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Potential FA Target: James Jones

I'd be down for this if we simultaneously waived Jodie Meeks. Jones shoots 43% from three, Meeks 39%. That's a pretty big difference when considering just 3-point specialists.

Makes sense to cut a guy who's making $884K and actually contributes in other areas besides three point shooting to sign a guy for at least twice as much who shoots threes a little better and does everything else significantly worse. Maybe they should just cut everyone and sign a bunch of slow white guys.

Disagree that Meeks does anything besides shoot 3's. His ball-handling stinks, he can't finish, he can't pass, his defense is terrible. Worst of all though is that Collins thinks he's a 30-minute player. Releasing him would be addition by subtraction imo due to the way Collins seriously overplays him. If Collins limited Meeks to 10 min a game, like other coaches would, he'd be able to fit a role. But hep plays way too much, no other coach in the league would be giving him minutes like that.

The Greek reply to stoned81 on Jun 30 at 7:58

Meeks is a decent defender as long as he isn't checking the Wades of the world, you could say at worst he is a max effort defender.

James Jones does nothing for me.

I see your point, but Meeks can't cover anyone who has skills, from my view. Yes he gives max effort (which, after years of watching LouWill, seems special), but in reality, that's still weak.

Steve V reply to stoned81 on Jun 30 at 10:53

As an I'd individual defender Meeks isn't great but he does play very good team defense and knows the limitations in his game. He's a solid role player and a cheap one at that. Good combo.

The Greek reply to Steve V on Jun 30 at 20:38

Dallas winning the title should give teams a lot of hope. Dirk, Barrea, and Terry are below average defenders but max effort guys. So maybe if Meeks goes to the bench and is paired with Lou on the second team maybe we should run zone defenses a heck of a lot more then we did last season. And yes I know that Lou is a crappy defender but maybe his speed and Collin's coaching can make him an average defender in a zone.

I would spend that money on Hilton Armstrong instead.

We don't need James Jones. Meeks plays the same role and has a lot better overall game.

The Greek on Jun 30 at 8:07

I was thinking about our guards yesterday and that we only have 4 of them.

PG Jrue

SG Meeks, Turner, Lou Williams

Now I understand why Xavier Silas is dying to come to us and why we want him. And no I didn't forget about Iggy, I just don't see him as a sg anymore.

My question is does anyone know anything about Xavier Silas aside that he wasn't drafted


Check out the second video piece here...kid's got a great 'tude to play his play which should have us all pretty jacked regarding his potential:


Here's another piece with a little info on him & his draft visits:


His college stats:


The Greek reply to khouse on Jun 30 at 12:30

TY for the links!

does anybody know when jason kapono's contract expires?

Kapono will be an unrestricted free agent at midnight tonight.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 9:33

Do you think they can free up a roster spot by offering Nucioni a buyout to return to Europe? Or is his expiring too valuable.

I can't imagine "valuable" and "Nocioni" ever being used together. But really, I don't think his expiring contract has any value to us, because we're not looking to take on big salaries (and that's pretty much all a big expiring allows you to do, right?). I think we'd love to buy him out if he'd take a cheap buyout, but I can't imagine he would (hard to believe any European team will pay him serious money considering he's completely lost the already-weak skills he once had). So we may as well just pay him incrementally to ride the pine, then throw a party when he comes off the books.

Charlie H on Jun 30 at 9:54

I'd be much happier with Jon Diebler, whom they could have drafted. He can at least dribble.

My interest level in pursuing James Jones would be zero point zero.

Nocioni's expiring corpse will probably give you a higher level of performance in the coming season. He'll tie up money and a roster spot with minimal return, at best.

Meeks has value, especially on his contract.


meh. Meeks is a decent 3-point shooter and is only making 884k. There's no point in spending an extra million on a bench player that gives you the same specialty at a slightly better rate.

What about Michael Redd or Shawne Williams? I would bring them in at the right price.

This is one of the nicest assists I have ever seen:


A guy like Jones benefits from being on the Heat. If he was on the Sixers he would not get as many completely wide open looks, since the defense wouldn't be constantly having to deal with Wade and Lebron. This alone can account for the difference between Meeks and Jones's 3p%.

I agree with this in theory (that Miami's superstars should open up more wide open shots than the Sixers' cast). However, in my observations, Meeks had numerous wide open shots every game. He was often left alone, especially the final month when he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and opposing teams were encouraging him to take 10 shots a game.

Although last year was Meek's second season, it was his first year getting playing time. I think he has more room for improvement than Jones.

found this, ive seen posters on here mentioning that they want casspi to come to philly

marc stein: Just filed to ESPN.com: Cavaliers and Kings in advanced discussions on a J.J. Hickson-for-Omri Casspi deal

Really? Why?
Isn't this the same guy that CLE wouldn't include in a trade for Amare? Is CLE going to steal another lottery pick?

