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The 76ers' Lack of International Flavor

Great work, Rich.

So here's a question, if Biyombo does fall to #16 and the Sixers don't take him, how pissed will everyone be?

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 1:47

I thought I read somewhere that #20 was the lowest he falls and David KAHHHHNNN would snap him up. I don't know if that's just what the source heard about Kahn or has info about the Sixers.

I would be very pissed, though we should give the front office the benefit of the doubt. They made no mistake when Jrue slipped to them two years ago.

I'd be irate. If he's there, I think they take him. The big question for me is if they'd pay a modest price to move up a couple spots to get him.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 1:57

What's a modest price? Lou?

Yeah, something like Lou and #16 for Illyasova, Dooling and #10. I'd do that.

Lou, Brackins and #16 for Tyrus Thomas, DJ White and #9. Saves CHA about $24M.

i like that deal, should land you Biyombo and if thomas can stay healthy, he has always put up decent blocked shot numbers

Needless to say I'd give up Speights without blinking in any deal that would move us up a few spots.

I'd be pretty upset but I think the Sixers would pick him if he was still available. I don't think he will make it down that far, I can't see a team like Houston passing him up. If Biyombo is gone we should really go with Faried who will probably be there. That guy is a beast on the glass and is relentless, which is something we need on this team as well. I think the chances are very high he will be a solid player in the league.

BTW Brian, love the picture. I remember being really excited when Kukoc came to the Sixers.

Yep, the waiter...such promise. ugh.

Kukoc's last year befoer joining the Sixers:



And he went downhill from there.

Dan reply to tk76 on Jun 17 at 10:26

He was still better than George Lynch, Jumaine Jones, and Rodney Buford.

deepsixersuede on Jun 17 at 4:10

I don't think it is a given that we take him if he drops to us at #16. Looking at Ibaka, will this organization be patient enough to possibly wait 3 years for him to be ready and with shorter contracts possible in the new cba we may get him improved only for him to jump ship.

Our coach seems to like overall talented guys. especially offenively, who he can turn into solid defenders. I believe Morris will be the pick even if Bismack drops because other than shotblocking, he may do everything else better than Bismack over the next 3 years, which is probably our window with Collins.

Actually the perfect opportunity to draft a foreign player was in our hands and we blew it. Back in 1998 we picked the great Larry Hughes over someone who is not so great only an MVP and Finals MVP and new champ Dirk Nowitzki. If only we could go back and time and do that one over again. Imagine AI and Dirk together. Well at least Larry Hughes went on to a great career. Oh yeah we also passed up Paul Pierce as well.

Lots of teams passed on Nowitzki and Pierce. And Hughes had all-star talent, but Brown ended up not liking him, and later injuries brought him down. Hughes was still better than most of the guys picked in front of him.

I wouldn't be upset at all. I want Vucevic.

Steve V reply to KellyDad on Jun 17 at 9:52

Ew. He's the last guy I want.

I'd be fine with Biyombo @ #16, but giving up anything of value for him as the primary piece would be risky.

His offensive deficiency is a huge red flag if he's 22.

His measurements are nice, but tape measures don't win games in the NBA. There was a lot more to Ben Wallace than long arms and an afro.

I think most people who want the Sixers to get Bismack are more intrigued by his combination of personality, drive and athleticism than his mere measurements. Sure there is a good chance he disappoints, but its not like we are talking about the Sixers using a top 5 pick on him.

His offensive deficiency is a huge red flag if he's 22.

And yet, there's no actual PROOF he's 22

And if he's 'only' ben wallace- well ben wallace was DPOY many times and one of the best defensive presences of his time - sure he had no offensive game - but it's not like the pistons cared.

See, what' happening with Biyombo now is something called 'backlash' and here's hoping it lashes him all the way to 16

Because contrary to popular belief on this web site by many, the sixers biggest needs are front court.

The sixers biggest need is actually sam dalembert but since they already gave him away - draft the next one - but better

I'd say Ben Wallace is his absolute ceiling that he has very little chance of reaching.

