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Pressing Questions - August 5, 2011

I think other players will follow Williams for money and to play competetive basketball. I bet Williams agent was over in Europe looking for a deal just in case for a while. There's limited money in Europe (you can only sign so many americans and so much money)

And yes it's 'less' money - but it's better than no money - and I'd love to see an NBA team void the contract of a player who plays in Europe if they could find grounds.

I'm surprised brian didn't mention the beasley news

From what I've read it seems likely that an NBA team could void a contract if the player gets hurt overseas. But it's hard to imagine they could void it just for the playing, because it would certainly violate right-to-earn-a-living principles.

If Kobe Bryant gets hurt playing in Turkey - will the lakers void his deal?

Will the nets void the deron williams deal?

Would the Knicks void Amare's deal?

What about if Durant gets injured in the rucker park game?

Aside from Jay williams when was the last time a 'name' got his contract voided for being injured outside the 'purview' of his contract.

In this matter, players have the power (at least the guys who europe is courting) because teams won't want to put their guys on the market.

Williams is an interesting case. Say the beginning of the season is lost and he blows out his ACL in Turkey, but he's clearly lost for the season. Would the Nets try to void his contract in that situation? And if they didn't, would he then not opt out of 2012-2013 as most assume he would've simply because he's coming off an injury?

All depends on the new CBA I guess, if you've got 'bird rights' - how does voiding a contract effect it. Williams is supposedly part of a plan to lure Howard.

I mean the warriors didn't void Monta Ellis when they could have (and should have).

Aside from Jay Williams I can't remember a prominent voiding, can you?

Nope, can't remember any. The Warriors fined Monta, pretty severely, I think, but they didn't void even though they could've. The Yankees voided Aaron Boone's contract, I believe.

I could see the Knicks voiding Amare's deal if he gets an injury. No way the Nets do it with Deron (they need him as the trump card to land Howard), and doubtful the Lakers do it with Kobe (despite his gargantuan salary, the Lakers absolutely make a profit on his contract based on jersey sales and the incredibly high ticket prices the fans pay to see him--surely those ticket prices will have to fall if Kobe is not on the team).

Although regardless, if any of them sustains a career-ending injury, surely they will all be voided, no? Even Kobe.

You make the point of Jay Williams being the only guy who was voided. But as far as I can tell, he was the only major guy who sustained a career-ending injury off the court, yes? If Monta Ellis had been injured so badly that his career was basically over, I'm sure the Warriors would have voided him. But they knew Monta would heal, so they fined him and moved on, because he could still play.

Well you kind of missed the point by being all literal, and Monta Ellis was a gift to the warriors - he should hve been voided - like willie greens injury was a gift to the sixers but Billy King stayed the GM so it didn't matter

Deron Williams is using this as some sort of bargaining chip. The NBA stars at most will make 60% of what they are making right now.

Yea, a lot of players will travel overseas, but a lot of them will be more upset with the players union than the NBA. Do you think Lou Williams is going to be satisfied with making 800k overseas so that players in the future will be able to keep the same benefits he has had? No. He along with the other overpaid players in the league will be pressuring the players union to make concessions and get a deal done so that they can continue getting their +100k weekly paychecks. Also any concessions that players make will probably go into effect in about 3 years. Their contracts wouldn't be voided if they make some of the concessions that the owners want. So why would guys like Lou Williams, Gilbert Arenas, Ron Artest, Rashad Lewis, Andres Nocioni, Spencer Hawes, and Antwan Jamison care about Andre Drummond's financial future? Especially if it meant them losing millions in salary?

Here's my latest over on SB Nation Philly. Another lockout dispatch.

Question: If there is no season this year does that mean player's contracts are totally void this year? Like Lou has what 2 years left on his current deal. if there is no season does that mean he will only have 1 year left at the start of the 12-13 season or 2 years left still.

My understanding is that contract 'life' progresses whether or not the season is played. If there is no season it doesn't affect when contracts expire (is my understanding). One of the ways the owners save money by shutting down. It's less money to pay EVERY player over the length of their contract.

