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Rod's Rating

I gave Thorn a 7. I have confidence in his basketball knowledge and managerial ability, but i am slightly concerned over his patience to do the "right" thing. Can he survive through a rebuilding phase if he is kept after the sale goes through?

In other news Quin Snider has interviewed with the Lakers to join Brown's staff. Anyone worried about this? I sure am, considering Snyder is at the top of my list as a potential Collins successor.

Steve reply to Xsago on Jun 21 at 16:41

I'm only mildly concerned. Snyder was involved in player development, and everyone's big development concern - Speights - did not develop this year. Thaddeus took some major steps, but most/all of that can be attributed to Eddie Jordan's firing. So unless Snyder's title is misleading, losing him may not mean much damage to the team.

Steve V on Jun 20 at 8:17

If he does anything resembling this trade, its a 0 and he should never work in the NBA again. Give me the Ellis trade any day of the week over this garbage , trading our in his prime best player for an expiring contract, BEFORE THE NEW CBA IS RESOLVED! So idiotic.

The frontrunner to obtain Iguodala's services is believed to be the Los Angeles Clippers. Iguodala would be moved for Chris Kaman if this deal were to be completed, but other players and pieces may also be involved when all is said and done. The two sides have talked on and off since February, but both sides seem more willing than ever to make a trade .

Meanwhile, Philadelphia wants to move forward with their plans and doesn't want their drama with Iguodala to drag out during the lengthy labor talks, which will keep teams from trading players. A deal appears inevitable at this point, with sources close to Iguodala confirming that he's open to a trade and doesn't expect to be back in Philadelphia next season. Kaman gives them the size that they're looking for in a trade, but he's also an expiring contract after next season. Sources close to the situation have said that the Sixers don't want to swap Iguodala for another player with a lengthy contract so the fact that Kaman only has one-year, $12.2 million remaining on his deal is attractive to Philadelphia.

Do you have a link for this report?

dwhite reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 9:08

That came from HoopsWorld's story on the front page...


Yeah, just read it. Hold your breath.

Steve V reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 9:58

I don't understand the reasoning behind this trade. Even with Kamans contract off the books we still wouldn't have the cap space to add a big time free agent right?

Not after next season, no. In terms of clearing cap space to make a big move, this would clear all long-term money the year Brand's contract comes off the books (Lou expires that year as well). Iguodala's contract would've extended one year beyond that.

Of course, if they extend Thad, then he's going to eat into that cap space to an unknown degree.

I seriously hope Thorn isn't allowed to make this deal.

Steve V reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 10:07

So this deal is pretty much equivalent to the Hedo deal then in terms of long term cap space?

The Hedo deal would be much worse, Hedo's deal is a year longer than Iguodala's.

Steve V reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 10:18

Oh I know it's a much worse deal, I thought Hedo's expired one year before Iguodala's, my bad. That story almost has me hoping we trade him for Ellis just so the Kaman deal doesnt happen. Which deal do you prefer? I know you don't like either obviously but if those were the two options and you had to do one of them.

Maybe they really want to "be the Clippers."

1. Acquire as many former Clippers as possible.
2. Make major trades driven primarily by financial motivation (trading Iguodala for Kaman's expiring contract.)
3. Cement status as permanent afterthought in major media market.

That does seem to be the model.

Hopefully, they can follow this up by trading next year's #1 pick, Turner, Jrue and Nocioni for Baron Davis and a future second-round pick. Then a sign-and-trade of Thad for Maggette, throw in a future first to make that one palatable for Milwaukee as well.

I think they can definitely acquire both Magette and Andre Miller. They are get-able.

They do need a sleazier owner. Maybe one of those merger and acquisitions types who buys companies, fires everyone and then sells for a profit?

You forgot about raiding the pension fund.