That's great, but you have as much credibility in player evaluation as I do

eddies' heady's on Jun 17 at 9:41

"...there probably hasn't been a contributing international rotation player on the 76ers since Toni Kukoc."

Efthimios Rentzias lives on, forever!!

Tom Moore reply to eddies' heady's on Jun 17 at 10:26

The most memorable thing Rentzias did was walk through the Sixers locker room (filled with media and others) from the shower buck naked and then stand at his locker without a care in the world. His teammates couldn't believe it and would jokingly emulate him for the rest of the season.

Tom Moore on Jun 17 at 10:23

Villanova guard Corey Fisher shooting for spot in NBA:


I liked that center NYK signed last year, Timofey Mozgov. What do you guys think of Semih Erden? Would you consider trading a 2nd round pick for him? He looks decent and is probably better than anything available at pick #46.

Tom Moore on Jun 17 at 10:40

Video: The Sixers' Courtney Witte on Villanova PG Corey Fisher's 105-point summer league game:


Kukoc: Peaked early. Ran in tailwinds of Superman's cape. Streaky stroke. Slow feet. Was bad enough in Philly. Pity Milwaukee fans for having to watch him at 33 to 37.

Hey - i pity them because they live in milwaukee - what a freaking dump

You must've missed the good parts. Lake Michigan is nice and wet. And Miller Park is a cool construction. Great beer abounds. Marquette basketball. An hour and a half away from both Green Bay and Madison. A bounty of cheeses. What's not to like?

Milwaukee is a piss poor suburb of Chicago, it's a pit.

American Beer is for people who don't know what beer is supposed to taste like and enjoy their water to have a little yellow coloring in it - plus when i drink i don't drink beer mostly cause it's a waste of money.

There is cheese all over wisconsin, most of it ISNT made in milwaukee - cause - you know - FARMS

As far as lake michigan, chicago is a nicer place to see it and both the lakes in madison are better.

Milwaukee is like detroit really, mostly old decrepit and run down because all the industry left.

You mentioned great tourist stuff, which means, likely, you've not actually been there?

Milwaukee isn't all bad.

Disclaimer: Never been there, probably never will.

I honestly thought it was going to be one of the 'cleveland tourist' videos from last year

(Our primary export is crippling depression)

Been there a number of times. Milwaukee is a cool city about 70 miles due north if Chicago. And it goes from city to "Happy Days" suburb with white picket fences in seven miles -- no lie.

Eh, its a smallish city with an attractive downtown and typical suburbs. Sort of like where 70% of people live, no better or worse. It's like saying Charlotte or Cincinnati is a dump.. they are just medium sized cities. The lake is beautiful and there is a good variety of places to visit within 2 hours. Traffic and cost of living are reasonable.

Personally, I'd rather live in a more nondescript place like Mil than have to deal with LA where you can be 8 miles from your destination but still an hour away. But that is just me.

As for beer, I don't see the need for snobbery. There are different beers for different tastes and price points- just like wine. I remember when was younger people would look down on Californian wine, and now it is the end all. As far as I'm concerned, the more choices the better, since we are not looking for the same thing from what we drink.

Wrong again, sunny boy. Was there recently. Every city has its pros and cons. Your dreary, downbeat take isn't one I agree with. If ya look again, from Oct. to Apr., bundle up and try some ice fishing!

I spent four years living in Wiscons, but thanks for the advice.

The fact that you think ice fishing is enjoyable tells me everything I need to know about you

Being in Madison gives you a certain bias towards the rest of the state (and t works both ways.)

Sort of like when I lived in Ann Arbor. When I was in the University community people tended to look down on the rest of the state. But once I finished and started working and interacting with people outside the academic bubble I learned to appreciate the rest of the state better (Although downtown Detroit is still pretty depressed/depressing.) And on the flip side I would get a "you must be from Ann Arbor" negative reaction from some people.

Your implied dimunition of ice fishing is another example of your superficiality and small-mindedness. Carry on.

Now - that's either ironic it hypocritical

I'm not sure which

your comment about beer shows you know absolutely zero about the brewing going on in the united states right now. There are phenominal brews coming out of almost every area of the country in a variety of european styles, including some great belgain interpretations.