Kings finalizing trade sending F Omri Casspi and first-round pick to Cavs for F J.J. Hickson, sources tell Yahoo! Sports

the question is, how protected is that first round pick?

I'm shaking my head.

Brand, Hawes, Vucevic, Spieghts... and Hickson is getting traded to the Kings who already have a bunch or frontcoourt players.

I know others here think Hickson stinks, but IMO the Sixers should have tried to acquire him.

Hickson really isn't good, I guess the question is whether the kings valued casspi as an asset. Not sure I'd be crazy about giving up a decent first rounder alone for hickson the year before he's due an extension.

How much are you basing that on the 1st 2 months of last season? The second half of the year he put up huge numbers.

I always think it is hard to judge a guy when his team is brutal. Who was his PG last year?

Why should the final two months carry more weight than the first six, or even the season as a whole?

I think you have your notion backwards. Look at his monthly splits. After struggling his 1st 2 full months he was tremendous for the remaining 4 months.


I'm saying his 1st 2 seasons and his last 51 games carry more weight than his 1st 2 months of last year. Especially since the team was rudderless. You are the one saying 2 bad months (that he shook off to have a strong season) define him. I'm trying to look at his total body of work.

Per 36 numbers for last year (including bad months): 17.6/11.1

Career FG% .495 (plummeted when he had terrible teammates, which makes sense given his is a finisher.)

Can finish well on a P&R, athletic, finishes strong at the rim in traffic. Good hands.

Not saying the guy is a superstar or worth a ton. But for a role player and a non-lottery pick he is a steal- especially since he is exactly the type of big Jrue needs.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jun 30 at 18:34

totally agree with this. would've loved to had this guy on our team in tandem with Jrue. but we've instead got Speights wasting away - hopefully Stefanski and DiLeo aren't kept around with the new owners.

The Kings gave up a high lottery pick in a presumably strong draft for him. I don't think he is worth that much. He put up solid numbers for a horrible team last year. I wouldn't pay too much attention to it. He is a guy with a suspicious attitude, who is happy to shoot 20 foot jump shots all day long. Oh yeah and he can't play any defense whatsoever. He is essentially Speights in a better shape.

The 1st round pick is lottery protected for forever. Something along the lines of top 14,13,12,11,10 protected for 5 years and then becomes a 2nd rounder. A steal IMO.

I'd take Speights in better shape... that just is not an option. Right now the only options are out of shape Speights and the Slowsky's.

You've got serious blinders on for this guy. He was atrocious until February, then bad again in March. Feb and 8games in April is your sample size of good play.

I wasn't impressed with this guy when LeBron was spoon feeding him and his performance last year put Jim on a do not touch list for me, especially not if it's going to cost you a first rounder.

The Sixers must find an athelt P&R finisher to team with Jrue. Hickson is near perfect for this IMO- but `veryone has their own opinion.

I'm not blind to his faults. More that I see how challenging it is to acquire a young player with his skill set and am willing to work around his weak points, especially when the cost is a lottery-protected 1st and a midling role player.

Why do they need an athletic big? Isn't that the void the Voose is going to fill?

emtmess reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 19:29

No he is filling the slow high basket ball IQ/skill role and provide floor spacing right?

Sure, with those Spring Shoes.

61% at the rim doesn't qualify as a finisher, either.

Inside%: 0.595. Prior year 0.680.

I'd say with Jrue, Turner and Iguodala spoon feeding him off penetration he will be back above 62% if not closer to 68%

Others for comparison:

Gasol 0.625
Bynum: 0.638
Amare 0.633
Cousins 0.588
Love: 0.604
Duncan: 0.680
Dwight: 0.637
Bosh 0.653

At rim was my concern, not inside (from hoop data)

And the year before he was 68%, 4th best of all NBA PF's who play 20+ min/game.

It all depends on how you think he will play alongside J/T/I. If you think he finishes like he did for this year's (guardless) Cav's then maybe he is not the right fit. If you think he will be more like the LBJ year version then he works great. IMO having J/T/I will generate great looks for him that playing with Baron Davis did not.

So again, we're completely discounting the only year in which he was asked to play a significant role. Best-case, does he give you more offense than Thad? And you're confident enough to give up a first rounder that he'll stop taking so many jumpers?

I'm more confident in Hickson then I am in a non-lottery pick.

Any athletic PF taken outside the lottery will take years to mature and likely end up not as good as Hickson.

We need an athletic player to pair with Jrue and Turner right now. That player is rare. This is partly why this draft stunk.

Hickson is not Kemp in his prime, but he's the right type of player at the right age and came for relatively cheap. He was over-valued when he had Lebron. But now he is being undersold simply because he was not able to carry a joke of a team.

He is the type of player who knows how to capitalize on other players penetatration,. that never happened on last years Cavs. And yet the Sixers have it in spades, but without a big who can catch and finish.

I know your contention is that Hickson is not that guy. I disagree, and am bummed that the Sixers have little or no chance to find that type of player. They could have had it in Hickson without even trading away J/T/I.