Yeah, that's a report on a report. Moore isn't a fan of Iguodala, which I'm sure you can tell from that piece.

yea, but it caught my eye so id figured it might catch others

Steve V reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 10:24

I hate when people say he's a "jack of all trades, master at none." I'd say he's a master of perimeter defense, master rebounder for his position, master playmaker for any position, master in the open floor, master at scoring efficiently. Only thing he's not a master at his taking and making a high volume of shots.

Yep, of course there's nothing sensational about what you just said and it actually took a bit of thought to come to that conclusion, much easier to just take jabs at the guy.

Steve V reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 11:43

Yeah it's just so annoying how people in the media and some fans under value what he brings to a team, yet Danny Granger is viewed as a star who doesn't have the right pieces around him, just because he scores alot of points, but doesn't bring much else to the table. Even the biggest Iguodala supporters will say he's not a number one scoring option but that doesn't mean he can't be or isn't one of the best all around players in the league.

"jack of all trades, master at none."

I hate it too, but mostly cause it's wrong, it's master of none.

Mainly cause I am one

Just to be clear, that article is by Matt Moore and not our local beat writer Tom Moore.

Yeah, I should've specified. I asked Matt Moore about it on Twitter, basically he says Iguodala has a hero mode in him, whatever that means.

I find it kind of funny that a guy w/ a sub-20% usage rate is being perceived as a ball hog who takes too many shots and doesn't know his place, but I guess I'm obtuse.

Biased homer :)

That's basically what he said. I'm really not in a good mood this morning, I should just avoid Twitter.

Avoiding twitter is a good life motto

Thorn has lost his mind. Someone please step in and stop this! Where is the next owner? Don't let your product get devalued.

Thorn gets an incomplete.

The willie green trade (aside from getting rid of willie green) was insignificant and still gets an incomplete until we see if Brackins is anything other than roster fillter.

As for Iguodala rumors, can't we get some chris bosh rumors or something...don't these writers have anything better to talk about other than rehashing the same crap and trying to make it 'new' and 'soon'

Brian - anyway your wife can maybe contact one of the players in the sale and see what's up?:)

Here's some good news, the Wizards didn't extend a qualifying offer to Yi. Can't wait to see the Sixers scoop him up to add to their super tough front court rotation.

Hawes qualifying offer looks that much smarter. Don't it?

Smarter by the second.

At least when the lock out starts, they can't do anything to screw up the franchise

Can we move up the lock out date :)

I'm hoping the sale discussions have locked everything into place - ANY move can have an impact on franchise value, positive or negative.

11 days and counting.

So I'm trying to wrap my head around the notion of the Sixers with Kaman instead of Iguodala next year. Not easy...

I can sort of see myself rooting for the Sixers without Iguodala. But adding Kaman into the mix and it gets really hard to imagine. Sort of the when the Sixers acquired Hawes- who I was never able to talk myself into rooting for- but many magnitudes worse.

I really hope there is no Kaman trade. And if there is, I hope there is some bigger plan in place instead of having a cobbled roster for a year followed by an abyss of having no frontcourt.

Maybe Jrue, after hanging out in Europe with Dwight, has Wade-style told Thorn if he clears the deck of contracts that Dwight will sign here?

I keep seeing Iggy for Kaman- but it can't be straight up, right? Is Minny's 2012 pick a possibility?

The latest report said there would probably be other moving pieces.

But what other moving pieces would make you ok with a deal?

Six first round picks and blake griffin. I might settle for Eric Gordon in the same deal, though, in stead of the picks.


I was kidding, by the way.

I figured that but it was a serious quesiton.

What extra pieces are going to make you happy with a deal revolving around kamans expiring contract?

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Jun 20 at 12:47

Iguodala/Lou for Kaman/Gordon/Minny's 1st rndr.

Devon Alexandre
Reports: A trade for Andre Iguodala is very close, and insiders saying it is the #Clippers. Iguodala expects to be gone by next week.


Looks more and more that Iggy will be trading his Sixers red, white, and blue for Clippers red, white, and blue

More like the Sixers are fast becoming the Clippers-East.

