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SixersBeat Episode Tonight at 9:30PM EST

What are your thoughts on markeiff morris. Seems to be the favorite to be a sixer on Thursday

I wouldn't say that.

Jordan Hamilton and Nikola Vucevic also are front runners.

yeah, but it feels like looking at the republican presidential nominees right now, SOMEONE has to be in the lead, but ugh the whole pack

Vucevic is the front runner.

Steve V reply to Derek Bodner on Jun 21 at 17:02

I bet they draft Hamiton and then say " this was the instance where the talent was too good to pass up just to draft for need." Do you agree that Hamilton would fit that premise? They're both mid first rounders but IMO Hamilton is head and shoulders above Vucevic as a prospect.

I'd call in, but I don't want anyone to hear the desperation.

You'll have plenty of company. 226 hours.

Gut feeling questions

1. Will Andre Iguodala be traded by draft night? Lock out night?
2. Will the sixers be sold? when?
3. Will the new owners be better or same old same old?

Jordan Hamilton or Nikola Vucevic?

Is there a door #3?

Do/Should the Sixers take Burks if he slips to #16, notwithstanding his duplicating of Turner's skills & weaknesses?


I found interesting that in 4 of the 5 scenarios Bismack slipped out of the top 14. Just saying there is a legit chance assuming Detroit passes.

And I'm more convinced than ever that the Sixers could trade up (or wait) for Bismack and keep Iguodala if they wanted to.

And I'm also more convinced that the Sixers have little interest in either part of that dream scenario.

The Sixers could put together a tremendous defensive team... but they chose not to go in that direction.

But I could be completely wrong :)

Where's the self-confidence?

Steve V reply to tk76 on Jun 21 at 17:10

I think Detroit promised Kawhi Leonard today, he cancelled his workout with the bucks( I think it was them) after his workout with Detroit.

Sixers have already drafted Craig Robinson, 4th Round, '83, ahead of Sedale Threatt. They could go with his sister, Michelle Obama, but she travels too much according to some scouts; doesn't stop on taxpayers' dime.

Also Derek what is your opinion on tobias Harris

I noticed Chad Ford's latest mock draft had the Sixers taking Keith Benson in the 2nd round. I know they had him in for a workout earlier this month. Does anyone recall the team's views on him from that workout? Benson seems like a big who could contribute off the bench by blocking some shots and being an athletic finisher around the rim.


Indy has zero interest in trading Danny Granger unless a top-five player is involved. Do they overvalue Granger? Perhaps, but that's their stance.


Bilal reply to GoSixers on Jun 21 at 17:18

Top 5 player as in draft pick? or top 5 as in Dwight, Dirk, Lebron, Wade, Durant?

I read it as 'top 5 players' in the league.

Which would imply they think he's the sixth best player in the league?

Tom Moore on Jun 21 at 16:31

Blog: Thorn admits initiating "some conversation" about trading Iguodala:


Read some excerpts on hoopshype - Thorn is really good at answering but not answering questions

Turtle Bay on Jun 21 at 17:48
deepsixersuede on Jun 21 at 18:07

Derek, if they draft Burks at #16, does getting a 6'6" s.g. lessen, in your mind, the worry of Turner moving to the s.f. spot.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 21 at 18:17

And if given the option of J.Hamilton at s.f. and Turner at s.g. or Turner at s.f. and Burks at s.g. what would you prefer?

johnrosz on Jun 21 at 19:31

Thorn was on Comcast earlier, said that Andre definitely skipped the exit interview, but something minor like that is no reason to trade him.

We shall see.

He's right.

In and of itself it's an asinine SOLE reason to trade anyone. A gross over reaction that should result in anyone who thinks this one transgression should cause you to trade your best player for pennies on the dollar to be banned from basketball for ever.

Gotta problem with a guy who skips one meeting in 5+ years - fine him.

I wonder how many meetings Iverson skipped we never even heard about

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jun 21 at 20:27

They definitely should fine him in my opinion.

I don't really care, it's a minor infraction in a long career that has been blown out of proportion by a media with an agenda and fans who don't know how to appreciate a quality player.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jun 21 at 21:06

this has nothing to do with the fans.

He was unhappy about losing again, and decided to make a statement about it by standing up Collins and co. for the meeting.

