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NBA Draft Day Open Thread

Steve V on Jun 23 at 9:09

Can you imagine if Biyombo is on the board and we take Vucevic? That would truly make us all depressedfans.

bebopdeluxe on Jun 23 at 9:18

If we can trade Iggy to get the #2 and come out of tonight with Williams and Biyombo, I will do the "Church Lady" dance - naked - in front of my wife all night.

Steve V reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 23 at 9:21

I think all of us would, that's the best case scenario although it's a looonnggshot. We can only dream of a lineup of Jrue Turner Williams Brand Biyombo or Jrue Turner Thad Williams Biyombo

bebopdeluxe reply to Steve V on Jun 23 at 9:34

I agree that it is a long shot, but if Kahn really thought/thinks that he would trade the #2 for Odom or Ellis, then Iguodala would certainly work there...it would - obviously - be a question of what we would have to take back along with the pick (and to be clear, I would waive a fair amount of the cap relief if we can move this deal AND keep #16)...but this is a situation where we would move Iguodala for a real building-block asset, as opposed to simple cap relief - which the Kaman trade would be.

It seems to me that Iguodala is a better fit for those guys than either Ellis or Odom...so we will just have to wait and see if Kahn goes screw-job again on draft night.

Don't see it. I think it's Minny just drumming up business.
The laker move seems more believable. They have 4 2nd rounders. Give us Odom, plus(not Artest) and some combination of 2nd rounders. Give them Iggy & Speights. Odom & wife will provide some pub/play for the new owners and if desired, can be let go after the season. Iggy will take pressure off Kobe on the defensive end of the court.

I think both teams will be better off.

bebopdeluxe reply to sfw on Jun 23 at 9:38

The Lakers have Artest signed for at least two more seasons...I don't see how they can add Iggy without getting rid of Artest.

Having both(Iggy & Artest) will certainly cause some havoc for opponents. Also, Kobe may get more rest. I like Odom in the Sixer's rotation. Could use him at 3 positions. I think the Coach would also love his offensive versatility.

Having both(Iggy & Artest) will certainly cause some havoc for opponents. Also, Kobe may get more rest. I like Odom in the Sixer's rotation. Could use him at 3 positions. I think the Coach would also love his offensive versatility.

Short on Sixers qualifying Young, Hawes:


wow the lakers are desperate
The Lakers and Warriors discussed a deal that would trade Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown for Monta Ellis, according to CBS' Ken Berger

just to be clear, the talks went nowhere but it seemed interesting

maybe the plan was to send Ellis to Minny for the 2nd pick?

Or the warriors are desperate to get rid of ellis and calling everyone they can think of to make an offer.

I still believe most of these rumors are bs.

I put the over under at 'names' being traded tonight at 2, and i'll take the under

Ford still has the Sixers taking Hamilton in his latest mock.

The good news is that he has Vucevic going #14, which could save the Sixers from themselves, as long as they don't trade up to get him.

#NBAdraft buzz: Seeking a big man, #Rockets interested in swapping 14th and 23rd picks with #Pistons for 8th pick, sources tell @CBSSports

if that happens, bismack will be a rocket

Just read they're going after Tristan Thompson if that deal gets made, but could be Biyombo.

i hope its thompson, hoping the sixers can draft Biyombo

Thompson is the name that's been floating, the spurs supposedly are moving up cause they're ok drafting a guy with upside they have to wait a year for (cause, well, they're a smart organization, not a dumb one)

I don't believe any of this matters, available or not I don't believe the sixers draft brians baby.

I believe that the sixers off season will be so terrible that Brian will become a fan of any team that drafts biyombo

eddies' heady's on Jun 23 at 10:01

Is today more exciting or opening day? That's a tough one.

Assuming the Sixers don't somehow pick Bismack, I feel like its enough of a crapshoot that I'm fine with whomever they chose. I'll certainly root for the whatever guy wears the hat tonight.

As long as we don't see Kaman, Odom or Hedo as a Sixer tonight... That's my only goal. Anything else I can talk myself into.

So you're cool with Hawes Jr?

