling. It would take a drastic roster move to get past that in the foreseeable future. And 50 win type teams are not legit contenders IMO. The difference between Atlanta and Miami/Dallas.

Michael writes for philly at times. I've talked about it with the guys, I just don't have the time to commit to anything in addition to what I do right now.

They didn't ask me, I asked them. It's looking like it'll be a weekly thing, probably on Fridays.

Basically, I wanted to write on a deadline once in a while, I really like the idea of their regional sites, and it bothered me that the Sixers weren't really represented as much as the other Philly teams so I thought there was something I could do about it.

It's also refreshing to write for a different, maybe sort of unknown, audience as a change of pace. I feel like everyone here has a certain level of knowledge and familiarity regarding the team. Over there, I assume I'm not being read by guys and gals who read everything that's out there about the Sixers. It's a challenge to start broad and then get into specifics.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.

mopey reply to Brian on Jun 3 at 14:52

Yeah it was a great read, hopefully raises some awareness for the team.

Maybe you should write a pro Iguodala piece to try to combat all the negative crap thats floating around out there.

Yeah,I can't blame you for trying to escape "us" every once and a while. I jump from blog to blog, but your are trapped with your audience here :)

All that matters is winning the series, and no, they couldn't have won the series.

Center helps, but Dallas has many things the sixers don't (like shooters), maybe a real center makes it one extra game, but the mavs (like the lakers) run multiple 7 footers out on the court. Do the sixers?

emtmess reply to GoSixers on Jun 3 at 11:22

I have to agree with you on that one. with Dallas you have multiple shooters to try and defend. Plus not saying he is the best player in the league but when Dirk is even somewhat on let alone going off he is the toughest player to gaurd. Some teams have done some good things with putting smaller players on him and playing him tight but it does not always work.Kinda Like what Kevin Durant said what can you do when you have a seven footer hitting fade aways on one foot.

Donnie Walsh out

Dear god let them bring back Isiah

i wonder how many knick fans will become nets fan if they re-hire isiah


Come on, these are the same fans that filled up the stadium to see Danilo Galinari and Nate Robinson play.

Knick crowds are kind of odd. Any lower-level seat is usually a banker or lawyer using his firm's tickets to entertain a client. So drunk guys who don't even realize there's a game going on. The upper levels are typically filled with really loud guys cheering and jeering at stupid stuff. It's actually not a bad place for an out-of-town fan to enjoy a game. And yes, I realize these are broad generalizations, but I feel like I've been to enough games at the Garden to draw some conclusions.

And another worth watching:

"Dirk is great, he dos not jus tink outside ta box, he eats ta box, and den poops it out, and makes a milkshake out of it, and den makes you drink it"

I really hate these posts about how an ordinary .500 team, that if anything is overachieving to be .500, would magically be so great with a good center, like we have these oodles of promise just waiting to be tapped once we replace Hawes. It's not like we haven't seen what this team (minus Jrue, plus Miller) looks like with a good center. Chicago has a good center; it has the (pseudo) MVP. It has big men and shooters. They have everything we have and much more, except for an All-World defender (but their defense is fantastic, and Brewer and Bogans are alright), a point guard who's a natural passer (but Rose is still a decent passer), and bench scoring (which is fine because unlike us they have starters who score). Chicago, nevertheless, was beaten badly. And Dallas has the most efficient scorer and most unguardable player in the league, along with shooters, a top 5 center, a solid back-up to him, Jason Kidd, etc., so I sure don't see the comparison there, like the fact that Miami choked one game to them means we could beat Miami with a functional center. If we added Dwight Howard, might we have beaten Miami? Maybe - I still think Miami's the favorite. They're a really good defensive team, we'd be a really good defensive team, the difference is they'd have two scorers better than our best player, and Bosh, who on offense isn't that far behind Howard. In two years maybe a Howard-Holiday tandem could knock off Miami, but I don't think that would happen now. It's not like Howard's Shaq or something. I assume the reply to all this will be that we played them tougher than Chicago (not sure I agree), but we do all realize that they didn't exactly get up for our series with them, right?

