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Dwight Howard: The Ultimate Shortcut

I guess I like Howard more than you (or like Jrue less), but I think that for me Jrue is not a deal breaker in getting Howard.

We still don’t know what will happen with this coming season but if you think that DH will stay another season (like you said, “I also think the odds of Howard opting out of a $19M+ year on his current deal are pretty low”), then is a team build around DH, Iguodala and Brand is a serious contender in the 12/13 season? I would give Jrue for a good chance for a championship.

Also, if the team is contending (unlike Orlando in the last couple of years), what are the chances that Howard will want to stay here with Iguodala instead of Jrue? Can you build a contender around those 2 for a few more years?

Jrue and Dwight toured together last month- so maybe the hard sell has already begun. At least you can try and believe that.

I agree with your thinking. The only situation that you cannot risk is renting Dwight for a year and then lose him and still be stuck with terrible contracts like Arenas or Hedo. But any other scenario is good one- even if you lose Jrue.

deepsixersuede on Jul 27 at 7:50

Brian, my expectations are a bit lower and I hope we can get one of the future top 5 centers/power forwards in the league through free agency without losing assets in a trade.

Who and what are your top 5 after Dwight? Can Favors at the p.f., if our center pans out put us in contention 2 years from now?

If Dwight Howard isn't available, how would you feel about trading for Andrew Bogut?

With him we would surpass Boston, but may not be good enough to beat Miami. We would be a top 3 team and a fun team to watch. His contract doesn't expire till 2014 and he's only making around 12-13 mill/season. How much are you willing to give up for him?

Summer 2013 could be very exciting and it will all depend on how much Jrue and Turner will develop. As of right now, I only see 5 other teams that will have both the salary cap and complementary players to lure in Howard:

Payroll: 31.4 million
RFAs: James Harden, Serge Ibaka, Russell Westbrook(2012)

Payroll: 7 mill
FAs: Deron Williams
RFAs: Brook Lopez (2012)

Payroll: 0
FAs: Al-Farouq Aminu (TO), Eric Bledsoe (TO)
RFAs: Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon (2012)

Payroll: 22 million
FAs: Chris Pauk

WAS: 15.2 million

It's near impossible to determine who will have salary and or assets that far down the line when the CBA is no longer existing.

Not to mention, no one really thought two years ago they'd be looking at a team in Miami with Lebron, Dwyane and Chris Bosh.

The landscape can change mightily between now and then, and if the younger Buss stops being such an idiot, Howard might play for the Lakers next season whenever it occurs

I would love to get Howard but the chances are very slim. I think there is a much better chance of getting A. Bynum from LA. I see that as a possibility as soon as the season begins.

It's not really a possibility, the sixers don't have want the Lakers would want to trade Bynum (Dwight Howard)

The rumored Lakers/Sixers talks involved Odom, not Bynum. Buss Jr has a hard on for Bynum and purportedly won't even consider him in a swap for Howard, why would he consider him for any of the lesser pieces on the sixers roster?

Maybe the sixers could get W Bynum?

what the lakers, not want the lakers

This is sad. There is only one player that will be available within the next 3 years that can make our team a contender.

I don't think that he's the only one - either by trade or free agency - just probably the biggest one. Additionally, I don't think howard makes the sixers a real title contender - they'd probably win 50 (depending on what they gave up) but there's no guarantee that they'd get out of the second round.

Dan reply to GoSixers on Jul 27 at 22:43

Lebron James
Kevin Durant
Dwayne Wade
Kobe Bryant
Derrick Rose
Dirk Nowitzki
Pau Gasol

-Other than Howard, those are the only guys in the NBA right now that would make us contenders. I don't see how any of them will become available

No one player makes the sixers contenders right now

I disagree. Put Dwight Howard on this team without losing any pieces and the Sixers are legit contenders immediately.

Still starting a back up at the 2 and an elton brand whose career is on the down slope with no power forward to start next to howard. Still have a weak bench with no defensive stopper and oh yeah - not a whole lot of out side threats.

I'm talking about contending for a title.

how is putting Howard on the sixers without losing anyone (an impossibility until brands contract ends so you have no power forward) making the sixers better than the magic of the last few years?

Thinking the sixers are 'one player away' is what BIlly King did for years, and it's not true in my opinion. Not one player away from having an nba finals appearance as the favorite

Not to mention the likelihood of adding howard without losing anything is unlikely - in terms of trade of course, no way to say how the new free agency will work

I was responding to your comment that no one player could make them a contender. That was false. If you want to put conditions on your statement, then you can probably make it true.

The difference between adding Howard to the current Sixers team and the team that Orlando put on the floor is

1: The Sixers have defenders elsewhere, Orlando doesn't
2: The Sixers have two very good playmakers in Iguodala and Jrue, guys who can and will set Howard up with easy looks. Orlando has none.

A starting lineup of Howard, Brand, Iguodala, Meeks and Jrue is a legit contender imo. Contending for a championship. It's impossible, so this whole conversation is pointless, but in some bizarre universe where they could add one player without subtracting, they'd be a contender.

I consider a contender a team that can challenge to win a championship

That's a contender. Dwight Howard doesn't make this team a championship contender by himself. The 'conditions' as you stated them are the reason why they aren't a championship contender just by adding Howard

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jul 28 at 22:37

You left out one important thing

ORL has shooters, we don't

I guess it depends on what system you want to employ. Whether you think the magic's system of surrounding Howard with one dimensional shooters is the ideal- or whether a system based on having multiple weapons who can break down the defense before getting the ball to Howard is better.

Personally, I think only having shooters who can never get past their defenders can only take you so far. Because teams can take away the shooters and force Howard to beat them by himself. Howard gets huge numbers in that scenario but the team struggles. On the flip side, having guys like Iggy, Jur, ET, Lou and Turner who can all break down their men forces the defense to help. And when the help Howard is in a better position to devastate. In the games I watched, Howard was most effective when Jameer got in the lane. But when they settled for jacking up 3's they struggled.

Of course the best would be to have a blend of shooters and drivers. Bother the Sixers and Orlando have issues with balance. But i would not say that the Magic's supporting cast is better suited for Dwight.

So lets say that you resign Thad, Jrue, pick up the option on Turner and still have enough money to sign Howard. If Howard doesn't sign or if we can't get any other "superstars", would you then trade Iguodala?

Yeah, I mean I don't think anyone's saying Iguodala is untouchable at any point. When I say don't trade Iguodala, I just say don't trade him for crap. He's valuable on this team. If they get to that summer and have the cap space to make a major signing but can't, then you have other options because Iguodala is an expiring contract the following season. A ton of cap space and a big expiring contract could allow you to make two big time moves in the trade market.

deepsixersuede on Jul 27 at 22:00

At 10 oclock on the big ten network they are replaying an E.Turner college game, if anyone is in need of a hoop fix.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 27 at 22:04

Wrong info on tv guide, this years buckeyes, sorry.

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