Nothing to worry about. There's no way Jrue will let them draft a guy from USC.

Not my 1st choice, but I'm fine with it. I won't let Hawes define my view of white, vertically challanged centers. Heck, Love is a white, vertically challanged, short armed center who does just fine.

I did not know who Vucevic was a month ago. If he's done enough to rocket up on a lot of boards than I'm sure there could be worse picks at 16. A non-lottery pick can't hurt you- and if they turn into a player you are lucky. That's just reality.

Let me bookmark this for when they take Vucevic over Biyombo.

Nope, you can't leave out my 1st sentence:
"Assuming the Sixers don't somehow pick Bismack"

I think you should send the children to granmas tonight so the cursing and screaming don't frighten them

Yeah, they pass on Bismack and I'll be counting the days until the new owners can the entire front office.

What makes you think that new ownership isn't already calling the shots?

I expect they have some input but until you sign a deal a deal isn't done so giving them final say on something is stupid, deals like this fall apart all the time

Jack Straw on Jun 23 at 10:43

You have to love the anticipation that comes with draft day. Will we somehow nab the #2 pick? Who could fall to us at 16? Will Iguodala be a 6er by this time tomorrow? If not, who will be?

It's been quite a let down after most of these drafts.........

If you ever wonder why I have such little faith, just watch this video.

Kemba Walker?

He wants Kemba Walker?

These guys are dumber than I thought

Kemba reminds him of steph curry...except for that whole shooting thing, I guess.


Lots of stuff I learned:

Markieff will be able to guard Lebron and Dwight and can learn offense.
Mote is a legit answer at center.
Thad wants to play PF full time.

How are those guys paid to talk basketball?

Markieff will be able to guard Lebron and Dwight and can learn offense.

That's when i turned it off

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 14:56

oh my god this is the worst video ever made, this looks like they're on the set of a cooking show or an infomercial

Stuart reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 11:11

I love how in a span of 3 minutes they said SO many things that were wrong:

-This draft is "not a deep draft"
-Kemba Walker being comparable to Steph curry ?!?!
-No one in the entire draft would be able to play the 5 better than Markieff
-Motiejunas being a great rebounder
-Markieff would be able to guard Lebron/Wade
-Markieff being bad at offense
-"Trading away" Thaddeus young

-This draft is "not a deep draft"

In terms of upper echelon quality. It's not, it's deep in terms of 'contributors' but it's not deep in terms of stars

Jesus, Tristan Thompson is a possibility at #4?

Well Hollingers numbers love him, so must be a possibility

Oh my goodness, Bargnani would crap his pants just thinking about practice.

Sixers coach Doug Collins believes Lamar Odom can play center, a source tells Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski

we found our new center if the trade happens

Either the source, or collins, is high

Odom can play the five in international ball. And honestly, would he really be a downgrade from Hawes at the five? This is definitely the key to contention.

Speights wouldn't be a downgrade compared to hawes - but he'd still suck

So now cause he could pull it off in international ball he can pull it of in the nba as a starter?

I suppose

Except wasn't gasol the center when bynum was hurt?

coach k did play odom some at center at the world championships over the summer


Apparently, this was enough for the 76ers not to pursue a deal or even present a counteroffer to an early-May proposal of Kaman and Clippers small forward Ryan Gomes in exchange for small forward Andre Iguodala and power forward Marreese Speights.

Something interesting from that LA Times article that I hadn't considered before. Players have 7 days to report after a trade, so technically, if a player doesn't want to be traded, I guess they could just not show up for their physical prior to July 1st, then the lockout happens and who knows what happens. Making today the last day you can "force" a player to be traded.

Might be an important factor for a sad sack franchise.

Ah, Sam being Sam:

""There is a strong sense within the organization that Samuel Dalembert wants to play for a contender or just wants out. He left for vacation in a lousy mood; after being replaced by DeMarcus Cousins during the season finale against the Lakers, the veteran center stormed off the court and was still seething afterward in the locker room.""


Option A. Sam's a petualnt child - lockerroom cancer

Option B. Sam's a highly motivated competitor and even in a game that doesn't matter he wants to help the team win, and gets frustrated when he can't.

