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The Waiting Game

Personally, I think there's a decent chance both Iguodala and Thorn are both with the team, but Thorn's role would be as a figurehead only. I don't think he'll be the decision-maker when the sale goes through, and I only think he remains with the team if he's interested in the paycheck without the power.

I think Iguodala will still be a Sixer because I believe the new ownership group wants him to be a Sixer. To me, it seems like Thorn and Stefanski tried to move Iguodala and the move(s) they set up were vetoed by the new ownership group. Even if this was the case, that doesn't mean the new owners won't move Iguodala, it could be they just didn't like the return in any of the deals, it could be they didn't want Thorn and Stefanski to make any deal at all, they'd rather do the work once they took over to put their stamp on the team, but my guess is the new owners value Iguodala, and I'm hoping there's some form of a fresh start.

If I had to bet, though, I'd say Iguodala is here, Thorn is gone. I think he's too old to accept being the president in name only.

This is a difficult question to answer with so much uncertainty for the future of the NBA as a whole. It's extremely difficult to guess atm, but i'm slowly leaning towards neither. Thorn will be there for a while to bridge the gap, but will eventually leave the same way he left the Nets. As for Iguodala i do believe the new owners stopped an Iguodala trade earlier this month, but i'm not sure he will actually stay. For the first time i am starting to believe that Iguodala truly wants out at all costs and if that is the case i doubt the new owners will start their reign with your best player wanting to be traded. The speculation about Iguodala's future has been flowing for two months now and not once has he come out and said "I want to be a Sixer next season". That has me worried quite a bit because at the very least it will be a knock on his value.

I think they Andre stays and Thorn will be out, at the start of the season at least. I also don’t think it matters if Andre wants to stay or not nor does he has to make some pubic statement in regards to that because either way people have already made up their minds about him and it comes down to if the new owners like him or not regardless of what he wants.

And even if he really wants to leave I don’t think that will affect his play on the court or team “chemistry” he is not that type

How would peole be reacting if iguodala had come out and said exactly what Monta said?

What did Monta say?

In response to rumors that he's asking out of GS, he basically said he sort of isn't, but if things dint change, he will be by the trade deadline.

deepsixersuede on Jun 29 at 7:50

There was an interesting take on the Warriors draft on hoopsworld that basically stated that after drafting 2 big guards in K.Thompson and Jenkins that they now may not be dealing from a position of strength as far as Ellis goes.

I think Iggy is gone but we feel better about what we get in return. Perhaps we give up Spieghts and get Udoh in return. I believe from afar these new owners feel a semi star may put some dollars in their pocket and that Iggy is unpopular here.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Casspi is our future s.f. after Derek said one of our new owners was very influential in his being picked at Sacramento. I think Thorn and Stefanski are gone and a young guy that can make up for what is lacking [capology?] in our new ownership group is brought in.

Brian, I think you should throw Thad on the list above. Will he be here and if he is will that affect whether or not Andre is still here?

Next time they toss it up, it may not be the Sixers. Could be the Las Vegas Blackjacks, the White Plains Drifters or the Greenwich Trustees. Whatever the base, my guess is, Iguodala's gone (too much water under the bridge; strikes me as preferring brunch with Pelinka at the Polo Lounge to lunch with palookas at Jimmy John's). As for Thorn, what's the difference where he ends up, Sixers' fortunes-wise? Hasn't made a move since arriving. (Wouldn't want to trail him on a golf course.) Second guess: He'll continue his cordial walk as a transitional advisor, whatever his title may read.

Jeff reply to Ty Game on Jun 29 at 11:30

"Hasn't made a move since arriving"

Willie Green disagrees.

That wasn't a move, that was a love gift to the city of New Orleans. Brackins & Songalia ... scuffling b-ball law firm. "Go, Willie!"

I really don't have any positive or negative feeling about Thorne so I dont care if he stays or gets the boot.

On the other hand I hope that Iguodala is gone. With new ownership, a guy who has knowledge of the NBA (Thorne), a coach that the city believes in and a young neucleus that this city can become attached to, it's time the change the face of the team. Iguodala is still seen as an underachiever/loser to the casual fan. How often have you heard "The Sixers will never win anything with Iggy on the team" or "I'm not buying a ticket to go see Iggy play?" The new ownership has to change how this team is viewed one way or another. In my opinion it starts with moving Iguodala.

If your front office is making moves based on the opinions of the team's dumbest fans, there really isn't much hope at all.

I just now added this and i also wish my friends enjoy it.

Trying to learn more about Levien. Cam accross this article about what may have gone down in Sactown:

Sounds like Levien was best know for Omri and being likely in the pro-Rubio camp. Other than that, seen as a strong agent who had represented Martin.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Jun 29 at 12:01

tk, a very good read.

rswknight reply to tk76 on Jun 29 at 12:38

One of the interesting links to come out of that article was this little nugget by Chad Ford discussing the Rubio split:


"One Kings source reiterated that the organization still has doubts about Rubio, and the visit did little to alleviate them. However, there is a split in the camps in Sacramento, with some pushing for Rubio or, if he's gone, Jrue Holiday. Others are pushing for Jonny Flynn and/or Tyreke Evans. ..."

