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Sixers Select Nikola Vucevic

White, tall, can shoot threes, is named NIKOLA, what is not to like.


Just a bad bad taste in my mouth right now. Why we would take a player so similar to Hawes when there were guys on the board with so much potential is beyond me. This moves proves that Thorn has taken the draft away from Dileo. Dileo would draft players with athleticism and potential, guys that were projected to go higher and slid for some reason, this move is such a reach, if they were dead set on him they should've traded down a few spots and picked up an asset. We now have two of the slowest unathletic, no rebounding or shotblocking centers in the league. When we trade Iguodala who is going to protect the rim when guys are getting blown by? I hope new ownership comes in and cleans house except Dileo. Fuck you Rod Thorn, Fuck you Ed Stefanski.

emtmess reply to Steve V on Jun 23 at 23:01


Steve V reply to emtmess on Jun 23 at 23:05

I'll be a little happier if somehow Travis Leskie or Charles Jenkins fall to us, doubt it though.

Billy King please come back!

you guys just like to complain. this pick was absolutely fine, if not above fine, for #16. honestly who would you really want more? faried? this draft sucks.

Dan reply to MHW on Jun 23 at 23:19

Chris Singleton
Donatas Montejunas
Jordan Hamilton
Tyler Honeycutt
Marshon Brooks
Tobias Harris

great pick!

I put this more on Snider than the others, although they deserve some amount of criticism.

Players I rather the Sixers took:

- Singleton
- Faried
- Hamilton
- Cole
- Joseph
- Mack
- Honeycutt
- Jordan Williams

eddies' heady's on Jun 23 at 23:18

Well, we missed out on Charles Jenkins and Andrew Goudelock.

Can we please take Matthew Bryan-Amaning.....

Lavoy Allen. With Greg Smith on the board. Big time underachiever.

eddies' heady's on Jun 23 at 23:28

Don't know anything about Lavoy Allen but is he the next Herbert Hill?

Really really talented guy, when he is focused he can absolutely dominate on both ends of the floor. The problem is he's not focused very often. Has really soft hands, a nice mod range jumper, and is a really good rebounder. First round talent, questionable motor.

Tray reply to Steve V on Jun 24 at 0:11

So someone so unmotivated that, if not for the Sixers, he would've played himself out of the draft. That's pretty bad.

eddies' heady's reply to Steve V on Jun 24 at 0:16

Sounds like a poor man's JaJuan Johnson. who happened to end up with the hated, ugh ....

I mean, people talk about Jeremy Tyler as a huge gamble. This is because he skipped his senior year of high school, shot reality shows of himself in Israel, and doesn't know who Nate McMillan is, which somehow combine to make him a crazy person. It's not because on the court he's some lazy bum. A guy who just disappears for long stretches of a game - isn't that a way bigger gamble? Why would you ever bother unless he were a huge talent, which Allen, a guy coming off an 11 and 8, age-22, senior season at Temple, clearly isn't? Draftexpress ranks him their 36th best NCAA senior.. In an NCAA college seniors only draft, with all the Euros, freshman, sophs, and juniors out, he'd only go 14 picks higher than where we took him, if the draft gurus were doing the drafting.

Damnit we could've used DIEBLER!!! SHOOTING!!!

you guys just like to complain. this pick was absolutely fine, if not above fine, for #50. honestly who would you really want more? diebler? this draft sucks.

Charlie H reply to MHW on Jun 23 at 23:46

yeah, I forgot about Diebler. Love his jumper. No defense.



Apparently Collins loves him (unless he's just pretending) and Stefanski says they even considered trading up to get him. I guess it's at least less heart-breaking that they didn't do that. I tend to trust Collins on this, I feel like he's earned at least a little faith.

He's going to surprise everyone here. Dude is a beast. 17/10, 75% foul shooting (that's incredibly good for a college center), legit 7-footer, true center. I'm so happy with this pick.

Like the pick. Don't love it. Hope he can help improve the Sixers rebounding numbers which was our biggest weakness last season. I like his height and build. I like to judge players on what they do against better competition and Vucevic had good showings against other first round picks. Very efficient.

Now the question is what can Coach Collins turn him into?

Meh. I would have taken Singleton or Hamilton in that spot. Probably Honeycutt and Faried too.

Either his rebounding is going to have to translate, or he's going to have to be a big time scorer. Speights had better scoring numbers in college (Much more points per shot) in what I'd say is similar competition. Vucevic did do a much better job on the defensive glass, but I'm very skeptical. His basketball IQ is going to have to be big-time on the defensive end.

