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Pressing Questions - July 15, 2011

Stefanski being considered for Raptors GM position (Colangelo would solely be president).

I wonder if Thorn manages to stick around with Levien as GM.

Mr. Randy Watson on Jul 15 at 4:26

What a depressing show. No pun intended. . No Superstar = bad attendance. The show jack hammered the point that Philly is a bandwagon city. I’m not sure about a quick turnaround. Aren’t the Sixers supposed to be following the patient and methodical OKC model of stock piling assets while getting their finances in order? The Sixers may be nearing the end of some albatross contracts and heading into potential cap flexibility, but they still don’t exactly have a core of the most talented young prospects --basically besides Holiday, everyone is suspect. So shouldn’t look in ways to upgrade their core of prospects?

Team building is hard---ask the Clippers…


Or the Bobcats…


The Greek reply to Mr. Randy Watson on Jul 15 at 6:15

Your a first class troll Mr. Watson.

Spencer Flaws reply to The Greek on Jul 15 at 6:29

well he's telling the truth. We aren't for sure about the teams future. We just know that we're set at starting point guard. Thad doesn't have a true position and turner was a disappointment last season.

Steve V reply to Spencer Flaws on Jul 15 at 9:00

Turner was a dissapointment because of the expectations and being deemed the "most NBA ready player in the draft." I don't think we can disregard him as a big time prospect after one season.l, especially a player with his character and work ethic.

eddies' heady's reply to Steve V on Jul 15 at 9:56

You can have all the character and work ethic in the world but if you don't have above average talent and can shoot consistently then you aren't much of a big time prospect. All he's really shown is he can dribble and rebound, not exactly glowing traits you want from a starting 2 guard. Dribbling can be very helpful but if you don't turn it into anything it's rendered useless. The rebounding isn't really a necessity from that position either; 2 guards should be out leading or stretching the wings on the break.

eddies' heady's reply to Mr. Randy Watson on Jul 15 at 10:15

Totally agree with this. You take Andre Iguodala off this team and don't re-sign an aging Elton Brand, what do you really have as far as talented young prospects besides Jrue Holiday? As stated, everyone else is very suspect, or limited in crucial aspects needed to win.

It's befuddling to me that some on here think that if we have "a big free agent addition" with the group currently put together that we'd somehow contend for an eastern conference title. I'd think I was delusional or had on blue/red/white colored glasses if I allowed myself to believe that. I've followed this team for over 30 years and seen a lot of changes, and we're nowhere close to contending for any kind of mythical title.

The same things go on repeatedly with the fan base it's just different players each time. Some of the fan base thought just a few short years ago that Thaddeus Young was this budding superstar, some still think that Jrue Holiday's superstar window is still open, and there are the few that hold out hope that Evan Turner will suddenly transform into one because he works hard.

Thad has shown enough that he isn't anything of the sort, with Jrue and Evan shortly and closely to follow.

This isn't a pessimistic view of a fan that has been more than patient waiting for a legit contender (sans one year) for going on 29 years; it's simply a realistic, while casting aside the dreaded words "hope" and "potential", view.

I'm actually more optimistic than I was 1-2 years ago. Maybe not about winning a title, but at least about getting things in the right direction.

Early on into Brand's contract I would have put the Sixers as bottom 5 in the NBA when it came to "overall franchise hope" given they had bad ownership, questionable management, revolving door coaching, middling talent and were locked into a core of Iguodala/Brand for a seeming eternity. That was an enormous hole to dig out of- but they are at least headed in a new direction.

-Revolving door of 7 coaches in 7 years seems like it is finally over with a credible Collins in charge.

-Snider is out of the picture.

-Stefanski is a soon to be gone figurehead.

-Brand is nearly an expiring.

-The team has a quality PG in place for the foreseeable future- or a great trade chip.

Not saying everything is rosy. But at least some of the main obstacles to long term success are disappearing.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jul 15 at 11:43

Yeah, saying the "right direction" is all relative though. Meaning, as you stated, coming from bottom 5 in the league for franchise outlook.

It's hard for me to share the optimism though. It's just repeating itself all over again.

Just replace Snider's name with Katz.

Just replace Stefanski's name with Greenberg or King.

Just replace Brand's name with Webber, Glenn Robinson, or Aaron McKie.

Just replace the quality PG with quality SF in Andre Iguodala who hasn't proven to be a great trade chip.

I agree everything isn't rosy, but these obstacles you speak of seem to be anchored when mentioned in the same breath with "long term success".

I don't want to sound like I'm crashing the party but it's been this way for so long as a fan of this team, it's like you either come to expect it or just become immune to it - because it seems to last forever, literally.

These past 7 years have been analogous with the time in the 90's from when Barkley was on the way out to until the team drafted Iverson- but with less truly abominable seasons. And it probably was a mistake to avoid truly bottoming out.

Maybe you could call Jrue the Stackhouse of his day (but easier to fit into any roster) and Iguodala was the Hornicek/Spoon. Unfortunately Turner is not going to be the "AI" franchise saviro, but he still could become a quality cog.