Actually, this wasn't a post about that at all. It was a question. You could've saved yourself about 307 words and just said, "no."

There are a couple of differences between the Sixers and Dallas that play in the Sixers' favor which you failed to mention, though. Multiple wings capable of defending LeBron and Wade. And the ability to drastically limit Miami's transition opportunities. Miami has two guys who are great offensive players, but they still struggle in the half court and seem to need multiple transition scores to really get going.

Rich reply to Tray on Jun 3 at 14:51

If you are talking about Brian's article on the other site, he didn't say they were winning a title. If that is the one you are talking about, you should probably read it again. He said they could be close to winning 50 games. There was no talk of beating the Heat by just replacing Hawes. You could really argue that they should have won 47 or 48 this year with Hawes.

Marty reply to Rich on Jun 3 at 15:09

Couple that with the fact that this team isn't (or at least shouldn't be) built to win it next year or the year after. It's being built for 3-4 years from now as the Heat descend from the top of the heap. I agree we need to build our team to defend/beat them, but I don't care if we lose in the 2nd round next season - just as long as we get to the 2nd round. I like that the organization is setting goals and I think 50 games is a solid goal to set. Just as long as it's part of a long-term plan and not a short-term fix.

I don't see the Heat as being any worse 4 years from now.

Look at the ages of Lebron, Bosh and Wad.

Now look at the ages of MJ/Pippen when they started winning titles.

MJ won his 1st title at 28. His last at age 35.

In 4 years:

Lebron: 31
Wade: 33
Bosh: 31

Not sure they slow down until 2-3 years after that. They probably have a legit 7-8 year window where they are the team to beat.

If they can stay together, you're probably right. Though I have my doubts about how Wade will age and they aren't nearly as dangerous if he slips.

I worry they will be able to add players well under market value over the coming years.

Who's to say a guy like KG or Ray Allen doesn't join them in 2 years?

Cross your fingers for a legitimate hard cap, because not only would that mean Miami can't add any new players, it'll mean one of Bosh/Wade/LeBron would have to go.

Marty reply to Rich on Jun 3 at 15:13

Couple that with the fact that this team isn't (or at least shouldn't be) built to win it next year or the year after. It's being built for 3-4 years from now as the Heat descend from the top of the heap. I agree we need to build our team to defend/beat them, but I don't care if we lose in the 2nd round next season - just as long as we get to the 2nd round. I like that the organization is setting goals and I think 50 games is a solid goal to set. Just as long as it's part of a long-term plan and not a short-term fix.

Speaking of centers, who are the top 5 Centers in the league?

Dwight Howard
Andrew Bogut
Al Horford
Marc Gasol
Andrew Bynum


Dirk Nowitzki
Pau Gasol
Amar'e Stoudemire
Zach Randolph
Kevin Love

The Sixer's goal should be to field a team next year that will not have to face Miami in the first round.

That's a solid goal.

Alan Hahn, the Knicks beat writer for Newsday, tweeted:

Candidates to replace Walsh likely to include: Mark Warkentien, Kevin Pritchard and Ed Stefanski.
(2 hours ago via TweetDeck )

HIRE ED!!!!!

They need a stabilizing force like Ed!

Best news I heard all day :)

Day 1: Knicks hire Stefanski
Day 2: Knicks offer Thad Young $110M.

Nah, Thad is neither old or injured enough to warrant that type of big pay day from Ed. He'd probably target Brandon Roy and Oden.

Which is the best one there?

emtmess on Jun 3 at 20:01

Saw a article on T&R on Si.com that the blazers are shopping Andre Miller and there 21st pick (maybe one other player) for a pick in th 5-10 range. I wonder how much there is to that, and if that is the going price what could we get for what players we might be willing to offer.