The guys who get 'screwed' I guess are the rookies who have been drafted, but not signed to deals. They don't get to play for a year, get paid, but don't get the benefit of being a 'year closer' to free agency. (Unless the new CBA revises rookie deals again, which I don't see happening much)

Dan reply to Tylet on Aug 5 at 12:11

He'll lose one year of salary and only have one year left on his contract.

Just did as well. My 140 character reasoning was pulitzer worthy.

I nominated Brian as well. Thanks for the heads up.

I thought the Michael Beasley video was hilarious. I think the fan actually deserved it.

johnrosz on Aug 5 at 16:10

different rules in street ball. don't talk shit. Not upset with Beasley, Durant could have done a better job trying to calm him down, supposed to be his childhood friend.

I forget...was it Ray Lewis who was concerned about NFL guys getting into trouble during their lockout?

With Barnes and SuperCoolBeas, it looks like the NBA may have more to be worried about!

Does anyone have any basketball/general sports-related book recommendations?

Simmons' hoops book is a good read, just try to skip over the chapters where he talks about anyone who ever played for the Celtics.

Jeff reply to Brian on Aug 7 at 13:01

Thanks, just got it off amazon. Someone else also suggested "The Jordan Rules".

GoSixers reply to Jeff on Aug 7 at 13:53

Depends on the types of topics you want to read about. Michael lewis money ball and the blind side are both great books on different topics

Score casting is a fun read that also makes you think about stuff

Fair ball by bob costas is an Oldy but a goodie too

Of course basketball on paper is great too

CM reply to Jeff on Aug 7 at 14:28

Simmons annoys me, but I enjoyed his book.

"Can I keep my Jersey" by Paul Shirley was a good one


Miracle at St Anthony (HS hoops)

Next Man Up (NFL-Ravens)

You're OK It's Just A Bruise (NFL-medical)

Bringing the Heat (90's Eagles)

Last Amatuers (College hoops)

Really any of Feinstein's books are pretty well done

Sorry guys, probably no post on this glorious Monday morning. Up all night working on a project. Use this post for any/all discussion, I'll try to get something up tonight.

Lock out plans anyone.

Not for players - but for you - when training camp doesn't start - when the regular season starts - what will you do with the time you would have spent watching and talking about sixers games?

School, college freshman this year. Even if the lockout is lifted I won't be able to follow that closely this year.

College takes up that much of your time? NOt from what I recall?

Then again, my first semester i took a lot of advantage of the lack of attendance policy

Yeah, my plan is to get my work done during the day and have my evenings free, but still don't want to be anti social staying at home to watch basketball during college, I can do that when i'm old :P.

Yes, much better to get rip roaring drunk right?

Dan reply to Jason on Aug 8 at 12:07

Depends on what your major is and what school you got to. I remember my freshman year I had to take around 18-20 credits per term(20 was the max). Good thing for me is that I have a 6 month internship from September to March where I don't go to school and work 40 hours a week. It gives me the freedom to watch 9 hours of football every Sunday and not miss any Sixers games.

If you were hired instead of Stefanski, what moves would you have made? Would you have traded Kyle Korver to reach the 10 million in cap space that we had? Would you have spent that cap money knowing that cap space? Would you have resigned Iguodala? Would you have Mo Cheeks fired? Would you have resigned Lou Williams? If you could go back further, would you have made moves just for the sake of screwing BOS and LA out of their championships? :)

So how do you guys feel about SI's top 100 NBA players so far?

They're only up to 50 and Iguodala isn't on the list yet.Elton Brand is #50, Thaddues Young is #82, Lou Williams is #95, and Jrue Holiday is #74.

I'm happy to see that Brook Lopez isn't in the top 50. I've always thought that he was overrated.

David Aldridge (my favorite NBA writer) had some discouraging things to write about in his column this week

It's the 3rd section.

So the Atlanta Hawks are worth more than the 76ers?

The sixers are a unique case (I believe) because of how they were 'fully integrated' with the whole spectacor business. The sixers were sold, but only the team was sold. I don't fully understand it but it has to do with 'ancillary' stuff that the new sixers owners didn't get, cause comcast wanted to keep that stuff

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I mean the warriors didn't void Monta Ellis when they could have (and should have).

Aside from Jay Williams I can't remember a prominent voiding, can you?

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