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Pressing Questions - August 19, 2011

1) Probably Vucevic. I wish it were Turner.
2) Under.
3) Slight, but teams will catch up quickly.

You have to figure the teams with new coaches will really struggle if there's only a couple of weeks to prepare. Another thing in the Sixers favor is their youth. I'd expect most of the Sixers will be in shape when the lockout ends, and they'll get their legs under them pretty quickly.

KoreanSixer on Aug 19 at 12:53

1) Like Derek said, hopefully Turner after he finishes his shooting thing with Herb.

2) Under, Speights will be 250 lbs and will look like he did when he was drafted by the Sixers and will end up being the team's leading scorer... and I will be a billionaire by the year's end...

3)No, there will be teams that are better than the Sixers that will have the same coach and won't have to go through much roster turnover too

1. Jodie Meeks. I assume his play fits in well with Euro bball and the pay he would receive from a Euro league team would probably match up with salary he gets from the Sixers.

2. Under. He'll be on his contract year, right?

3. I don't think there will be any major roster changes across the NBA. The biggest FA out there that might move is David West. Most teams will basically remain the same. Miami and Boston might get new centers but they have a sound veteran team so I don't think we would be able to gain any quick advantages over them.

So can someone give me a run down on Euro league basketball. I've never watched it before and googling for these answers might be a pain.

When does the season start?
What time (EST) do the games usually begin?
What Channel or website do you use to watch these games?
What are the good Euro teams,(the ones with recognizable NBA prospects and former veterans)?

If you could trade Evan Turner what is the lowest that you would be willing to take in return for him?

Just curious to see how you guys feel about ET after one season. Would you trade him now for a guy like Roy Hibbert, would you keep him and hope he becomes an all star, or do you see him as a trade chip to bring in a premier player?

Wouldn't trade him period (except obviously for a young superstar and that's not happening). Wouldn't even trade him for John Wall.

Absolutely wouldn't trade Turner for Roy Hibbert.

Turner's stock is low and his potential is extremely high in my opinion. Trading him would be a terrible idea.

Just saw Vucevic play for his country Montenegro against my country Macedonia.

First things forst, Macedonia won :). Now onto the thoughts on how Vucevic played.

- Looked extremely mobile and fluid for his size. I was pleasantly surprised. Bare in mind that this was against Euroleague type of athletes not NBA ones, so that may have clouded my judgement a bit.
- His shot looked great. Can be a legit threat from long range.
- Defensive effort is there.

- Inside defense and offense need improvement. Right now i'm not sure they are at an NBA level.
- Very foul prone.
- Roamed on the perimeter too much on offense.
- Lift is indeed suspect at best.

He pretty much played PF for his national team, so that probably made him play on the perimeter more than he usually does. Euro basketball PFs play on the perimeter a lot. So that has to be taken into account. He needs to improve quite a bit if he is going to be a rotational player in the NBA especially defensively. That being said he definitely didn't look like a stiff, which i guess is a positive given our very low expectations of him.

All in all he still has room to grow and needs to improve in a lot of areas of his game, but looks like he could be an above average backup C in the NBA or a fringe starter at best. He might crack the rotation next season considering our options at C at the moment.

Oh yeah and another positive note: Transition defense was very solid. He was as fast as the guards coming back and his positioning was decent.

johnrosz reply to Xsago on Aug 19 at 19:21

what about on the glass

Kinda average i would say. He went after some of the boards, didn't exactly shy away from contact, but his positioning needs improvement. He's going to need to add some strength to hold his position as well.

Love it. Thanks for the great report. So happy with the Vucevic pick.

Andre Iguodala So the deal is done! I wanna thank my man @CHITOWNSHAKE for agreeing with the particulars as I will be starting tomorrow apart of the...

Andre Iguodala B4 I announce the team I do have an NBA opt out clause

Andre Iguodala I will be apart of the Regulators and the FFL (flag football league)! Playing QB and WR. Game tomorrow @ 2pm

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