Does this guy have credibility?

Do the Sixers have any credibility if this type of deal goes down?

Witte said Monday morning that Faried now isn't a definite to work out for the Sixers on Tuesday, but that others would be projected first-rounders if Faried doesn't come here.

Just saw your Matt Moore back and forth Brian. He really devalues Iguodala and his hero complex schtick with him is absolutely played out and baseless.

I love the "compare to other player to status too." Talk about cherrypicking. He's the one trying to tell us he's a third banana and then he says that we can only compare him to Manu. There's the whole, "The Sixers have far less options to score in crunch time than the Spurs do," but let's forget that."

I'm in a bad mood today too.

Yeah, I had to stop checking the back and forth.

He also completely ignored that Lou took more crunch time shots than Iguodala, for the same team. Whatever. It pisses me off that there's this BS stigma that just keeps getting perpetuated by so many people. I didn't even get into the whole jack of all trades master of none thing, which is also ludicrous. It's more like jack of all trades, master of all but one, but that one is all we really care about.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 16:15

The same people will be killing the Sixers 2 years from now for giving up such a versatile player, the type of guy you need on a championship team - a "glue guy".

If anyone cares, SF1976 has crawled out of his rock to chime in :) Sounds like a rehash of what is out there FWIW, but his posts are always interesting:


johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jun 20 at 13:23

This guy is not credible at all IMO. Never was.

Basically said:

Kaman/Aminu for Iguodala.

Speights and swapping 2nd's may be part of the deal.

Vucevic or Markieff or Mote if he drops. They don't want Bismack. "Too much of a project."

Want to "add a scorer" in the worst way.. May try and sign VC if he is bought out (ode to Thorn?)

...sounds like he is extrapolating from the news, but also sounds terrible.

I'm hearing Vucevic is the top target, unless somebody unexpected drops

Also, don't overlook Levien. All I'm saying.

It's going to be awesome to get another below-the-rim playing center. Just awesome.

the only reason I'm holding out even a little bit of hope is because Monroe turned it around this year, and he had similar athletic concerns.

You have a stronger stomach than I do. Watched the video at DX, all he kept talking about was how proud he is of his jumper, then made a series of moves to get sissy hooks up against the sparring partner he had in the gym.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 18:27

Boy do you hate big men who can make a shot outside of 10 feet.

Nah, I just hate people who think that superficial skill supersedes the skills which are mandatory to being an impact big man in the league.

But you like to talk about their boners?:)

Which do you prefer (for the 76ers) between Vucevic and Motie?

Moti, but I don't have particularly high hopes for either of them.

More fun on Twitter:


NBADraft.net Sources have confirmed rumored Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade.

" It's on the 76ers table if they want it"

Rich reply to tk76 on Jun 20 at 13:31

Well, they confirmed that it's on the table for the 76ers if they want it. That's nothing new in my eyes.

More recent reports have said that GSW were not interested.

Personally, I'd take Ellis over Kaman, if only because Ellis has more value and can be traded for better assets once the team learns the errors of their ways.

That's fool's gold. The Sixers would hold onto him too long, then the local media would start an anti-Ellis campaign to drive his value down on the open market. Better to get the expiring contract, let it expire, then do nothing with the cap space.

Actually, does the Johan Petro contract expire the same year as Kaman's? Thorn could get use his cap space to sign Petro...again.

johnrosz on Jun 20 at 13:30

It's obviously wise just to hold onto Dre if the return is unsatisfactory, but if this deal goes down, maybe it's an indication that they have legit concerns that Iggy will be a problem going forward.

Can't see any other reason they'd accept a bag of crap

If they don't get the Minnesota first in the deal,this is a joke.

Or maybe it's an indication that they don't know what the hell they're doing?

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jun 20 at 13:37

Of course.

I can live with it if they get Aminu and the Minnesota pick I guess.