There is much more to American beer than bud miller coors and adjunct lagers.

And s for something basketball related...I just read up on sactownroyalty and it seems like a majority if their users want them to draft jimmer at 7. Very suprising considering how he is talked about here.

If you ever get a chance, Belgium is a great place to visit. Between their love of beer and chocolate and its friendly people you can't go wrong- except for it is climate is sort of like parts of SF without the sun.

Meat helmets?

Madison wisconsin is an awesome place to visit, it's berkeley without all the attitude

I used to drink Milwaukee's Best when I was in high school, so I've always wanted to visit there.

Beast and Natty Boh. Those were the days.

sfw reply to Stan on Jun 17 at 12:09

Still do once in a while. The Light. Saves a couple bucks. What can I say. Low budget!

He averaged 20 pts, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds for the remaining games he played with ATL. That along with the fact that I though Ratliff would be an allstar made me hate that trade.

Here's my weekly column for SB Nation Philly. Basically, the Sixers need to grow some balls and make a move to get Biyombo.

When was the last time the Sixers ever traded up? or traded cash for a draft pick?

Was it Korver? I think they bought the pick they used to draft him, can't remember for sure, though. It was one of those guys. Maybe Willie Green. It's been a while.

Ugh. If we're going to be calling each other names, can we at least try to keep the carping somewhat related to basketball? Foreign vs. domestic beer and the pros/cons of Milwaukee, really?

As you wish Lou Wiliams wannabe :)

No, he really is the Boss. At least here.

[quote]In Biyombo's case, a native of Congo who has only played a small amount of basketball in Europe, there is a ton of uncertainty[/quote]

That's not technically true. He's been playing in Europe for a bit, he just started playing in the top league for his club recently.

Ugh. I forgot which message board/blog I was on and used the wrong formatting. Forgive me.

Dork :)

No seriously - I thought we could edit posts at one point?

Ah, that's a typo. I meant at the highest level of basketball in Europe. That's only half a year, correct?

Brian and Co.,

Did you see I put two paragraphs about Biyombo at the end of the story in today's paper?


Like I said yesterday, it is frustrating that players want to work out for NY, who picks later, but not Philly. But that is nothing new. Players/agents would rather be in NY in terms of exposure, location and earning potential. And I'm guessing NY has a larger Congolese community than Philly, but IO could be wrong.

Or players agents would rather play for Mike D'antoni who makes your offense look real good than doug collins?

Thanks for that, Tom. Good to know they tried to get him in.

Sure. Still a chance he could come in late (Tuesday or Wednesday) if negative feedback continues.

Fagan's list from which the Sixers will likely pick:
1. Chris Singleton
2. Justin Harper
3. Marcus Morris
4. Nikola Vucevic
5. Tristan Thompson
6. Donatas Motiejunas
7. Kenneth Faried
8. Jordan Hamilton

Who are 8 players you won't remember anything about 5 years from now?

I can't remember a draft I was less excited about. Even when they took Carney there were some players that were interesting prospects like Rondo, Marcus Williams and Brewer. This years the post lottery players seem less buzz-worthy than prior years. I'm sure someone will turn out to be a great sleeper, but right now they all seem sleep-worthy.

I say this not being a scout or a huge NCAA guy. I go by what I read, and maybe I am picking up the wrong vibe?

Steve V reply to tk76 on Jun 17 at 14:41

Yeah I think you are, this draft is being called weak because the top is weak, but from 12-35 this draft is strong with very good depth. I'd rather have our second round pick this year than a secon rounder last year, we're in position to pickup a very good player at 16(as long as it's no Vucevic, I hate him).

If the top of your draft is weak it means there are no future stars, which makes the draft weak - i'm glad it's got depth from 12-35 - full of future bench players

Here is my fearless (and probably baseless) prediction. The Sixers will pass on Burks (who will drop) and pick Vucevic. And Burks will go on the be a highly productive pro.

