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Brackins At The Three?

I wouldn't worry too much about this. If Speights is moved, which has been reported that they're actively trying to do, Brackins will more than likely fill that role. Occasional minutes, not a lot. Doubtful he becomes something of a regular rotation guy.

When I think more George Lynch than Jodie Meeks it doesn't sound so bad. Especially under the assumption Holiday, Turner, and Iggy bring a solid drive and dish game and Speezy gets moved.

Except Lynch could defend.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 1:24

losing George Lynch killed them in the Finals, I've always wondered if they could have put up more of a fight with Lynch's defense

Just for kicks, I fired up Synergy and can't hit the broad side of a barn is right. I know it's only five shots, but woof is all I can say. One airball, two balls that almost broke the backboard, and two extremely loud clanks.

I heard he hit some threes tonight, but really even as a player in college, he was the team's star and obviously its offensive focus. I find it hard to believe he could make it as a specialist.

Tray reply to Rich on Dec 13 at 1:02

Did he make some threes in that highly entertaining preseason game we played against Toronto? I thought he did.

Rich reply to Tray on Dec 13 at 1:07

I assume he did because one of his three games was against Toronto and the announcers said "We saw him in the preseason" in a respectful sort of tone.

My favorite part of Brackins' nonsensical (In that it was short and relatively meaningless, except for the Golden State game) playing time last year was the few times when he posted up 19 feet away from the hoop and shot a contested fade away. That's efficient basketball right there.

Tray reply to Rich on Dec 13 at 1:28

I like watching Brackins, he's like a much humbler (but just as out of control), less talented version of Antoine Walker, with the spacy affect of an alien.

More nonsense about Bledsoe being the dealbreaker, now from Ken Berger. Supposedly the Clippers didn't want to have only two point guards on the roster (Paul and Williams). They need three (Paul, Williams, Billups). Now with Billups, they can send away Bledsoe and still have three points. If that's really what broke up the deal, Neil Olshey is a madman. There's also a conspiracy theory in here about the league somehow fixing the auction to get the Clippers Billups so they could trade for Paul. Nuts.


The only way they could fix it would be to let the Clips know what the best bid was before they put theirs in. I suppose that's possible. They've fixed worse, if it's true.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 1:15

But the whole thing is crazy - Paul and Williams weren't enough point guards for them? They need a third, a talented second year player? It makes no sense because, as things are, they have just two, Williams and Bledsoe. Also because there are free agent third-string point guards available. Yet this has been reported by so many sources, nearly as many as have reported that Gordon broke up the deal, that it may be true.

Jamal Crawford is confused:

There's pro's and cons about the remaining teams I could be playing for this year..#confused

Sharone Wright reply to Tray on Dec 13 at 10:10

Thinking this happens to him alot.

And the talks are dead for now, with the Clippers getting cold feet on dealing EITHER the pick or Gordon:

"Given permission by the Hornets to speak with Paul, Clippers officials had a recent phone conversation with the All-Star point guard in which he expressed excitement about the possibility of playing with guard Eric Gordon and the potential of the unprotected 2012 first-round draft pick the Clippers have acquired from the Minnesota Timberwolves, league sources said. The Clippers worry that surrendering both of those assets in any package for Paul would be detrimental to their efforts to convince him to stay with the franchise for the long-term."

Sounds like a great conversation. "Hi, Clippers, I'm so excited about the assets you're dealing for me!"

Haha. Yeah Clippers making no sense.

Charlie H reply to Tray on Dec 13 at 10:13

Paul wants to have his cake & eat it too. What does he expect, Kaman, Bledsoe & Aminu for him? After NO turned down Kaman/Aminu/#1 Minn pick/Bledsoe?

Sharone Wright on Dec 13 at 9:47

"Right now, we're a draft and develop type of franchise. All of the sudden they see our young players, and then these guys who are free agents or guys who are free agents or considered star players say Philadelphia becomes a nice destination because they've got some real nice young players." --Doug Collins on Philly.com

Anybody buying this? I think this is just a way to say we're a mediocre team with no chance of winning a title and he wants to keep some optimism alive for the fans.

I don't see any reason not to believe in this.

Sharone Wright reply to Xsago on Dec 13 at 10:21

Very frustrated that they are trotting out the same roster this year that went 41-41 last year.

Really Sharone? They started terrible and went 38-28 for the last 66 games. 41-41 isn't very indicative. I think Doug is right there there's growth potential there and for this offseason, there wasn't a move to bring in a big name (thinking next year).

Sharone Wright reply to Rodney Buford on Dec 13 at 11:22

I hear you, and I do like Collins. My beef is more with Retread Thorn. You said, we're "thinking next year." If that's the case, then shouldn't we blow it up and just keep Jrue? How is status quo going to help us?

