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The Doug Collins Pre-Lockout Mystery Tour

Mo Speezy - please learn to speak/write in English...

That should be a lot of traveling for Doug. I hope he's up to it, because I honestly want him resting as much as possible with his mind off of basketball unless a trade is brought up now. Obviously guy is a basketball lifer, but I hope he has been resting up the last few weeks.

I guess he can get to talk to Jrue, Brand, Voose, and the "petulant" Dre (Inquirer baby!) in LA. I guess he could find Lou and Jodie in Atlanta and kill two birds with one stone there. Turner, who may be his most important convo, seems to switch up between Chicago, Columbus and Philly. Hawes is in Seattle, Philly or maybe L.A. I have no idea where Thad is (maybe Memphis or Atlanta?). Anyone else probably isn't much of a concern.

My hope is that he doesn't have to hit too many cities. I would hope Hawes is in LA or Philly. The biggest conversations are with Iguodala and Turner though. Jrue's more important long-term, but he's in a good place.

Elton: figure out a way to get ten years younger over the next three months?

People call him Nick. At this point that is easier than trying to make up a nickname.

Jodie Meeks: please learn how to dribble.
Elton Brand: please stay healthy
Spencer Hawes; please stay on the bench.
Andre Iguodala: please work on your free throws
Jruew HolidayH please stop being passive
Lou Williams: please pretend steve nash is your idol
Evan Turner: please find better way to get your shot off
Andres Nocioni: please be a cancer in the lockerroom and demand a trade
Thad Young: please figure out how to rebound
Craig Brackins: please do something.

That brings me to the Voose.I have pondered long and hard about it and I have come up with this: as long as we have the Voose, I will not have to worry about Spencer Hawes being my center. This way I am officially at peace with the pick, no matter what he turns out to be.
So Nikola Vucevic: please take Spencer Hawes starting spot.
Kumbaya people!

Spencer Flaws on Jun 27 at 1:00

Call him nik. It kind of reminds me of rik smits' weird thing with his name.

Nikola is one of the most common male names in the former Yugoslavian countries. It's the Balkan equivalent of the American name - Nick. So it's not a girls name :).

Turner - please don't join a Quidditch summer league

I think the question about Vucevic really comes down to fit. Most of us think that the team needs an athletic leaper with some defensive abilities and very little skills instead of a guy who plays below the rim, prefers jumpers over dunks and might struggle with the P&R on defense. And i will say that the reasons why we like (or dislike) one type over the other are all legitimate.

That being said, my understanding is that you can look at fit from two different perspectives:

1) How a certain player fits with the other players on the roster

2) How a certain player fits with the system employed by the coaching staff

If you look at it from the first perspective Vucevic is a fairly bad fit with our current roster. The team is generally perceived as one of the most athletic teams in the league and Vucevic, like Hawes last year, is a fairly bad fit with the other players. The teams identity is somewhat blurred this way and if you think the way to succeed is to try to go ultra athletic, than you should be legitimately concerned.

However if you look at it from a system perspective i think Vucevic is a pretty good fit. Collins has expressed the need for a shooting big a number of times last season. I guess the reasoning behind it is that you can't have a defensive oriented center with zero offensive skills, with guys like Iguodala, Turner, Thad and Williams playing major minutes in the backcourt. Even Holiday is not what i would call a shooter even though he is better than average IMO. The modern NBA is all about spacing. Without it, you cannot succeed. Even LeBron won't be able to get to the basket if he is not surrounded with shooters and the opponent packs the middle.

While thinking about this i gotta ask, just how athletic is our team? I mean if they do indeed trade Iguodala, the only great athlete remaining on the team will be Thad. Jrue and Lou are above average but they are not extreme athletes. Whereas, Turner, Meeks, Brand and the rest are average at best.

Steve V reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 8:13

Depends, if Iguodala is moved for Ellis we'll still be really athletic, if it's for Jefferson or Kaman or even Odom were not really an athletic team anymore.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 9:02

"Most of us think that the team needs an athletic leaper with some defensive abilities and very little skills instead of a guy who plays below the rim, prefers jumpers over dunks and might struggle with the P&R on defense."