Much as I dislike the guy who is never in shape when the season starts, he's still a pretty solid nba starter. Who on the sixers has the on the court value and 'veteranability' that andre miller has

And oh yeah - if miller is waived by june 29th 2011 his contract for next season is null and void - that probably has a lot to do with him being offered around. The Blazers take on a contract and give a team an expiring contract for the pick :)

emtmess reply to GoSixers on Jun 3 at 22:18

Only one guy I can think of but he does not have the same contract perk that Andre does.

I didn't even realize he could be an expiring contract when I started writing the reply, i was honestly just thinking what's in the next pargraph. Having the option to waive his ass before the draft - THAT's the value. Portlands got bank and they gotta find ways to work around brandon roys idiot contract

Honestly the only players i feel on the sixers roster who would have the on the court cache of Miller (just they can play) are brand and iguodala :)

emtmess on Jun 3 at 22:22

Does anyone think we can afford to loose both Andre and Thad this offseason. for example we make a draft day trade to get player X, and then we do not re-sign Thad.

Define afford? What do they get back? Do they use the thad money for something else? Do they also get rid of Brand? What's the new CBA look like?

I'm not happy with a roster I feel tops out at MAYBE a first round win - and a first round pick in the mid teens won't really do much for getting better than that this off season

emtmess reply to GoSixers on Jun 3 at 22:38

Can we allow a top wing deffender and one of the better sixth men in the NBA with what we may get in return. That being players draft picks (this or next year). Who would or what would we need to get in return for Andre and what would the money that was freed up by Thad leaving go to?

emtmess reply to emtmess on Jun 3 at 22:41

I guess what I am wondering do we think the sixers would risk loosing both by trading Andre before F/A is over. How will that affect if we should expect Andre to be traded

I don't know what the sixers have planned, but if they want to build a serious title contender - they have to get worse before they get better - the roster is too mismatched

And i think you over rate thad - he's the power forward version of lou - he does one thing well - but if he doesn't make his game more than that one move - he won't even be that

emtmess reply to GoSixers on Jun 4 at 10:47

Well I don't ever see him as much more than a sixth off a bench but I do feel he could be the 6th or 7th guy off the bench for a contender the same with Lou it all comes down to who are starting 5 are IMO. I think that places him a one of the better 6th men in the NBA.

I'm assuming I really don't need to comment on this absurd rumor: Iguodala for Hedo. In fact, I don't think it's even really a rumor.

Any chance that Elton will execise his ETO to join a championship team? :)

I'm bored, so here's a complicated fictitious trade that sort of combines a bunch of rumors and injects the Sixers into them:

Pistons get Michael Beasley, Jonny Flynn and the Sixers #1 pick (#16)

Minny gets Andre Iguodala

The Sixers get Rip Hamilton, Anthony Tolliver, Minnesota's #1 pick (#2) and Detroit's #1 pick (#8).

Detroit saves just under $12M over the next two seasons (assuming they don't extend Beasley nor pick up the option on Jonny Flynn) to move down 8 spots in a weak draft. I don't see why they'd be against doing that.

Minnesota gets Iguodala to add a defensive wing who can share the playmaking duties w/ Rubio. Rubio, Wes Johnson, Iguodala, Love, Darko would be their starting lineup, I suppose. They only take on an additional $11M in salary over the next four years when you factor in not having to pay the #2 overall pick this summer. They'd actually save a little over $2M this coming season as well.

The Sixers have to eat Rip Hamilton's contract (he has a $9M buyout for the 2012-2013 season), but they get the #2 and #8 picks, which would turn into Derrick Williams and Bismack Biyombo. They'd save about $8M over the next four years. They'd also set themselves up to have legit cap space in 2013, a year sooner than they'd have the space if they hold on to Iguodala.

I don't see how Iguodala brings back nearly that much value...