I am with you that he should stay if the return is garbage, but sweeping it under the rug and acting like it never happened is a bad idea. He's supposed to be setting an example for the young guys.

You say he's the consummate professional, but evidently that isn't the case at the moment, is it?

He was unhappy about losing again, and decided to make a statement about it by standing up Collins and co. for the meeting.

I didn't know Iguodala came out and told ONLY YOU why he skipped the meeting

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jun 21 at 21:46

Hasn't he made it pretty clear with his comments in the past that he's tired of losing? That he wants to play for a winner?

I don't think my assumption is wildly speculative...

Please point to me an athlete who is happy losing, who grows more and more happy with it every season.

I'll show you an athlete with a short career

I'd be perfectly fine with a fine (and he may have already paid one, we don't know). I wouldn't be so quick to assume you know what he was so pissed about, though. It may not have been about losing. Other possible reasons:

1. The exit interview after the Orlando season he was supposedly given input into the direction of the team. If that was the case, I'd say his input was probably completely disregarded.

2. He was attacked pretty badly by the press during the media availability time immediately prior to his appointment for the exit interview. Not going could've been a reaction to that.

No one really knows why he didn't go. The fact of the matter is, he should've gone and if they want to fine him for skipping it, they should. But in the grand scheme of things, this was out of character and that's what both makes it stand out and also makes it less of an issue in my eyes.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 21 at 23:03

How was he attacked? Wasn't he just asked if he wanted to play here/expected to be here next year?

Some of you guys are overplaying the whole Iggy vilification thing in my opinion. it was a lot worse with Donovan. Really, the only writer who seems to have an agenda against Dre is Kate. All athletes have detractors. Now if Andre played one of the more popular sports in the city, I could see your point. The Sixers are an afterthought here.

If I had the time to go back and look at the tape, I would. But I remember two themes throughout the interview (1) Why won't you say you want to come back here? (2) Why aren't you a number one option? How badly does this team need a number one option?

He gave his standard answers, that people have different perceptions of what's valuable and all he cares about is doing the things that help his team win.

Heh, I just found that video. It was Tom that asked that question, and I don't think Iguodala really liked it.

The questions weren't as bad as I remembered, but he was definitely pissed at a few of them.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 21 at 23:15

well, honestly, the correct answer is "I look forward growing with the team next year blah blah, we took steps in a positive direction..." That would have killed all the speculation right off the bat, and he could've just handled his situation behind closed doors.

The cryptic answer was actually the worst thing he could have said. He thought that was the best route for whatever reason, but the media is just doing its job to pry further when you say something like "I expect to be in the NBA next year"

I don't remember the part about asking him why he isn't a number one option, if someone actually asked him that I don't remember it.

Watch the video.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 21 at 23:38

I don't know if he realizes that the non committal answer is in fact "tripping up" as he puts it.

I'd hardly call that being attacked, he's not answering the question. It's not like they're asking him the stuff they asked LBJ after game 6 which basically boiled down to "Why are you a loser/choker?"

johnrosz reply to johnrosz on Jun 21 at 23:41

if you think a media session where the worst he's asked is "would you like to be here next year?" is enough to drive him out of town, he really needs to get some thicker skin. The question Tom posed wasn't something to get pissed about if he in fact did get angry, Iggy loves to talk about "the little things" that help the team win, growing up idolizing Pippen etc...

I agree. Iggy wouldn't be repeatedly asked "Do you want to be in Philly" if he simply answered "Yes." It's a legitimate question, considering he often gives ambiguous answers to it. McNabb always answered "Yes" despite being treated like crap in Philly.

johnrosz reply to stoned81 on Jun 22 at 1:43

yeah, and McNabb was a far better professional athlete than Iggy in his prime. He also got it 10 times worse from a fanbase/media outlet that was completely football crazed.

The notion that Iguodala has been dragged over the coals by the media is pretty over the top. If he's traded, I get a sense that there will be a faction of fans who will say "Thanks a lot to the Sixers fans/media for driving Iggy out of town!" That's really not accurate, at all.

If he's traded its because the FO feels as though they don't want him to be a part of the core they're building going forward. Whether or not that's the right decision, that's an entirely different issue.

It's really tiresome that people think they know what a guy 'really' means and how he should 'really be'.