Option C. It's the kings, who cares

I just found it chuckle-worthy.

Oh it is chuckleworthy - i just like how one situation can have multiple 'motivations' depending on the perception of the player :)

Today needs to be a very chuckleworthy day, cause I'm guessing the only people happy with todays draft outcome are going to be the type of people who think Hawes is ok, Ellis is an upgrade and that Thaddeus Young can start

Rich reply to tk76 on Jun 23 at 13:33


Voisin gets shredded apart worse than any writer in Philadelphia. I think her whole salary is just on bashing Tyreke Evans, which this article used to do. Tom Ziller used to "Fire Joe Morgan" every one of her articles.

Case in point: Cousins only played 15 minutes in that final game against the Lakers. Sam played 45.

Daily SF1976 absurdity:

"keep an eye on #10,maggette,ilya for #16,iguodala,speights"

The biggest probelem I see with that move is tha it leaves us no way to acquire Kaman.

I mean why would you want Maggette and Brand without Kaman? It's like chicken soup without the noodles.

Hey, they may need to get up to #10 to get Vucevic. Iguodala and Speights for Vucevic and Maggette. That's a win-win.

TK, check your e-mail, if you get a chance.

It's like chicken soup without the noodles.

Less carbs, good thing

At this point, doesn't kid realize he's a jooke?

My Twitter pet peeve of the day is "da" instead of "the." It's one fucking letter.

I no wat u mean 2

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 11:54

Annunciation is no longer in, and if you're going to talk like an asshole, you may as well type like one.

Ok, so that's the first time I've ever seen that word used in a way that wasn't signifying something religious.

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 12:05

Enunciate* auto correct.

Hey, Annunciate actually works (at least according to online definitions), I just hadn't seen it used that way before. I thought your meant pronunciation.

The internet is killing many things:

1. The English Language
2. Our public education system
3. Peoples politeness (so much easier to be a jerk behind a computer screen)

saw that. I could see Detroit doing it if they can dump Rip or Charlie V, but Sacto really has absolutely no reason to just give the pick away.

I guess if you can't find anything else to do with a trade exception, sure, but do the cavs believe a 3rd lottery pick in THIS draft is going to help.

They've still got baron davis

The trade exception turns to dust on the 1st (or I guess sooner, if whoever they get won't report).

Brian, I know that guys rumors are bogus, but if you were guarantee Biyombo would you do Maggette Ilyasova and 10(Biyombo) for Iguodala and Speights and keep 16 and draft Hamilton?

To answer your question, no. But the rumor isn't nearly that good, the #16 pick was going out in the rumor as well.

The top of this draft really cracks me up.

Consider this: 2 of the top four picks played a total of 11 competitive basketball games in the past year, and competitive may be a stretch:

Hampton, Miami (OH), Colgate, Princeton.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 12:50

If you're Cleveland, are you taking Williams or Irving?

Ryan Rusillo believes Kyrie Irving will be a star in the orbit of a rondo or derrick rose.

All these jack a lopes are talking about the great point guards in the east - i keep yelling at the radio AND JRUE HOLIDAY

Never works

Tough call. I don't think either guy is all that valuable as the only piece you have to build around, which is the boat Cleveland is in right now. I like Williams' game better, but I can see the logic in taking a PG as your first piece.

Kyrie Irving, he went to Duke

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 13:10

I short change myself by not educating myself on the college players enough until right before the draft, but from what little I've seen and read, I'd take Williams. If only for the reason that Irving has barely played, and Williams seems to be sickly athletic.

Rodney Carney was sickly athletic - I think too much weight is put on athleticism.

Most people who don't do this for a living (like Derek) aren't educated enough really. We don't have access to the assets to the footage to the coaches like the professionals do. What they have access to compared to most people here, it's just 100x more inclusive. We only get snippets.

I wouldn't dismiss irving because of his injury (because those in the know claim his injury won't affect him long term). College basketball is an entirely different animal, not like college football but even college football there are 'stars' who won't succeed in the NFL (Paging Mr Tebow, Table for one) because the system they ran in college doesn't necessarily translate.