A first rounder followed by an immediate extension for a guy who really hasn't shown a thing. I also don't think he's the finisher you think he is. To me, he's a less-intimidating version of Jason Maxiell who was hyped up when he was playing with LeBron and then fell flat on his face when LeBron left.

A pick in the mid-teens is more valuable than that, unless of course you use that pick on the Voose.

the draft pick is lottery protected

Interesting tidbit from SBnation:

"Josh Smith: The Hawks pretty much forced themselves into a situation where they have to trade Smith. They have $64.3 million committed to just seven players already and none are as tradeable as Smith. Smith can do some really dumb things on the court, but he also makes his presence known in so many different areas, has improved his jump shot and is only 25. He's undervalued because of his reputation, and whoever acquires him will probably reap the benefits of all that hard work the Hawks put into him."

Would you be willing to do a sign and trade of Thad along with Nocioni and a future 1st for him?

josh smith is really bad, i dont understand why people dont get it. i wouldnt give thad for smith let alone adding a 1st round pick

People don't "get it" because other people actually value defense.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 14:50

Nothing like having what, 42 mil tied up into EB, Iggy, and Josh Smith next season, right?


Pretty sure it would be more than $42M. Not sure I'd do it, just reacting to the Bargnani fan saying Josh Smith sucks.

yes, he is a good shot blocker but some of the other dumb things he does(shot selection, goes after every block when sometimes just staying with your is man more important) if they get him very cheap then fine but in my mind he isnt worth alot

Court_visioN reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 30 at 15:18

Josh Smith's career DRtg according to bball-reference is 104. As a point of reference, Iguodala is 106. I know, big men/shotblockers get an advantage in that stat but the point remains the same: he's solid defensively.

Drtg isn't the best indicator of an individual's defensive play. Too dependent on who he's on the floor with.

Court_visioN reply to Dan on Jun 30 at 14:56

Interesting proposition. I'd probably do that deal. Smith's contract expires on the same year as Brand. Of course it does create a bit of a logjam at the 4 spot, but I guess if Brand is shifted over to center it might work out... Smith's DREB% was 23.7% last season predominately from the 4 spot. He's not great offensively, and if the Sixers lose Thad I feel like they may need somebody who can come in and score off the bench when Lou Williams isn't on. Does Turner fill that role? Or can Craig Brackins and Vucevic pick up the slack?

johnrosz on Jun 30 at 15:28

KBerg_CBS: BREAKING: Owners have informed players they are locking out. #NBA #lockout

Billy Hunter and co. must stand up and fight for the "middle class"


Where did gosixers disappear to? Is he really done posting here? God I hope so, its so nice not having to listen to his constant bs.

Scott reply to Timx on Jun 30 at 17:20


Paul reply to Timx on Jun 30 at 18:50

Double agreed!
The pleasantness around here is rather refreshing now that you mention it

The Greek reply to Paul on Jun 30 at 20:47

It's funny as I was reading all of the posts I was thinking how classy the board was today. Now I just realized why!

Hey Tom, how does the NBA lockout affect local beat writers?

Gosixers on Jun 30 at 19:17

I'm Back and better than ever!!!

emtmess reply to Gosixers on Jun 30 at 19:30

Just kidding that wasn't him.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 30 at 19:30

nene opts out of $12mm in final year? does that means he expects someone to pay him $15 or so ? If nene is getting $15, Iguodala is an absolute steal.

I wouldn't really look at his salary next year, I'd look at the total guaranteed money in the next contract he signs. A three-year/$30M deal is $18M more than that option would've paid him, and we are talking about a cancer survivor, so it's not like he's unfamiliar with the feeling of having his career cut short. Makes sense to opt out while he's healthy and get as much guaranteed money as he can after a healthy, productive season.

The Greek reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 20:51

While I agree with Brian that Nene is looking for more guaranteed money, I have to think that Tyson Chandler the anchor of that Dallas Defense that shocked the world made millions for Nene. Someone is going to pay him and pay him big time. The Kings maybe? Toronto? 2 teams that have cap space and and the need to overpay players to play for them.

I read somewhere that the Warriors were interested in Nene. not sure how they can pull that off...

The Warriors are completely out of their minds, so I assume the rumor will be something like Biedrins in a sign and trade for Nene and Gallo.

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 23:25

Hey guys, if New Jersey targets Nene and puts him next to Lopez does that keep Deron there and put them ahead of us on the eastern conference treadmill over the next 5 years?

Tk, not sure that is a one sided trade. When it is all said and done, Casspi may be as good as Hickson, it will be interesting to see how a change of scenery affects both guys.

But please answer me this; with a power forward [Thompson] that doesn't compliment their center and isn't ready to start probably why would Scott not want Hickson there?

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 23:28

Tk, my only reason would be Samardo Samuels showed a better work ethic and enough promise for the future in his short stint last year.

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