That said, I'm 100 % behind the guy now. He's on our team, and the goal is for us to laugh at this post and hail Stoned for knowing he was the guy. It's not his fault if he sucks and we picked him way too early.

Rich reply to Rich on Jun 24 at 0:36

But I will judge someone else pretty harshly. Especially because this by all accounts was the guy from the jump.

Tray reply to Rich on Jun 24 at 0:36

No way he's a big-time scorer. Just no way. What part of his offensive game is going to translate to the NBA? For the most part, just the pick-and-pop stuff, catch-and-shoot, etc. He may be a slightly above-average rebounder for his position in the league. And even that I really don't know about. In the Pac-10, he was usually by far the biggest guy on the court. That won't continue to be the case. At least Hawes is a legitimately big body, and occasionally plays like one.

Rich reply to Tray on Jun 24 at 0:50

Hawes never plays like a big body, and he's doughy. He's a quarter inch smaller than Hawes without shoes, longer wingspan, and has a much better body. That's not saying anything though.

I agree about the offensive game thing, but I was just saying that's the only way it turns out well. The thing that I don't get is that all they are getting is another pick and pop guy, when they probably would have been better served by getting a one dimensional rebounder like Faried, if they were set on going big.

Tray reply to Rich on Jun 24 at 0:54

I thought Hawes was actually a, as they say, legit 7'1. And there was that period in December or whenever when he played like a big body.

On another note, nbadraft.net went into the shitter some time ago, but this is hilarious: "NBA Comparison: Wang Zhizhi/Mehmet Okur." Wang, of course, was the Chinese 7-footer who lasted for two years in Dallas shooting threes and doing, literally, absolutely nothing else.

I hate this pick and even I think that's a bit harsh.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 1:08

Yeah, it's not accurate. But Okur is unrealistically optimistic. So the average of the two is Vucevic. Probably closer to Wang than Okur, really. Okur, before he exclusively became a shooter, played with some actual physicality. Raw numbers are pointless, but he's someone who averaged 13 and 7 or greater for six straight seasons, 18 and 9 at his peak. A career 38% three-point shooter, compared to Vucevic's 34% from the college three.

Rich reply to Tray on Jun 24 at 1:05

That's two different levels of success too. Memo had a few pretty good years in Detroit and Utah.

Haha thanks bro!

167 hours, give or take.

I find it amusing that of these 5 names, I was interested in four. Guess which one I was not interested in:

48 Benson
49 Selby
50 Allan
51 Diebler
52 Macklin

It's a challange to even find four late picks I even care about. But to sandwich them between the Sixers pick is interesting. I'm glad I was no longer watching, or I could have gotten unreasonably upset over a late 2nd round selection.

I guess I am no longer on the same page as the Sixers when it comes to the draft- but I'm guessing 99% of people out there who are not Fagan followers would say the same thing.

Stefanski speaks. The weirdest part of this wasn't actually his Vucevic comments, but where he said that we were a young team and mentioned Holiday, Young and Meeks as our three marquee young players, saying nothing about Turner.


I also find that incredibly odd. Meeks is such a terrible player. Big insult to Turner.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Jun 24 at 1:10

"Three players of that caliber" was the phrase he used. So Holiday, Young and Meeks are of the same caliber. But Turner, not so much. He really didn't come advertised to us as a complete idiot when we hired him. Nor did Thorn. Philly does something to people.

Rich reply to Tray on Jun 24 at 1:14

If Iguodala gets traded for Ellis, this team is going to be sooooo bad next year, which wouldn't be a terrible thing if I felt the front office had a plan. I would have loved for them to deal Iguodala for Willams/Kanter and had them take some lumps next year, but at least with a core growing up together. Right now, there are probably 2 1/2 (Thad) guys I want to go forward with, and Stefanski can't even mention one of them.

I think they would have if MIN were interested, but it never made any sense, to me at least, for MIN to pass on Derrick Williams. What a nasty young core they have with Rubio/Beasley/Williams/Love (I think Wes Johnson stinks).

I doubt the wolves seriously considered moving the pick. They left it open to see what was out there, but I don't think it was ever real.