The consesnus on Irving, even before the season, seemed to be that he had the ability to be an NBA point guard and lead a team. His injury didn't help, but the raw ability and potential people saw is still there and I think that's why they're taking him number one.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 14:48

I don't see why that matters. Think of them as great high-school players, one of whom showed in half a season that he could hack it on a more advanced level.

By half a season you mean 7 games? And this is more like a couple of high school players who decided to spend a year travelling then enter the draft than guys going directly from high school.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 16:05

Why should that count against them though, the year traveling? Is there a fear that they've regressed? Or rather, that Kanter's regressed (because Irving clearly hasn't)?

Latest from Ken Berger:


maybe the sixers aren't totally incompetent after all...

As reported here, the Rockets are interested in trading the 14th and 23rd picks to Detroit for the eighth pick, targeting one of several big men coveted by new coach Kevin McHale. Among those on McHale's wish list are Tristan Thompson and Bismack Biyombo.

Congo PF Bismack Biyombo doesn't have a letter of clearance from FIBA and is subject to a buyout, sources tell ESPN.com. Biyombo's name was reportedly on a list sent out by the NBA Wednesday detailing players with buyouts. Biyombo's would be about $1.5 million, a hefty sum considering NBA teams are only allowed to pay up to $500,000. With rumors of a medical red flag, a last-minute green room invite and now this buyout situation, Biyombo is the draft's biggest question mark

Sixers still won't take him :)

I guess this means that the Spurs are going to draft him.

...so nobody mentions the actual Igoudala trade that Simmons proposed yesterday?

TRADE NO. 12: Philly trades Andre Iguodala (35 cents) for Sacramento's no. 7 pick (25 cents) and $5.9 million in cap space (20 cents). Final tally: Philly (45 cents), Sacramento (35 cents).

If you're Sacramento, you're not signing a marquee free agent when your ownership group is in flux and nobody knows where you're playing next year. It's not happening. So if they can flip the no. 7 pick in a weak draft into an Iguodala "signing" (three years, $44 million), that's a killer move for them: Now they'd have one of the best defender/athlete/glue guys in the league, and by the way, if he's your third-best player, that's pretty good. If you're Philly? You just shaved a buttload of money off your cap, replaced Iguodala's minutes with Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner (not a bad thing, by the way), dropped to $40 million in payroll heading into the lockout and added another young chess piece (the seventh pick). Call this one in. I'm sold.


...say what you will about BS, but that deal quite possibly gets you Biyombo at #7 and keeps #16 too....if you just forget that he calls AI9 "one of the best defender/athlete/glue guys in the league" here and yet worse than Monta Ellis about 5,000 words earlier...

There would have to be more to the deal than just that. they'd have to take some contracts back.

Except that trade sucks for the sixers - it's andre iguodala for biyombo

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 14:39

more like Andre for Jan Veesley

emtmess reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 14:44

Don't you want the team to rebuild?

That's not EXACTLY what i've said.

I want the team to plug holes and build towards being better in the future.

Iguodala for Biyombo sells Iguodala short and creates one hole while possibly plugging another. It's not a net positive move in the long term in my opinion.

Plus what crappy ass contract do they have to take back.

I want the sixers to contend for a title, I don't think this roster can any time soon, Iguodala for Biyombo doesn't make me think they will any time soon either.

There's TONS of holes - Iguodala should not be traded just for ONE piece - when he fills multiple pieces

Meh, I'm tired of rebuilding. I would rather acquire a C, win 50 games a year and lose in the 2nd round.

A. This team has never rebuilt - they retooled - difference
B. 50 wins and losing in the second round every year is boring as shit - if you can't win a titale you can't win a title.

What are the odds with the impending sale that A. We buy a second round pick for a player they're in love with or B. We sell our second round pick for cash considerations.
B seems a lot more likely and I'd be pissed if we did, there's alot of talent to be had in the second round this year, specifically with raw but talented big men.