The center rotation will be laughable, I'm pretty sure Kaman is a teabagger(although I think he's been teabagged himself numerous times on posterizing dunks)

Yeah, the trade would be Iguodala for Aminu (8th pick 2010) and a stop-gap expiring. Kaman would be the equivalent of what Joe Smith was for the Sixers in the Iverson trade. Sort of help for a year and then disappear.

Still not a good trade, but I'm not sure what Iguodala can bring in a trade.

Aran Smith: Sources have confirmed rumored Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade. It's on the 76ers table if they want it.
about 1 hour ago

So who do we believe? Now I'm going to be relieved if we trade for Ellis. If the Kaman for Iguodala trade actually happens I don't know how the organization can spin it to be a good trade on the court.


People are freaking out over something that isn't even NEW news

Yes, the ellis iguodala deal is available if the sixers WANT it - this is not NEW

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jun 20 at 13:42

if you believe REALGM SOURCE GUY (I don't), the Warriors are insisting the Sixers take on the horrendous contract of Biedrins in any deal.

I used to believe him, years ago, he had an actual source, but I htink he lost the source (like another guy on realgm who had a source, who lost his job but he admitted it) and now just tries to pretend he still has a soruce

Steve V reply to GoSixers on Jun 20 at 13:43

I'm not freaking out, I posted something that has to do with the Sixers, and it is new, last week they said the Sixers had to sweeten the offer now it's a straight swap. Only thing that's freaking me out is trading for Chris fucking Kaman.

It's not new - it's restating the same garbage over and over - but you think it's new (and it's already posted in this thread)

The same information was presented because when brian freaked out over it being '50:50' it was talked about.

yes - ellis for igoudala is available - IF THE SIXERS WANT IT

It has been for two weeks - THE SIXERS DONT WANT IT

Well Brian, it lasted right around 6 hours to the first Iguodala trade talk popped up on this post. People were sleeping through the first 5 of it.

Almost 12 hours til the bickering.

Tom Moore on Jun 20 at 13:52

Video: Courtney Witte on the Sixers' Monday workout of Lithuanian 7-footer Donatas Motiejunas, who is expected to go in the middle of the first round during Thursday's draft:



Could you find out what the sixers think about Bismarck?

It was reported that the hesitation was coming from the Warriors not the Sixers. So I posted something I saw and commented on it, is it really that big of deal?

Kate is the only one who's been intimating that the Warriors are the hold up in that deal.

No, GSW came out and said they don't want to deal Ellis.

I don't count GMs as reliable sources :)

BTW, I am freaking out. Is there a reason I shouldn't be?

I think you should probably freak out more than you are right now.

Brian, not sure if you've addressed this, but between the two (awful) deals of Iggy for Kaman & Aminu and Iggy for Ellis, which do you prefer?


I can cut off your testicles with a butter knife or a rusty steak knife

which do you prefer?

Rusty steak knife. Hopefully the sepsis will kill me off.

If you're forcing me to choose between the two, I'd prefer the Kaman deal. They both make the team worse, at least the Kaman deals helps the salary structure a little bit. They're both garbage offers, though, so in no way am I saying I'm in favor of the Kaman deal.

Don't forget to take into account what an (obviously) awful club house guy Iguodala is...if the sixers get kaman at least Hawes will have someone to talk to

Wait, can Kaman dance? If he won't dance w/ Jrue, he's going to kill this clubhouse. Then again, he could go to NRA rallies w/ Hawes, so maybe it all evens out?

Like I said, Kaman and Hawes will definitely bond.

Kaman Hawes

It's like will purdue and bill wennington

Reasons we won't trade for Chris Kaman:

1) When asked which restaurant do you prefer, Chili's or Applebee's, Chris responded "Applebee's, I like to eat good in the neighborhood!".

Ed and Rod stopped the immediately killed the deal when they heard this information.