Just added this to the reading list. WTF? Think about that for a second, he listed a restricted free agent and Meeks basically as cornerstones and doesn't even mention Turner.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 1:21

It's just unprofessional. Whatever we as fans might think of Turner, whatever Collins might privately think or say when he's talking to management, Stefanski can't voice or imply pessimism about Turner's future publicly. You can't alienate the player by comparing him unfavorably to a completely fungible, minimum contract role player, and you can't run down his value. And if you want people to come to your games you can't go out there and suggest your prize rookie isn't even good enough to merit a mention in the same breath as Jodie Meeks. It's not like they have any legitimate beef with the effort he's displayed.

There's another, more insidious way to look at this. He's got to know that he's just about out of a job. So when he's trying to get a new job, what's he going to put on his resume? What were his big "wins?"

1. Forcing Mo Cheeks to play Thad
2. Drafting Jrue
3. Trading for Meeks

That's really it.

But you're absolutely right. From the team point of view, he basically devalued Turner, in a big way, while Turner is a guy they either (a) need to produce for the team or (b) could potentially look to trade. And he boosted the value of Thad Young, a guy they need to re-sign. Just a complete joke.

Agreed on all counts. I usually defend Stefanski but he was really being an idiot there.

emtmess reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 3:35

Any chance that he knows about a trade offer for Turner and kinda let something slip. I am really reaching here but with the draft being what it was and the lockout looming thought I would throw out a crappy idea.

I do feel like this pick has united people on both sides of the Iguodala aisle. Completely non-partisan issue, with stoned81 as a wacky independent from New Hampshire.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 1:17

I'd love to agree and argue on something that's positive. Can we have, "You can only talk about Jrue Holiday" Week.

I'm on vacation next week. I think I may just post the most contentious question I can think of every morning and then check back in at night to see how bad it got.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 1:24

After a draft of such stupidity anything else they do will just be gravy. Pretty much any move they could make, including even trading for Ellis, is more defensible than that draft. Certainly Kaman, while lame and pathetic, would be a lot more defensible than that draft.

haha I dig

Tray reply to stoned81 on Jun 24 at 1:36

You should find us photos of every shot he blocked in college. It shouldn't be too hard, there must be so few of them. (Actually, in his entire career, he blocked 95 shots, in 87 games. In the NBA I expect that to dwindle to something like 0.3 bpg, given the lower minutes and massively better competition.)

Jrue missed the dunk.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jun 24 at 1:36

Who cares? How bad does Vucevic look?

scoreboard. 0 points given up on that play. :)

So Brook Lopez, at Stanford, a Pac-10 school, averaged 9.6 rebounds per 35 minutes; Nikola Vucevic, 10.3. Brook Lopez played alongside a decent NBA rebounder, Robin Lopez, who sucked up a lot of rebounds. Vucevic, of course, did not. Last year, Brook averaged 6 boards a game, playing 35 minutes a game. So I think the jury's totally out on what Mr. Second Worst Lane Agility/Vertical in the Draft can do on the NBA glass.

Brook Lopez has the talen to board more in the NBA, but he doesn't seem to be under the basket much. I don't think that translates to Vucevic.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Jun 24 at 1:45

Oh, Vucevic is going to be under the basket more than Brook Lopez. Lopez is around the basket quite a lot. He might get the ball force-fed to him in the post as much as anyone in the league. Although perhaps when he's on defense he just hangs around the three-point line and texts his brother.

Rich reply to Tray on Jun 24 at 1:39

Of course the jury is still out. Why would the jury go away? Everything he does is questionable at best in the context of transferring to this level.

Brook Lopez disappeared this year, but part of that was Kris Humphries sucking up a ton of rebounds.

That is just cherry-picking stats. Sure there are players who are good college rebounders in the Pac-10 who can't replicate it in the NBA. And there are guys like Love, who have poor wingspans/reach and yet somehow rebound even better in the NBA then the Pac-10.

You can't say Vucevic was a poor rebounder in college (like Thad was.) All you can say is that it may or may not translate.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jun 24 at 1:48

Kevin Love, the incredibly gifted, wide-bodied rebounder who averaged, pro-rated out to Vucevic's minutes, 12.3 rpg in his one and only college season.

Rich reply to Tray on Jun 24 at 2:05

I agree with you that the rebounding won't translate, but simply looking at Brook Lopez and calling him another Pac-10 center is cherry-picking. I can do it the other way.

Look at another Pac-10 center we all are familiar with, Spencer Hawes. He averaged 6.4 boards in 28 minutes in the Pac-10, and his Per 36 numbers have actually increased by almost 2 boards a game in the NBA. So by that measure, there is hope for the guy, when in reality it's better to say that the situations are probably unrelated.