FYI: On CSNPhilly.com, Dei Lynam is reporting that Iguodala for the #2 is "50/50"

Hmmn...well, if it happens, it won't be announced until the draft starts. I guess we'll know pretty quickly at that point.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 15:47

Do you think if it were to happen that Williams is a fair enough prospect to justify moving the man, or do you think they'd fuck it all up and take Kanter?

If they make the trade for Williams and expirings, I'll be happy. At least that's a definitive direction and I think Williams is a really good piece to put with Jrue and Turner. If they do it for Kanter, I'll be extremely pissed.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 15:52

I think Kanter could be a really good player. I wouldn't mind if they did that, but I'd rather have Williams.

tk76 reply to Stuart on Jun 23 at 15:43

I'm 50% excited to hear that.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jun 23 at 15:47

Would you like this deal, TK?

People accuse us of overvaluing Iguodala and poo-pooing any trade and inflating his value. I feel that a package built around Derrick Williams would be a very acceptable trade, as long as there are no terrible contracts coming back.

Josh reply to Stuart on Jun 23 at 15:51

50/50 = 100% of it not happening.

Rod wants to screw us and become even more miserable with another deadbeat center in Kaman.

bebopdeluxe reply to Stuart on Jun 23 at 15:56

"Well isn't that SPECIAL..."

(warming up for the dance)

"DraftExpress: Here comes the first "mock draft grenade" I'm hearing. And its a big one. Waiting for confirmation..."

Could someone please tell DX that their UI is awful?

Josh reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 16:05


It used to be worse, when you searched a play name it opened a new freaking window.

They have a LOT of information but they REALLY need to clean up their front (and for gods sake - don't use any flash, ever)

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 16:41

Thank you. Can't find anything except the mock draft. They could just put it up in plan text.

Teams calling Sacramento about the #7 pick are being told it's already been moved. Problem is, no one knows to who.

And I would think no one would find out because if the desired player somehow goes in the top 6 the trade doesn't happen right?

I mean the rumor was Tony Parker - but if the spurs can't get who they want at 7 - deal dies?

Hollinger says it's the Bucks not the Spurs... I have a feeling this is going to be a wild draft and someone is going to get great value with a lower pick. Teams are going to outsmart themselves.

That team won't be the sixers

I'm convinced that Tony DiLeo has been cut off at the knees and is probably begging for the buy out to happen so Thorn is gone.

Looks like its the Bucks:

Bucks appear to have deal with Sacamento for No. 7


I kept hearing Bogut was in play

Only a 3 spot move up?

Josh reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 16:17

I don't know if I would include Bogut for the number 7 pick. Why would Sac do that if they have Mr. Turnover himself, Cousins?

i would think bogut is worth more then 3 spots

Yeah - but if this is one of those 'in play names'

Let's say that the spurs rumors was real - and that's who the bucks want (and yes i'm contradicting myself from yesterday because I was wrong) - maybe the bucks over pay a bit to get their player cause they have to top tony parker?

I'm just saying - moving up 3 spots seems weird don't it?

been hearing mystery team is the bucks

Steve V reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 23 at 16:16

They've been trying like hell to move up. Wonder who their target is, they're set at PG and center, could be Leonard. I love Kawhi as a prospect, a three of Jennings Leonard and Bogut is a nice young core to build around.

The bucks are NOT set at center unless they fire their head coach, there's some stuff out there about real head butting between skiles and Bogut.

Bogut has been in play for a couple weeks

....so if the Flyers are pulling an Eagles and trying to take attention tonight by trading Jeff Carter, does that make a Sixer deal more or less likely?

bebopdeluxe reply to das411 on Jun 23 at 16:34

Carter AND Richards

It's hockey though - so who cares

the flyers will have a good regular season

flame out in the playoffs

blame goaltending

like they have for the past 25 years (except when they could blame lindros)

I don't even follow hockey and know the darn script

Oh yeah, didn't the Eagles sign Mike Vick to take the media attention away from the Phillies after they acquired Cliff Lee? I love how WIP thinks that these sports teams are begging for attention from them. If it were up to me I would try to get less media attention so that fans aren't led to beleive that Iguodala is trash and McNabb is a pompous, self-centered jealous guy who likes to throw players under the bus.

