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Happy To Be Here

Yeah that sounds like positive news. I do think he and Turner developed a rapport late in the season. There was an article about how Turner drove Iggy home one practice before the Miami series, and then Turner and Iggy had dinner together in Miami during the series (something Iggy usually doesn't do with his teammates on road trips). And then the Jimmy Kimmel thing, they looked to be friends.

Hey, if Iggy wants to be here, I'm happy to keep him. The main reason I wanted him traded was that he wanted out. But given the garbage offers we theoretically got for him, keeping him is obviously the best decision, at least for now.

Seeing Iguodala on Twitter makes him seem more accessible as well, good to see that.

He's going to be here next year whenever the season starts. Don't think he plays out the remainder of his contract here though.

Just noticed in the article that it says Iggy lives in LA. Nice, I got one right lol

Yeah, it said he has a home out there.

I'm confused. If you go to Sixers.com, they've taken all the photos of the players down. Ownership's not allowed to have contact with the players, market the players or even use their images. But CSN, a subsidiary of Comcast, is allowed to report on them? And I mean, this isn't some attenuated corporate relationship either, CSN is virtually the press arm of the Sixers and Flyers.

mchezo reply to Tray on Jul 11 at 9:53

When you own the station and the team, I guess you can do what you want. Technically they are separate entities.

That is odd, but I guess there's the assumption of objectivity and technically, Comcast-Spectator is a separate entity, correct? Check your law books.

The Greek on Jul 11 at 7:43

Fantastic, the next thing that I would like to see from him is to abandon that pull up jumper, hit free throws at an 80% clip, and let Jrue handle the ball with the game on the line.

deepsixersuede on Jul 11 at 8:39

I am glad to here Iggy is bonding with Turner because all the " Lou is the leader of the young guys talk" said previously was bothering me a bit. I wonder what Fagen's hypothetical reaction will be to this news.

khouse reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 11 at 9:19

I'm gonna guess that Kate will say that this has been her "inkling" all the while lol! But what I'd really like to know (from her/Dei/others) is how the Philly media has been seemingly scooped by the other media outlets in reporting the recent "real" news regarding the impending sale of the team!

Dan reply to khouse on Jul 11 at 9:56

Or she'll say that Iguodala is just BS-ing to the media and that he really wants out. He won't argue his way out because he doesn't want to jeopardize his image. She'll also say that the Sixers have a deal in place to trade Iguodala and that is why he is happy.

She'll take this paraphrase - "He's living his dream playing in the NBA, so as long as he's playing somewhere in the league, he doesn't have anything to complain about. "

and say that he never said anything about be happy to play in Philadelphia. Only happy to be playing in the NBA.

mchezo reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 11 at 9:56

I thought that Brand, Iguodala and Lou were seen as the leaders of the squad. Why is that a problem for you? Just curious.

I don't exactly feel good when I hear the young guys look up to Lou. I don't think he's the guy they should be patterning themselves after, on or off the court.

deepsixersuede reply to mchezo on Jul 11 at 12:37

Ditto to what Brian said below but my main reason for feeling that way about Lou is it means he won't be traded.

Lou is valuable but I want Turner to take over his role, especially since Collins will probably start Meeks after the positive effect he had on the team. Turner can really gain confidence if given the free reign Lou has and if he plays with Lou he may get 1/2 as many touches.

Even if Iguodala wants to be here next season he needs to be traded. The new ownership needs to start with a clean slate in the minds of fans. Keeping Iguodala is holding on to the former front offices decisions that most fans think have been bad ones.

eddies' heady's reply to KellyDad on Jul 11 at 9:51

They can keep him if they want to continue going .500 every season. Otherwise, free up that money and start anew. Take your lumps along the way and hope to come out of it looking better in 2-3 years.

Dan reply to KellyDad on Jul 11 at 10:38

I don't feel as though trading your best player at the age of 27 for minimal return is a wise move. If we trade him, we'll be a bad team, get the number 5 pick and draft Quincy Miller. We'll go back to being a .500 team in 1 or 2 years and then give Jrue a big contract extension. The WIP listeners will think that Jrue is overpaid because this team isn't a championship contender. They'll bitch about the fact that he's not a "team player", that he is very selfish and that he is hindering the development of the younger players. We'll then trade him for an expiring contract, rebuild and go though this same process.

I would honestly rather build on what we have. We really aren't that far away from being a 50 win team and a top 4 team. At the summer of 2013 Brand's contract will expire, Jrue will have 4 years experience, Evan will have 3 and Andre will be 29.

I would like them to keep Andre, simply because I don't think that JTI has really been given a chance.

Assuming Jrue and Turner continue to develop, 50 plus wins in the next season or two is not out of the question.

He definitely sounds happier. I guess not being traded by the draft helps; the lockout is a sanctuary now.
Good to see that there is some Iguodala-Turner chemistry. Hope those two can figure out how best to play together, since Jrue is going to be the star, right.
I've still not given up on JTI. Not sure what's gonna happen this year though. This lockout is airtight.