But I still mantain that the institutional/systemic problems with this organization are being removed. Whether that mean something better or not will only be shown with time.

There is no easy fix for this franchise. But moving away from the Brand/Iguodala/10M vet era, getting a solid coach, new front office and ownership has to be seen as a step in the right direction.

I agree completely. I just hope we re-sign Brand in 2013 (obviously at a lower price).

The superstar thing for attendance has been discussed many times. Superstars sell seats for other teams mostly. They may make somewhat of a difference, but in reality your team needs expectations to sell and if the team sucks expectations will fall and attendance will dwindle even if you have a perceived superstar.

deepsixersuede on Jul 15 at 8:01

I liked some of the things I read yesterday about Levien. He seemed to be sharp as an agent, was said to have good league wide connections and was part of a front office that has lowered Sacramento's cap number and put good young talent in place.

Can a new set of eyes to overlook our roster be a bad thing? Are we that bad talent wise? We have a top 7 s.f., hopefully a top 10 p.g. soon, and our p.f. and s.g. positions were very productive last year.

We aren't equal to Okl. City talent wise but are putting a group together that, with a big free agent addition, could compete for a conference title in a couple of years if the new guys have a plan in place.

I ask you guys this; if one of the following guys was added how would you feel about our team? [M.Gasol,Nene,T.Chandler,D.Jordan] We need the right big move, no pun intended, when Elton comes off the books to make the improvement everybody wants.

Here's my weekly piece over at SB Nation Philly, this time about Stefanski's imminent departure (link added above as well).

Looking back 2 years ago... I would have said the team's biggest issue was the "Three Ed'd Monster" of Snyder/Stefanski/Jordan. Now all three all nearly gone.

Doesn't guarantee success, but at least the team now has a chance.

Snider! It's Snider!

For some reason the y always drove me nuts :)

btw, I'm hearing that, at least initially, Rod will remain with the team. It's a matter of time, though.

Well there's remaining with the team and there's remaining with the team but being powerless in terms of his former job, promoted to some 'grand' sounding title that really means no power. I expect he won't go anywhere but I expect much like Stefanski before him, he'll be neutered in power.

I could have sworn I wrote Snider.

BTW, Fagan reported a few days back that Snider will NOT be keeping any stake in the team. That would be nice.

Fagan may have written that but the reports that confirmed the sale said it was 90% of the team and that Snider would be keeping 10%

O.K. did not know if that was ever cleared up.

Harris and company reportedly have purchased 90 percent of the Sixers for $280 million. Comcast-Spectacor and Ed Snider purchased the Sixers from Harold Katz in April 1996 for $130 million.

That's from Tom Moore's article yesterday here

Maybe it's presumptuous but I assume the other 10 percent is still comcast spectactor or did someone else already have 10 percent of the deal?

I mean they won't be involved any more obviously but he's not gone?

I don't think it was Fagan who said that, I think it was Cooney. Most that I've seen had Snider retaining 10%.

Fagan just said it in her chat.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jul 15 at 10:58

"...I would have said the team's biggest issue was the "Three Ed'd Monster" of Snyder/Stefanski/Jordan."

So sad - hence the name "eddies' heady's". Thought it was fitting at the time. Oh well...

I think the first thing new ownership will do is try to get a new stadium. The Warriors went for 400 million, 90 percent (yes don't forget that Ed Snider still owns 10 percent of the team) of the sixers are going for about 280 million. Are the warriors that more valuable than the sixers, or is this just a cheap deal because of the complex ownership and Comcast Spectacor still holding the stadium and tv deal strings in their own pocket?

Earlier this year there was debate about the stadium location. Someone felt the reason the sixers attendance was bad was because of location, maybe the owners will make the same claim and try and knock down 30th street station to get a more centrally located stadium.

(I'm only about 25-35% joking, the sixers went for much less than Forbes valued them at this year, and part of that has to be that Comcast kept the tv AND stadium to themselves).

As for on the court, there's really no way to have an expectation of what they will do. There's no real track record (aside from some rumors regarding Sacramento debates between unnamed officials) as to what these guys are going to do. The new CBA will probably be owner friendly, but unless there's a complete 'cut a guy' clause, Elton Brand ain't going anywhere.

I'm not getting my hopes up, or down, that massive change is going to come anytime soon, because the current CBA prevents massive change without making some heinous deals and the new CBA might not provide as much relief to the sixers issues as those thing.

The sixers have no center, no starting PF after Elton Brand, a one dimensional bench of scorers only and currently their starting 2 guard is best used as a bench player.

Not exactly a team I would 'expect' to turn around to anything but first round fodder any time soon.

Plus with Collins history, who's going to replace him in 2 years?

And yes, I know what has been 'said' publicly, but that doesn't really mean anything. They wouldn't push for a new stadium until they get a lay of the land, the politics and a possible location.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jul 15 at 17:19

deal is for 100% although it was originally reported to be 90

A Barclays Center type arena somewhere downtown would be amazing, won't happen, but wow that would be special.

