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So are you saying that Kwame Brown ain't bold enough for you?

I think the problem with the Sixers organization is that they think small. The Sixers can become a big market team. In order to do so though they need to start thinking big. Even rumors get you on the map. The last time i hear the Sixers trying to land an impact player was probably 3-4 years ago. that needs to change.

I think the problem with the Sixers organization is that they think small. The Sixers can become a big market team.

1. There's new ownership, that hasn't done anything yet, so I'm not sure how you can state how they think
2. The sixers ARE a big market team. Market isn't defined by how much you win or how much you spend.

I agree that the new owners can change things in the right direction. When i say they need to start thinking big i am more referring to everything that has happened in the past.

Philadelphia is a big market. The Sixers are not a big market team though. Basketball is a distant number three sport in the area and the organization has been operating as a small market team for a while. The new ownership has a chance to change this in another direction. The potential is there, it just takes smart management.

I'm not really sure why you keep saying this, whether a team is a big market or small market team depends on the market they are in - the sixers are in a big market - so they are a big market team - regardless of how they OPERATE or SPEND they are a big market team because they are in a big market - plain and simple.

And oh yeah, they ain't third in the city, they're fourth, at best, possibly even fifth depending on villanova/temple basketball

Ownership hasn't done anything yet so saying they're the same old organization is a waste of time until you see what ownership does that's relevant to the on the court product

What trade chips do we have to do something bold and transformative? We all know that (a) these stars don't want to sign extensions with us and (b) Iguodala isn't enough to make it happen. I'm not even sure Jrue is valued highly enough to be the centerpiece of that kind of a deal. Things could've been pretty different had we drafted Favors, who had a pretty middling rookie season but was so well-regarded by GMs that teams were willing to trade Melo and Deron for him.

Please don't remind me.

Our biggest assets are Jrue, Iguodala and about $14M in expiring or near-expiring contracts (Nocioni, Lou who will probably opt out, and Speights). Throw in a couple first rounders, and maybe someone's still high on Turner. That's pretty much it. Transformative doesn't have to mean Howard, could be a blow up move or something, with one young piece with a ton of upside coming back. I'd settle for any kind of rumor at this point.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 2:54

Would you be ok with Iguodala rumors? because I think that's likely what you're going to hear if the Sixers become involved in the rumor mill in the next 3 weeks.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 2:58

Well I liked your Josh Smith idea. I don't know that anyone's going to do some blockbuster deal with us for Jrue + Iguodala. The only players who are worth giving all that up are superstars who seem to show every sign of being interested in playing in one of two places, LA and NYC.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 7:41


This post was right on the money. Supposedly our Sixers are on the rise (or so we heard last year). However we continue to try to figure out if Rod Thorn has a pulse. At least Stefanski was extremely open and honest with the media. I would like the team to at least act like they are thinking big. Maybe they are plotting a big move but keeping it quiet ?

"I'd just love to read something, anything about the Sixers doing something that isn't from the same script they've been following for the past decade. Something bold, something risky, something transformative, in a positive way."

Well, there has been some media coverage of our transformative mascot change... but it hasn't been very positive:


If CP3 and/or Howard get traded to the Lakers the thing that hurts me the most is media writers saying it takes smart management to win in the NBA and market size and money have nothing to do with competitive balance. When you have 2 guys who are saying we will not sign an extension unless it's New York or Los Angeles even an idiot GM can make it happen. That's not smart managment. That's stars holding the league hostage.

Man if this continues i will be begging for the lockout to get back...

Tray reply to Xsago on Dec 6 at 3:41

That's stars deciding where they're going to play. I actually don't see why we couldn't have a system where you never had free agency, and a player, by entering the draft, consented to play for the team that drafted him forever, or for whichever team he might be traded to. The argument that we all get to decide where we work, so why shouldn't they, is a silly one; the NBA in a larger sense is their employer and when you work for a big national employer they have the right to tell you which office you have to go work for. So I could live with a free agency-less world if people thought it would make the league more entertaining and more fair. Perhaps it would; personally I enjoy superteams and player movement. (Kobe/Shaq was the biggest superteam we'll ever see and no one at the time seemed to think it was terrible for the league. Quite the contrary.) But we do have free agency, so all of this stuff about retaining free agency but making it really hard for sign-and-extends to happen, or creating a bunch of disincentives to leaving your team, I don't get. These teams have had nearly a decade to build contenders around these guys, and they failed. Chris Paul plays for a GM who thought trading for Willie Green was a good idea, who traded Collison for Ariza, Julian Wright for Marco Bellinelli, Jerryd Bayless and Peja's expiring for Jarrett Jack, Bayless went on to play really well in Toronto and had more value than that. He systematically shipped out all their young talent, such as it was, for crappy veterans. Otis Smith gave Howard Vince Carter, Arenas, Rashard Lewis, and a washed up Turkoglu. He's like a Billy King, always latching on to yesterday's overrated All-Star. If you care about winning you can't play for that guy.

