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The Voose Is About To Jump Ship

You must not have noticed that there ate just as many mediocre big men playing in the NBA right now. Are there good athletic big men? Yes. Are there many bigs that can actually play? Not really.

Sammy D: great athlete, average player
Javele Maghee : great athlete, below average player
Jarred Jeffries : good athlete, below average player
Nened Kristic : average athlete, average player

Go through every teams roster and most starting center are all around average players no matter how you slice it. Voose won't be a game changer but he can eventually be just as good as any other center in the league.

Bigs who are elite athletes are rare, but that's not really the point. Every team in the league has a couple of elite athletes on the floor at any given time. Centers in the NBA, or at least centers who aren't huge defensive liabilities, need to be able to provide weak-side help on elite athletes driving to the hole. The point is that playing in Europe is essentially going to be a fourth year of college for Voose against probably the same level of competition.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Playing is better than sitting around. I just doubt he's going to be expanding his game, other than working on his three point shot.

First : I would wait to see the guy play before judge him..
And if you wanna athleticism for a big guy just go and sign Ryan Hollins, an elite athlete for a big guy, not a player at all, at least in basketball.. or you can try Cheik Samb, Mamadou N'dye,BJ Mullens and the lis goes on.
If Voose could become a bigger Nick Collison, he is a plus player or a bigger/slimmer Big Baby or big Kurt Thomas.. Those guys are not elite NBA athletes but they can compete and help a team, he could become that.
Second : it seems that his contract has a NBA out, so he is not really jumping the ship, just assuring to keep playing and developting.


You're talking about a guy who is projected to be a rotational player and career backup. If he ends up tearing his knee overseas I won't shed a tear and if he decides to play overseas for good I won't lose any sleep over his decision.

Gladwell on the NBA lockout

More interesting than rehashing the debate over this player in my opinion.

Interesting read, but I think he's being a bit obtuse and simplistic.

Granted, no one should be buying a basketball team to get rich. Owners shouldn't get into the endeavor for the soul purpose of making high eight figure profits. But at the same time, it's not crazy to expect these guys who have been very successful in businesses in the past (or very successful in inheriting money) to at least expect to break even. Or at least operate in an environment where breaking even is a possibility for all but the teams in premiere markets.

It seems like he's celebrating Yawkey's racism and saying, "If only all owners were crazy enough to lose money just to scratch an itch, the league would be fine."

And there's no mention of the "psychic benefit" of being a professional athlete. I mean, can't you make the same argument that these players get paid to play a sport for a living and they're making many, many multiples of what they could possibly make in any other walk of life? Shouldn't they just be happy they're on TV and they have a line of groupies waiting for them at every hotel? Why should they want to make more money.

My theory on owning a professional sports team has always been that it's a 'plaything' like a big boat, just on a much bigger scale, and that you want to have the best 'plaything'. When a billionaire buys a yacht to show up all his friends, he doesn't expect a return, I think professional sports franchises should be viewed the same way by the owners - it's about having the best one - not primarily profits. (Plus winning breeds fans=money)

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Aug 22 at 13:40

The owner of a yacht has the ability to make whatever changes he wants to that yacht. The current system in the NBA is a failure. Too many players with bloated contracts and not enough talent overall. Things need to change.
NBA players on average make more money than any other group of workers in the world.

Did I say the system worked the way it was? I'm almost sure I didn't. No system 'works' great. Even in the NFL there are teams that lose money because of lack of fan suport or stupid decisions.

Whose fault is it that the teams signed the bloated contracts? CBA's rescue owners from their own stupidity, they don't level a playing field cause cheap owners are still cheap.

The belief that a new CBA is a panacea that cures all ills is silly. The NBA is going to continue headed in the wrong direction, because its popularity is waning.

Popularity is waning? I don't think that's accurate. If anything, it's popularity has been gaining from the lowpoint of about 5 or 6 years ago. If it's waning at this moment, it's because of this lockout.

It's just my own theory - not to do with gross numbers but overall position in the sports landscape (going all the way back to when you're a kid), I don't think the NBA's popularity is going to maintain at these levels for long (if at all) lost season or not.

