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Pressing Questions - July 9, 2011

rswknight on Jul 9 at 15:38

IMO, Evan Turner would. The Euro emphasis on distance shooting & man movement off the ball would be especially helpful to him.

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount reply to rswknight on Jul 9 at 16:21

not to mention, he'll be able to improve his jumpshot better by shooting during actual games instead of by himself w/o a defender in the gym

Precisely. You add in the sheer amount of sophisticated zone he could see, and it would really be a benefit.

Speights. Twice a day practices would be a lot better for him than whatever it is he's doing now.

Court_visioN on Jul 9 at 16:53

I think Iguodala would instantly become a star in Europe. I have a friends from Europe and they claim that Euro fans value your overall floor game over the PPG stat. Granted, I don't know how true this statement is but if it's true Iguodala would be a superstar haha

Not only that, but Iguodala would be off the charts physically dominant in Europe.


@thekidET: "Had fun at this game. About to shower and eat and then step out one time before I head to Philly to work on my shooting with Herb Mcgee"

Haha, well either I was wrong, or Magee is working for free!

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Jul 9 at 18:34

A player taking the initiative? I mean, it's 100% on the team though ain't it? They recommended it...

Heh. He's paying for this out of his own pocket, and I'm pretty sure you were ripping him for not doing it a couple days ago. Now we find out he is doing it and he doesn't get any credit. Hilarious.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jul 10 at 11:38

No. I was saying that if he isn't willing to invest in his own future, while having the available funds, then he should be ripped. Or that if he 'was' using the lockout as an excuse, after team personnel had recommended he need instruction/assistance, then he should be ridiculed. Basically, your career/future is on you, no matter the expense, not the team just because they recommended it as others were "100%" adamantly suggesting.

Go back and re-read it and don't let preconceived notions cloud the view.

What's your deal? I already admitted I was wrong. Who brings out "I told you so" comments after the person has already admitted he was wrong?

And the point of Brian's post was that we're hearing crickets from you regarding credit for Turner. You were so quick to bash him for the false report that he wasn't going to pay out of pocket for Magee, yet you don't give him an ounce of credit when it turns out that he is in fact paying Magee out of pocket.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Jul 10 at 18:08

You're clouded too? I didn't bash him for the false report that he wasn't going to pay Magee himself (there never was a report of such! duh). tk said he read in Fagan's chat that Turner wasn't going to work with Herb this summer, nothing of him paying or not paying was even reported. I stated I was on the fence about whether he should work with him or not and explained why. You and someone else brought up the pay or not pay yourself discussion.

As for credit, I don't give credit to any individual who should take initiative to become better at their preferred field or line of work. That's like saying you're going to go outside in the morning and give the garbage man a pat on the back and "Atta boy!" because he went to lifting techniques and push-cart / pull-cart classes.

sober81 reply to Rich on Jul 9 at 18:27

You beat me to it! lol

Interesting idea from Simmons in his column today about what he would do if he was actually as important as he thinks he is:

3. We define a 'Franchise Player' as someone who's played at least four consecutive years with one team and made three All-Star teams OR two first or second All-NBA teams during that time. Any 'Franchise Player' automatically gets a $17 million cap figure, but can be paid $500,000 per years of service beyond that number without it counting on the cap. For instance, if Dwight Howard wants to sign with the Lakers next summer, they could offer only his franchise cap number ($68 million over four years). Orlando gets the benefit of that $500k bump — eight Howard/Orlando seasons multiplied by $500,000 — so they can offer him a four-year deal worth $87 million.13 The longer he stays in Orlando and keeps playing at a 'Franchise' level, the more money Howard can earn.


...of course, that would have a much bigger impact on the Sixers if 80 guys made the all star team each year like in MLB, but still...

Brian, say some of the other superstars(wade,melo,amare etc) go play in europe, any chance espn broadcasts some of their games?

I'd like to see Jrue in Krasnye Krylia Samara. He would develop his pick'n'roll game with our true center Primoz "Gangsta" Brezec.

Hmmm got an email from the team for a big merchandise blowout sale at the WFC next weekend, Sat for season ticket holders and Sunday 1-4pm for the rest of you... a possible sign of a logo change coming?

I would like to see more of Vucevic. Not sure playing overseas would improve his game any but it wouldn't hurt either. I think that this is a very big summer for Turner. Playing in either of the NBA summer leagues would have been very telling in how much he had improved since last year. I think playing under the Sixers staff would help him more than playing overseas.

Speaking of playing in Europe, here's the dumbest thing Matt Moore has ever written:

"Here’s an out of the box idea for the player’s union. Obviously there won’t be offers for all of the NBA players to play overseas. But those that are going are getting paid pretty well, even if it is a fraction of what they make in the NBA. Imagine if Deron Williams or Stoudemire kicked in 50% of their earnings to a fund to be distributed to the rest of the locked out players. Williams could easily live on $100,000 and still make enough to continue his investments without reaching into his savings. Splitting that combined money off would show solidarity among the players and would create a real lifeline for the entire union. If they want to “STAND” together, they need to put their money where their mouth is. Doing so might break the owners’ group and put the players back in the driving seat."

So Deron Williams giving the players $100,000 a month, split 300 ways (about $300 per player) "might break the owners' group and put the players back in the driving seat."

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