It's a way better draft than last year in my opinion. Guys like Tristan Thompson, Jordan Hamilton, Nikola Vucevic would've been top 10 picks last year, in my mind. I can't figure out what Favors did in college that made him so much better than Thompson. Favors went #3, Thompson is projected mid-teens. Seems like this year's draft is squashing last year's.

I sent Fagan a question, but I doubt she answers it.

The question was roughly:

If the Sixers can't get a great retrun for Iguodala which of these 3 options would you prefer:

1. Trade Iguodala for cap space and a late 1st.
2. Trade Iguodala for a less desirable name player like Kaman or Hedo.
3. No trade Iguodala this summer.

What are the odds I get an answer?

It doesn't matter, trading Iguodala is addition by subtraction, just like when the sixers traded Sam. It made the team better because Sam wasn't here any more

That's her answer :)

Was that serious, or were you making a joke ?

More lovely stuff from Kate:

Comment From Jon
Why is everyone all of a sudden sooooo concerned about losing Iggy? If we got a decent big to clog the middle I think we would be a better at D this year even with him gone.

Kate: I've found this phenomenon quite interesting as well.

Just to sum up Kate's chat:

- Monta will be a good defender, because he'll want to be a good defender.

- The defense will probably be better for unknown reasons, something to do with either Dampier or Kwame Brown

- Iguodala is killing team chemistry

- She really doesn't understand why Sixers fans care if Iguodala leaves

Yes, the Sixers should add a scorer and then have Kwame Brown, Hawes and Speights as the frontcourt once Brand is gone. Sounds like a plan that will lead them somewhere interesting :)

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 14:27

eh, if she hears from people close to the team that Iggy doesn't want to be here anymore. That doesn't concern you at all?

Nope, not really. I know plenty of people who aren't happy working where they're working and would rather work at Google or something. That doesn't mean you fire them, and it doesn't mean you don't get their best effort. If they start openly complaining about it or not doing their job, then it's an issue.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 15:19

So...skipping your exit interview because you lost (and Dre had a lot to do with them losing BTW, on both ends) isn't something that the other players notice?

Why should Jrue bother to go to his exit meeting next year? He can just skip it and party out in LA, after all Dre didn't go to his and nothing happened to him.

You can't equate it to actual business world. First, we don't really have guaranteed contracts. Second, if Andre skipped a meeting of that magnitude in the real world, he would be out of a job right now.

It concerns me that she feels that the teams biggest problem is that it lacks wing scoring.

That is sort of like looking a a poor, starving man and thinking you can fix the issue by giving him a clean shirt.

Did Paul Pierce want to be in Boston before they got KG and Ray?

If the Sixers somehow had another star player all of the Iguodala issues would disappear. Not sure how they get that player though.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jun 17 at 15:05

Trading any young assets the Sixers may have (would start with Jrue) to get someone in here to put next to Iguodala would be foolish. As much as you guys like Andre, there's no real scenario here in which he's part of a winning core at this point.

Love the throwaway comment after the chat had "ended" saying that quite a few people had jumped on the "Iguodala bandwagon" after it became likely that he would be traded. More arrogance from Kate, as if those who don't want him traded couldn't possibly have good reasons why they hold that position. Besides, it can't be a "bandwagon" if 7 in 10 want him traded ...

johnrosz reply to Statman on Jun 17 at 15:26

You've got to look at it from her perspective too though, the Iguodala apologists...many that post here, have a certain...certitude in the way that they may approach Kates chat each week. Probably starts to get to her after a while.

Maybe if she used facts and the truth instead of emotion and appealing to the LCD it would be easier for her

philly.com is not filled with Iguodala supporters. It's 90/10 detractors I would say.

johnrosz reply to Derek Bodner on Jun 17 at 17:14

yes, but I can only assume the "bandwagon" fans she's referring to (misguided use of the phrase on her part, as most of you guys have been loyal to Dre for years) are from depressedfan and some liberty ballers readers flooding her chat, some probably calling her a flat out idiot in no uncertain terms.

I don't agree with her views at all, I'm just saying I can see why she might get a little bit pissy or arrogant with her responses.