When did Dwight Howard or Chris Paul themsevles state "I won't sign an extension with anyone but the Knicks or the Lakers"

Rumors are not fact...

But in this case they are as close as you are going to get. No player will ever say anything like that officially, certainly not while he is under contract with another team.

Kate Fagan says the Sixers will let Thad Young sign an offer sheet with another team and then decide whether to match or not. She says:

"One source explained that a solid contract offer to Young would be in the range of $28 million to $32 million over four years. The Sixers would match a contract in this range, multiple NBA sources confirmed.

If that contract value begins creeping near $38 million to $40 million and possibly even higher, the Sixers will have a difficult decision to make."

Well that beats the Billy King method of negotiating against yourself and over paying Kenny Thomas, though most people will whine that their fiscal responsibility means that they're cheap.

Establish a value for a player, and if someone is willing to pay more for him, let them...it's not like he's the key piece to a title.

And no, don't go used that saved money just because you can unless it's a smart move.

Yeah, this is actually a positive, but only if they have the gumption to say no if he signs an offer sheet for too much. The best thing about having someone else sign him is they can only offer up to 4 years w/ smaller increases. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will sign him for show, like Memphis did w/ Josh Smith, then we can match it and have a bargain.

Yeah but Thad needs to actually sign an offer from another team. If he feels those offers are low he simply won't sign them. The only way we get a bargain out of this situation is if no team offers Thad what he feels he can accept. Than he will have two options:

a) He crawls back to Thorn and signs a bargain offer for 5 years in Philly.

b) He decides to play out the year on his qualifying offer and becomes an unrestricted free agent next year. There is no way he can command that much money next summer with a much stronger free agent class and the new restrictions of the new CBA looming closer (they kick off in 2013).

And yet either way it works out smartly for the sixers, plain and simple. As opposed to over paying like Billy King used to do, without letting players hit the market

What is plan B of Denver offers Thad a crazy deal?

I was thinking about this all last night. I would hope that instead of worrying about these awful mascots they are gaming scenarios on Thad. In my mind, if we lose Thad we need to go hard in a different direction. Thad was huge for us last year. He fit into the system, well.

What is the plan B?

Mike P reply to CSTH on Dec 6 at 9:33

Trade Iguodala for that Minny number one and then begin to tank it up hardcore while figuring out if Nikola and Turner can play professional basketball.

But seriously, we're all voting for Ben Franklin right?

Brian if you want rumors you have to create the rumors. Have more initiative, sitting back and doing nothing won't solve your problems.

Phil E. on Dec 6 at 9:52

Join the Moose-ment.

MikeW reply to Phil E. on Dec 6 at 10:00

Doesn't milawukee essentially have a moose? I don't want the same/similar mascot. Benny Franks is pure Philly, as stupid as those drawings look. Maybe we can just lease the phanatic.

Eddie Jordan got a new coaching gig.

Pistons once had Dave Bing, Eddie Miles & Jimmy Walker (Jalen Rose's natural father) in their backcourt (collectively 10 AS appearances), a trio that would kick the ass of Sixers' touted "JTI" collection from here to Kalamazoo. Detroit's record while they were together, '67-'70: 40-42, 32-50, 31-51. Chief reason, flimsy frontline.

A few years later Pistons won 52, due, in big part, to "pro (size 22) feet under him" Bob Lanier's 1074 rebounds, 343 assists and 247 blocked shots.

Later, "Bad Boys" become bad-est when they dumped gunner Tripuka for low-post mule Dantley, got "McNasty" Mahorn from Washington in trade, drafted Salley (11th) & Rodman (27th) in '86.

YOU DO NOT WIN in the NBA without a fair share of inside strength, periods of dominance.

