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Iguodala on the Lockout

and probably an even better sign that there's nothing about his injury mentioned here...unless Dei just forgot to ask about it and/or is saving that for a second day story...

The Greek on Aug 9 at 1:09

I would hope that Turner gets involved in that party. It feels good to actually read about something that doesn't involve the strike.

Lebron James works with Oaljuwon to get a better post game.

And yet the sixers big men - well I guess they don't need the work

Can someone explain to me what Ed Snider really sold? How exactly would Joshua Harris make money off the sixers?

Harris bought the team only, so he gets all revenue generated by the team. Money from comcast for broadcast rights, money from ticket sales, money from merchandising, money from revenue sharing. Comcast kept the stadium, so Harris effectively pays rent to Comcast.

Do the warriors on their stadium? (The clippers/lakers don't)

Oh, and if the new CBA is the same as the old CBA, Harris won't be making money. He'll be losing money, just like the former owners did.

The sale of the sixers and hawks add two new owners who are going to be on the 'new' side of the debate, which isn't good for a compromise.

Off topic - but the SI list has Iguodala as an at least top 30 NBA player....


Or not in the top 100?:)

Surprised Iguodala is in the top 30, espcially with all of the games he missed or was hampered by injury.

Also, Jrue #8 of the PG's listed. Which PG's will be in the top 30?

mopey reply to tk76 on Aug 9 at 15:06

Nash, Rondo, CP3, Deron Williams off the top of my head.

Russ Westbrook and Derrick rose.

Baron Davis and Mo Williams haven't been listed yet - just saying - is lou williams better than them?

mopey reply to Jason on Aug 9 at 17:21

tony parker

Is brandon Jennings top 30?

mopey reply to Jason on Aug 9 at 22:15

Must be. That makes 8 out of the top 30 PG's. Meanwhile probably only 2 are centers. (Howard and Horford)

What number was Bynum? I should probably check out the link at some point.

mopey reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 23:21

38 - and he's one of the players paid more than Iggy.

53. Al Jefferson
59. Chauncey Billups
100. Brandon Roy

That doesn't include the guys who make more and aren't even in the top 100, like Arenas, Jamison, Rashard Lewis, Baron Davis and Vince Carter (though he'll probably be released, if he hasn't been already.)

mopey reply to Brian on Aug 10 at 11:22

#30 - and he has a link to your victims list!

mopey reply to mopey on Aug 10 at 11:37

and Iguodala was #39 in salary last year.


Jeff reply to mopey on Aug 10 at 12:49

It's funny how even though he gets listed at #30, the post is mostly a rant about his inadequacies.


During this first hour, Barkley and Mikey Miss interview Iggy and they both agree that for the good of the Sixers long term, they should trade Iggy...

Mikey Miss has a hate on for Iguodala for the past few years.

He's kind of a moron

Dan reply to GoSixers on Aug 11 at 11:31

Every sports radio host hates Iggy. I never understood why, but they have it in their head that he's holding the team back. I think they see Iguodala as an athletic freak that doesn't know the basketball fundamentals and scores most of his points on dunks. But on the other hand, they absolutely LOVE Blake Griffin.

Jeff reply to Dan on Aug 11 at 12:28

They hate on Iguodala because they're pandering to the average fan that doesn't understand basketball well enough to understand how he contributes on the court.

Hating on people is something this city loves to do.

I also tend to think Mikey Miss has a racial motive as well, but that's probably just me as the last time i could stand to listen him was his 'best teams' in all leagues ever based on skin tone and he made some rather asinine comments when he got to hockey.

Hating on people is something this city loves to do.

And this is the problem with Philadelphia. Not that it's something this city loves to do, it's something our NATION loves to do. In this country the only thing we love more than putting people up on pedestals is knocking them off, be they athletes, entertainers, or leaders for goodness sake. It's an inherent problem that leads to neat things like the amazing stock market volatility (in part) this week. Philadelphia is not the cause, but it's just another symptom of a deeper disease that permeates this country.

Dan reply to GoSixers on Aug 11 at 12:55

True. Inciting hatred causes more reaction and viewership in the media, and that's exactly what they want. I don't blame them.

Funny thing about WIP or 97.5 is that when I call in to defend McNabb or Iguodala, I never get in. The one time that I did get in, I had to bash McNabb to the producer before I got on the air.

Funny how things work.

Funny how things work.

You say funny, I say sad

KEkfjsak on Aug 11 at 0:33

"I could be selfish" aka Iggy will settle with Philly, but of course he would prefer greener pastures.

Hey Brian, preseason tonight. Stoked?

On that, if you're an out of market eagles fan, tonights game is on NFL Network at 11 Pm eastern

David Stern was on Bill Simmons podcast this week. Worth a listen though Simmons tries his best to 'trap' Stern and fails repeatedly since Stern is, well, smart, and Simmons not.