Rich reply to Rich on Jun 24 at 2:06

This when you talk about his stats last year and his 9.7 boards per 36.

Tray reply to Rich on Jun 24 at 9:37

I agree that Vucevic may be Spencer Hawes with a little more fluidity and a better jump shot.

Quote of the night from Stefanski:

“This was a brutal draft,” Stefanski said.

Tom Moore on Jun 24 at 1:45

Story: Sixers select USC center Nikola Vucevic, Temple big man Lavoy Allen:


(with Stefanski video on Vucevic)

Just think, with a Hawes/Vucevic center rotation we can have one of them on the floor at all times :)

Tom Moore on Jun 24 at 2:05

Story: Allen 'a little surprised' to be a Sixer:


Thorn on Allen: "Great kid"

Maybe you guys are looking at this the wrong way. You see him as the center for the future, whereas the Sixers may see him as a quality big that can come off the bench and contribute. With the 16th pick in a weak draft, a decent bench player isn't a bad pick at all. I can't imagine this guy being less useful than Mo Speezy. ( Give me a break I'm trying to make sense of this)

Tray reply to Stan on Jun 24 at 9:30

I think it's perfectly okay to pick a backup center at 25. Not sure he'll be a good backup center. But at 16, there were way better options, like, the best defender in the draft, the best rebounder in the draft, maybe the second most skilled Euro big man in the draft, a number of guards and wings who can really score, including Jordan Hamilton, a number of centers who have a lot more upside than Vucevic does - Tyler, Benson, Jordan Williams. Take Williams, for example. Yeah, he's not an athlete, but neither is Vucevic, and he's lost a lot of weight and averaged 16.9/11.8 in the ACC. Seventh best among prospects in rebounding per minute. He has a post game, a wide frame. I think that's someone who, if he doesn't get too doughy, will definitely have a better career than Vucevic, and he went at 36.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Jun 24 at 9:37

Jordan Williams is a beast on the boards. I really liked him going in. Hope this new guy does turn out better than him because they will be going head to head alot being in the same division.

They will definitely face each other in garbage time quite a bit.

Marty reply to Stan on Jun 24 at 9:37

I actually think you nailed it. This isn't our starter of the future. He's our backup of the future. Yea, it would have been nice to get Biyombo but obviously it's not in the Sixers DNA to make such a dynamic move to move up for such an unknown commodity. I look at this move as the beginning of the end of the Spencer Hawes era. If someone offers him a multi-year contract this off-season, see ya! Otherwise, he won't be re-signed and Vucevic will take his place. Of course I wish we could have gotten more out of this draft, but taking Hawes replacement (who I think WILL be better, not saying much, but still) isn't the end of the world.

Stan reply to Marty on Jun 24 at 10:54

If Hawes signs his qualifying offer, he'll be here for 4.5 mill this season. The scary thing is, I think Doug Collins values centers that can hit jumpshots and pass then centers that can rebound and block shots.

Why is that?

I could have sworn when he was hired people praised his dedication to defense?

eddies' heady's on Jun 24 at 9:24

So Macklin goes right after we take this Lavoy Allen kid, I thought Macklin had at least a little bit of promise as a rotational big off the bench. What's the outlook they're seeing on this hometown kid from Temple that Stefanski admits has problems with giving effort but says it's partly because he looks smooth on the court?

Guess the silver lining is that Big Ed says that Doug wanted him, and if I have faith left in anyone it sure as heck is Doug.

Yeah. This seems like the coaches pick. He wants offensively skilled players and "ball friendly" centers. Gotta give him a chance.

Yeah. This seems like the coaches pick. He wants offensively skilled players and "ball friendly" centers. Gotta give him a chance.

eddies' heady's on Jun 24 at 9:34

Well, I mentioned Sunday that I couldn't agree at this point with the two trains of thought that 1)Meeks was a finished product and someone Doug would just relegate to spot minutes, and 2) that Turner could be considered part of the future core by only being a bit role player in his first year.

Now Stefanski is under the same impressions that I am? No way, say it isn't so ... had to just be an oversight or meaningless non-mention. In fact, considering the two different wavelengths us two have been on since his tenure started, I know it was. Had to be.

Nothing to see there cause I've not agreed with but one move he made and that's Meeks, because I don't give him credit for hiring Doug the second time around when he should have done it the first time.

