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Pressing Questions - This Lockout May Never End Edition

Reading Kate's chat..

Comment From Kevin
What are the chances a player not currently on the roster starts at Center the next time the SIxers take the court?


Does she know something we don't?

Ok, she clarified it.

Comment From T McL
Kate, that 85% number really caught me off guard. Is there something about Spencer you want to tell us? Do his republican beliefs have him on the side of the owners? If they give the owners more money, it should trickle down to him right?

Ha! I think Spencer will be back, I just don't think the team wants him back as the starting center. I think the plan is to look for a strong, veteran candidate to come in on perhaps a 2-year, mid-level type contract (again, no clue what the CBA will be) and bridge the game until either Vucevic or Hawes proves himself capable or incapable of the starting job. I think that's the plan.

Stan reply to T McL on Oct 21 at 18:11

Hawes has been in the league for 4 years. Even Vucevic's strongest supporters say that at best he'll end up being a good big man off the bench.

I think it's safe to say that they are incapable.

I say forget Hawes and use that money for a 3 man rotation of Jeff Foster, Tony Battie, and Theo Ratliff

Starter Quarters 1-1.5: Jeff Foster

Reliever- Quarters 2-2.5: Tony Battie

Closer- Quarters 3.5-4: Ratliff

Everything in between is a combination of Thad and Brand.

My favorite part of Stefanski's tenure was the international flavor he brought in.

Seriously, this guy was a European scout for NJ and the best guy he could bring in was Primo Brezek.

Andrew Brandt used to be an NFL Exec and agent and works for ESPN.com - an interesting perspective on what is going on - from a guy who has been there in his own way is here

Agree with your post Brian that Nocioni would be cut in the amnesty deal. No way they cut Brand. Why would you pay him $35M to average 16 and 9 for another team? There won't be a PF available on the free agent market for $35M who can average 16 and 9.

I also look at it this way. Let's say there are 2 PFs on the free agent market who average 16 and 9. One asks for 2 years, $35M. The other asks for 4 years, $60M. Which would you prefer? I'd go with the shorter contract without blinking.

Dan reply to stoned81 on Oct 22 at 19:26

Exactly. You would still have to pay him anyway. Also there are only 3 decent UFAs in 2012- Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard probably wont opt out until 2013. By that time we'll free up Elton.

With Noc's cap relief we can sign a guy like DeAndre Jordan and resign Thad

Interesting article on Ed Snider and how he was never willing to blow it up and go for a lottery pick (though by trying to win he still wound up with the #2 pick, which should probably tell you something about his tenure as owner).

Not a good sign that you are an NBA owner who does not like working with a star driven league.

ahem ... you were an NBA owner.

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