To me the most interesting thing about this audio is how Stern talks about the team in New Orleans - man is he pushing it hard

Turtle Bay on Aug 13 at 11:41

I agree with most of this. A bit harsh regarding Turner, but for the most part it is correct.

I was all for drafting Turner 2 years ago, but right now acknowledge that going for a big would have made more sense. And that is not to say ET won't become a very good pro- more that the team is unbalanced and will be in big trouble once Brand is gone... at least we have the Voose.

Joey from Broomall on Aug 13 at 21:20

Youth and upside worked so well with Holiday and Young. Why did the Sixers stop following their same sucessful formula when they had such a great pick. Derrick favors would have been our Steak Hoagie, and instead we took the soft pretzel...

Evan Turner was a stud in college. A 6'7 SG that could play PG and was the main scoring option for a pretty good Ohio State team. Not many guys can score 20 points, get 10 rebounds, and average 7 assists per game. He was considered to be a hard worker, didn't have any major character flaws, and was a very polished player. He seemed like a safe pick and a guy you could build upon in the future. Derrick Favors on the other hand was very raw. For a team that has been mediocre for the past 10 years it seemed as though Turner was the safer player to get them out of it.

As for the Sixers I thought he would have fit in well. He could take over the scoring load and let Jrue and Iguodala flourish in their roles. I was also intrigued by the trio of JTI. All three of them were good passers and all three of them were good defenders.

Things didn't work the way I thought it would. Looking back on it now, I would have picked Favors over Turner, but I can't blame them for their decision. I still have hope in the kid, if his jump shot becomes a weapon, I think JTI could be the one of the better backcourts in the league.

I also don't think that Thad was in their future plans at the time. The guy had an awful season

johnrosz on Aug 15 at 20:05

thekidet evan turner
Bout to go work on my jumper with HOF coach Herb Magee #congrats

One HOF'er working with a future one.

-we can dream, right?

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Aug 15 at 20:50

nice to see he's completely buying in.

Man nba2k11 is not realistic. They got derrick rose dunking all over @spencerhawes00 everytime. That aint realistic #lol

johnrosz reply to Solomon on Aug 16 at 16:56

saw that. that is completely realistic

Shawn reply to Solomon on Aug 16 at 16:57

Who wrote that?

Something I wrote that some of the older Sixer fans might like, a sort of diary after watching the Beat LA game:


Charlie H reply to Rich on Aug 17 at 19:00

I enjoyed it. That's probably my all-time favorite Sixers game because of the immense relief it gave me. 1981 was an absolute nightmare, as was Game 6 of this series. I remember every game - 2 of them were blowout wins for the Celtics.

Please don't ever compare Bobby Jones to the Birdman again. Bobby was one of the best defensive forwards ever and actually knew how to play. Very good offensive player, too. Never made mistakes. Just as good a rebounder too. (Birdman ain't that good and Bobby was better than people think - great hands.)

Thanks for pointing out how much M.L. Carr sucked.

Cheeks was a very accurate outside shooter, unlike Miller. He didn't take many, but he took them at the right time. And he was as good as Magic at running the break (although he couldn't make those 40-foot bounce passes). 52% career shooter.

The Greek on Aug 16 at 17:12

Does this mean that Noncioni's money comes off the books if he leaves?


Shazaam reply to The Greek on Aug 16 at 18:35

No. He would never walk away from 6 million. He will never be able to make that amount of money in Europe even if he played for the next 10 years. He would be a fool to declare retirement in order sign with a Euro team. A buyout is probably more likely. Who knows? Maybe the Sixers can save 100k.

Alan Houston rule?

With Sam talking publicly about returning to the Sixers, they could end up back to where they were 2 years ago (no Noce or Hawes and Sam as the C.)

Stan reply to tk76 on Aug 17 at 11:56

When has he said that? I doubt Stefanski makes that move. The guy traded away the only defensive big man he had for a bag of dirt because of this "character issues". It would look really bad on Sixers management if they brought him back.

Yet another Sixer is now tweeting, say hello to @jmeeks20 people!

ESPN tries to top SI by ranking 500 players in the NBA 1-500

Good luck with that

Dab reply to GoSixers on Aug 17 at 11:53

Yeah, are they really comparing guys like Lavoy Allen and Craig Brackins to see who's better? It would be funny if they actually put this list on insider and make people pay to see who worst 100 players are.

Saw that, counting down 10 per day.

They could probably do 1 per day and still not be done by the time the next regular season game is played.

I have a piece on SB Nation Philly today, though I'm not sure it's that coherent.

Did you listen to the Simmons podcast and see Love's comments?