But it would be ironic to have consecutive #2 overalls and the #8 picks in two of the worse drafts in terms of high end talent :) But if Iguodala was turned into Williams and Bismack then Thorn should get his suit retired.

Well, you're really giving up three things in this deal. Iguodala, the money due to Hamilton and the #16 pick.

Wow that was really creative! Can you run the team please? :) Seriously though, do you think Thorn even spends time trying to come up with stuff like this? I doubt it. He's probably too busy seeing if he can trade Iguodala for an established star who's not really a star.

Grrr that 3pter in Feb, if Dirk doesn't hit that 3 in the pic above, do the Sixers push just that much harder over the last three months that they finish 6th and get Boston vs 7th and Miami?

FYI for those who are on Twitter, so is Jrue now, or as he is known lonline @YaBoyJHo11a

So if the Sixers actually traded Iguodala for Hedo, just to save some cap space 3 years from now... would that be grounds for quiting being a fan?

Pretty much, yeah.

Steve V on Jun 4 at 9:06

Sixers hosting a workout today with a bunch of potential second round big men, Lavoy Allen Temple, Rick Jackson,Syracus Vernon Macklin Florida,Greg Smith Fresno St and Tomislav Zubcic ,Croatia and Delvon Johnson from Arkansas. Most intriguing guys out of that group to me are Johnson and Smith. Johnson is a bit of an unknown but is a physical specimen and one of the best shotblockers in the country. His offensive game consists of finishing alley oops and dunking over people, but his shot blocking prowess more than makes up for bis offensive limitations.

His offensive game consists of finishing alley oops and dunking over people, but his shot blocking prowess more than makes up for bis offensive limitations.

Gee, now who does that remind people of?

Steve V reply to GoSixers on Jun 4 at 16:03

Ben Wallace?

Ral reply to GoSixers on Jun 4 at 18:46

Dalembert? Hasheem Thabeet?

Spencer Flaws reply to Ral on Jun 4 at 22:53

It reminds me of Sammy D.

HendrikDB on Jun 4 at 13:59

I can't help it but I actually like Jimmer. What if we had him instead of Meeks would that improve us (as in the future)? I love shooters and I think he can become a great defender. Defence is all about mentality and intelligence which I think he has lots of.

Studying for exams and found my way to his youtube account, have to say I like it :D.

Fredette is extremely limited from a defensive standpoint. He will never be a good defender.

HendrikDB on Jun 4 at 14:12

I can't help it but I actually like Jimmer. What if we had him instead of Meeks would that improve us (as in the future)? I love shooters and I think he can become a great defender. Defence is all about mentality and intelligence which I think he has lots of.

Studying for exams and found my way to his youtube account, have to say I like it :D.

Cin reply to HendrikDB on Jun 4 at 14:50

I'd like to personally thank Meeks for personally being the reason we DON'T end up with Jimmer.

Gregz reply to HendrikDB on Jun 4 at 18:51

Jimmer will never end up being a quality defender. He doesn't have the size or athleticism to do so.

Question, How do you know Jimmer is a smart guy? Or has a better mentality and basketball IQ than Meeks?

HendrikDB reply to Gregz on Jun 5 at 6:03

I never said he has more and I guess there isn't a way to find out, call it my gut feeling I guess. He already surprised with his athletic abilities in the draft combine. The only way to see if can play defence is to watch him actually play in the NBA.

Jave reply to HendrikDB on Jun 5 at 17:09

What does your gut say about Mike Dunleavy, Tyler Hansbrough and Mike Miller?