Just looking for a link because I haven't seen anything in print that says 100%?

Hmm...conflicting reports (all published on the 14th it seems)

Bat Signal for Tom Moore :)

I'm curios about the forbes valuation of 330 million and what they did and didn't include.

I mean the team sold for 15% Below the valuation when teams often go for above their valuations.

Detroit Pistons in a dying city sold for more than the sixers. That disturbs me

Cooney had previously published 90% as well, and went back on it. Fagan the same. I haven't seen Tom update. I originally heard 90%. I can try to find out. The new owners right now are 100% silent until the league officially approves.

I don't think it really matters much - does it really? I mean sure I want Snider gone, but a 10% minority stake is really going to keep his mouth shut. It's not like the phillies where maybe you got 6 or 7 owning a piece and have to worry about majorities (or like the atlanta thing) - it's 90% new guys and 10% snider - the new guys are in charge and snider can suck it.


My bigger concern is the whole 'lbo specialists' getting the sixers below market value.

I don't care too much about the 90% vs 100% thing. Snider's out.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a great thing if the new owners got it below market value, that hopefully means they aren't tapped out after the purchase and they're willing to invest in the team to bring it back to life. That's better than someone paying too much and being squeezed. It's like buying a house for 80% of your budget and having the other 20% left over to make improvements, or spending 100% of your budget and having to live w/ the ugly wallpaper the previous owners hung all over the place.

This is, of course, assuming the price they wound up paying wasn't the very top of their budget.

Apparently Cooney posted it (on Twitter?) and Kate Fagan confirmed it on her chat.

This was me (who suggested building a downtown arena). Unfortunately I'm guessing Comcast locked the team into a long-term ironclad lease at WFC as part of the sale.

I remember people saying that, and a tv contract through 2030 something,I'd be curios to know how much comcast buillied them

The cable deal and the rent agreement really aren't an issue. Those contracts need to be approved by the league and the numbers are factored into B.R.I. and revenue sharing, so teams can't get away with giving themselves a sweetheart deal. My source said the cable deal is in line w/ what other teams have.


SO why did the sixers sell for 30% less than the Warriors did?

Don't know anything about the Warrios deal or what was involved. Don't even know if it included the arena.

I remember Forbes saying that they were getting screwed. I don't know enough about the financials to really comment more than what I've read.

Who is that standing next to Eddie Jordan in the picture above?

Jason Smith

This picture was taken roughly two years ago. It features an owner (Ed Snider) a president/gm (Ed Stefanski), a head coach (Eddie Jordan) and a player (Jason Smith). Very shortly, none of them will remain with the Sixers in a meaningful way. Who says we haven't had any progress in Philly?

Decisions, decisions. Read Kate Fagan's chat live and go to lunch pissed at 2pm, or go to lunch now then come back and read it. Think I won't ruin my lunch.

Or, you know, don't read it.

Perhaps it's been mentioned here, but Lavoy Allen signed with a French club, with a January opt-out clause to come back to us if we have a season. I wonder if the team also has an option in January, so as to cut him if he turns out to be too much of a lazy bum.

Yeah, I saw that, didn't really think it warranted a post. He's not making the team.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 15 at 15:15

What I thought was slightly interesting about it was that NBA writers (who are doing a TERRIBLE job of covering the lockout - I don't know what makes them think that their basketball expertise entitles them to talk about labor negotiations) have speculated that Euro teams would only give such opt-out clauses to good players. Which makes sense. But perhaps in Allen's case the clause is mutual, which would make sense.

Tom Moore on Jul 16 at 12:33

Column: Change is coming for the Sixers:


also saw a mention in SI (the one with the Chooch cover) that Songaila has signed with some Euro team during the lockout...not that it's particularly newsworthy either but don't think we had seen that anywhere else yet...

Turtle Bay on Jul 17 at 12:47

Tom or anyone else, do you know what each of the players are doing this summer to stay in shape and work on their games? I know Turner is working with Herb Magee (very happy about this), but how about the other guys? It sounded like the young guys were going to try to train together in the offseason per some of their comments. Specifically, if anyone knows what Jrue's schedule is, it would be much appreciated. He really improved his game last summer working with Brandon Jennings out in California (forget the coach they were working with).

Rich reply to Turtle Bay on Jul 17 at 14:45

Don't know Jrue's practice schedule but he's been over in Germany the last few weeks watching his girlfriend, Lauren Cheney, try and win the World Cup. The final is kicking off as I type this.

Caught the end of this, exciting match. Hate to see the US lose like that.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 17 at 22:47

Brutal loss in a great match. Couldn't hit the net when they carried the play in the first half and couldn't hold on to the lead twice. Heartbreaking. I will say Japan was a very deserving winner though. Best part of that game was that there were no flops whatsoever, which is one reason most of America can't get completely get into soccer.

eddies' heady's reply to Turtle Bay on Jul 17 at 19:27

Believe who you're referring to Jrue and Jennings working with was Maurice Greene, former US sprint champion.

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