Nothing sounds good to me

Should have read the article before commenting :)

Don't bother reading the article. ESPN completely fucked up that Love story and now they've magically changed it. Katz added in the $45M cap figure, Love never said that. Here's the original version of the story:


and here it is now:


johnrosz on Aug 17 at 14:48

The whole "I DON'T SEE THE OWNERS OUT ON THE COURT PLAYING" argument has to be the dumbest/laziest argument I've ever heard.

I thought Kevin Love was a bright guy? God. These players are so spoiled, so uninformed, and just completely delusional.

Owners have a right to make money on their investment.

I have zero sympathy for the players, and it's gotten to the point where I won't mind seeing them get fucked over for their ignorance.

What made you think kevin love was smart?

Was it going to a mediocre college for one year?

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 17 at 16:02

I wouldn't call UCLA a mediocre college. Also when it comes to athletes I put little stock into what college they went to.

You're right, it's a mediocre university, and I would call it a mediocre university. It's a state school that isn't even the best school in its system, in a state that lacks money, and has numerous state systems.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 17 at 16:53

I don't go to UCLA and I haven't been there, but it's ranked 25th in the nation. I don't know what you consider mediocre, but if UCLA is mediocre that PSU is considered below average

Not sure which rankings you're using

And I do consider PSU below average, I was never impressed with the pennsylvania state systems (either of them) while I lived there.

My wife works in academia. Penn State on the university level is very strong. Not on the same level as UCLA or Wisconsin, but still well above "average." There are several hundred major universities in the US, and Penn State is easily in the top 1/3. Look at the hundreds of colleges in Pennsylvania alone.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 18 at 11:30

I used the US News rankings. UCLA isn't in the elite class like Harvard or MIT but their still one of the best universities in the US.

You sound like a UPenn kid by the way you belittle other universities.



Cal Berkley #8 in the world
UCLA #11 in the world

Their graduate and professional programs and research output are tremendous- that is why it is ranked highly. Don't judge a university by its undergraduate program. That may be what high school students care about, but that is not generally how large, world class universities are measured. They are measured by their contribution to society and academia- and in that mission the education of undergrads is not that important.

What I mean is that their are thousands of colleges that can provide a solid undergrad education. Many do a better job of it than UCLA (or Michigan or Wisconsin.) But there are only a small handful of institutions that are elite across the board in professional schools, scholarship and research.

Tray reply to tk76 on Aug 18 at 11:30

I've always thought Duke was extremely overrated but I'm surprised to see us under University of Washington.

They both are very good schools, so it is hard to say. They both have tremendous medical schools and graduate programs.


But I also read somewhere that the rankings get a bit messed up because when people are surveyed they sometimes mix up Univ of Washington (Seattle) with Washington University (St. Louis.)

johnrosz on Aug 17 at 17:54

Well, Kevin Love just seemed like a kid with his head on his shoulders. At least, I didn't think he would share the Spencer Hawes mentality of "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine" At least not publicly...

Is he going to be the village idiot that detonates the players PR push during this lockout?

Patrick Ewing last lockout said "we make a lotta money...but we spend a lotta money too"

Can anyone top that this time out?

I don't expect any NBA player to come across as reasonable and grounded. These are guys who have been treated as super-human since they were 14. They are raised in a basketball bubble that constantly tells them how special and important they are. And basketball is probably worse than FB or baseball, since at least those spots have a bit of a "blue collar" subculture where players try and fashion themselves as hard working Average Joe's (not saying they really are.) Also, in order to achieve at that level you need supreme confidence and probably a bit of self centered arrogance.

So when I hear a basketball player come across as truly grounded, then I am actually surprised or figure they are putting on a good act.

mchezodefa reply to tk76 on Aug 18 at 7:04

Why is it all on the players?

The owners created this mess as much if not more than the players. Rather than try to to take some responsibility for their own bad business decisions, they want to put it all on the players. No one deserves to make profit simply because they run a business. If there is no season the fans and the players are going to suffer the most not the owners. If you guys have such little regard for the players then why even watch the game.

NBA ownership has historically been more of a hobby than a business for most owners anyway. These guys make hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in their businesses and then go and spend a few hundred million on a team as a very expensive hobby.

I am not picking one side or another. I can just as easily say something critical about the billionaire owners being out of touch.

My point is that this is not like a "normal" labor dispute, because both parties live in their own fantasy worlds that lead them to have a skewed view of real world workers and management. So I don't expect them to say things that are grounded.

William reply to mchezodefa on Aug 18 at 11:45

But every owner has the right to make a profit and based on the way that the current system is run it is hard to do that. Even a well managed team like San Antonio has been reporting losses. There are only a handful of teams that can make a profit.

If any other business was reporting the same type of losses than an NBA team was than that business would be cutting back and laying off a lot of their employees.

The NBA's average annual salary is 5 million. Which is the highest in the world. The players have to realize that if they want to keep their lifestyle that they need to make some concessions.

Both sides have a right to fight it out through the labor and legal process. But I don't think either side has a right to make money :)

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