They can't afford a lost season though

They're going to be third forever, nationally. The gap between second and third will vary, but they'll never fall below hockey, nor rise above baseball imo.

I'm not sure Hockey's even third any more - Golf, Tennis, Nascar, they're on more tv than the NHL.

The fracturing landscape is going to make less money available for more options, and I believe basketball will suffer more than other sports. Just my own belief, based on public perception, poor marketing, and the game being broken all the way back to AAU

ESPN was doing this whole thing about 'fixing' college sports but they were focused on the football programs where basketball is probably just as broken but at most schools people care a whole lot less

Yeah, I don't even count NASCAR, though I guess I should. Golf and Tennis are kind of oddities, where the majors draw interest and no one care about them the rest of the time.

Golf is on national television for most tournaments its entire season and twice a weekend.

You definitely should count Nascar, you show your geographic prejudice if you say it shouldn't count when they rake in the bucks from Fox, TNT and ESPN/ABC, and are one of the most popular spectator AND marketable sports in the country. (Seriously, professional sports teams in the US have to stop being so damn uptight, let people sponsor the uniforms if you're losing money you idiots).

The NHL is more niche in this country than either golf or tennis in my opinion. The NBA youth incentives have been very unimpressive to me so far

I didn't say it shouldn't count, just that I don't count it. And I'm proud of my geographic prejudice.

I guess living in 3 different areas of the country made me slightly more open to the sports landscape, i actually enjoy watching some nascar - it's fun ( and come on - who doesn't wanna drive at 200 MPH?)

I thought Madison was supposed to be like an island of normalcy in the middle of the flyover states. You were still exposed to Nascar?

I went to college in Virginia and was able to escape unscathed.

I wasn't actually exposed to NASCAR until I got to california actually - when it went national I started watching some of it.

Wisconsin is where I learned to appreciate hockey - live - (not on tv - god it's awful on tv)

It's also where I TRULY learned that milk DOES a body good

Shawn reply to Brian on Aug 22 at 19:17


So I guess that means no Voose, even if there is a season. Bummer.

It also makes it that much more likely that we will see either Hawes or Sam playing for the Sixers this season. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

My interest level in the Sixers is as low as it has been in the past 20 years.

The story said he has an out if/when the lockout ends, so I think he'll be here. Still, not much is changing.

Rich reply to tk76 on Aug 22 at 12:47

Mine is too, but that's because we aren't playing hoops for awhile.

I know it would be preferable that he be able to score in the low post. But if he can't, considering this teams lack of outside shooting, if he could become an above average 3 point shooter, he would add value to the team.


but the sixers would still be suck ass at rebounding and he's not dirk nowitzki

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Aug 22 at 19:21

I would be happy with a Raef Lafrentz

You have very low standards

From a 16th pick in a weak draft? Those are pretty much realistic expectations not really low. But of course what kind of fans would we be if we didn't hope for much more...

The Sixers don't really lack outside shooting. They were pretty much average from three last season (15th by percentage).

Anyway, I view having our newly drafted center working on his three point shot as about as useful as Michael Vick spending the summer working on tackling drills. Or Ryan Howard working out with a speed coach so he can steal more bases next season.

Rich reply to Brian on Aug 22 at 12:59

Wasn't exactly a form tackle from Vick the other night!

Where are these Sam Dalembert rumors coming from? I don't see how the Sixers would have enough cap space to bring him and I don't know why Dalembert would come here when more attractive teams like BOS, MIA, and NYK would be willing to sign him.

No one knows how much money anyone will be able to offer sam at this point. If he came back here, it would have to be a personal preference, though. The best the Sixers can probably do is match an offer from those teams you mentioned, depending on how the CBA shakes out.

I agree with you brian partially on vucevic working on his three point shot. It it aprrently apart of doug collins system for our big man too step outside and hit the outside shot, so for you too keep saying how you dont like it well its not your system, but i do agree with you on him playing against talent over in europe especially without the proper instuctions of dc. All what will happen is you our going too have some coach too tell him too shoot all day and dont worry about the defensive aspect and rebounding which is what the sixers do need.

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