Human nature folks, don't ask the questions in an asshole tone if you don't want to get a response in the same asshole tone...

I didn't see any Iguodala questions asked in an asshole tone, whatever that is. I saw a couple legit questions asked in calm tones that she just completely dodges. I guess you're assuming people are asking her questions in an asshole tone that she just isn't posting, though I'm not sure that's a fair assumption. Usually the people who ask idiotic questions fall on the get rid of Iguodala side of the fence.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 17:24

she doesn't post all the questions she gets

Like I said, you're assuming she gets a bunch of asshole questions she doesn't post, right? Where does that assumption come from?

I just don't post any questions at all anymore, it's pointless. She wants him gone for whatever reason, I've just accepted it.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 17:33

you may be right. Now that I think about it, she made it her mission to destroy Eddie Jordan. I wanted him gone,and in some ways I'm glad she did it. But she was absolutely ruthless. Very close to going overboard at times and making it seem almost personal. Who knows, maybe Andre blew her off once or something.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Jun 17 at 17:37

It is funny now that you write that, looking back at how much I loved that she was calling out Jordan last year. She is basically doing the same thing with Iguodala now.

The big difference is that I agreed that Jordan was terrible at his job and thought she was accurately portraying the situation. This time, I don't at all, but the two situations are fairly similar in practice.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jun 17 at 22:03

Your last paragraph is a thing of beauty. Wow. Couldn't have said it better myself.

And in ways, she's right; though not the extremities, even the veiled ones. As Brian said, evaluation biases - individual or group.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Jun 17 at 16:49

I just think it is ridiculous that the so-called Iguodala bandwagon started a few weeks ago when it looked like the team would trade him. The people who don't want him gone for Ellis have been a fan of his for more than a few weeks.

Statman is right, that is a pretty arrogant thing to say. Using the Eddie Jordan year as an example to make a comparison, too. That's just a lazy argument. There wasn't a lot of positive emotion for anyone besides Jrue and most of the vitriol was at Jordan.

I know you're not the biggest Iguodala fan (though you respect his game more than some of his critics do), but to say that his defenders ("apologists" is a little insulting, honestly, no better than "haters") show any more "certitude" than his critics is the pot calling the kettle black. On philly.com and on Kate's chats, Iguodala supporters are a distinct minority who, vocal or not, are pretty much drowned out by the critics who have been hammering Iguodala nonstop for what seems like years. If she's affected by the small minority of fans who defend Iguodala, she's really in the wrong line of business.

By the way, I would say that the percentage of Iguodala defenders vs. critics on this site runs about 50/50, if you think about it. It may not seem like it because 4 of the 5 people who write posts are in the "defender" camp (and tk76 is somewhere in the middle ;-), but there are plenty of critics among those who comment. I will say that the level of discourse (on both sides) is generally much higher here than at philly.com, one reason that most of us come here ...

johnrosz reply to Statman on Jun 17 at 17:38

you're right, apologist might be too strong of a term. I think TK is the perfect barometer on Dre actually.

Thanks, I guess. I think I also fall in the middle when it comes to debate over Turner and Lou. But maybe that just shows I lack any convictions. But for many of these things there are no "right answers."

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jun 17 at 21:50

Very true. Convictions lacking is just having feelings. But they're often on that teeter-totter with some guys. It's just the nature of the beast.

But it shouldn't be about "right answers". It's just other diehard Sixers fans having feelings.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 19 at 12:09

- She really doesn't understand why Sixers fans care if Iguodala leaves.

She's not that stupid; I guess she's just arrogant. "Why doesn't everybody agree with me??" Here's your answer, Kate: Because he's the best player on the team, not to mention the fact that he's one of about 3 players who can effectively guard Wade, Pierce, Joe Johnson, LeBron (maybe) Deron Williams, Kobe.....

You put it best last week: A lot of people seem to want Iguodala to be traded just because he's not LeBron. Like a punishment.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 16:43

Why would you want to trade for Monta Ellis then? Is he a decent big?

She said that they might go after Dampier, so does she think an Iggy-Ellis trade and a Dampier signing makes them better defensively? God, I hope not.

