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Possible Target: Reggie Williams

Funny that you have Morrow in the picture with him, a couple of nice spot-up shooters. I watched his spot-up game on Synergy and he really gets his shot off quick and pretty effortlessly. He was much better than Meeks in that department last year, which is why you would be signing him. He's not as good as running of screens as Meeks is, but that's not a staple of wither player's games.

On another note, the Earth started shaking as I was watching Reggie Williams shoot jumpers on Synergy. I'm gonna guess that is a bad sign.

Ho hum... Another chapter in your perpetual campaign to find a replacement for lou.

I actually didn't even mention Lou, but Williams would be a good fit w/ him as well. Probably moreso than the other guys, considering Lou is the most ball dominant player on the team.

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