You are an incomplete person, I am an incomplete person, Drik Nowitzki is an incomplete person.

However in Philadelphia, the focus seems to be more what you can't do then what you can do, and that is a reason free agents won't come to Philadlephia.

I thought you were saying the reason to trade him is that he doesn't want to be here anymore. Why doesn't he want to be here anymore, in your opinion?

Cause he's tired of losing.

Which really is an awful thing, don't you agree?

Would you Trade our 2011 #16 pick and our 2012 #1 (unprotected) pick in order to get valuncianas or biyombo?

johnrosz reply to Jason on Jun 21 at 20:31

An unprotected pick is way too much to give up for someone that could potentially slide to the Sixers at 16.

I wouldn't be shocked if one of them is still on the board at 12, is an unprotected first worth moving up only a few slots?

Stan reply to johnrosz on Jun 21 at 20:54

I think we are a good enough team to make the playoffs (barring any major injury). So at best our 2012 pick should be #15. I still wouldn't do it even though there's only 2 big men that are in the top 20.

I think the sixers are a mediocre team that the 7 seed this year. I think it's foolish to say that a mediocre 7 seed is guaranteed to make the playoffs before the off season even adjusts.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jun 21 at 21:10

You're right, I would never make that trade. You never know what player a team can acquire, what injuries may come up, and how a draft pick will perform. As it stands right now, I just don't think that NJ, Charlotte, Detroit, Was, Tor, Indiana or Cleveland have enough talent to surpass the Sixer's win total. Milwaukee might, but as it stands right now, they are just as likely to make the playoffs as NY is.

I mean, go ahead and give it top-ten protection. it's not like that would devalue it all that much. It's a long shot it would be outside of late-late lottery.

NBAdraft.net has us taking Bismack!

Tomorrow they'll have the sixers taking someone else.

After about pick 5 in a GOOD draft most of those sites are clueless - in this draft i'll be shocked if they get the top 3 yet.

NBADraft.net doesn't pick for the sixers, and people with more knowledge and authority (tom moore) seem to think the sixers have no interest

Thorn draft history:
2009- 1 (11) Terrence Williams- good defender, athlete, passer. horrible shooter. will he be able to put it all together?
2008- 2 (?) Chris Douglas-Roberts- yet another thorn-ish draft steal.
2008- 1 (21) Ryan Anderson- backup PF marksmen with solid all-around game.
2008- 1 (10) Brook Lopez- top pick who somehow slipped down to the nets. franchise player.
2007- 1 (17) Sean Williams- "steal of the draft" who seems to lack the head to turn into an NBA player.
2006- 1 (22) Marcus Williams- "steal of the draft" who (so far) seems to lack the head to turn into an NBA player.
2006- 1 (23) Josh Boone- solid rotation player, 4/5 backup and general overachiever.
2006- 2 (24) Hassan Adams- fan-favorite energy guy not quite good enough to hack the NBA.
2005- 1 (15) Antoine Wright- good character, good athlete, good rotation player... was never going to be an NBA starter no matter how much we hoped.
2005- 2 (13) Mile Ilić- seemed an enormous steal at the time but apparently not NBA material. why, exactly?
2004- 1 (22) Viktor Khryapa- W?W?W?W?
2004- 2 (22) Christian Drejer- W?W?W?W?
2003- 1 (22) Zoran Planinić- seemed smart at the time but was never going to make it in the NBA as a guard (ie, too tall, too slow).
2003- 2 (22) Kyle Korver- wonderful shooter inexplicably traded for cash.
2002- 1 (24) Nenad Krstić- clever pick that turned into a decent NBA starting center.
2002- 2 (25) Tamar Slay- super-athlete who didn't turn into an NBA player.
2001- 1 (7) Eddie Griffin- super-athletic prospect that thorn turned into RJ, twin, and a backup PG. thorn's grand-slam pick (or rather pick-trade) with the nets.
2001- 2 (6) Brian Scalabrine- underathletic but high-BBIQ player in the luke walton mold. rotation-level player who's currently not needed in boston.
2000- 1 (1) Kenyon Martin- the best of an underwhelming draft, who shaped up to be a very potent (but undersized) PF before being lamed by microfracture surgery.
2000- 2 (7) Soumaila Samake- who? what? when? where?