I disliked the Korver move, Cheeks embarassment, Brand signing, Andre no-bid contract, and so on.

deepsixersuede reply to eddies' heady's on Jun 24 at 9:50

I had hope this pick means Iggy won't be traded for Kamen but actually this guy makes sense as a backup center to Jefferson on the clipps. Was this pick made for other reasons? What is the timeline and rules on moving picks?

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 24 at 9:58

Heck of a thought, but I'm just not sure I buy it after seeing comments of how they "really hoped he'd get to us". Which seems really narrow minded to me, because how do you go into a draft with a middle-of-the-pack pick and are already zeroed in on who you want, but have no idea how the picks before you are going to shake down? It just seems like hell or high water - they were gonna do whatever to get Nikola (don't like typing his last name for some reason)

Two interesting tweets from Thaddeus last night during the draft:


Well I knew 2weeks ago u all will find out n a sec about 13 hours ago via Echofon

We got the tallest man in the draft who can shoot, score, post up,and block shots ... Sounds good to me about 12 hours ago via Echofon

...although Speights getting mad during the second round was far far more hilarious...

What did Speights say on twitter?

There's nothing sexy about the pick, but there is value if he develops into a servicable 5.

If you're going to invest in a guy whose upside is "league average" the 5 spot is where to do it. Those guys are historically the most overpaid guys in the league. If he can be decent, he potentially keeps them from feeling they have to extend Hawes and/or replace him with an expensive mediocre MLE-type.

The other potential positive is that he helps balance the roster so that they don't feel like they need a certain position in any potential trades later this offseason.

His athletic numbers are NOT impressive, but how impressive of an athlete is the soon to be greatly overpaid Marc "doughboy" Gasol? Has Ilgauskas ever been able to jump? What's Kendrick Perkins' vertical these days? You can be an effective NBA pivot without impressive combine numbers.

Apparently, Collins loves the guy so he should "fit" into what he wants to do.

I'm not excited about the pick, but I can see some potential positives.

eddies' heady's reply to CM on Jun 24 at 10:04

Yeah, I'm following you here except for one thing - size is always overvalued on draft nights along with Euros. We overanalyze all the American prospects, yet size rises up boards with weaknesses brushed aside just like with Euros weaknesses are often overlooked. At least to me it seems to be a frequent pattern.

Though the not extending Hawes has to be looked at as nothing but a HUGE positive.

Tray reply to CM on Jun 24 at 10:11

But he's nothing like those guys. Gasol and Perkins are really physical players, and Ilgauskas actually could jump when he was young, but besides that, he was tremendously skilled. And huge. I'm trying to think of any good slender 7' unathletic centers, and none come to mind. Okur's mentioned, but Okur's wider and actually had a great shot, not just a "oh wow, he's 7 feet and can kind of shoot" shot.

eddies' heady's on Jun 24 at 9:53

Admittedly, as much college ball as I watch I didn't pay any attention to this Nikola kid (which may be saying something) in the 7 or 8 USC games I viewed during last season. I do remember seeing how Alex Stephenson was looking after his transfer from the University of North Carolina though.

In Doug I trust on this one too I guess.

But a thought just zipped by - if we like this kid for his pick-and-pop capability and his height/length to defend the rim, though I see comments he's earthbound, wouldn't JaJuan Johnson have been just as good at pick-and-popping and protecting the rim, while not nearly as earthbound, with freakish leaping ability and accolades of being a defensive player of the year multiple times in his conference?

Guess we'll watch him dominate against us for the Celts as KG continues to wane.

chad ford and ryen russillo break down every 1st round pick, sixers are around the 20 minute mark


Fords Draft Grades are up - but they're insider only

i know he gave the sixers a C, and he kinda explains it in the podcast

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 24 at 10:05

How did we end up with a C? Just because we drafted "tall"?

The Sixers needed size and so they took the biggest guy on the board, but this was a case of drafting need over talent. I think better players were on the board, even if they weren't 7-footers. Vucevic will be solid in the NBA, but he's far from being a potential star.

Allen doesn't exactly get you excited after a lackluster four years at Temple

all this from chad ford

Yeah, I'm not sure how that grades out as a C.

niether do i

Just listened to the podcast and Ford basically says he hates the pick.

Rusillio makes an excellent point.

Just take Jimmer at 7

seriously - the kings wtf?

Course Ford discounts the bobcats picking biyombo because of choosing kwame brown first.

so he liked biyombo until the bobcats took him?

The spurs are so tight money wise that they wouldn't be able to extend george hill?