Sounds like Mr. Levein was already a Jrue fan, which is a good sign


Trade Igoudala for a promising big man and build through the draft?


Keep Igoudala and acquire a big man via FA or trade and contend for the #4 seed in the east?

Unfortunately, I'm not sure either of these are options. The team lacks cap space or other great trade assets that they are willing to move. And it sounds like Iguodala will not bring back a promising young big in a trade (due to his contract.)

Thorn reply to tk76 on Jun 29 at 12:14

Yeah, and I can't think of any promising big men that will be available. But I do think that Lou, Evan and Thad (if resigned) are prospects that can be used to trade for a decent player.

eddies' heady's on Jun 29 at 11:43

Quin Snyder interviewed for Timberwolves head coach job a few days ago. If he goes there maybe that paves the way for us to attempt to raid their glut at certain positions? Send Andre packing since Quin's familiar with him?

Thorn nor Andre will be here next year; Andre foremost though. If Andre does make it to the start of the season, he will surely be on his way at the trade deadline.

Michael Beasley, Kevin Love and Derrick Williams are the only players I like from that team. Beasley might be the only one available.

So who is their PF next year? Love or Williams? Does Love move to C or does Williams move to SF?

eddies' heady's reply to Steve on Jul 1 at 17:45

I have no idea, but for as talented as Williams can be, he will never take time away from Love and his rebounding prowess. Maybe they go small with Love at the 5 but him getting major minutes has to be a given, no?

rswknight on Jun 29 at 12:21

I'd be surprised if the new owners came in and swept Thorn out unceremoniously. For one, Thorn has too many allies in the league office for me to see that happening, not to mention that the ink on his contract is still relatively fresh. My best guess is that Thorn will be probably "demoted", where Levein might take the overall franchise Prez role but leave Thorn as Prez(or VP) of Basketball Operations. The franchise is still on the hook for Thorn, and I could see Levein wanting to pick Thorn's brain for a bit before taking the full reigns to himself. Will Stefanski be back? Tougher, though if Thorn is still in a power position, chances are that Stefanski will remain in some capacity, even if it is as a glorified scout.

I believe Iguodala stays, at least through the trade deadline, mainly because the true power of the team lies with Doug Collins, who still loves Dre and appreciates him for what he brings to the team. If Doug can persuade the new owners that the team is potentially on the cusp of a 50-win season and a possible playoff run(a la Memphis/OKC), then I could see the new owners giving him a chance to win with his guys, while they take an evaluation stance, so to speak. The previous presupposes that there is not a "no-brainer" type of deal that drops in their laps after the lockout, of course.

I was really expecting a fresh round of rumors to surface as the CBA deadline approached. But up to now I'e heard nothing. I guess everyone is hunkering down.

It's a shame that the players are not trying to get a deal done based on the 63M semi-hard cap. But maybe that was just PR and has poison pills attached.

My guess is that the real sticking point about that proposal is that it would set the cap and that's where it would stay for 10 years.

I think it's just that the players aren't getting paychecks now anyways, and thus aren't missing them and won't be missing them until October. Once they get close to missing them and when the realize they need an income, and will settle.

johnrosz on Jun 29 at 15:28

I'll be stunned if Iguodala is a Sixer on opening night,whenever that is.

So... Biyombo's original club wants a $1.4 million from the Bobcats and the Bobcats are only allowed to spend 500k for the buyout. Biyombo has 2 years left on his deal. So I guess by the time Biyombo gets to play in the NBA he'll be 28 yrs old.

johnrosz on Jun 29 at 16:07

"The owners will eventually get most of what they want for two reasons: One, most of the league’s teams are losing money and others have sold for depressed prices. Two, almost half of the players in the NBA ask for advances on their paychecks during any given month, frequently because they spend a higher percentage of their earnings, their cash is tied up in illiquid investments, and more than a handful are legally bound to support women they are not married to but have had children with."

From a Forbes blog today, this is why I doubt the lockout lasts more than 20 games. Players can't afford it, I mean you guys all know how easy it is to run through those 150k game checks.

Agreed. The players are just posturing right now. They already got the two concessions they wanted from the owners (keeping guaranteed contracts and no hard cap) so it's all for show at this point.

Not to mention that without a job some of the players will have more free time to spend money.

Would you trade Andre and Lou for Josh Smith and Marvin Williams?

Apparently, Khloe broke up the Lamar-Andre trade. I can't believe I am saying this, but Thank God for Khloe Kardashian. Now all we need is for Kourtney to date Chris Kaman and Monta Ellis at the same time.

Is this a joke or serious?

I saw that, but can't imagine it's true. Lamar is expiring in a year anyway (so he can always go back), plus Kim is engaged to a Net, 85 miles apart.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Jun 29 at 18:32

Humphries is a free agent. Anyway, Kim and Khloe are, after all, two different people.

Steve reply to stoned81 on Jun 29 at 20:54

How many pro-athletes in how many cities has this woman dated? She first dated a guy in New Orleans, then went to Dallas and then one in NJ. Who knows the number of men she dated between those 3. I only knew about Humphries when they proposed.

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