Video: Courtney Witte Saturday on pre-draft workouts and how 20-plus players think they're in top 15 and won't work out for Sixers (who are at No. 16):


Video: Temple big man Lavoy Allen on Saturday's workout with the Sixers and hoping to get picked in June 23 NBA Draft:


Tom Moore on Jun 4 at 15:16

Sixers' Witte: 'There's going to be people dropping to us':


Interesting discussion going on here at this post by Joe Posananski of SI about what makes an MVP...and why Rose was chosen instead of LBJ this year:


Steve V on Jun 4 at 16:15

Sixers scheduled another workout with a bunch of relative unknowns, except for one of my favorite prospects in the whole draft in Willie Reed from ST.Louis. I'm hoping the staff falls in love with him in the workout and we can somehow get him in the 2nd round.

Turtle Bay reply to Steve V on Jun 4 at 19:44

Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming.

Turtle Bay reply to Steve V on Jun 4 at 19:50

Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming.

Column: Draft hopefuls bypassing Sixers:


Video: Sixers director of player personnel Courtney Witte on there not being "a lot of separation" after the first few selections and not making your pick based on need:


Speaking of crazy 3 team trades, here you go:


On principle, I'd never be a part of a trade that sent Dwight Howard to another team.

Why, because there's a chance he's coming to Philly? If so, then sign me up. :)

Turtle Bay reply to Brian on Jun 5 at 2:29

Well that's just dumb. Dwight Howard is on another team now and unless you're delusional, the Sixers are not going to acquire him in the near future. If the trade makes the Sixers better, you do it. I thought you would know that.

tk76 reply to Chunky Soup on Jun 5 at 1:04

Great, now there would be 2 superteams in the East that the Sixers had no chance of catching for 6+ years. Miami and Chicago...

Ok, I'll stop posting trade ideas that I think are fair for each team. But thanks for the sarcastic response. :)

Sorry, I knew I was being smug, but did not want to be submissive :) Was just keeping things light.

Not a bad trade for the Sixers. But I agree with Brian that I don't want to facilitate a Dwight deal if in doing so you are left with another super-team in the East. Especially if the core of the new power was even younger than Miami's core.

Rose is 22, Dwight 25. Lebron/Wade/Bosh are 26/28/26. Having 2 young powerhouses like that in the East effectively block the Sixers for at least 6 years. That might be inevitable, but the Sixers should not help it come to fruition- especially if the reward does not dramatically raise the team's ceiling.

I would be on-board with helping to trade Dwight out West.

Yeah that's cool man, I respect your knowledge and your opinions. I just think it's strange when you try to come up with a trade possibility that you think would help the team and someone just turns it into a joke. I mean, I put some thought into it, but maybe not enough. I've really never heard of a superteam, I think any decent team can get near the top with the right move. But I don't know that much about it, so I don't mind leaving that up to you. As long as there's places to chat about hoops, I'm happy.

Certainly a fair trade for the Sixers in terms f value. But I agree with Brian that it puts Chicago out of reach for a long time. And I think Miami is also out of reach for 5+ years. I don't like to see two teams in the East each with top 6 NBA players. It reminds me of Kobe/Saq or MJ/Pippen.

I really don't think this response is sarcastic. There's no way I'd help facilitate the creation of another team I can't beat in the eastern conference.

I don't have a problem to participate in a three team trade that sends Howard to another team if it helps the Sixers. I like this trade a lot from a Sixers perspective, i just can't figure out why would the Magic be intrested in a three team trade when they can deal those guys straight up for Howard. That's a better trade for them.

Salary purposes. Asik and Gibson are productive young players that cost next to nothing. I don't think there's any way they could pay all of Turkoglu, Arenas, Noah, and Deng going forward. But thanks for not being dismissive, I appreciate it!

deepsixersuede on Jun 5 at 9:13

My list of things Kate Fagen keeps saying she hears around the organization that really bothers me;

1]If Iggy is dealt it will be for an established scorer and not include a big, either young or old.

2] That score will be a s.g. and moving Turner to the s.f. position is no big deal.

3]With a better mix of perimeter players than bigs at #16 in this draft the sixers would prefer moving Iggy for a scorer and drafting a big at #16 when the opposite seems more benificial.