Sunsetting Brand, Hopalong Hawes, Speezy Speights, Trojan Horse Vucevic, Cracker Jacks surprise Brackins ... that's not a frontline, that's a back-up-the-truck.

Doug can coach and talk up a storm but he can't change the team's bigs - or its ultimate fortune imo. That's up to the new owners and a seemingly unrestive, relaxed Rod Thorn. (If new mascot options presage future personnel decisions, uh-oh.)

'JTI' or 'JMT', window dressing.

So what are the biggest free agent signings in the past 10 years other than Lebron and Bosh? My mind is drawing blanks.

Are we talking team switches?
Rashard Lewis?
Carlos Boozer?
Elton Brand?
Amare Stoudemire

These are in terms of money - not player impact - per se

Well it is the same as the old CBA pretty much where it 'counts', at least for the next 2 years, the extend and trade and sign and trade are still in force, and players can control where they go, they can hold teams hostage by indicating who they'll sign an extension with or make claims that say 'sure there's a 90% chance I'll re-sign with you mr russian man but you better get some better players first'.

The players still run the show for the next couple years.

And Philadelphia as a city isn't a draw to NBA players and the roster doesn't scream 'join us and contend for a title', and the same old same old is continuing to muddle along...the only situation I'm disappointed the sixers didn't partake in was the Deron Williams deal and with Jrue Holiday I thik they could have made a deal there. Then maybe you'd appeal to a dwight howard.

I believe when chris broussard says the lakers want to get dwight howard and chris paul, i believe him when he says the clippers do...you know why? Cause there's 29 teams in the NBA that would like to get chris paul and or dwight howard. Of course they would. Hell - I'm sure the spurs would love to get dwight howard now that duncan is near the end, or replace tony parker with chris paul.

Is there a team in the NBA that wouldn't be better if they could add chris paul or dwight howard (depending of course on what you have to give up?)

If they lakers are willing to give up 'everyone but kobe' to get these guys maybe it's doable cause they have two pretty valuable assets, (Gasol & Bynum) but I think Gasols age makes him not as valuable to the teams involved, but maybe they can force a 3 way.

Point is, that there's going to be a lot of madness, and I belivve all the rumors to the point that 'team x wants howard' or team y wants Paul, cause pretty much they all do

Should fit on end of LA's bench - mousse-y kind o' guy, mousy Philly impact. Designated spot shooter lacking spots. Another great find by the firm of Stefanski, Dileo, Witte & Whomever. Toronto has never been the same. One strong year in South Beach. Defends like Oil of Olay.

So the Clips offered DeAndre Jordan 5 years, $40M. I think he can probably beat that dollar figure in free agency over four years, though.

Maybe they're offering a low offer and waiting to see what the market sets for him. He's one of those guys who might get more than he would from a team desperate and needing to meet that 85% (hello denver)

What would you say is a reasonable offer for Jordan? 9 mil per?

9 mil for 4 years sounds about right.

I'm not sure what' reasonable in the NBA but I'd rather the sixers make a bid for him than Thaddeus Young

I'd say the offer that the Clippers offered him is at the far end of being reasonable. I view Jordan as a poor man's Dalambert with worse offensive skills and FT% but better intangibles. He shouldn't get more than 7m per year but he will probably get more than 10.

Unfortunately, what players should get paid and what they will get paid are quite different from each other. Market value does not always coincide with intrinsic value.

While there's talk about players wanting to live in NYC or LA, a few years ago it was Orlando as the destination (Grant Hill anybody). Here's the thing, Philly is a great f*cking city, it has both the big city glitz, with the small town feel. It has a fanbase that's psychotically loyal - Cliff Lee took less money to play for the Phillies.

"Doing something for the sake of something" is what got the sixers into this mess in the first place. Brand was signed because they had to do something with all that cap space and he was the best option out there. They resigned Iggy because they had to make sure he wouldn't walk away for nothing.

To get cap space you need to be willing to suffer angry fans. You have to be willing to say, "There were no good deals for the team." You need to let popular players walk away. You need to be willing to suffer short term losses for long term gain.


Cliff Lee took less money overall but more money per year to play in Philadelphia. I wish people would stop saying he took less money, because it ignores that he hits free agency a year earlier and makes more per year.

Philadelphia is not:

1. Warm year round
2. An income tax free state
3. A popping night life like in New York or Miami or Los Angeles
4. A place stars hang out in
5. Well known for its racial harmony
6. Grant Hill went to Orlando 10 years ago, that's not a few, and not really relevant.

