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Details on the Sixers Sale

Cautiously optimistic. I like the "youth" of these guys... they seem like they are motivated not just by money but also by success. There is a difference sometimes. Thanks for the info Brian... If we're going to have the work stoppage, at least there will be a lot to talk about.

e source basically said Snider cares more about hockey and the team needs "someone to be the face of the team and get fans to come back."

In other news - water is wet :)

Harshad reply to GoSixers on Jun 7 at 17:57

Unless it's in an ice or gas phase

Maybe it's sublimating?

Wow really Snider cares more about the flyers than the sixers since when.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Depressed fan for combining your expertses to help us understand this.

Yes Levien (le-vin, le-vine? How do you pronounce that?) wants to run an organization and yes it seemed like he was the heir apparent in Sacramento and yes he was pro Rubio but he got shot down (who else was he pro BESIDES rubio though?).

Of all the sixers flaws drafting is kind of the 'best' of the bunch.

Levien may be the best GM/President ever but if the folks buying the team aren't willing to back up with the cash.

I'm curios - maybe Mrs Ward knows who to ask, how these folks come together to buy an NBA team and is this the first one they inquired about or the first one that said yes?

(who else was he pro BESIDES rubio though?).

He was instrumental in their drafting of Casspi.

Wait - the sixers don't draft euro's though :)

With all this talk i forgot the finals are on tonight doesnt matter heat wins in six and the best player in the league gets his championship I guess lebron did make the right decision ha.

Will be classic if Wade wins MVP.

Tray reply to Jason on Jun 7 at 18:20

They should just make them co-MVPs. LeBron's defense on Terry alone is a big factor in this series.

He's going to - whether he deserves it or not.

Lebron can't win - no matter what happens. if the team wins it'll be because of wade - even though that's bull shit - if they lose it's lebrons fault

It's asinine the amount of hatred he gets.

And oh yeah - stop comparing him to jordan - compare him to magic - cause that's his game - he helps you win without socring points - jordan doesn't help you win when he doesn't score poitns

Marcus reply to GoSixers on Jun 7 at 18:34

Everything thing u said is 100% the truth Lebron is in a no win situation and yes Lebron defense on Terry Is huge in the series. I guess most of the world wanted Lebron to win a championship by himself just like all the other championship teams like the bulls it was only Jordan like the lakers it was only magic just like the celtics it was only pierce just to name a few.

Tray reply to Marcus on Jun 7 at 19:17

And I mean, is Wade really that much better of a player than Pippen? Is Bosh really that much better than Horace Grant? Is he even as good as Horace Grant? Nobody wins without help, and I think LeBron in Cleveland went about as far as any player ever has with a talentless roster.

In my opinon Wade isn't even a little bit better than Pippen

Roger reply to Tray on Jun 7 at 20:20

I agree. If Pippen didn't have Jordan his team would have still won 50 games. They wouldn't have won anything but he would have accomplished just as much as Kobe from 04-07, Wade from 06-10, Barkley or Lebron did with their teams.

Charlie H reply to Tray on Jun 8 at 9:45

Wade is better than Pippen offensively, that's for sure. Pippen didn't have the handle or the playmaking skill that Wade has.

Nobody wins without help. That's why I think that the number of rings a player has is not the best way to measure his ability as a player. Championships are not an individual thing, it's that simple. Yes, it's worth considering how much a guy contributes to a championship team, but it's not how I measure a player. Was Michael Cooper better than Elgin Baylor?

Agreed that his game is more similar to Magic, but Jordan was a great defender who could help you win without scoring points. His teams weren't necessarily always built that way, but he could.

Agreed all around

Brian put this on Twitter, Bucher saying that Iguodala will be traded before July 1st:


Do you think the new ownership would let them do a major deal like that without the sale being complete if it takes till the end of the month? If not, that would be a nice way to avoid getting stuck with Ellis if the rumors are true.

Rich reply to Chunky Soup on Jun 7 at 18:59

Good point. I have absolutely no idea how you could be so sure with the team's ownership in limbo.

New ownership wants butts in the seats. Iggy doesn't bring that. I think they'd be open to a trade of Iggy for Ellis because a 20ppg guy brings out some fans.

Or at least some change in the face of the franchise draws in fans. It will give them a bump... but a brief one unless somehow they manage to win games.