Adrian Wojnarowski: "Milwaukee has a three-way deal with Charlotte and Sacramento, sources say."

Partial of deal: The Bucks get Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston, sources say. Charlotte gets the 7th pick and Corey Maggette.

Wait - what?

Did the kings get a yugo or something?


Oh man, that's too good.

Did MIL leapfrog DET just to get Biyombo? He can't be their target, can he? They're so unbelievably offensively challenged, I don't think he's a good fit there.

Think about who their coach is and say that sentence again

**NEW RUMOR" (that I made up)

Basically this contingent on the Thad signing his qualifying offer:

Hawks get:
Andre Nocioni (expiring contract)
Lou Williams
Thad Young

ORL gets:
Josh Smith
Evan Turner
Jodie Meeks
#16 pick

PHI gets:
Dwight Howard
Marvin Williams
Chris Duhon

Unless Dwight Howard agress to a contract extension in Philalephia that's a silly dealy

And the hawks get ruffied and gang banged in the process

No trade is fair. At least one team in every trade gets gang banged. I don't think this is an awful deal for ATL. They get cap space, Thad Young and Lou. Apparently Josh Smith wants out of ATL. If Andre is worth Kaman and Gerald Wallace is worth Joel Pryzbilla, what is Josh Smith worth?

ORL is the one who gets screwed- Evan Turner and Josh Smith for the best center in the NBA?

I think that Dwight Howard is worth the risk of losing Turner, Young, and Nikola Vucevic.

They get crap crap and crap

They give up an 'all star' and get a motley assortment of bench players.

It's extremly unfair to the hawks. This isn't unbalanced - this is wrong, it's a horrible trade for the hawks - which fan based trades always end up being.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 17:04

Thad Young has "potential" :)

Thad Young is about to sign a 5 year 50 or so million dollar contract - he b etter have more than potential.

The magic at least get josh smith in the deal - the hawks get no starters ;)

I can't wait to see Charlotte part of the deal - i mean who else do they have to give away like they gave away wallace?

Hearing Bobcats-Bucks-Kings deal includes Bucks get Beno Udrih and the No. 9 and 19 picks

The Bobcats get No. 7 pick from Sac. & Maggette. Kings will get John Salmons and the No. 10 pick

Bucks will also get Stephen Jackson
all from chad ford

The Bobcats will have the 7th and 9th picks in the draft tonight as part of the deal, source says.

morris twins?

I'd say there's 0% chance Biyombo gets past #9 at this point.

ford and Wojnarowski are saying different things, im now really confused

This is a crazy trade.

So MIL gave up the #10 pick, Salmons and Maggette. They got the #19 pick, Beno, Livingston and Stephen Jackson.

Sacto gave up the #7 pick and Beno, they got #10 and Salmons.

Charlotte gave up #19, Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston, they got Maggette and #7.

Draft order is now:

6. WAS
7. CHA
8. DET
9. CHA
10. SAC

Man, why would the Kings do that?

Stuart reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 16:48

That's what I'm thinking-- they take on a longer deal AND move down in the draft...

None of this makes actual sense -

Did Petrie get alzheimers?

sac doesnt have a PG(evans isnt a pg to me) do they draft jimmer now?

Yep this is all about Jimmer IMO. And they swap Udrih with Salmons who is clearly the better player.

If this is all about jimmer then this is maloof driven or Petrie should be fired.

Rich reply to Xsago on Jun 23 at 16:58

Salmons may be better, but they desperately need a PG, and Udrih was at least a capable backup. Don't really see how Salmons is a great fit.

He played there for four seasons - maybe they liked him?

Jimmer isn't a point guard

at 10 jimmer is a reach

Kemba is a better point guard option than jimmer - and he's not really a point guard either

jsmoove reply to GoSixers on Jun 23 at 16:56

Kemba is actually a point guard. He ran that team and was oft criticized early in his career at UCONN for being too pass first and not looking for his shot enough. The only reason he shined so much scoring this year is he took 6 freshman on his back and won the whole thing.

