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Pressing Questions - August 26, 2011

I was stuck in Fla when Andrew hit 19 years ago. Not an experience I would want to repeat (although I did learn that I have no aptitude for boarding up windows on a house with stucco walls.) Stay safe everyone.

Doesn't matter, those guys won't be resigned when we have to make room for Dwight in 2013

And when DH12 signs elsewhere we'll swoop in to sign the equivalent of Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow.

Stan reply to tk76 on Aug 26 at 19:47

At that point I am willing to trade Igoudala and build on Jrue and Turner

or keep Iggy and overpay Bynum and Josh Smith

or trade for Bogut and sign Timofey Mozgov

A warm and fuzzy take on the recent Sixers work-out organized by Brand and Lou. All of the notables in attendance except for Thad and Speights. I do find it funny how Lou is a leader of this team, despite being an anathema to many fans.


Andre Iguodala sucks. Monta Ellis is awesome.

Come at me bro

And Lou is a BOSS.

Dream team:


Nick Young

honorable mention: LMA

Dan reply to tk76 on Aug 30 at 16:47

I am honestly intrigued by that lineup. In the same way I am intrigued by how the country would be if Palin was president

That was a nearly 800 word piece that could have been summarized in one sentence: Stern and Hunter met and left only stating that they plan to meet again.

At least they didn't come out of it calling each other crazy. That's progress.

I'm ignoring them until they make a deal. It's not really worth trying to decide if they are making "progress". I don't even really care what they agree to, as long as they get back to basketball instead of fighting over money.

I'll just follow the NFL and RWC.

USA v Ireland on 9/11.


@Mospeights16 - Hope y'all Philly people be safe over there , I got y'all in my prayers
27 Aug

@spencerhawes00 - Hope everyone back on the east coast is doing ok so far with the storm coming in. Praying for u guys.
27 Aug

@TeamLou23 - I Feel lame as hell my BM textin me saying her and my daughter in the closet for a tornado warning and I'm cross country chillen...
27 Aug

Stan reply to das411 on Sep 4 at 20:30

Don't worry Lou, they only love you for yo money.

Interview with Vucevic at the European championship:


He is having a decent championship so far from the little that i've seen. Nothing spectacular though. He is very active and enthusiastic both on offense and defense, but i think he doesn't have the needed strength yet to do something significant with the opportunities he is getting. He still has a lot to learn and doesn't look like he will be able to help immediately.

On a side note, Ante Tomic a Jazz second rounder from a few years back looks really good so far. He is probably not worth much, so why not inquire about him and see if he is interested in making the leap to the NBA. He is still very skinny though, so he might have problems against NBA type of big men.

Well Chris Sheridan (who now has his own site, doesn't work for espn any more?) who is in europe for the euro championships and not near the meetings believes there is a 75%/80% chance the season starts on time I heard on the radio today (ESPN 710 LA)

Really? Is this based on something or just his opinion? That's 75-80% higher then I've heard anywhere else. Man, i hope he's right.

sober81 reply to Brian on Sep 8 at 19:26

I've been following his posts...he claims to be getting inside info and that the sides are a lot closer than previously thought. At least they are getting serious and meeting.


I've read other ESPN writers being optimistic about that too. One of them (can't remember who) in a chat said that top quality basketball is weeks away not months.

Don't know where this optimism comes from...

Rich reply to sober81 on Sep 8 at 22:36

I wonder if that's not him being 'edgy' because he's not with ESPN anymore. I wonder why he left as well.

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