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The Best Five

The Greek on Aug 1 at 5:30


The jaded one has spoken

In 7 years...

Shabazz Muhammad
Andre Drummond

just throwing that out there since my list would be identical to Brian's

My lineup:

Deron Williams: Good size. Can do everything that Chris Paul can do, plus he is not a size mismatch on the floor.

Kobe Bryant: Better outside shooter and post up player than Wade.

Lebron James

Dirk Nowitzki: Best PF in the NBA. His fade-aways are ungaurdable.

Dwight Howard

My 2nd best lineup would be:

Chris Paul
Dwayne Wade
Kevin Durant
Pau Gasol
Andrew Bogut

I copy your first team: D-Will, Kobe, LeBron, Dirk, Howard.

How good do you think Blake Griffen will be in the future? I like the kid but I don't think he'll be the prototypical "franchise player", but instead he'll be what Rasheed Wallace was to the Portland Trailblazers.

IMO, a franchise player is one who has the ability to take a team filled with crap,
(Anderson Varejoa, Brandon Gibson, Antwan Jamison)
(Luke Walton, Kwame Brown, Sasha Vujevic)
(Haslem, Beasley, Chalmers)
(Hedo, Reddick, Nelson, Arenas)

make them into a top 5 team in their conference, and get them to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

I think as of right now i like LaMArcus Aldridge better than Griffin at the PF postion. Plays better defesne and has better touch...Thats right now though not sure what griffin will do in the future. Dirk is by far the runaway though at the PF position


... because I'm old.

Steve Nash
Jimmer Fredette
Mike Dunleavy
Kevin Love
David Lee

Because they are tough, intelligent, hard working, and play with a lot of heart.

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount reply to Dan on Aug 1 at 22:52

Oh man... I've never seen a lineup so gritty and quicker than fast

Those ESPN articles had Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin as the two promising players for their positions(SG/PF). What do you think of this duo? They do seem to really complement each other well.

Yeah, they could really be a great duo if they stick together and they stay healthy. They have missed a combined 132 games in their first three years.

How good of a player do you think Blake Griffin will be? I don't see him becoming the top player at his position. I see him in the 5-7 range. A player with good numbers and a bad team. A rich mans Andrea bargnani

Charlie H on Aug 2 at 10:02

Can't argue too much with that list. I also think Wade is the best player in the league. Shawn says Kobe is better at posting up and shooting from distance, which is probably true, but the thing about Wade is that he puts so much presssure on the defense at the end of games because of his passing and driving to the basket. And his fire is off the charts - reminds me of Peyton Manning and Kobe as a competitor.

The only position I might argue is PG. I like Nash's game better than Paul's, but right now Paul is better because of youth - he's quicker, faster & stronger.

I don't believe Wade is the best player on his team - let alone the league

That's ignoring his injury history

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