I think some people here fetishize leapers with no skills, but I would be fine with a genuinely skilled big man. (For example, I would've been opposed to, but a lot more optimistic about, taking Motiejunas.) I just don't see Vucevic as that guy, because (a) his main skill is hitting mid-range jump shots, that's the one thing he's really good at, everything else is just okay (b) he may be so athletically limited that very little of it will translate.

I agree about your points, but imagine that you drafted a "defensive leaper", what makes you think that he will be even rosterable without any skills?

deepsixersuede on Jun 27 at 8:08

Mo- We will try and move you to a team who's coach can't spell defense.
Craig- You will get some minutes at the backup s.f. this year, keep the weight down and work on yur footspeed.
Lou- Work on your shot because you will be off the ball more this year, and Jrue will have it.
Jrue-get in good shape and rest because we expect you to defend all year, not just in the playoffs.
Evan-We want you to earn 35 mpg. this year at the 1,2 and 3; get up a ton of shots this summer.
Iggy-Rest up, your not going anywhere.
Elton-we expect you to just be a p.f. this year and will try to limit your minutes a bit.
Spencer- get your body right, no excuses this year because we drafted a guy that will take your minutes otherwise.
Thad- we want you back, in the same role with more minutes available; work on your jumper.
Jodie-the s.g. spot is yours to lose, keep working on your game.
Noce-we hope togive you a buyout to allow you to finish your career in europe,and open up a roster spot for [D.Lighty,M.Thomas,etc.].
Nick-the starting center spot is there for the taking.

david west taking a huge risk by opting out of his contract coming off knee surgery

Steve V reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 27 at 9:18

Big time risk, if I were him I'd rather prove myself this season and then get overpaid by teams thinking they're getting Howard Paul etc and don't.

Marcus reply to Steve V on Jun 27 at 10:13

Not really hell Elton Brand came off injury and still got an 80 mil plus contract. David West probably wont get 80 mil plus but some team will definitely pay him more than 7.5 million he would get if he didnt opt out.

The CBA will be much more restrictive than in Brand's case. It IS a huge risk and one that will not pay off IMO.

Opting out of a $7.5M one-year deal isn't a risk for West at all. I personally don't like his game, and even I think he's probably worth more than that. No matter what the new CBA looks like, I pretty much guarantee his next contract will be for several multiples of the money he walked away from.

Hmmm is it really 7.5? I thought it was 10 million. Oops, my bad then...

I want Doug to put most of his focus on reaching out to Turner and Jrue. Turner even more so. For this team to get to the next level Turner needs be the trams go-to scorer. Not Lou, not Thad, not Iggy and definitely not Monta Ellis. Collins has to get the most out if Turner next year.

I see Brian is still crying about the Voose pick. How did this go from a piece on Collins to still whining about Voose?

Since we clearly have vastly different opinions on the impact the players drafted around our pick (and some that we reportedly targeted) will become i compiled a list of what i think their most likely outcome is. The comparisons aren't always based on skill, but rather about their possible impact on the team's success.

Vucevic - Nick Collison/Nesterovic
Faried - Reggie Evans
Motiejunas - rich man's Yi Jianlian
Harris - poor man's Battier
Singleton - Julian Wright / Corey Brewer
Shumpert - poor man's Dooling
Leonard - Mbah a Moute
Marcus Morris - Demarre Caroll
Markieff Morris - Speights with better attitude/hustle but worse jump shot
Alec Burks - Rodney Stuckey
Klay Thompson - Dunleavy
Fredette - Bayless
Walker - Jameer Nelson
Knight - Aaron Brooks
Biyombo - Amir Johnson
Brooks - Dominique Jones
Hamilton - Kareem or Brandon Rush
Honeycatt - Donte Greene
Smith - Law

I know this is a very sad list, but what can you expect from a weak draft. Who would you rather have instead of Vucevic from the available ones? Our expectations from this pick are way to high...