I agree, it would be a brief bump if they don't win. But I think they're on the rise while other teams are getting old, so I think the Sixers should get at least 45 wins next year. With new ownership and some new players, the attendance would rise (not by a ton, but hopefully we at least wouldn't be last in the league).

So many variables. The team did not play all that well without Iguodala last year.

1. Is there a another slow start due to chemistry issues?

2. Do they get a decent center somehow?

3. How much better is Jrue, and does he get less touches with Ellis here?

4. Who plays SF (Thad or Turner) and how do they do?

All valid questions. I think we get off to a fast start, I like Hawes :) but I also think we draft a big man, I think Jrue improves big, and I pray they start ET not Thad.

But how are the Sixers going to get to 45 wins if they trade Iguodala for Ellis? The drop off in production is significant, so they would need improvements from Jrue and Turner just to stay at .500. There would have to be another move made for a good player, probably at the center position.

I take out the 3-13 start, and I expect significant improvement from Holiday and Turner. 45-37 is what I would expect. I like that. New ownership, new-look team, I think the fans start coming back, it's solid.

Charlie H reply to stoned81 on Jun 8 at 9:49

I really don't think Monta Ellis is a big draw. What makes you think so?

Also, I'm wondering if perhaps the new owners may even be pushing for the Iggy deal. If they are dollars and cents guys, which they seem to be, they are paying a lot of money to Iggy but he doesn't draw in fans. They may want him out.

Oddly, the team is likely worse on the floor with Ellis but worth more. Both for the temp gate bump, and the cost savings.

I believe the whole 'gate bump' thing might not be much. Ellis is not a 'super star' name who is going to draw in fans, and honestly, sixer fans might be LESS likely to be drawn in by ellis cause they'll just see another iverson and be like 'oh we've seen this before'

I think Iverson-types is all the Sixer fans come out to see though. Ellis brings a little attitude, a 20ppg guy (which the fans like), and it's a run-and-gun scoring team with youngsters Holiday/Turner and veteran anchor Brand. It's a pretty likeable team.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jun 8 at 0:15

Or they could be like, "Yes, another Iverson!"

Probably somewhere in the middle.

bucher on ellis, "in the right system he can be a good defensive player" then he goes on to say that he needs to score so much he cant focus on defense

ive seen warrior games over the years, i have no clue what makes bucher thnk he can be a good defensive player

It's true - in a system that allows substitutions like hockey ellis would be a good defensive player - on the bench.

Bucher's an idiot. He still insists that Rose is the best player in the NBA. Not just the MVP, which one can make some dumb argument for, but actually the best player, when he might be the 8th or 9th, behind Howard, James, Wade, Dirk, Kobe, Paul, Durant...

Charlie H reply to Tray on Jun 8 at 9:50

I agree. Bucher's a self-promoter.

Tom Moore on Jun 7 at 22:19

Story: Sixers appear close to being sold:


If the new owners are pushing for an Iguodala Ellis deal, they're already off to a horrible start in my mind.

Old owners: Clippers of the East
New Owners: GSW of the East

Could we see a return to Doug Moe?

I think assuming the new ownership would be pro an Iguodala/Ellis swap is asinine. These aren't complete morons and it seems like they've got an actual basketball guy attached to their group. I think it's far more likely they put the kibosh on this "deal" which isn't even really a deal. It's sounding more and more like it's something GSW wants to do but Philly is saying no.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 8 at 0:19

Where are you seeing that? I don't believe either of them for a second, but Bucher and Fagan both say that Iguodala is gone this Summer. Has any one reporter come out and said something to the opposite? Maybe Tom could fill us in?

That probably didn't read as I meant it to. My meaning was that I think it would be more likely that the new owners would put a kibosh on an AI/Monta deal than they'd be pushing for it.

I'm starting to think the deal won't go down, because it's such an easy deal to pull off. Straight up trade. If they were going to do it, it would be done.

However, I don't think the new owners would be putting the kibosh on something. It sounds like the negotiations for the sale of the team have been going on for a while, even though it was just leaked today. I would imagine if Thorn is trying to trade Iggy, it's with the new owners' blessing.