From Chad Ford:

The Sixers are another team to watch. As ESPN's Chris Broussard has reported, Andre Iguodala is available and the Sixers are looking for size in return. Chris Kaman could be an option. But getting up into the top five in the draft could do it as well if the Sixers are OK moving forward at a slower pace. Is coach Doug Collins willing to risk sliding a bit to shore up the team for the future?

Would we take Biyombo that high? I don't want Kanter and would much rather trade up a few spots for Biyombo than trade Iguodala for Kanter. He also said the Cavs would be willing to trade Hickson and 4 for number 2 or a good veteran. Iguodala and 16 for Hickson and 4? Sounds great but I still dont think I'd do it.

emtmess reply to Steve V on Jun 17 at 15:37

What is your knock on Kanter?

Steve V reply to emtmess on Jun 17 at 16:28

I like Kanter, I should've specified, I don't want him for Iguodala. I have him 7 on my board, but I'm not sure he will ever be a defensive presence. I'm just not as high on him than most , partly because I haven't seen much of him, nor has anyone.

johnrosz reply to Steve V on Jun 17 at 17:23

well if the Sixers got up high enough, wouldn't Valenciunas be the targeted big? Seems like he's the best available from everything I've read.

Steve V reply to johnrosz on Jun 17 at 20:12

Probably, but I'm not sold on him either. He could end up being a very good offense player, but right now he gets most of his points on hustle plays. He also needs to add a ton of stregth to hold up in the post. He definitely isn't your typical Euro prospect.

I would definetelt pick him in the top 5, and I think he's the best prospect in the draft.

eddies' heady's reply to Steve V on Jun 17 at 21:35

If he's getting buckets on hustle plays now, and a Euro that's not your typical Euro, I want that guy on our team.

If for nothing but the smoothed-out, mature, heady (no pun intended) fundamentals. The rest can be simple.

(btw, never seen him)

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jun 17 at 21:36

but ... can he shoot?

Shoots like 85% or so from the free throw line, so you know he's a least got some touch.

eddies' heady's reply to Chunky Soup on Jun 17 at 21:58

I'm sold. Get him. Now.

What's the age? (it doesn't really matter, just need to know)

Just turned 19.

eddies' heady's reply to Chunky Soup on Jun 17 at 22:16

w o w

you better get ahead of Colangelo and Toronto if you want him

eddies' heady's reply to Chunky Soup on Jun 17 at 22:28

never seen Biyombo either but why would you want him over this guy? From just comments here, I wouldn't.

Athletic freaks haven't often became great players, Rodman excluded.

This Jonas sounds like the next real deal. And he can shoot?

Sign me up.

Sounds like Cleveland could draft him with the 4th pick, they don't mind that he probably stays over in europe for one more year becuase of the buyout.

Question. What would stunt the growth of this team worse? Trading Iguodala or going into next season with Hawes as your starting center.

I ask this cause keeping Iguodala likely leaves us picking at #16 and Hawes is still your starter starting thd season. Trading Iggy possibly gets a higher pick that could suplzmt Hawrs as the game 1 starter.

Not sure what you mean by stunting the growth of the team. If you mean wins/losses next year, they're better off having Iguodala starting at the three and Hawes starting at the five than having Turner at the three and a rookie at the five. I'm not sure why you can't have the best of both worlds, keep Iguodala and move up to get Biyombo using something other than Iguodala to get it done. That would be the ideal for me.

Step 1: Rescind the QO you have out there to Hawes
Step 2: Trade up in the draft, take Biyombo
Step 3: Re-sign Battie for one year
Step 4: Pick up a tall warm body off the scrap heap and use the two veteran bigs to ease Biyombo into his minutes.

If you can't get up in the draft, I'd still prefer steps 3 and 4 as your solution at the five to paying Hawes $4M this year.

khouse reply to Brian on Jun 17 at 18:11

AMEN...couldn't agree more!