Not to mention, even the safest parts of the city aren't really safe.

Yeah but players don't live in the city, they live in the suburbs, I think Iverson lived in Gladwynne? And I remember Barkley lived in one of those nice condos by the city line avenue entrance to the expressway.

Philadelphia and its surrounding areas have some GREAT housing places to live and EXCELLENT schools both private and public (at least in lower merion) but most players don't usually care about that that much :)

I know that one or two of the Phillies players live in the Liberty One building. I'm not sure about sixers players, though. Also, after talking to a bouncers at a center city club (my friend was trying to get in to the VIP section), he said sixers players come there and try to get everything for free. Anyway, my point was that players do frequent the center city locales, and despite it being one of the safer areas, there's still a threat of danger. This is quite different when you consider areas like downtown Manhattan.

I know nothing about the crime rate in manhattan, but from watching law and order and nypd blue - i have learned that new york is a crime heavy city - with lots of child molesters and the such


haha, anywhere south of Harlem is one of the safest metropolitan areas in the country.

And the Sixers haven't won anything in a long time. Start winning and you will get free agents lining up interested to sign with the team. Winning heals everything (ok, almost everything). As i said in another post, the franchise has potential but is extremely underutilized at the moment. That can change at any moment though, all it takes is smarter management and possibly willing to suffer. The new ownership have every chance of setting things right. Will they do it we'll see.

Yes, the knicks and miami heat were serious winning teams when they signed their major free agents.

I know a lot can change in 2 or 3 years but do we have to start to look at iggy as someone with trade value that has to be moved? If his contract was up at the end of this season I have to think there is no way he would resign with the sixers.

I know its really early to start considering this but do you think iggy will accept his player option if he's still a sixer in 2 years?

I just don't want another andre miller situation where we just let an asset walk without getting anything in return.

sooner reply to sooner on Dec 6 at 12:05

My mistake it's actually an ETO not a player option. Not sure what the difference between the 2 is in principle though.

I think he'll pick up his player option - the new CBA might restrict how much he can make in his first year of a new deal - I think he'd pick it up whatever team he is on.

I think he should be traded, for his own good, because the sixers need to start a controlled rebuliding process and the primary asset to improve the team to build going forward is Andre Iguodala.

However, I think the best fit for him as a player is on a team that is close to contending and has their 'primary scorer star', which usually means that they don't have the best assets to offer (their draft picks aren't worth much for instance, unless they have them from different teams)

Many folk think the clippers are the best destination and fit, and I don't disagree, but it would have to be sooner rather than later, cause I want that t'wolves pick

sooner reply to GoSixers on Dec 6 at 12:09

I agree I've been eyeing the t'wolves pick for awhile now. But it sounds like their going to try and use it to get a bigger fish than iggy.

But when they miss on those bigger fish (and i believe they will miss on both Howard AND Paul) that's when you pounce, you've got someone willing to spend money / assets and he missed out on his first two picks, offer him a high quality (but not as high as he wanted) product and play on his 'at least i got something' feelings and not only might you get him to trade for Iguodala you might get him to over pay.

sooner reply to GoSixers on Dec 6 at 12:14

I hope that's how it works out. It would be amazing to have 2 top 10 picks (assuming the sixers won't be very good w/o iggy) in this draft plus jrue and hoefully a much improved evan turner.

If the sixers do end up doing that (and it's an ideal situation kind of thing), I'd look into moving brand to a team that HASNT used its waiver yet. A competitive team. Take back one of their bad contracts, with some incentive for that, and then you can waive that bad contract in the off season while the other team can waive brands last year if it doesn't work out for them

Wait - do we know if you can waive players traded to you or not?

There were rumors that you won't be able to amnesty players that you have received in a trade. Shame really cause that was the best possible thing i could think of that came out of this CBA.

So there's no confirmation yet then? The CBA isn't public as far as i know yet?

The Greek reply to GoSixers on Dec 6 at 12:44

I believe not but I would like this to be confirmed.

Yeah, the reports are out there I thought but until the players confirm the 'official' CBA we won't know for sure, that would throw a monkey wrench in a lot of an ideas if you can't waive a player you traded for.

I still think Brand could be a good trade asset to a team close to (or thinking they're close to) contending, but if they can't waive him it reduces (to me) his trade value significantly obviously.