I think that might be the only question they ask these guys they're working out for the draft as well. None of them know if it's a trick question, since the interviews are being conducted in the corner booth at Chili's.

If you're a professional athlete, in any sport, you should be able to do better than this. That's shameful.

Yeah, Espn had fun with that this weekend

Any healthy person over the age of 12 or so should be able to do better than the Cincinnati mayor, though. The look on Eric Davis' face is priceless.

This was a reply to gosixers comment about freaking out.

Tom Moore on Jun 20 at 15:15

Blog: Sixers take long look at Lithuanian big man Donatas Motiejunas during private workout Monday:


(with Witte video interview and photo)

What are the chances that as part of the Ellis deal we swap draft slots with the Warriors?

If we walked away with Bismack and Monta for iggy and our 16th.


I would pay to see that team. Young. Lot's of upside. Lot's of reasons to watch. Decent bench..


I'm afraid their goal is to draft an earthbound center who likes to take a bunch of jumpers and can't finish for shit. That seems to be the plan. If we're extra lucky, they'll draft that player and trade away Iguodala for exactly the same type of player on an expiring contract.

I wish the sale would go through in the next 48 hours.


Pick your poison.

I guess you'd have some serious continuity with those three as your center rotation. The other team could ignore the five and invite them to take 20 footers for a full 48 minutes.

So the sixers are going to draft speights again?

I can't stop laughing. "Speights must go, he just doesn't defend!" Oh, pay no attention to the other center we have that doesn't defend, and wait, let's draft another center that doesn't defend! Hey, how about we trade for yet another center that doesn't defend!

I just was SHOCKED when i looked at the player comparison how 'well' Speights measured up against Hawes this year - it's astonishing that Hawes is really THAT bad - the magic of 'minutes' I guess

To anyone who watched a few Clippers games this year. Is Aminu more of a SF or PF? Seems kind of repetitive behind both Brand/Thad.

Tray had a huge boner for Aminu and Bledsoe early in the year for like the week and a half that the Clippers looked like an actual NBA team.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 18:22

Um, Aminu's more of a... 3, I'll say. I actually was never an Aminu fan at any point during the season. Bledsoe, sort of, Aminu, never. Bledsoe was fun to watch more than anything, I don't think I ever said he was a particularly good point guard or anything. Anyway, you should want those guys, big-time athletes.

with the news that Valanciunas likey won't be coming to NBA next year, do you think that Biyombo goes higher?

It probably doesn't help his odds of falling to #16, though I'm not exactly confident the Sixers would take Biyombo even if he did drop to us.

Yeah, they want to win now with Kaman. They can't afford to take on a project. Not with the clock ticking and new owners headed to town.

Man does that sound terrible.

I really need this sale to happen and I need the new owners to install their leadership and make some kind of statement about their plan for this team going forward so I know if it's time for me to just forget about professional basketball altogether.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 18:23

you guys are all freaking out because of some 15 year old kid who goes on a horrible message board for attention and claims to have a "source", yet the chances of him actually having a source are really low.

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Jun 20 at 19:09

I'm mainly concerned that multiple outlets reported the Sixers were closing in on an Iguodala for Kaman swap. The SF1976 stuff is simply for entertainment purposes.


johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jun 20 at 21:40

yeah but it's all rehashed stuff leading up to the draft. I've really heard nothing different (other than the sf1976 slop). Doesn't really sound like anything has changed, at least nothing that makes me worried that this deal might actually go down in the near future.

I'm going to be extremely worried until July 1st.

I wouldn't be surprised if Biyombo was there and the Sixers didn't take him. I'm certainly no 15 year old kid, and I definitely know a person or two.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Jun 20 at 18:32

Trying to take a positive approach; adding a young asset [Aminu], a 12 million expiring, getting rid of spieghts, hopefully swapping 50 for 37 [Juj.Johnson] and getting a higher pick in next years draft, and this becoming Jrue's team; that is all I have.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 20 at 18:36

Just saw on sportsnet that Jaj. Johnson is coming in to workout tommorrow.

