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Sixers Schedule Isn't So Bad

Jerardi with an excellent article on Turner and Magee today.

Rich reply to Rich on Jul 20 at 9:32

Speaking of Turner, do people think this lockout could be a blessing in disguise for him? If he works dilligently on the form Herb gives him (a lot of this can be done without a hoop, too), he would benefit having a longer time to get the muscle memory down, right?

Yeah, if he's going to completely change the shot and stick with it, then an extra couple months of repetition would definitely be helpful. I just hope he's 100% sold on these changes, because it's human nature to revert to the familiar when you don't have success w/ the new.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 20 at 11:34

Yeah to be honest I don't think it's a total change. Don't get me wrong, it's a big difference but his shooting hand is really in the same spot so it's not totally different. I saw him shooting it in the paper today. That was perfect form.

I'm hoping that his somewhat headstrong personality helps him in staying committed. The worst thing that could happen would be doing it halfway.

Counter argument can be that yeah it's great in practice but until he is using it at 'game speed' all the work and muscle memory doesn't mean anything.

The whole thing about working on your shot while no one is guarding you is great, but until you can use it at NBA game speed you don't know the impact, so the longer the lock out goes on, the longer it takes to see if Turner actually has any improvement.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 20 at 11:41

I don't think that's really a negative at all. The more time he has to work in an empty gym, the more time he has to perfect that form and learn the right habits. It's a negative for us not being able to know, but more time to learn undef Magee without pressure to score in the NBA sounds good.

I wasn't really saying it's a negative that he gets more time to work on it - but more that there's no way to know if the work paid off until he's playing games.

cornelius reply to GoSixers on Jul 20 at 14:14

yeah... i'm concerned about that also. it's like he will probably go back to tOSU and just shoot by himself. he won't have anyone there to practice shooting over, playing one on one or pick-up games with.

sober81 reply to cornelius on Jul 20 at 22:25

That's not true. Many ex Buckeyes including Mike Conley, Micheal Redd, and others playing proessional ball overseas return back to Columbus in the off season to workout together. They also play with the current Buckeyes (Sullinger, ect.). It's a good way for Turner to work on his game.

Any chance that revisions are made to guaranteed contracts when the new CBA is done? Is that point even being argued? If it is, is it a serious argument?

The owners originally wanted that, then backed off with their second proposal. But everything I've read says that second proposal from the owners is off the table now and they're starting from scratch.

My guess was always that player options might turn into team or mutual options, but they won't mess with pure guaranteed years on contracts, or the value of the contracts themselves. I do believe they're going to change the max number of guaranteed years allowed in a deal going forward.

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