I don't buy it, but I don't expect Collins to say any different publcly. Some people will buy it. Most of what Collins is going to say is spin, bot make things look more positive than they actually are.

No non playoff eastern conference team seems to have gotten appreciably better in the off season (yes) so the first round playoff loss seems doable...and if you exclude eddie jordan which was so bad calling it an abortion of a season is insulting to abortions, that's what, 4 years straight in the playoffs, you can sell season tickets like that baby

Development of Speights, nay. Development of Turner, to be determined. Development of Iguodala, Williams, Holiday - to what extent and to what end? Team Kodak's portfolio doesn't excite many in the big picture. If Doug (using time machine) were a free agent, and if he wanted to win big, would he choose Miami, NY, Boston, LA, Dallas, Chicago or Philadelphia? The man has cornered the market on pre-season verbal bouquets; an unabashed romantic.

So how is this going to work?

Nocioni off the books next year, assuming he is bought out not amnestied, Brand gets amnestied, Iggy gets dealt and the Sixers are 30m under the cap next summer with a core or Jrue, Turner, Thad, Lou, Meeks, Voose, etc.?

That's probably not a strong enough core to attract a top flight guy. If we hold on to Iggy how much under the cap are we next summer? Can we still get a max guy?


If we amnesty Brand we can afford a max guy, especially if Lou declines his player option, which I think he will (unless he has a terrible year or gets hurt).

The Lou situation scares me much more than Thad's. I don't even want to imagine what will happen if they go into next year with the priority to resign Lou...

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 12:16

I think Lou will end up like Thad.

He'll go visit other teams being optimistic that they will have a lot of interest to bring him in as a starter. Then he will find out that every team just sees him no more than a 6th man scorer type. Then he'll get cold feet and quickly re-sign with the Sixers.

Here's hoping that teams see him as a 'less expensive' monta ellis and give him 6-7 mil a year to go away

Kwame Brown signed with the Warriors for 7m 1year. Not sure what to think of this deal. Is he an upgrade over Biedrins at all?

Too much money, but it's only one year and I guess they've got the cap space to burn.

And they had to over react to the clippers matching DeAndre Jordan - that's part of the requirement in the NBA right? When you get screwed out of an RFA you weren't going to get you go over pay someone?

PS - to all the folks freaking out - i'm pretty sure Marc Gasols deal isn't a max deal is it?

The Warriors should have not signed Kwame, they should get back into play for Paul

It is a max deal or something very close to it as i understand it. The thing is though (at least in the previous CBA, don't know the new rules), max deals are not the same for everybody. It depends on your previous contract, years served and stuff like that. So Marc Gasol's max is far lower than for example the max Howard will get this summer.

It wasn't a pure max. It was basically the max another team could offer him, but with an extra year and the full raises. At least from what I understand. So they did better than anyone else could do, but not as good as they could do, if that makes sense.

In a market where DeAndre Jordan got what he got and Tyson Chandler got castly over paid, if Gasol sat on the open market, someone would have offered him the max or a S&T max, which of course the Grizz would have facilitated.

Compared to Rudy's contract it's a bargain

Hawes is an upgrade of Biedrins isn't he?

I think Kwame had an ok season in charlotte in limited time and thus people over value him - and they over value height in general.

Best part of this deal is that the sixers can't possibly sign him any more

Best part of this deal is that the sixers can't possibly sign him any more

Yeah, that's the most important thing.

Delonte West is expected to sign with Dallas today. [Boston Herald]

Sharone Wright reply to Dollar Bill on Dec 13 at 11:50

I guess Home Depot let him out of his contract as a customer service representative?

What is Speights value on the market? I heard they are looking to dump him for a second round pick. That seems low. I know he is a hot mess, but he can be part of a rotation for a team that does not play defense. right? Shouldn't we give him one more year? What's the harm? Or is he just so clueless that he hurts Doug's whole professional team playing the right way?


I think they're almost at the point of paying someone to take him. He's a lost cause.

He must be like the kid in class who screws everything up for the teacher. he needs to be sent to the READS van.


Stan reply to CSTH on Dec 13 at 11:53

Why do you end everything you say with a signature?


If the going rate for Kwame is $7M, what's Dalembert's value?

I'd say 10 mil per for 3 years?

Which I'd still take over the motely crew the sixers claim as 'centers'

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 12:10

Jesus, didn't you people watch the 2009 Sixers season? Dalembert gave up. And he's always been that type of player. He only plays well when the opposing big man has a recognizable name. He takes half his nights off. Getting him off the team was one of the big reasons why we turned our team around last year.