Cool. He is not a guy I expect to be on the board at 50, but maybe they can move up to get him.

deepsixersuede on Jun 20 at 18:46

i like Aminu and think he is comparable to Bismack as a prospect. His measurables are similar [long wingspan] and he averaged over 10 reb. a game his last year in college. He will look good catching lobs from Jrue and we are putting together a core of players all the same age once Kaman expires.


ET/Aminu wing would be ugly on offense.

emtmess reply to Jason on Jun 20 at 19:35


Aminu shot

lul, not sure what happeneed to my comment, Aminu shot 39% last year, around 40% from the field in college, not a strong shooter, ET also struggled shooting his rookie year.

emtmess reply to Jason on Jun 20 at 22:18

Ok I see where you are going. One thing I would say is that since ET is starting to show some ability passing that could be a nice tadem to watch in transition.

Aminu's not a shotblocker at this level. Not near the same type of potential impact, IMO.

deepsixersuede reply to Derek Bodner on Jun 20 at 19:58

Didn't he have more success as a face up 4 in college? .I thought he played bigger than Thad as a rebounder and shotblocker.

Playing bigger than Thad as a rebounder and shotblocker is a pretty relative statement, and doesn't say a whole lot, to be honest with you.

Bismack measured similar to when Dwight Howard entered the league. Aminu is a combo forward. Different entirely. Aminu has his own strengths.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Jun 20 at 20:07

Tk, we have talked about starting over with a group of players similar in age. We also have talked about Iggy possibly not being in his prime when this team is ready to win the conference. .

And I am saying Biyombo and Aminu are comparable as prospects, not that they will supply the same things.I believe our front office is doing this trade for the wrong reasons but in the big picture it could do a lot of things we want done here if Aminu comes, they swap 2nd rounders and move up, 50 to 37, and we get a higher pick next year.

I was responding to your comment that Bismack and Aminu had similar measurables. The are the same height but completely different builds. Big frame vs narrow frame.

As for their comparable potential, I honestly don't know. But one plays combo forward ( a position they don't need) and the other is a defensive PF/C.

emtmess reply to emtmess on Jun 20 at 19:56

I don't know if they are saying that about Ellis because the Sixers asked more than they were willing to offer. Or because they are sure that the Sixers are going to take a different offer or none of the above.

I agree with Larry Coon, the NBA capologist...

Jordan/griffin/Iggy/gordon/Williams is good but that isn't a championship team. Clips will still need to upgrade their PG spot.

Ryan in Los Angeles, CA:

Hi Larry, Do you think the Clippers should trade Kaman for Iggy or try to be players in the 2012 free agent class by keeping their cap space?
Larry Coon:
The Clippers are just a piece or two away from not only making the playoffs, but making a lot of noise in the playoffs (I know, the Clips are perennially just a player or two away....).

Re-sign DeAndre, do Kaman for Iggy, and parlay the Minny 2012 pick into something nice (they've offered it to New Orleans for Chris Paul), and this team is seriously good.

But if they wait for the 2012 free agent market, then not only do they have to put their plans on hold for a year, they also have to take the risk of not landing the player(s) they want.

deepsixersuede on Jun 20 at 20:54

A good show on nba tv called prospect park, on again at 10 oclock; best part is a foreign coach [D. Blatt] giving scouting reports on the euro's.

Tom Moore on Jun 20 at 21:42

Story: Is Lithuanian 7-footer Motiejunas in running to be 16th pick?:


Why didn't Faried want to work out for the sixers?

Probably because he keeps hearing they're going to trade their best player for a bag of donuts.

lol, oh no, I can't think about that now! But I mean he already worked out for Portland, right? Wouldn't he rather go 16th, even with the dough boy there?