How about we trade Thad, Nocioni, Vucevic and Hawes for Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

jkay reply to Shawn on Jul 11 at 11:31

well if anyone was seriously considering that, I think Stephen Jackson would be the deal breaker.

Shawn reply to jkay on Jul 11 at 12:00

Bogut is a top 5 center. Thad is a decent bench player. Hawes is a decent 10th man. Noc is just an expiring contract and Vuc has the potential to be a decent role player. The Sixers would be getting the better deal. The opportunity to dump Stephen Jackson is just an incetive for MIL to give up Bogut. I'm not sure If I would do it if I was Philly because Bogut, Jackson, Brand and Igoudala would all be making 10+ million a year. I do think that having a Bogut-Brand-Igoudala-Turner-Holiday lineup would make us a top 4 team in the East.

We can't trade Thad or Hawes unless it's a sign-and-trade and that would make the salaries really hard to work out. Not a fan of Jackson, either.

Shawn reply to Brian on Jul 11 at 12:01

Its based on them signing their offers or if they resign with the Sixers.

Yeah, that would be a sign and trade, and when you do that, you can't take back equal money in the trade, but the other team has to count every dollar they take in. It's really complicated and only works if the acquiring team has a decent amount of cap space, usually.

Of course, all of that is under the old CBA, there was talk sign-and-trades would be completely disallowed under the new one, so who knows. If they could get Bogut without giving up Jrue or Iguodala, I'd definitely do it, though.

deepsixersuede on Jul 11 at 12:45

I am sitting here watching Pheonix/Gold. St. on N.B.A. tv and the trio of Mullin/Sprewell/B.Owens on Gold. St. . If Jrue/Turner and Iggy are given a few years to blossom, how good could they be, compared to others teams in the league currently.

I wish I had those sprewell spinnahs sneakers, they were pretty nice.

#76ers elton brand signs on as co- producer of movie "TUPAC"

via dan gelston(Philadelphia sports writer for The Associated Press)

I really liked Rescue Dawn. Guess he'll have more time for the movie biz w/ the lockout and all.

ohh no not another Tupac movie. Can the glorification stop now? What is it about death that romanticizes everything?

The finality of it?

He was fairly romanticized while alive, too.

I'm not a rap fan at all, and a hip hop fan even less, but I generally find Tupac's story fairly interesting. He had a lot more depth than a lot of entertainers. Very strong positives and negatives.

i love his music, even the post-humus collaborations.
Even though there ws not an official movie, I feel like I already know Tupac Shakur's whole life story. It's been told to me a million times.
at some point you have to wonder how much profit and royalties they can bleed out of this BIG-Tupac saga.

Rich reply to jkay on Jul 11 at 17:20

I'm not sure Tupac ever had a movie though he did have a bunch of documentaries about him including Tupac Resurrection.

The only movie about Tupac from that era was Notorious, which was told from a very pro Biggie point of view because it was about him. That movie made a profit at the box office so there is probably a good business opportunity in a Tupac movie.

I haven't herd anything negative about Lou's off the court behavior. As far as i know, he has done everything the sixers have asked of him on the court. Collins said that Lou was the best player in training camp last year. We all saw first hand how much he was missed in the last five games of the season. I have not heard anything negative about his work ethic. His defense has improved greatly over the last two years. Statistically, he is net plus head to head in advanced stats over his opponents, per, etc. It is a real puzzle to me why people dislike him so much.

Other than having interests outside of basketball, whats the issue?

sober81 reply to mchezo on Jul 11 at 20:36

I think Lou seems like a cool dude. I just don't enjoy watching his style of play. Most times when Lou is in, the offense becomes "The Lou Show".

They seem to play a better brand of team ball when Lou isn't in.

Yeah completely agree. Lou is a fine person, I just despise his game (jack shots at the worst percentage on the team, never pass, and never play defense) and I despise even more the fact that Doug Collins loves him.

On the floor, he's pretty much all about getting his own shot, for whatever reason. Off the court, he makes it cler that basketball isn't his priority. Maybe it shouldn't be, maybe in the grand scheme of things, these guys should be more worried about being well rounded human beings, but I really don't want to hear guys saying that, and I don't want the young guys on the team patterning their behavior after his. I want them to be gym rats.

The Prodigal son returns, yeah right. More like a leftover who wasn't as coveted as he initially believed. Seems like Iggy and his agent tried to force a power move to LA, the only problem is that unlike Melo or possibly CP3, Iggy isn't a player that the LA teams would be willing to give major assets for. The Lakers weren't willing to offer Lamar, and the Clippers weren't willing to offer Aminu/2012 Minnesota pick, because the Clippers could use those assets later down the line to inquire about the availability of a player such as CP3...


Chris Kaman + Randy Foye + Al Farouq Aminu + Eric Bledsoe + Sota Pick for CP3 + Trevor Ariza

New Clipper Lineup:


Bench: Cook/Thompkins/Gomes/Leslie/Mo. William

That isn't much of a bench, but that's the best starting five in the NBA...

As a Sixers blogger, I think it's my duty to wade through ridiculous made-up trades that involve the Sixers. Clippers trades, though? No thanks. Bye.

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