4]Every move seems based on improving the offensive end of the floor and hurting the defensive end; trading Iggy for a guy like Ellis, moving Turner to the 3, and the team probably staying at #16 when no defensive difference makers, other than Singleton or Markief Morris, may be on the board.

This is one time I hope she isn't in the loop, as far as inside info, but she probably is.

I agree completely with you - I don't understand how anyone can view Turner as a full-time SF. Maybe for a few minutes here or there, but he's simply not good enough of an athlete to compete at that position for 30+ mins a night. I also look at a guy like Chris Singleton and wonder if he is the type of "LeBron stopper" every team is going to need if they want to compete with the Heat (not saying Singleton will be, just saying his size/athleticism might give him a chance to be a real bother to LeBron over time).

I just love the fact that everything she writes assumes (a) that Iguodala will be traded and (b) that the team will be better for it.

I didn't realize that Denver had such a huge trade expection from the Carmelo deal - can't we just call Denver and trade Iggy for Gallinari and call it a day? Guy averaged an efficient 16 pts a game playing for two different teams at 22 yrs old. Gotta think he can raise that 4-6 pts a game simply by being more of a focal piece of an offense. Is he a total zero defensively, or is he at least average? He is the type of player, offensively, that I think would be perfect on our team. I'm sure the Italian-Americans in Philadelphia would make him feel at home.

id rather have nene then Gallinari

Really - we're just looking at his points and saying he'd improve the sixers versus what Iguodala brings.

How about no

Marty reply to GoSixers on Jun 5 at 11:06

Well, I think the general thinking is that Turner replaces a lot (not all) of the do-it-allness that Igoudala brings to the table, but that he's more suited to do it from the 2 than the 3. So the perfect compliment to what Jrue and Turner offer is what Gallinari does: shoots well from outside and rebounds well for his position. Gets to the line a lot and doesn't need the ball in his hands a ton. I'm not really looking at PPG so much as what his potential is. I'm more interested in trading for Gallinari, Beasley, or even Paul George to try and improve this team than I am trading for Ellis, Granger, or even Kevin Martin.

Except that the general thinking about Turner is wrong at the moment. He hasn't shown anything to indicate he can replace or make up for what Iguodala brings if you give him away for Dino

So I guess big picture it comes down to this:

Collins says the team is looking to make the jump to being a 50 win team. Yet we also get the sense from the media that Iguodala will not be back next year. Also, its not likely that the Sixers can bring back a near All-Star big in a trade.

On the face of things these goals seem mutually exclusive- at least for next season. So for a second, lets assume Iguodla gets traded in the next 3 weeks:

1. How comfortable are you with the team taking a bit of a step back by getting younger players and cap relief for Iguodala- knowing this means probably at best another year hovering around .500 and pushing the ball that much further down the road (likely until Brand is replaced.)

2. Do you think Collins and the F.O. has the stomach to make that type of deal. Or do you see a Hedo type lateral trade that they try and sell as "basketball sense." Hopefully not a deal that bad, but a move where they bring in an offensive wing and do not substantively upgrade their frontcourt.

From what Suede says, it sounds like the Sixers are leaning towards #2. Can't understand why, other than it would placate the Philly.com anti-Iguodala, 20 point scorer crowd.

From my perspective, I'm ready to look long term. Miami and Chicago are not going anywhere. Might as well add a promising young SF and PF/C to the current young core and look for incremental improvement with a longer 3-5 year horizon.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Jun 5 at 11:46

I was hoping the fact that Miami's defense may be as big a reason as their star power for their success would be a reason to improve in that area at least, and hope offensive improvement from Turner and Meeks along with that approach can add 5 wins at least next year.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jun 5 at 13:03

3-5 year horizon outlook is just 3 years away from being another 3 years away as long as you're relying on this "young core" thing, when none of them are even close to being a star. Or even becoming one.