With the great (for us) news that Valanciunas will stay abroad for another year, I am quite a bit more enthused about a potential Kaman. We could use Kaman as a stopgap and let D.C. work his magic to get the most out of another past-his-prime vet. Of course, per the value of A.I., we'd need to also receive an unprotected future first (swap option with our pick/T-Wolves pick next year would be sufficient). Then we have our #16 to go BPA and potentially their #37. Both are ideal spots to pick up falling prospects.

Cin reply to Cin on Jun 20 at 22:14

Obviously this doesn't make sense since Valanciuns would be #16. #37 would have to be for a deep shooting three to back-up Thad.

You think the chances are decent he falls that far? I just don't see how that many teams would pass on his potential. But of course it would make the draft awesome if it somehow went that way.

1. Cavaliers- Irving/Williams
2. Timberwolves - Williams/Trade
3. Jazz - Knight or Vesely
4. Cavaliers - Kanter (Need immediate gratification to further humiliate LeBron with their endless string of relatively good luck)
5. Raptors - Kemba, maybe Vesely, but too many needs for a stash.
6. Wizards - Trade up to #2 or Leonard/Vesely and keep McGee
7. Kings - Backcourt help
8. Pistons - Biyombo to learn under Wallace
9. Bobcats - Very unlikely to go with a stash/Not an MJ pick.
10. Bucks - Need an instant-offense type.
11. Warriors - Lee/Udoh/Biedrins... Wildcard here, though probably a defensive (or just tall wing) to balance Curry/Ellis/Wright
12. Jazz - Barring trade, need help on the wings
13. Suns - Need a decent prospect ASAP... Potential wildcard otherwise
14. Rockets - Biggest wildcard IMO. Too smart not to take Valanciunas, but you can only start Chuck Hayes for so long.
15. Pacers - Hibbert/Hansbrough/McRoberts core set. Not enough front office rope to chance not producing which is what Valanciunas would offer: nothing immediately.
16. Sixers - Valanciunas. We win.

It could happen...

If that happens exactly, they'll take Vucevic.

I'd be happy with Valanciunas or Vucevic in this scenario. Try to get another pick to get Jordan Hamilton would be my dream.

bucks want to trade out form 10th, makes perfect sense to try to get that pick and draft Biyombo

but then again that might make too much sense for the sixers to do it


I'm sure we'd try to get the 10th pick if we could, be we can't. For Iggy teams have offered a trade exception (CLE), Johnny Flynn (MIN), Chris Kaman (LAC), and Ellis ONLY with Biedrins attached. Dude has no trade value whatsoever.

I love how you cherrypick rumors, it's really amusing.

What rumors did I miss? Kate threw out Rudy Gay's name, and MEM laughed. Some strange reports discussed Iggy for the #2 or the #4, and clearly those were a complete joke. Rather than offer the #4, CLE actually offered air. Rather than offer the #2, MIN offered their terrible backup PG.

See that's what I mean. Memphis laughed. But when Minny offered Flynn, the Sixers didn't laugh, that's just Iguodala's value.

GSW offered Ellis and Biedrins for Dwight Howard, the same rumored package for Iguodala. By your logic, that means Iguodala is worth the same as Dwight Howard.

None of these rumors mean anything more than the Sixers have publicly gotten shit offers for Iguodala. The fact that there are writers and fans out there who just want Iguodala gone to the point where they're pointing out the false merits of these shit offers doesn't make them any less shitty, nor any less ridiculous than Ellis and Biedrins for Dwight Howard.

All fair points, but I still think it's the only way to measure his value at the moment. No team has offered anything of quality for Iggy as far as we know. If we actually get value for him, I'll eat my words, gladly. But I don't think it's selective rumors, I've seen most all of them, and they are all a joke considering Iggy's talent. And right now, those rumors are all we have to go on.


"• Jordan Hamilton appears headed to Philly with the 16th pick, and sources said Monday the Timberwolves have offered point guard Jonny Flynn in a package deal for swingman Andre Iguodala. Philadelphia officials, however, have let it be known that they are not interested in a salary-dump deal for Iguodala and want an impact veteran in return.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jun 20 at 23:57

Impact vet:

Would that be Kaman, Magette or Baron Davis?

