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NBA Lockout Update: Feeling Any Pain Yet?

Apparently Lou lit it up yesterday

If you believe Javale McGee, some noise has already been made in the union meetings.

The union demonstrated its lack of a clue by bringing Kevin Garnett into the negotiating room, an under educated bitch

I definitely believe McGee's off-the-cuff remarks over Derek Fisher's canned BS. Also the fact that only about 20 players showed up for the union's meeting is pretty good proof that very few of the players have any resolve to continue this crap.

Unfortunately, right now the only players who seem to have power are the super-rich superstars who have supplemental endorsement income. That will change when the average players start to speak up (the muzzle placed on McGee had the threat of Kevin Garnett written all over it).

Yeah Lou had 53, including some sick crossovers and a couple nasty dunks as well.


I was curious about another group of lost income: the writers. I assumed before you had a 9-5 job with depressedfan as a hobby earning extra income. Would you be willing to share the changes in unique visitors per month compared to last year? And what does it mean for the little advertisements on the side? (Not looking for exact figures, more like percentages)

I hope this lock out doesn't hurt you personally. This site is great for those of us who live out of the Philly area but love the Sixers.

Traffic is about a third of what it was last year this time, of course I was also writing a lot more in the past. There was something to write about.

The day job pays the bills, this blog really isn't about business, but thanks for the concern.

Dwight - you're a big man - there are no 'opportunities' for you - ewings best commercial work was done after he retired (patrick chewing).


You are not lebron, or wade, or rose, big men don't get deals

Except for Shaq who people felt was funny but I alway felt was an ass clown

Guess what? Finally some Sixers talk from our new owners! There is also talk that Will and Jada Smith are investors. With this news, I really need the NBA to end the lockout today!!!

TimX reply to TimX on Oct 18 at 15:38

There is also talk that Will and Jada Smith are investors

Oh - good - scientology celebreties who opened a recruiting school without telling anyone - celebrity ownership is such a winner

They're a face and a name. They won't be involved in the day to day running of the team at all.

It's really helped in miami (dolphins) and new jersey - i get the point - but stars have little impact

I don't think they were really looking for him to have an impact. He's not central (or secondary, or even tertiary) to their strategy.

Heh, here's the best news in that story:

"The new owners also announced Ed Stafanski will not remain with the team as its general manager."

He was the last ed standing. And everything must go (just look at how they have slashed their prices.)

Da Jruth reply to Brian on Oct 18 at 21:40

Hallelujah! Guess Chili's on the main line just lost their most loyal customer.

Tom Moore on Oct 18 at 16:23

Just talked to Ed. He wouldn't chat about his tenure or future - only wished new owners well and said organization is in good hands.

Tom Moore on Oct 18 at 16:24

Blog (with Josh Harris video interview, photo): New ownership group hits ground running


Tom Moore on Oct 18 at 16:26

Blog: Sixers ask and Will Smith (along with wife Jada Pinkett Smith) agrees to invest in team


Tom Moore on Oct 18 at 16:28

Stefanski: "The only thing I'd like to say it's the new ownership's day. I wish them the best of luck. I've met Josh and Adam numerous times. They're in capable hands."

Sixers new slogan:

Passionate, Intense and Proud.

I consider myself and most Philly fans to be more passionate, intense and loud.

Good news all around today. Will Smith is the kind of name that generates some much needed buzz around the team, and if he helps in recruiting free agents down the road it would be a huge plus. Add in Stefanski's departure, and it's a great day to be a Sixers fan if you can ignore the whole lockout thing.

Well, I filled out the suggestion form on the new owners website. As an out of town fan, I suggested they open up more access to the team to internet sites like this one.

Hopefully Brian will get to interview some players or Collins.

Was at today's PC (with Tom). Here's a few articles about it so far, have a few more (and some videos) coming up later tonight.


Tom Moore on Oct 18 at 19:39

One slight surprise is that Jason Levien, former Sac Kings GM and player agent, won't have a front-office title or be working closely with Thorn. He is a part-owner.

“The analogy I would draw is we just bought a restaurant,” Levien said. “I’ve worked in the kitchen and I’ve worked as the maitre d’ and I’ve worked in all these capacities. Hopefully, I bring some perspective from all of that to the table.”

Sounded like he didn't close the door, though.

"I don't know [what my end goal is], because I didn't mean to be an agent. I played, I thought I was done with basketball outside of maybe coaching my kids. I went to practice law and I sort of fell into being an agent, and loved it...I didn't mean to go work for Sacramento. I got close to the Maloofs and they sort of asked me to come there. I think it's all a journey. I want to contribute. I don't have some end goal in mind."

Also used this analogy:
"I grew up playing basketball, I played in college. Sometimes I played point guard, sometimes they put me at small forward, sometimes they asked me to wave the towel. I'm ready to do any of it. I am. I just feel like want to contribute. I want to help. I think I've got some great guys that I've bondered with over a year in this process, and there's a lot of opportunity. I don't know if I'll be waving the towel, I don't know if I'll be getting the water, I don't know if I'll be thrown into the game, but whatever I do, I'm just going to try to help."

Tom Moore on Oct 18 at 20:00

Story: Sixers' new ownership group unveils plans (with video interviews)


Any thoughts on the new ownership? I've been busy with school all day, but I like the ticket price slashing (Let's see how long it lasts though).

I also wrote into them, and I really think the key to building a stronger fan base (Which is really freaking hard) is to become the most internet-savvy team in the league. Their website stinks, and really they should look at the Eagles' site for ideas. They really need better videos, more commentary, podcasts, etc.

Then they have to be committed to Facebook and Twitter, and really make them informative and funny pages. They should be shooting Youtube videos at practice, have weekly interview shows with Collins and Jrue, etc.

Finally they have to reach out to sites like this one. The last group had their hearts in the right place with Sixers' vans and giveaways, but these people need to realize the internet is where you reach the most people.

I see this purchase as a business opportunity for the owners. They were able to buy an NBA franchise in a relatively good market for a huge discount because of the current economic situation. From listening to Joshua Harris, he doesn't seem to be a Philadelphia sports fan or even a sports fan in general. His only tie to the city is 4 years spent at Penn. I expect the Sixers to be under new ownership within a few years.

Now, all that doesn't mean I'm not excited...just a little skeptical.

I suppose that's possible, but I can't think of any other sports team being flipped for a profit after only a couple of years, can you?

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