Too much angst over the 16th pick in a shitty draft.

Agree with his thinking or not, Collins has shown a preference for legit size + high skill level over strength + athleticism at the 5. It's on him to make it work.

I think that Collins' interpersonal relationships w/ his players is one of his greatest strengths and a refreshing change from how this org has operated.

I definitely have a bias towards athletes when it is draft time. Athletes tend to have higher upside, and as a fan I'd rather the team swing for a home run. And an unskilled athletic big can cover up a lot of problems in a defense. But I probably have too much f a bias in that regard, and don't fully appreciate how much one low BB IQ player can muck up schemes on both ends of the floor.

Whether we like it or not, the Sixers have shifted their focus away from athletasim the last two years. Makes you wonder what the team will lok like when Iguodala is gone.

I do agree about the upside thing. That's my preference as well. Out of three drafts i would rather have one star and two complete busts than three above average (or average) players. however i don't necessarily agree that higher athleticism always mean higher upside. There is a limit to what you can learn as a pro and guys with very limited skillset will never develop into truly skilled players, especially if their BB IQ is low. That's partly why of all the remaining player i actually preferred Motiejunas as bad of a fit he was, he was the only one who had star upside.

Btw, i think Collins like high BB IQ guys and that is probably the direction the team is going towards. No more athletes with limited skills and low BB IQ...

The Greek on Jun 27 at 10:19

The main thing that I want to see from Nik is that he is a strong positional defender. I have confidence that he will be a strong rebounder and an efficient offensive player.

Charlie H on Jun 27 at 11:17

It should be "Vuke" shouldn't it? His name is pronounced "VooKAYvitch". That's how Stern pronounced it at the draft.

Lou: "If you work on your shot selection and defense, you'll push for a starting job next season. But you're ideally suited to be a 3rd guard, so don't be disappointed if you don't start."

Speights: "I still love you, but you're basically uncoachable. Are you willing to listen? If so, you might save your career."

Iguodala: "Do your best to ignore the boos during the introductions for the first home game."

Brand: "You have to be the leader. There can only be one. Having 3 leaders, none of whom is the point guard, breeds confusion. Jrue is too young, Andre is unwilling, and Lou just isn't good at it."

Jrue: "Increase your shooting range, which means working out to build up your legs. And you have to cut down your turnovers."

Turner: "Your first year may have been disappointing to the fans and the team, but that's normal. Most rookies disappoint. There's no way we're trading you this year, because we expect major improvement."

Hawes: "We're gonna do our best to get you more shots next year. Rebounding is overrated."

Turner: Improve your jump shot, learn to play faster

Holiday: Emulate Jason Kidd. Work on becoming an elite athlete

Iguodala: Improve your free-throw shooting, stop shooting fade-aways.

Meeks: Improve your ball-handling skills

Brand: You'll be in high demand next summer. I would consider exercising your ETO.


Dan reply to Dan on Jun 27 at 11:54

elite defender* for Jrue

Thorn maintains no trades are imminent for Sixers:


Check out how the Sixers president answers my question about new ownership group possibly blocking a proposed trade.

"Thorn didn't immediately reply to a followup email wondering if that meant the new ownership has or hasn't nixed a proposed trade."

Hard to know what to make out of that "no comment." But I'm guessing we will here a flurry of new and not so new Iguodala rumors surface as we get closer to Friday.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Jun 27 at 13:26

You would think N.Orleans [West?] and Charlotte [no offense?] could be good landing spots for Spieghts.

Any GM that thinks that Mo Speights can replace David West or can be brought in as an offensive weapon deserves to be shot in the kneecaps.

Tom Moore reply to tk76 on Jun 27 at 16:49

Updated blog with Thorn getting back to me:


Thorn: 'I'm not at liberty to comment on what the arrangements are between the perspective new owners and Mr. Snider."

And that right there pretty much means that the new owners have indeed nixed a deal. Probably a deal involving Iguodala. Now the more important question is: Did they do it for basketball or financial reasons?