We should really count the number of comments it takes to take every thread from whatever the theme of the post was to Iguodala trade talk. I think it might've been my fault today.

johnrosz on Jun 17 at 17:16

Brian, that Dirk silhouette t shirt advertisement that flashes up on the home page is admittedly sick. Would it make me a bad Sixer fan if I grabbed one of those? I probably wouldn't wear it right away, but that'd be something cool to have down the line. I don't really know the policy on team gear, I have an old school Seattle Sonics shirt that I wear with pride.

Hawes is only 23 years, 2 mos old. Improvement can still be gained as long as he's in line with his chief supporter, Doug "Mr. Chips" Collins. What if Spencer comes back chiseled and in great aerobic condition? Aside from smelling salts, would you need anything else from your center?

I would not place any chips on Hawes. He has a reputation going back to his days on the Kings as a guy who does not have a high level of dedication to basketball. Add that to major knee surgeries in his teens and you have a guy with old knees and low motivation.

Sure, he could change, just like Sammy could have changed- but some people do get more dedicated to their jobs as they mature. I don't think Hawes is useless, and he will improve a bit, but I would not bet on him ever being a quality option as a starter.

I don't see him as useless either, but if, as you say, his dedication to the game is thin, he'll be just another player passing through. I'm givin' him another year to show more, assuming the two sides will come to terms. You know the saw, Mike Gminski wasn't built in a day.

I will give him credit for rebounding much better last year than he ever had before.

eddies' heady's reply to Ty Game on Jun 17 at 21:29

Whoa! Gminski possesses a polished college career; Hawes, not so much.

The "terms" aren't favorable - to the team. It's tomfoolery.

johnrosz reply to Ty Game on Jun 17 at 18:34

spencerhawes00 Spencer Hawes
Getting tacos on the ave forgot to get my #chipotlaway tho I'm in trouble. #worthit

Champions diet

Working hard.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 1:14

hey, at least he got in a good south park reference.

Actually the perfect opportunity to draft a foreign player was in our hands and we blew it. Back in 1998 we picked the great Larry Hughes over someone who is not so great only an MVP and Finals MVP and new champ Dirk Nowitzki. If only we could go back and time and do that one over again. Imagine AI and Dirk together. Well at least Larry Hughes went on to a great career. Oh yeah we also passed up Paul Pierce as well.

I can't kill the Sixers for that one (Nowitzki at least -- Pierce is another story). A lot of teams passed on him because they were worried about the language barrier and other factors.

Sixers to work out Purdue's E'Twaun Moore, Kentucky's DeAndre Liggins and Josh Harrellson and Temple's Lavoy Allen (to fill out foursome) Sunday morning.

Liggins and Moore are picked in the middle of the second round in some mock drafts.

eddies' heady's reply to Tom Moore on Jun 17 at 22:11

I regretably left out E'twaun Moore of my wishful 2nd round picks a few weeks back, that is if we aren't fortunate enough for Nolan Smith to make it to us. I really like both of these guys.

Along with liking the teammate of Moore's, JaJuan Johnson. I don't see how he can't project well. Didn't get that cupcake thingie??

He reminds me of Theo for some reason when he was young. Wish he'd never broke that wrist that caused LB/BK to show well-risked desperation.

So Antoine Wright chatted with SI today about how the Kings' organization sucks and why they cut him (he had a fight with assistant coach Mario Elie because Elie wouldn't take a picture with his mom), and he had this awesome tidbit to say about Cousins:

"I'm not going to throw any of their players under the bus, but one of the main players who was a big part of our team, his attitude was really, really bad -- I'm pretty sure you can figure out who that guy is," he said before confirming that he was speaking of then-rookie forward-center DeMarcus Cousins.

GoSixers on Jun 17 at 22:59

I find it fascinating that people seem to so need to protect the legacy of the rat that they're rewriting the draft history of how the draft of larry hughes was not a giant cluster frack BECAUSE brown was allowed to be in charge.

BILLY KING had a better idea who to draft than Huges

And Pierce and Nowitzki were THE NEXT TWO PICKS - not a lot of teams passed on EITHER of them after the sixers made their mistake

Andresin05 on Jun 18 at 3:00

Hi, I´m a big spanish sixer fan.

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