Pretty sure you can't trade for someone and then use the amnesty. There's verbiage in there that says the player has to be on the roster when the cba is signed, but you can use the amnesty during any year of their contract.

well crapola - if that's the verbiage - then succotash

The Greek reply to GoSixers on Dec 6 at 13:24

To answer your question from the other day, no I don't consider the Iverson trades counts as a significantly good trade.

I have stopped dreaming of this team pulling off a good move because like I said the other day I can't even remember the last time the sixers made a great trade. Was it Bobby Jones?

I call this the curse of moses malone

Hersey hawkins
the Brad Daugherty fiasco
hornacek for jeff malone

ass rapings

Yeah, I saw the answer, I was just curios. I know some people liked it, I despised it because it accomplished nothing in my estimation, and then to make matters worse the only asset they obtained was not used to gain other assets moving forward.

New ownership hasn't done anything yet, but I don't believe the assets to obtain an established star and still maintain a good team are on the sixers roster.

Sixers had a better, earlier AI deal arranged with Pistons but Geiger shook his head no and prevented it. Buffalo farms scarce in Detroit.

That was LONG before Iverson was past his prime - I believe that was before the 2001 finals run

Though the thing that screwed the sixers the most in the iverson era was the tim duncan draft

Thought it was after the run at start of 'Finals glory' fade, but you may be right about that. A decade ago - time flies when don't have a premier player!

Not only are the blazers not planning on waiving Brandon Roy it seems that he's the starter heading into the abbreviated training camp

Do you have to use the amnesty before you sign free agents or resign your own?

The exact timing of everything hasn't been made public yet, I expect there's a waiver deadline that has to be before the season starts and give enough time for the 'auction' process to take place.

It's my understanding that the amnesty thing is the first thing that happens every year, prior to free agency. But I haven't seen anything official yet.

My logic has always been that if trading Iguodala doesnt bring in a player of value (not gonna get equal) or major salary cap relief then he shouldnt be traded.

Well, I bleieve if you're trading Iguodala it's a sign to take a step backwards and assemble a yonger core, built around Jrue (and hopefully evan turner, if turner is a bust this team is so screwed) so a very high draft pick in a deeper than expected draft and some young talent would be fair to me. I have been pro iguodala since he was drafted (even before that) and think he's great and not over paid, but he's not a guy this team 'needs' to have for the length of his contract if they want to build towards winning a title. I firmly believe sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you can go forward on the proper path.

Tom Moore on Dec 6 at 14:04

At PCOM for Sixers workout. Shot 3-minute video of Evan Turner, but youtube is down for maintenance so waiting for it come back to post.

Lou Williams also here with Turner working out. Holiday, Meeks and Iguodala getting physicals - Holiday expected here within the hour.

So the schedule is getting out today. Any last minute wishes? Since there will be significant disparity in schedule strength between teams i really hope they won't need to play Lakers/Thunder/Mavericks twice and Grizzlies, Spurs, Blazers only on the road.

They will start on a very long west road trip (guessing 6-7 games) before having their home opener on January 6th. Hoping for an easy start, say Sacramento, Minnesotta, Denver, Hornets...

I read somewhere that Sixers are @Utah on 30th...

Tom Moore on Dec 6 at 14:14

Who can doubt a fellow who aims to be his own worst enemy?

Love that song

Top of the country charts.

Cool alley. And why couldn't I have rented shoes like that?! Video reminded me of MTV 'Live Aid era' salad days. Energetic song. Thanks for the pass.

Evan's linguistic logic remains tangled though.

Well he did only go to ohio state :) (For the record i'm a badger alumnus)

That song is actually from the 90s :)

(And my sister went to live aid)



gotta give who ever came up with this a serious raise.

Um, why?

HW reply to GoSixers on Dec 7 at 14:43

Um....i was being sarcastic.

um, so was i

i almost always am

You're a little late to the party.

Tom Moore on Dec 6 at 16:52

Evan Turner video on his busy summer, looking forward to playing with Iguodala more and not trying to prove anything in his second NBA season:


Tom Moore on Dec 6 at 17:01

Sixers video: Jrue Holiday on finally being back, the 2011-12 schedule coming out, having the bulk of the team's core returning and restricted free agent Thaddeus Young. Collins hugs him twice halfway through and says, "That's my quarterback."


raro reply to Tom Moore on Dec 6 at 17:44

Got to love that Jrue-Collins dynamic.