Incremental improvement doesn't make you a contender in the playoffs, it just adds a few wins to your regular season total when the effort and pressure is ratcheted down.

This team / organization has to cave in and take two steps back at some point in order to go forward or it will just be another year of riding the carousel of mediocrity. I mean, the validity of their ticket seems to be 10 years at this point, at the ongoing rate it may be good for another 10 years.

Look at the number of organizations that have been employing this method of developing and holding a training grounds for young core players without a star. They're perpetually in the lottery or squeaking in the playoffs in a watered down conference. Just another appetizer for the carnivores of the league.

deepsixersuede on Jun 5 at 11:53

Did you guys hear about Iggy and Turner being on the J.Kimmel pregame show tonight at 7 pm. Some kind of comedy routine about knowing your teammate thing or something. He and Evan versus L.Aldridge and Oden. Saw it somewhere on the web.

I saw that they taped something, but didn't know when it was airing. Cool that it's tonight. Maybe someone can cut and post here? To respond to TK, I'd much rather go route #1. I don't really want to take a step back record-wise, but I'm ok hovering around that .500 mark on the backs of Jrue/Turner/Thad/Meeks and a couple other young new guys. If I'm the Sixers, my goal is to stockpile young talent and have a 45-50 win core in place going into the 2013 summer with the cap flexibility and assets to sign a FA or make a significant trade.

Tom Moore on Jun 5 at 13:42

Sixers don't believe in drafting strictly for need:


In Fagan's article comments, saw my new favorite Iguodala nickname: "Stinky Dala"

It's charming

Is Bismark 6'9 with or w/o shoes? Would you trade Nocioni and the 16th pick to Detroit for Villanueva and the 8th pick? (If Bismark is available)

sfw reply to Fasil on Jun 5 at 18:51

He's 6'9'' with shoes but has an enormous wing span. I'd hate to have Speight's idol here. Could not have both of them on the roster. Have to get rid of Speights. I would consider it.

Fasil reply to sfw on Jun 5 at 19:47

I thought about it again and realized that Villenueva's contract has 3 years left and goes into 2014. I don't think Bismark is worth the extra 30 million. I'd rather take a chance on the Brazilian kid.

emtmess on Jun 5 at 19:46

Not that theese are the top three on any list at 16 but between Tobias Harris, Chris Singleton, and Markief Morris who would ya'll draft and why?

deepsixersuede reply to emtmess on Jun 5 at 19:57

I would go with Singleton or Morris even though Harris may have more upside. Harris seems to have issues with his shot and we have enough of those players already.

Singleton is already a better shotblocker than Morris, I believe. But Morris is a pure p.f. . Depends on if Iggy stays [Morris] or is really on the block [Singleton].

Define Pure PF? Do you really think Markieff will end up being more than a rotation player?

deepsixersuede reply to Jason on Jun 6 at 0:12

I think he can have a Nick Collison type career. We aren't getting more than a rotation player at #16 anyway.

eddies' heady's reply to emtmess on Jun 5 at 21:39

Chris Singleton, hands down.

Who would you draft if it came down to Singleton and Jordan Hamilton?

emtmess reply to eddies' heady's on Jun 5 at 22:07

I would say Hamilton and hoppe I could trade for Singleton later. But if I had to choose only one I would say Hamilton.

eddies' heady's reply to emtmess on Jun 5 at 22:33

Yeah me too but just because I'm tired of seeing no true smooth scorer on this team (and Hamilton may not even be that). Though Hamilton's defense may never come close to what Singleton's already is now.

I don't know, it's hard for me to say I'd pass on Singleton for the opportunity at a better scorer. I'm of the belief that Chris Singleton is THAT good on defense already.

Brian, I sent you an email.

I was a huge proponent of Selby coming out of high school.. Steve Francis-esque athletically... he has legit NBA gifts. If he falls someone is getting a steal, unless he is just a moron or something (like Steve Francis).

Good article overall.

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