Can you guys talk about who you'd prefer the sixers target in the second round?

deepsixersuede reply to Stuart on Jun 21 at 22:28

I like Malcolm Thomas as a possible Taj. Gibson type off the bench athletic defender at the 4 and 3. But if they go small at #16 I expect a big of some sort. [J.Harrelson,Rick Jackson]

Sorry, didn't see this until now.

Justin Holiday.

I may be the only one, but I'm thrilled that the Sixers theoretical 2 favorite are Vucevic and Hamilton. These are the two guys I want. Trade Lou for a 1st-rounder so we can get 'em both. GO FOR IT ROD!

Yep. You're the only one.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 0:45

Even I am not that into Vucevic. For some reason, I always like the Euros with complicated names, e.g. Donatas Motiejunas. I was even a Martynas Andriuskevicius fan. Anyway, if Biyombo falls to us, we should take him, though he sounds so awful on offense that it'll be like 3.5 on 5 when he's on the court. And there's the whole age thing. And the, "what if he's just a good shot-blocker with little else" thing.

No matter how raw Biyombo's offensive game may be, I'd put a ton of money on him being less of a drag on the offense than Spencer Hawes was last season. He's going to use less possessions than Hawes did and score much, much more efficiently. People seem to think that Hawes' "skills" make him an asset on the offensive end when he's really anything but.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 1:24

I am not one of the people who thinks that about Hawes. Anyway, Tyson Chandler's 7 feet tall and one of the better lob-catchers in the NBA. It would be great if Biyombo could do that. But I don't see why he couldn't be the offensive equivalent of Hasheem Thabeet, or a little more charitably, Joel Anthony.

Thabeet is weak and unathletic, I don't see the comparison there at all. Anthony might be a worst-case. They could do much worse than Joel Anthony coming out of this draft.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 2:12

Why isn't Saer Sene his worst case? Sene had a 7'8.5'' wingspan. At the time he would have been the longest player in the league. He was really athletic. Draftexpress said he worked hard; "Sene is anything but a lazy player and has no problem mixing things up and getting dirty in the paint. It’s not rare to see him hit the deck for a loose ball. Effort never seems to be an issue with him." He could "block and alter tons of shots around the basket." Like Biyombo, he was really raw.

I don't know what Sene had done prior to being drafted, wasn't familiar with him at the time. Also don't know if he had the athleticism to go along w/ the freakish build. My take is that Biyombo is going to be a force on the defensive end. That's not a question. If he's a zero on offense, then he's Joel Anthony, only probably a better rebounder and shotblocker. That's what I see as his floor.

That is probably a good comparison. The only problem is Biyombo might be even worse than Anthony offensively. I am worried that his offense will prevent him from stepping on the court, because at this point it is huge if, if he can even position himself for lobs, catch them and dunk them. If he is left wide open on each possession and Brand is being doubled, he will be a huge drag on the offense.

That being said at #16 he is a no brainer.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 9:55

Yeah, having a guy who has no offense but realizes it and doesn't try to do things he can't do is a lot better than having a mediocre offensive player who wastes possessions.

What's the knock on Hamilton? I read that he has poor lateral movement, which usually means a poor defender, and he takes bad shots, which is easily fixed. He seems like a really good scorer with size.

A bad offensive player does not kill you if he can dunk and does not think he can play offense. Sam would have been fine had he not thought he was Chris Bosh.

It's not like Bismack's man can leave him under the basket when Jrue or Turner drives. Because it will result in an easy dunk.

A useless offensive player on the perimeter kills you. But a big athlete who can only dunk does not hamper your offense that much. And the guy will improve some.

Tyson Chandler is an example of a guy who never improved upon being a big body that could dunk. He doesn't kill an offense at all.

My main concern on the offensive end w/ Biyombo would be the turnovers.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 10:02

Right - one scout said he worries about his hands. I hate centers with bad hands. I hate players with bad hands.

Tom Moore on Jun 21 at 22:43

Story: Business as usual for Sixers despite possible sale of team, according to Thorn:


eddies' heady's on Jun 22 at 0:41

Coach K says today that Nolan Smith is going mid to late first round. Bias?