Read between the lines of Bucher's "reports." On the one hand he's saying Iguodala will definitely be traded by July 1st. On the other hand he's saying the Monta deal is there whenever they want it. Ergo, the Sixers are saying no. If the deal is there whenever the Sixers want it, that means GSW wants to make the deal and Philly is saying no, at least for the time being.

And I think it's a pretty safe assumption that a bright guy who wants to run a basketball franchise wouldn't make an Iguodala for Monta Ellis trade, because if he did willingly make that trade, he wouldn't be a bright guy at all.

I agree that Bucher's reports indicate the Sixers are the ones holding off. My guess is Thorn hasn't told GSW to get lost, but is hoping the rumors bring another team to offer something better for Iggy.

If Thorn wanted Ellis for Iggy, I think it would be done. So I basically agree there.

Re: the new owners, they are bright business guys. Iggy for Ellis seems like a good business decision. Remove the larger salary (Monta at $5M less in 2013-14), add an exciting scorer that may draw in a few fans (higher revenue), and there's a nice profit waiting for them.

Rich reply to stoned81 on Jun 8 at 0:37

That's a pretty good theory. In that case, Thorn would looking to make an Iguodala deal in trying to get something better. So Fagan would have been right in that he's definitely pursuing a trade, but this is floating out there to tell another team to come in and trump this offer. I hope that's what he's doing, anyway. I also hope he isn't married to the idea of trading him this Summer, which Fagan also said.

You're missing the point that they're bringing a basketball guy with them. The $11M you save isn't going to help you build a better team, so you're just talking about which player will help you win more games. The answer to that questions is undoubtedly Andre Iguodala.

Well, depends on how much influence the basketball guy has with the guys at the top I guess. And even basketball guys can make mistakes, or are dumber than people think.

You're missing the point that they're bringing a basketball guy with them

The most important point yes, but the owners still need to be willing to give the basketball guy the money to do what he thinks is best.

Maybe after (if) the deal gets done someone can sit down with Levein (ask how to pronounce his last name) and find out how these guys hooked up together, did he find them, vice versa, like to get some insight to the dynamic and such

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 8 at 0:53

I read that Jerry West denied they were interested in making the deal, for whatever that's worth. I think I saw that at probasketballtalk at NBC Sports.

I saw that report and it was vague at best.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 8 at 2:05

That's true. And I think Golden State would be pretty stupid to not want to make an Ellis-for-Iguodala deal. But I don't put much stock in Bucher's reporting either, so I wouldn't be too shocked if neither team was that interested. And I wonder if they're internally entirely sold on Curry's being the guy they should keep. He is, between the two, the bigger defensive liability, and plays a far more important defensive position.

They're both defensive liabilities, the difference is that Curry is a tremendously efficient offensive player whereas Ellis is below average. Curry's also 3 years younger and roughly $8M/year cheaper.

Stuart reply to Brian on Jun 8 at 14:53

Brian, would you do Curry + Biedrins for Iguodala? Curious what your thoughts are...

Why would andre ask brian to have a 3some with those two?

mopey reply to GoSixers on Jun 8 at 16:13

LOL! That may be the funniest thing I've ever seen on here.

Thanks for tracking this info down Brian....but it looks like you neither confirm nor deny the "report" in the last post that you are buying the team yourself...

I'd be all for it. Maybe if I can get 300,000 people to invest $1000 each we can pull it off. Hipsters use this site to raise money to make movies of each other riding bikes without brakes, we should start there.

Check your email Brian.

Just replied, thanks.

but what's going to happen to ed stefanski????

bebopdeluxe on Jun 8 at 11:07

Some guy on a GSW board is saying that Eskin has tweeted that the new Sixers management has given its blessing to trading Iggy for Ellis. Can anyone confirm this?

If this is true, we are in DEEP trouble, folks.

I don't put any stock in anything Eskin says at all.

I tend to think of Eskin this way - if he guarantees something - the opposite most likely happens

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 8 at 13:18

I think he did get the 280 mil figure right.

and what are you basing that on?

I'm hearing that's close to accurate.

I'm not hearing that.

Rodney Buford on Jun 8 at 14:06

$280 vs. the $450 paid for the Warriors? Wow, those guys are kicking themselves.

No, they're not, it's an entirely different deal, look at what they got in the warriors deal, they got more than the team.

The sixers buyers don't get the stadium

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