I wouldn't go that far. It's possible, but not conclusive.

johnrosz on Jun 27 at 13:40

Iggy: learn to dance like Jrue or pack your bags

Iguodala seems more suited for the poetry slam.

johnrosz on Jun 27 at 14:15

What the hell is going on with this sale by the way? I was under the impression that they wanted to get it done before the lockout. Haven't heard any real details in what, 2 weeks?

I don't think the lockout is necessarily the target date. There's a lot of moving parts. I'm still told it's a virtual certainty.

Turner: Make you hit your first shot every game if you don't want to get pulled after a minute on the floor.

Holiday: Stand in the corner when the game is on the line so that Lou and Iggy can do isos and fail.

Iguodala: You don't even need me to say it, but I'll say it. "Dre is always gonna have the ball." I don't care if you went 1 for 40 this year on final possession isos, that's you my boy.

Meeks: You stink, and we know it, but who cares, shoot every 3 you can possibly shoot, and even if you miss 8 straight, shoot more. I'll be sure to play you 30+ minutes even if you finish with 4 points and provide no D.

Brand: You're obviously our best player and most reliable scorer, but don't expect me to call any plays for you.

Hawes: You rock, keep ballin.

Speights (via Michael Curry, since Collins won't meeting with him): Free Speezy!

Lou: Never stop shooting. Never. EVER! You're my best player. Forget idiots like stoned81 who bring up that you're the worst defender on the team, the worst shooter in the team, and yet the biggest gunner on the team. All that matters to me is that you shoot every time you touch the ball. Wait, check that. First you must dribble out the shot clock. Then pump fake. Then fadeaway at the shot clock buzzer and miss. And you've done your job.

You are a bitter fan :)

I don't understand why the local media (Fagan, even Tom Moore) insists the team needs to make a move for a scorer. What does that mean? A guy who takes 20 shots a game?

Based on the 17 ppg on high percentages that Jrue put up when Iguodala was out- I would like to see what Jrue can do if he is told to be a scorer. The guy was seen as a dominant scorer entering college.

And obviously ET can score.

I agree. The main reason I don't want Ellis is I don't want to break up the Holiday-Turner backcourt future. I think they are both 20ppg potential. Both improved their shooting the second half of last season. Let's continue to groom those guys.

Yeah, just about the only reason I would want to see Iguodala traded is that I'd like to see Jrue take over the team next year. Not saying Iguodala is a selfish player, but he is a ball dominant player and Jrue is clearly much more assertive when Iguodala is not on the court.

As for Turner, I have not really seen him really light it up at the NBA level, but he was only a rookie. Honestly, I'm not sure what either player will turn into, but it is one of the more interesting reasons to watch this team. That and seeing the onset of the Nick Voose era!

Good point. Also I like your moniker :)

sober81 reply to stoned81 on Jun 27 at 22:45


By the way that was the worst draft in worst draft history last nite... The was drafting dudes who live in good oil countries

76ers Basketball Ministry Crusade OR Elongated Epicureans' Epochal - Doug to:

Lou - "You know you're my best scorer; big cred your way. Stay loose. Defense? - ahh, jus' give it your best shot.

Marreese - "Mo, man, ya gotta get after it for me. Time's flyin'. Look me in the eye: Do I have your word?"

Jodie - "Love my shooters. Rest that right arm, kid."

Spencer - "Read my lips, Spence: work! And do not read blogs."

Elton - "Look, I don't expect ya to max out for me again. But we'll keep that our little secret."

Jrue - "You're my point guard, pal; ya got the keys to the car. You know what to do but you meander all over sometimes. Take control and reach your destination without wastin' gas. Surprise element's gone; teams'll be ready. Love when you innovate successfully, hate when you execute carelessly - but I never forget your heart."

Evan - "You're were a pain in the ass last year, Evan, but I got big plans for you. Come back carved and ready to carry some of the load. Have you arranged a schedule with Coach Magee yet?"

Iggy - "Dre, thanks for everything. Yes, we'll make it a condition of the deal that you continue to wear #9; rest assured."

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