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Andres Nocioni: Prediction vs. Performance

The highlight of Turner/Iguodala on the Dating Game: http://desmond.yfrog.com/Himg614/

tut reply to tut on Jun 6 at 1:24
HendrikDB reply to tut on Jun 6 at 3:43

That final round wasn't fair. 2 guards can't beat 2 centers! :D

mgfields on Jun 6 at 10:22

I usually watch all of Tom Moore's videos and I think that was the first time I've seen Andre really relaxed in front of a camera.

jimmy kimmel isn't likel to ambush him about why he isn't scoring more points per game (Not that Tom does, but tom's videos tend to be a 'media' thing so it's not just tom, it's the hordes)

Fans don't like him because he eats all of the twizzlers.

Hey, I was having this debate last night. Do they have Red Vines or Twizzlers in Chicago? I doubt he could get Twizzlers in Arizona.

I've seen both, but I could be wrong. I'm suree Iguodala knows.

I didn't actually watch it last night cause I find stuff like that ridiculous and want jimmy kimmel to be drawn and quartered

NoceTurkey was his key contribution


Khloe and Lamar perfume, Epic!

HendrikDB on Jun 6 at 12:49

It's great to see them get a long so well. I still think our best line-up would be JH-ET-AI-EB-SH. The only real change we need is at the center; all the other spots are good enough to become a great team. ( that is if ET and JH become the players I think they can be ).

Tom Moore on Jun 6 at 14:08

Sixers director of player personnel Courtney Witte on Georgia forward Trey Thompkins and the rest of Monday's pre-draft workout:


Next one is Wednesday (players TBA).

Tom Moore on Jun 6 at 14:11

Georgia power forward Trey Thompkins on Monday's workout with the Sixers:


Tom, what's your opinion of Brackins? Seems like he really get's it.


Tom Moore reply to sfw on Jun 6 at 16:47

I don't see why he can't at least do what Speights did last year. He's a better outside shooter than Speights, who inexplicably abandoned his inside game last year. He just needs to get stronger and work on his defense and rebounding. He's doing his work in the offseason.

Thanks! I have a feeling that he's just as good as these low first/second round guys coming out. Like Meeks, he seems to have the work ethic.

Functional link to ET and AI9 on that Kimmel pregame show (except you have to skip several sets of commercials):


Mark Jackson, huh? That's hilarious.

Jesse reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 21:19

That is unreal. There aren't too many management teams that make the Sixers' staff look good.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I guess Mark Jackson really can get a job without being an asssistant.

Don't f it up mark - if you fail you won't get another chance probably

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jun 6 at 21:38

Well...Eddie Jordan got what...3 chances?

raro reply to GoSixers on Jun 6 at 21:42

I'm willing to give Jerry West the benefit of the doubt.

Wonder who will join JVG and Breen?

Dane reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 22:03

We hired Eddie Jordan, so we have no right to criticize another team's coaching hire

johnrosz reply to Dane on Jun 6 at 22:08

sure we do, because none of us were involved in the decision to hire Eddie Jordan. Everyone knew that was an awful idea except Sixers FO

Here's a question. Would you make this deal if Biyombo was still on the board at #10 on draft night?

Sixers give Nocioni, Speights and the #16 pick

Bucks give Maggette and the #10 pick.

I ask because DraftExpress has Biyombo falling to #10. Personally, I think that's a pretty steep price to pay to move up 6 spots. The Bucks would save $11.8M over the next two years, meaning the Sixers would be spending $11.8M to move up 6 spots.

Of course, it's only money and if they're as high on Biyombo as I am. Maggette comes off the books the same year as Brand, which is my long-term goal for cap space anyway. In the mean time, I'd consider buying Maggette out.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 21:51

What if you can get up there without taking on a bad contract?

Lou Will might garner some interest around the league.

That sounds good to me, would like to see them trade up for a center. If the Sixers are willing to take money and the Bucks want to save it, how about Brand for Bogut and Salmons?

I don't really see any reason for MIL to trade Bogut unless they're seriously worried about injury. He's their best player by a large margin.

Stu reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 22:21

Would Detroit do Hamilton & 8 for Noc, Speights, 16? Very similar deal to yours, but we get a better pick and probably a better player. I know they rejected Hamilton & 8 for nothing, so maybe Speights + 16 is enough?

The numbers don't quite work in that deal. The Sixers would have to add Brackins.

And yeah, if Bismack was guaranteed to be there, I'd do that one.

I think if they come out of this draft with either Derrick Williams or Bismack, I'm happy. If they come out of the draft with either of those guys without giving up Iguodala, I'm ecstatic.

The stipulation is that they need to retain their cap flexibility after the 2012-2013 season (when Brand comes off the books). If they make a deal that takes on significant money that extends beyond 2013, then I'm not happy at all.

Harold reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 22:30

Who do you see in Bismark becoming? Serge Ibaka? Would you take on this salary for Javale McGee or DeAndre Jordan?

Harold reply to Harold on Jun 6 at 22:50

*who do you see bismark becoming?

I don't really think the Ibaka comparison is that good. I think Ibaka's offensive game is moving more away from the hoop and that's not something I picture happening with Bismack. I think he becomes an absolute defensive force, a very good rebounder and kind of a garbage man on the offensive end. Follow dunks, lobs, finishing on the break, rolling to the hoop on the pick-and-roll. That's going to be his bread and butter. If he never develops more than that on the offensive end, I'm fine w/ that. I think his impact comes from his shotblocking, his quickness on the defensive end (switching, hedging, guarding the double team) and his rebounding.

His offensive game will be more productive than a typical "raw" offensive player simply from playing with Jrue and Iguodala.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 23:32

I'm following along with your analysis of this guy and sure as hell want to see him to see if it's even close to being true. You're hyping the hell out of him and I want to see this guy on the court. I've never even read or seen anything on him but just the loads of attention he's getting with keystrokes from just here. (don't do the videos or articles or writeups thing - have just never cared to)

I shudder to think that he's just another Dalembert after we drafted him (defensive oriented but no offensive game) and from what I gather from what you say he sounds nearly identical to when LB spent a pick on Sammy.

Hope there's no lockout because whatever team he is on I want to see this kid play.

Dalembert with a better motor, attitude and without the desire to take 18-foot jumpers. He also doesn't have Dalembert's size. I'm also not sure saying someone is like Dalembert should be construed as a bad thing. Dalembert was one of the best rebounders and shotblockers in the game and even his raw/ugly offensive game did much, much less damage on that end than Hawes and his pretty big man passes.

My new worst nightmare is after Iguodala is traded for Ellis, the media gives all the credit to Mark Jackson for turning golden state into a winning team.

ESPN.com's Ric Bucher reporting Warriors 76ers discussing Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade.

i dont know what to say


Robert Flores(sportscenter anchor) tweeted its on his twitter page


Ugh, where the hell is he reporting this? It's not on Twitter, was he just on ESPN?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 23:49

I get to be right if this goes through, as I remember JE Magee ripping me a new one when I said this would go down 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, I don't want to be right...not at all.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 6 at 23:55

It would make Lou redundant, maybe they take back Lou to replace some of what Ellis gives them. Then you take the 11th pick back or Udoh?

Still don't like it

heh, I might not watch this team if ellis is on it next year.

If this trade happens, we will be undersized at every position!

Tom Moore on Jun 7 at 0:09

Story: Sixers intrigued by Georgia power forward Trey Thompkins:


(With videos of Thompkins, the Sixers' Courntey Witte and Villanova's Antonio Pena on right side of above link)

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