He's also quite short, he's not a smart pick at #10 either, but if you want a point guard he's a better option than Jimmer

they're both bench players

i thnk kemba is better but it doesnt matter what i think

Sam Amick: Rival teams now expect the Kings to take Jimmer Fredette at No. 10.

I would definitely not suggest trading down for Jimmer so you can get the meaningless Beno-to-Salmons upgrade. Salmons is like, you know, a glorified Chris Douglas-Roberts. And Fredette's not a point, and Beno kind of is, and Tyreke Evans is a selfish, selfish player. They would be wiser to take Kemba. A lot, lot wiser. People act like he's a combo guard midget when neither is the case.

"The Bucks just moved $45 million according to @ShamSports numbers. Holy geez."

Hardwood Paroxysm "Sorry, should have been more clear. They moved $45 mil according to @ShamSports and took on $35 mil.was just looking maggette-salmons"

This deal is karma biting SAC in the ass after they bent Stefanski over in the Dalembert deal last summer.

You can't 'bend over' the willing - the sixers took it and smiled - you know it.

Corrected deal: Bucks get Beno, Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston & 19. Bobcats get pick 7 & Maggette. Kings get 10 & John Salmons.

So seriously - who 'wins' this deal? I mean the bucks shed Salmons - which was a stupid deal - the bobcats move up a lot but have to get maggette.

Seriously - all the 'big names' - and this is the deal we get?


Honestly, i've never seen a weirder trade. EVER!!!

CHA wins the deal, imo. They move up from #19 to #7 and really, what's the difference between Jackson and Maggette at this point?

One defends, one doesn't? Makes skiles happy i guess

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 17:12

I think Jackson's a lot better.

Jackson was better, neither really matters at this point.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 19:01

Well, Charlotte's at a point in their development where they definitely don't need a Stephen Jackson. I think he's a lot better than Maggette, and could still be relevant on a good team.

Charlotte puts a starting lineup of

Augustin/Henderson/Leonard/T. Thomas/Biyombo

on opening night. Over/Under on points scored per game at 65?

Under. They'd lose 60-70.

Wait, it could be even worse... They might take Thompson instead of Biyombo. How about a Thompson/Thomas frontline?

Charlotte early favorite for worst record in the post-lockout NBA?

Charlotte early favorite for worst record in the post-lockout NBA?

The cavs still suck no matter who they draft tonight

So do the wolves

Woj is saying they wanted to get in position to take Tristan Thompson, and I believe it looked like DET was going to take him at #8.

I'm hoping the buyout and back bullshit scares Detroit away from Biyombo at #8, don't think CHA will take Thompson and Biyombo. Sacto takes Jimmer at #10. Ugh, GSW at #11. Yeah, he's not falling to #16.

GSW could take klay thompson

Thompson to GSW, then Kemba to UTA, then who to the Suns? They don't seem like a Biyombo type of team. Then cross your fingers that HOU takes Vucevic. I don't think Indy takes him.

Shit, Woj just said CHA traded up to get Biyombo at #7.

See - this is what happens when yo uget your hopes up

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 17:26

Biyombo's in the top 10, there's no doubt. He's like Olowokandi in '98; teams are afraid to pass on him.

I'm thinking Jordan Hamilton for the Sixers, but I don't think they want him. DE has him at 23, wow. If Iguodala is traded, Hamilton fits.

Aren't both Morris' still on the board in your scenario? That ain't gonna happen. Markieff will definitely be there.

An if you thought the Charlotte lineup was hilarious wait till you here the Kings one:


Or maybe you can put Whiteside next to Thompson for the fun of it :). Over/under on intra teammates figths for shots during the game at 10?

Jimmer's going to love sharing a locker room w/ Cousins and Evans. They're going to be giving him swirlies, or shitting in his shoes.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 17:30

oh man, that's pretty effing funny. Gotta get that image out of my head right now.

draftexpress has kawhi leonard slipping all the way down to 14. if he slips further, i would take him over singleton.

