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Nice Calendar.

Definitely before Christmas. I don't know why but it just makes sense.

I'm pessimistic. With the NFL both sides had a ton to lose by missing games and the sides were mostly just fighting over a big pile of cash. While in the NBA I feel like the owners would like to "break" the players and that would require hurting them financially. The only way to do that is to miss a bunch of games.

I also don't think most of the players are objective or rational about there personal value and bargaining position. So they could very well ignore good counsel- if they even get that.

Late December 2011 (at the earliest) depending on how desperate the players get.

I think Stern is ready to lose the entire season to get the concessions he feels he needs.

Did you know TNT now runs the entire 'nba digital' empire?

I don't even know what that means.

Since I am primarily an NBA and NFL fan- I think I will come out of this year less passionate about sports than I was in the past.

Good time to pick up the Phillies.

(I'm primarily a basketball/baseball fan. I love football, but for me it's a 16 day a year passion. I don't follow the day to day, offseason moves, rumors, etc like I do baseball and football).

College basketball and the Phillies aren't going anywhere, so I'm safe.

Yeah, I've tried to become a bandwagon Phillies fan, but I just don't have the patience to really enjoy watching a game. It's nice and relaxing to have on in the background (sort of like golf) but it can't hold my attention until the playoffs.

But in terms of off the field discussion, baseball is second to none. I just wish the product was better.

After Thanksgiving. Just enough time for the players to feel the pinch of not receiving their 100k paychecks

The union has it's 8% kick-back to distribute to players. They may not feel any difference for several months. And the discussions probably won't even go anywhere until after the players realize the owners are serious.

Scabs only come into play if there's a strike, right? The owners couldn't/wouldn't try to use replacement players in this situation. My general labor/union knowledge is lacking.

I don't know. But it's hard to imagine the owners using scabs for basketball. I don't think they would even make a profit.

The quality would be unbelievably bad.

I have the sense that the NBA labor issues are more like the NHL than the NFL. Any NHL fans here with any insight in terms of how that lock-out went?

Not me. I actually liked the NHL lockout, didn't have to sit through 45 minutes of hockey highlights to get to the hoops stuff.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 19 at 13:04

On Sports Center? From what I've seen most of the NBA stuff is done all before any of the NHL stuff.

Wasn't really speaking literally, just saying I don't care about hockey and having to wait through any hockey highlights is enough to get me to change the channel usually.

Man oh man are there a shitload of road games early on in this sched:

@Sixers Philadelphia 76ers
The 2011-12 is available now exclusively at Sixers.com - nba.com/sixers/schedule

but they did do something right by having the Warriors in town on 3/2, which is the 50th anniversary of Wilt's 100 - hopefully they'll have a big celebration of some sort, and maybe get ppl who actually knew Wilt like Pollack and Russell and Kareem and that senile old dbag Bill Campbell to show up and talk about how #13 actually was the greatest player in NBA history...

/looking for bright spots, bc the first month looks like it'll be a tough one

I'll do some pointless analysis later. 2 TNT games, and 3 ESPN games at this point, though I'm sure ESPN will drop at least one of those games.

Surprisingly the addition of the Voose did not lead to a big jump in national media attention.

Jeff reply to tk76 on Jul 19 at 17:59

Compared to the amount of nationally televised games last year it's a solid jump.

19 back-to-backs, 7 of their last 11 games are on the road.

but they do have three big home stands. 5 games, 6 games, 5 games. If memory serves, they've only had one home stand of 5 games in the past two years.

evan turner

Just finished with herb Magee. He's got my shot looking right!

5 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

evan turner

Clang... guess I spoke too soon.

2 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

(Just joking, not a real twitter feed)

LOL that would have been funny!

johnrosz on Jul 19 at 22:48

Thanks for the link, great piece, I'm really so impressed with Turner. Can't wait to see him become a star for us!

Maybe in 5 years we will be talking about how the lock-out was the best thing that ever happened to Turner.

Overall, the self dedicated players are at a huge advantage right now.

Well if there can be one silver-lining to the lockout, I'll take it!

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