If we didn't need other more pressing things, I'd select him that high in a heartbeat.

awful lot of turnovers for a guy you like, no?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 0:54

i actually don't even have a clue what his numbers are in that category. I just have this feeling about this guy and his game translating to the next level. Think he's a heck of a both ends of the floor player, that's basically being overlooked because of probably age and maybe height. He can defend, he's quick as crap, he can shoot, he can drive/attack, his handle is good, and his IQ is really high. He can play point well enough or play off the ball at the 2. Uses and comes off screens well.

I just like him and wish we could be fortunate to end up with him in the 2nd round or something, someway. May be another Wayne Ellington, though :)

I don't really think he can run a team.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jun 22 at 8:34

Maybe, maybe not. Hence why I said play point "well enough". He'd be exactly what we need as a backup to Jrue along with playing beside him for spurts in a game.


Bismack interview. Mostly about personal life.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jun 22 at 2:06

It's nice that Bismack's a thoughtful guy at all, but I find all the hoopla over how articulate he is (not your hoopla, but others' hoopla) a little off-putting. For example, this series of draftexpress tweets seems kind of racist to me:

3:21 PM: Great NBA.com article on Bismack Biyombo: http://on.nba.com/jNSWoW People are underestimating the importance of his intelligence/intangibles

3:28 PM: Not sure I've met a more interesting draft prospect than Bismack Biyombo in terms of the sheer depth of his thoughts. Incredibly cognitive.

3:30 PM: That's precisely why you can throw out all the comparisons to African prospects who have come before Bismack Biyombo. Completely different.

So, Bismack is completely different than every other African prospect ever because he's smart. That's a pretty big statement. Seventeen players have made it to the NBA out of Senegal and Nigeria alone.

johnrosz reply to Tray on Jun 22 at 2:12

you already know how I feel about the DX twitter guy. Givony I think his name is?

I don't know if he means to be racist,probably not...but I have no problem being ultra critical of a guy who evaluates draft prospect interviews like they're contestants in a beauty pageant.

I agree with what you are saying for the most part.

I do want to get a sense of people's take on whether a guy has a high motor, professionalism and a passion for the game (not that anyone can know these things for sure anyway.) But it is a bit ridiculous when scouts try and play armchair psychologist based on how articulate a guy is or judge them on their off the court experience. And Giovoni's statements are a bit of an insult to guys like Hakeem and Deke.

That said, I find non-basketball related stories on players I follow interesting- they just don't really inform how I feel about their basketball skills. Knowing Jrue likes one type of music, Turner listens to Taylor Swift and Hawes likes country is amusing, and says something about the players... but it probably has nothing top do with their games on the court or their chances of success.

Charlie H reply to Tray on Jun 22 at 10:17

I don't usually like to comment on this topic because I'm white and don't have a good perspective, but Biyombo really does seem to be an extraordinary person, especially when you compare him to other athletes. One black friend of mine gets rankled when blacks are described as "articulate", and I get that, but the comments on Biyombo don't seem to be in that category.

At this point, I actually wouldn't mind the Jordan Hamilton pick. I'm mesmerized by his scoring ability and he's a perfect fit with Jrue and Turner on that end. I understand his defensive fundamentals are poor and his lateral quickness is average, but Doug Collins is the perfect coach for this guy. Fundamentals can be coached somewhat. Sadly, I don't know how he plays unless they trade Iguodala. My two cents anyway.

Hamilton will be a steal, wherever he gets picked, in my opinion. He reminds me of Holiday. Top 5 in the nation as a high school senior coming out of LA, got with a college team where he was often the 2nd option, and fell in the draft as a result.

Holiday/Turner/Hamilton is a great young core. I'll be thrilled with him or Vucevic. Would love to get both!

Yeah, don't know what level player he'll be because he lacks explosiveness- but the guy can shoot, score and play the game. Which is a nice change from a lot of these guys who are freak athletes without any game.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jun 22 at 8:40

Doug can teach Monta some fundamentals, too ;)

But anyway, I'd be pretty thrilled too if we ended up with Hamilton as he was one of my hopes for that first pick. Seriously though, there's no way I see him making it all the way down to us. I'll be shocked if he falls that far. As for Singleton, I have confidence that he'll be there when we pick.

Thanks again to Derek and Brian by the way, fun listen

Brian was in 'high spirits' it seemed with all the laughing :)

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