I didn't know Nikola was a 'mike mamula workout warrior'

Sigh - that just makes it worse to me

Until this team gets new ownership and new minds in the front office, I'm not buying a single ticket to go see the 6ers. I can't rightly justify supporting this ownership in any possible way. if this makes me a bad fan, so be it.

this is only step one. then we'll see overpaying for limited role players. can't wait.

I think it makes you a good fan, an intelligent fan. "Root root root for the home team" doesn't allow you to express your displeasure with how a franchise is run. They don't care if you complain on a blog or sports radio, they only care if they start hurting on the bottom line. Only way for that to happen is for people to stop buying tickets, or mechandise, etc....hit em where they notice, or they don't take your displeasure seriously.

As of now I won't be looking to get tickets to the sixers LA Games, nor would I buy NBA League pass

"One of the main things I need to improve is my three point range." No, no you don't. In fact if you want to do something positive, it would be deciding to not take any more of them.

I am not happy with Vucevic, i don't think he'll be more than a 20min per game backup, but i'm not overly depressed because none of the remaining players truly excited me. Maybe Motiejunas because of his upside, but from all the rest i'm actually fine with Vucevic. His vertical jump scares me, but it's not like it's impossible to be a productive player without it. Just ask the Grizzlies who had great success in the playoffs, while being carried by Randolph and Gasol who are both probably worse than Vucevic in the "jumping" department.

Rebounding tends to be the skill that translates best from college to pros and Vucevic was a very good rebounder, especially on the defensive end.

All in all i think he is an upgrade over Hawes and we shouldn't be too mad because noone good fell. Instead maybe we should celebrate because Iguodala is still here. And you what it could've been Kaman who joined the Sixers instead of Vucevic.

Some things I think you guys are missing surrounding the choice of Vucevic.

1. By not selecting Vucevic, SPENCER HAWES is our only option a starting center! SPENCER HAWES people!!
2. Not selecting him would leave Elton Brand as our only legit option as a backup center. I think we all agree that's going to keep Brand any healthier during the season. Drafting an athletic 6'9 power forward doesnt help this situation.
3. Not selecting him gives us no viable options in the next 2-3 years to aquire any legit center via free agency or trade. Even trading Iguodala will bring you any serviceable center.

I liked this pick simply because of need. I see Vucevic as having more positives than negatives in his game. Can't say that about their current staff of bigs. They need an upgrade at the center position in any way, shape or form. In maybe the weakest NBA draft in the last 10 years, at the #16 spot I saw Vucevic as their best option n

So - what you're saying is that the sixers should have thought short term and not worried about the long term success of the future and thus COMPOUND their past mistakes by making a universally panned draft pick that doesn't relaly fill a hole - but he's tall so it's ok?

Not selecting him gives us no viable options in the next 2-3 years to aquire any legit center via free agency or trade.

You have no way of predicting that far out. You can't predict what hte roster is going to be in 6 months

He does fill a hole. They need a better starting center! He's 20 years old. He could play for the next 15 years. That's kinda thinks long term right?

As constituted this team will be picking around 13th-16th spot in the draft over the next 2-3 years. What are the chances of striking gold at the center spot? Very slim! What are the chances we pull off a trade to get D. Howard or A. Bynum. Even slimmer. What's our other option? I don't see any.

There's absolutely nothing I've read or seen from reliable intelligent sources that indicate he's better than Hawes (who isn't better than speights)

So how exactly does he fill a hole at starting center.

A guy who feels he needs to work on his 3 point shooting?

Nikola Vucevic = Darius Songalia 2.0

Spencer Flaws on Jun 24 at 12:42

I hope the sixers are thinking about signing greg smith from fresno or Malcolm thomas

Jason's Kid on Jun 26 at 6:05

What's not to like about this kid? Yeah, I know he's not that of an athletic jumper but he's got one of the best in terms of standing reach, quickness (sprint) and skill.

Before you guys do a criticism about this kid, try to do a research about his workouts. Words like "outstanding", "impressive" and "wow" are the words that described his workouts. It's been said that some NBA execs were finding a hard time to differentiate him and Enes Kanter (lower than Vucevic in stand vertical).

Offensively, he's a good inside and outside scorer. Coach Silas and Collins were impressed by his scoring arsenal which includes the ability to score inside with either left or right hand. Defensively, he's a solid defensive player and is a very good rebounder.

Jason's Kid reply to Jason's Kid on Jun 26 at 8:46

^*quickness among other centers

I would like to thank you for the efforts you've created in writing this post. I'm hoping the same most effective operate from you within the future as well

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