I'm happy with the Hamilton rumor. I want Hamilton or Vucevic (really I want both).

Vucevic is exactly your type of player. It's like you want to create a team that could only possibly compete in a racially segregated league back in the 40s.

I think that may have been where Thorn's first GM job was.

What? He's not old. Look at that luxurious head of hair he has.

Well he might have the hair, but I bet the last time someone handed him an advanced stats sheet he thought it was a bingo card.

LOL. I'm salivating at the idea of a Vucevic/Hawes center combo. I'll be bummed if we don't get either Hamilton or Vucevic at 16. In my dreams I would trade LouWill and Iggy for 2 first rounders and walk away from this draft with Biyombo, Vucevic, and Hamilton. Will never happen of course.

Rich reply to stoned81 on Jun 21 at 0:59

I don't know what to make of Vucevic. I'd probably rather have Hamilton if it has to be him.

If this is legit, whoever kept saying Speights for Lopez was a viable deal was off by a wide margin.

That couldn't possibly be true, could it? They'd walk out of the draft for that stiff?

LOL, I can't believe you just called someone a stiff. :)

And here people though with new ownership the warriors wouldn't be dumb as hell.

And here people think new owners always better than old owners...


Speculation is rife that the 76ers will trade Andre Iguodala in advance of Thursday’s draft, likely to the Clippers for center Chris Kaman, though it remains largely that at present — speculation.

A league source, speaking to Philly Sports Daily under condition of anonymity, offered the opinion that it is high time to deal Iguodala.

“They clearly need a star, and Iguodala’s not it,” the source said. “He doesn’t command a double-team. He doesn’t get respect at the end of the game in terms of the officials.”

Golden State guard Monta Ellis, at one point linked to Iguodala in a trade rumor, certainly has star power, certainly offers an explosive, break-your-ankles skill set. He is, our source said, “the closest thing to (Allen) Iverson. He would give the Sixers a little bit of an Iverson feel.”
But Warriors general manager Larry Riley and new coach Mark Jackson have both said the team is not eager to deal Ellis.

Which in all likelihood leaves Kaman — not a star, but a serviceable player. And a need.

“If you give me a choice between Tony Battie, Spencer Hawes and Kaman, I’ll take Kaman in a heartbeat,” the source said. “Kaman’s a skilled offensive player, and a better-than-average shot-blocker. He can command a double-team and hit the face-up jumper. He can put it on the floor a little bit.”

The downside is that Kaman is injury-prone. He has played in 56 games or fewer three of the last four years, and appeared in just 32 last year because of an ankle problem.

But our mystery guest wonders if that’s because Kaman has needed that much time to recover from his physical woes, or if he was simply in no rush to return to a struggling team. Our source doesn’t know Kaman personally, but does know that Kaman and Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki are close, and that Nowitzki wanted him in Dallas “in the worst way” at one point.

“Part of it is that Dirk felt like Kaman would be a good fit,” the source said. “He got beat down in the seven years he played with the Clippers.”

Should the Sixers pull the trigger on an Iguodala-for-Kaman swap, it might very well alter their draft strategy. Instead of picking a big man like Markieff Morris, Donatas Motiejunas or Nikola Vucevic, they might be inclined to go for a wing, like Jordan Hamilton or Chris Singleton.

If their source works in the sixers front office in player decision I'm hoping he gets fired.

But based on how he worded the quotes, their 'source' is realiable as sixerfan1976

If the Sixers do trade Iggy for Kaman, Kaman is in a contract year and may play inspired and thus rasing his value and possibly making him an attractive trade asset for the trade deadline...

The Sixers don't trade expiring contracts, they let them walk for nothing. Hasn't history taught you anything.

Well we traded Dalembert!

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