I was wondering if someone can answer a question I have. I was trying to think of another way to get a high draft pick for iggy besides going through the clippers. I thought maybe sacramento might be willing so I checked to see if they still had rights to their own 2012 1st rnd pick. But it turns out the cavs have it but its top 14 protected in 2012. Can that pick some how be used in a trade by the cavs still? Like a clause in the trade that says if the pick is in the top 14 the sixers get it if not the cavs get it and the sixers get the pick in 2013? Or is the pick in limbo until its used? Just curious if anyone knows how that works

This is as i understand it :)

I don't believe you can do that. That pick belongs to the kings if it's in the top 14, that's agreed upon, the cavaliers can't 'sacrafice' the top 14 (lottery) protection on that pick. I suppose the kings 'could' if they wanted to but what's their motivation? The pick could be traded to the sixers, but the protection would be maintained.

sooner reply to GoSixers on Dec 7 at 9:09

This wasn't so much a trade scenario I just wanted to know what is possible when it comes to protected picks and trades. Thanks for the info.

Fagan speaks:

#Sixers update: look for team to keep Andre Iguodala (at least to start season) & look for a starting backcourt of Holiday, Turner, & AI9.

Hmmm, not sure what to think about the second part. In one way, it's definitely my best case scenario, but I'm not sure ET shouldn't have to earn it in training camp.

She must be pissed.

I seriously doubt he's being given the spot. What Kate's saying is he's the front runner and it's his to lose.

That's really not much of a difference, is it? As much as I believe in Turner, I don't really see a reason why he should be considered a big front-runner over Meeks to start the year. There's really been no sort of play since last year that Collins can make evaluations on.

This might just be her "reading between the lines" though, which isn't always a slam dunk.

Anyone heard anything about league pass costs this year?

Every time I think i'm out they pull me back in

I think it's a huge difference. If you're not guaranteed anything, you haven't been given anything. Being the odds on favorite means nothing if you don't capitalize on it.

I must have placed too much emphasis on her statement then. Do you think the better player in training camp (for the most part, if it's a tie the ET gets it) will get the starting nod? When I read "Look for Turner to start," I take it fairly literally.

FYI: sixers.com has the schedule up


I'm only seeing the preseason sched there.

Saw the whole things - season starts with the christmas road trip

26 @Portland
28 @Phoenix
30 @Portland
31 @Golden State (the tradiation new years eve back to back)
1/4 @NOH

Home Opening January 6th against Detroit

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 19:09

We start at your favorite team.

start the year on 5 game road trip and end the year on a 5 game road trip(8 of last 10 on the road)
1 back to back to back(@Orlando, vs Indy, @Cleveland)

make it 2 back to back to backs, the other one is(vs Indy, vs Sacramento, @New York)

So the CP3 talks keep churning. Now there's a rumor that he said he'd be more inclined to sign an extension w/ a team if they also signed Chandler. Chandler would be a really good piece to have next to Blake for the Clips, though his career arc is really far off from Blake's, just kind of off from CP3.

If I'm the hornets, the player I'm targeting is Steph Curry. The Warriors are apparently in the hunt. But at the end of the day, Gordon and the Minny pick is really a better offer. I think Jordan would be in the deal in a sign-and-trade as well, though Jordan really has something to say about that. If he doesn't want to go to NOH, he can just test the open market as a FA.

The schedule is out!!! Early impressions:

- only 1 back-to-back-back at the end of the season (2n and 3rd at home)
- 5 game road trip at the begining
- western teams they will face twice: Spurs, Warriors, Jazz
- road only western teams include: Portland, Phoenix, New Orleans, Minesotta, Memphis, Houston

All in all believe it or not this looks like a pretty good schedule.

Jason reply to Xsago on Dec 6 at 19:14

9 out of final 11 are on the road unfortunately.

Oops 2 back-to-back-to-backs. That's not that good :(

If they start the season worse than 3-2 i'll be disappointed :)

Interesting 9 national TV games out of 66. 6 on ESPN and 3 on NBA TV. How many did they have last year?

Not sure they had any ESPN (non playoff) games last year did they?

Wasn't there a Boston game in the middle of the season that the Sixers closely lost?

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Dec 6 at 21:22

Yes, the KG drop in at the hoop after a slip screen(?) I think. Jrue or Thad didn't switch or something like that happened.

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