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I can't argue with your choices. Though instead of Amundson I'd have Reggie Evans. I miss the Joker. Korver'd serve two purposes the 3 ball and the white guy off the bench. With Mutumbo and Ratliff along with spot minutes from Reggie Evans the defense would be off the hook not counting Iguodala's tough D. No problem scoring either with AI (the original) being the go-to guy the team currently lacks. You'd also have Brand and Iguodala to play 2nd & 3rd banana's and have off the bench guys like Korver, Lou and Thad to keep the offense going off the bench. I think the big men would help to slow down the Heat. Personally I think the Heat wouldn't be able to overcome that level of depth and size. Much like the current 76ers we'd outnumber them in guys who can score double figures and have 3 guys who could put up 20+ a game (AI, AI9 & Brand) along with several who can put up double digits such as Korver, McKie, Thad, Lou even Mutumbo and Jrue. Too much talent even for the Heat...

It is interesting that if you exclude Iverson, you could take the best the Sixers have had in the past 17 years and still not have all that good of a team. Basically 2 years after the Barkley trade (Hornacek was gone.)


That is not even a contender.

Keith Van Horn gets a bad rap. I also don't think Brand would have benefited as much from Iverson's penetration, at least not '10-'11 Brand (Clippers Brand pre-injury I would have somewhat agreed).

I think that call's probably closer than most, especially factoring in fit with Iverson/Iguodala/Mutombo

Our starters are the same but our reserves would be different:

Chris Webber (05-06)- He did gave you 20 pts, 10 rebs, and 3 assts per game that season.

Aaron McKie- Good 3pt shooter and defender.

Theo Ratliff (00-01)- I was going to put Dalembert, but I just took a look at Theo's stats from that year. 3.2 blocks and 12.4 ppg.

AI and AI9 did average around 42 mins a game. But an 8 man rotation was tough. I wanted to add Andre Miller and Kyle Korver in there.

Court_visioN on Jul 21 at 12:54

PG: Jrue Holiday 10-11 - need a big PG who can defend wings and knock down shots next to...

SG: Allen Iverson 00-01 - game changing scorer. Jrue will handle the ball but AI runs off a million screens and gets into ideal iso situations. He can be potent I think with two legitimate creators in Jrue and...

SF: Andre Iguodala 08-09 - I was debating between 08-09 AI9 and 07-08 AI9. I feel like he was a stronger defender in 07-08 and was also more aggressive going to the basket. But that playoff experience against Detroit I think was very very key, and I think Iguodala became a much better overall player after the series against Tayshaun Prince.

PF: Keith Van Horn 02-03 - I guess this is where our roster deviates. But I think Van Horn helps to spread the floor and greatly helps our 3 perimeter guys attack. His interior defense deficiencies are alleviated because of..

C: Dikembe Mutombo 00-01 - It was a pretty easy decision who's starting between Mutombo, Dalembert, and Ratliff.



G: Aaron McKie 00-01 - Good shooting, versatile backup guard/SF.

F: Elton Brand 10-11 - I feel like as a bench player, Brand's defensive energy (not necessarily prowess) can be very useful. Think of him as just a much better Reggie Evans with offensive and shotblocking skills.

F: Thaddeus Young 10-11 - I really like Thad's ability to cause matchup problems. With Mutombo on the team I feel like having Ratliff kind of duplicates what he does on the court, and my philosophy when building a team is to force other teams to have to adjust a lot to what you do. Ratliff would likely still be on the roster, just not in the top 8.

Others on team:
F Kyle Korver - shooting specialist
C Theo Ratliff - insurance on dikembe
G Lou Williams - insurance on Iverson, some instant offense
F Kenny Thomas - just figured he was a guy everyone forgot about. every team needs a 7 yr 50 million tweener.

Mark Lapinski on Jul 24 at 0:38

Brian, great article. I agree with all your choices.

Totally agree with omitting Derrick Coleman, Glenn Robinson, Chris Weber, Jamaal Mashburn as they were all pretty much bloated contracts on old broken down players (sound like that last part describes me)

Great Job!

Mark Lapinski on Jul 24 at 0:43

After reading some of those messages...I was bothered about backup PG duties...thinking AI or McKie can both do that or there is the point forward to consider.

Andre Miller did play well as a Sixer. Keith Van Horn had one of his finest seasons. Pookie was clutch and a beast defensively.

Just make them the 9th, 10th, and 11th men.

12th man could be Jabari Smith for giggles or dare I say Derrick Battie for real.

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