Would it make sense for the Sixers to go after Tyrus Thomas? I can't imagine CHA would want both Thomas & Biyombo.

I don't know much about him, but he seems like a shotblocking, athletic PF/C with good defense. Contract is onerous though

Vuveic and Markief Morris are two players im dreading... neither get me excited. Vuveic might turn out to be a better player then Hawes.. but hes not a great rebounder and tends to take jumpshots.. remind you of someone? Normally im all over the draft becuase im a college basketball nut who loves the nba but ive been real busy with my internship. Here are some of my thoughts on the draft....

There are two ways to look at a draft... you either go for the guys that contribute right away and take someone who you view as a safe pick (if there is such a thing) or you can take a high risk high reward player. I tend to think that when your in the middle of the lottery you go with the high risk high reward player. My philosophy has changed due to the Sixers drafting tendincies.. for instance the year we took Holliday I was all about selecting Ty Lawson becaus of his rediclous speed and passing abilties. Obvisouly Lawsons a nice player but Holiday clearly has more potential and the higher ceiling of the two. Thats why I would pass up on guys like the Morris twins and Vuvecic... they can be nice players but I don't see anything to get me excited.

If I had to rank my picks in order (being realistic of course)

1. Tristian Thompson- The couple times he went up against the Morris twins it seemed obvious to me that he would be the better NBA player. He was a beat as Findlay prep, a high school basketball powerhouse and has a lot of untapped potential. In just his one year of college bball his numbers were just as good if not better then the Morris twins (juniors).He's not especially tall but hes got all the skills you could ask for and has a work ethic unlike our boy Speights. Hes got an array of post moves and is a terrific offensive rebounder. If he slips which is possible we gotta take him.

2. Dontas Motiejunas- Along with Biyombo this is the absoulete definition of a high risk high reward pick. Motiejunas is a tall lanky european who apperently isn't real interested in defense which scares me a little bit. With that being said out of all the foreign player he seems to be by far the most skilled offensively and maybe Collins is just the coach who can get him to rebound and play a little bit of defense. Out of all the canidates he has the most star potential.

3. Jordan Hamilton This of course only makes sense if Iguodola is gone (pray to god he is). To me he is the most skilled scorer in the draft. A lot of people argue Brooks is the best scorer but he was pretty inifecient and was more of a chucker then anynthing. Hes got great size and would have a height advantage on most 2's and 3's in the league. He can score in a number of differnet ways.. hes not just a jumpshooter he can take it to the rim as well sorta like Turner.

T-4. Faried and Biyombo- I have these guys at the same slot because I would be happy with either of them and their situations are somewhat similar. Huge questions marks on the offensive end but you know Faried is gonna rebound and get after it on the board and Biyombo is an extremely good defensive player already but inept on offense.

Tonight is really going to blow, I can feel it.

The best I can hope for now is that the stupid ESPN commentators don't blow the pick beforehand with their "inside info." Let me hear it straight from Silver's mouth at the podium.

"With the 16th pick, the Philadelphia 76ers select...Nikola Vucevic."

OK, I'm in transit. Live blog will probably launch around 6:30. We'll see if the impending shitty draft pick can ruin my dinner.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 17:46

Nah. We're gonna get somebody good. Somebody who is NOT tall, slow & soft.

Stan reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 17:48

It's a pretty shitty draft overall. The 7 guys you have listed above are probably all gone by pick #16.

Steve V reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 17:54

We just have to pray to God Houston can't move up and settle for Vucevic at 14. I'm going to be thrilled if we get Hamilton. Then go get Greg Smith, Benson or my personally preference Willie Reed at 50.

A lot of fans are going to struggle to get to Newark tonight. All NJ Transit trains down. Take PATH instead.

Why is the draft in newark?

MSG is going under renovations

Ah - thought maybe this was just punishment for james dolan being a douche:)

Jack Straw on Jun 23 at 18:58

You have to love the anticipation that comes with draft day. Will we somehow nab the #2 pick? Who could fall to us at 16? Will Iguodala be a 6er by this time tomorrow? If not, who will be?

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