Or he was one of the best defensive rebounders in the game

You mean the 2009/2010 season where eddie jordan was the coach, yeah I watched, I watched a moron ruin a roster that should have made the playoffs and throw numerous players under the bus.

I understand that I'm not as smart as eveyrone else who can perceive how hard a guy is actually trying - but while your eyes lie - the numbers don't

Dalembert is a very good defensive center with limited offensive skills.

Hawes has limited offensive skills AND sucks defensively

Sharone Wright reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 12:22

And, it wasn't just numbers that made him valuable. When Sammy left the game, I would see a huge dropoff in our team defense. Granted, Sammy was very frustrating to watch on the offensive end.

Well, see, the numbers reflected what you saw. Look anyone who knows who I am knows I hated Sam for YEARS because he never got better, he never worked to get better, every time he dribbled I screamed at the screen, every time he shot from farther than 2 feet a way my pets got scared, but defensively he was (and probably still is) a force.

Which is why I both grew to respect him but maintained the hatred, he still operated mostly on his 'instinct' for his entire career, he never showed a lot of progression towards getting better, no year over year improvement that showed he was working at the game. Dude could have been fierce (and made even more money) if he had some sort of drive to get better than his pure athleticism let him be.

Now, Thaddeus Young is the athlete who can't seem to improve his fundamentals - but his contract isn't as big as Sam's was.

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 12:28

I agree that Hawes is not the right choice for center. I also agree that Jordan was mostly at fault for the abomination that was the 2009 season. But I think Vucevic could become that solid all-around center for this team. A bit like Vlade Divac who was a solid defender.

Also the thing about Dalembert was while he was a great shot blocker he was often out of position and would get burned by smart low-post players like Al Jefferson.

There was a reason why Dalembert was kicked off the Canadian national team.

There was a reason the sixers were much better defensively when Sam was on the court than when he was off. Did I say he was a perfect player, nope, but he's better than hawes, and this hope that people have for Nikolai based on little evidence is fascinating, but I'm sorry if I am a guy who needs actual evidence before I'll believe something.

Not sure where the 'he'll be good at defense' thing comes from but it just sounds like hope (and the common belief that guys can and can't 'play defefnse' based on who their coach is)

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 12:39

And there's a reason why they were worse offensively when he was on the court.

I'd much rather have two promising young centers who have proven to have strong work ethics than someone like Dalembert who is a wasted talent who erodes the team. There's a reason why he never played more than 31 minutes a game except for one season for his entire career with the Sixers.

As for your ignorant Vucevic comment. I've made that judgment based on draft profiles commenting on Vucevic as a solid defensive player. Scouts who know and study the game.

I'm not sure where you got the impression that Hawes had work ethic or dedication...if he did - he wouldn't take 3 pointers - ever - it's just stupid

As for your Sam comments, the sixers were a BETTER TEAM when he was on the roster - top to bottom.


Sam sucked offensively was awesome defensively

Hawes sucks at both ends of the court

Hollinger on Nikola

+ Seven-footer with some skill around the basket. Soft touch. Can score in the post.
+ Decent rebounder but a bit on the soft side. Developing pick-and-pop game.
+ Good length and build, but suspect foot speed. Mostly plays below the rim.
Vucevic isn't terribly physical or athletic, but he's a true 5 at 7-foot-0, 260 pounds and he has some offensive skills. He has a nice short-range, pick-and-pop game that he will probably be able to extend further with age, and at just 20 years old, he is still adding to his skill set. He projects to be in the mold of Rasho Nesterovic or Nenad Krstic, which makes him a very serviceable mid-first-rounder in what most considered a weak draft. The biggest problem for him right now is that his talents appear to largely overlap those of Spencer Hawes, making it tougher for him to carve out a unique niche in the rotation.

Which respected scouts are you referring to by the way?

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 12:52

If Dalembert was so good defensively why did we become a better defensive team when he left?

The answer is because defense is about teamwork and chemistry. And Dalembert did not help in that area at all. It's not so much as Hawes and Vucevic are better. It's that Dalembert hurt the team with his antics. That's why Stefanski said "We are trying to build a better team atmosphere" when he got rid of Dalembert.

If you're talking about 2009/10 vs 2010/2011 - they would have been even BETTER defensively if Dalembert had stayed

Of course, if you're talking about the non eddie jordan years,

The sixers were an around 500 teams that lost in the first round of the playoffs

They're still an around 500 team that lost in the first round of the playoffs and there's no reason to believe they won't be the same damn thing again this year

But you're right, they're so much better without Dalembert

PS - how do you determine 'better' (and no - watching the games doesn't count)

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 13:07

All I said was that they were better defensively. And according to basketball reference, we had a better defensive rating last season than we did in most years that we had Dalembert.


Again, part of that reason was getting a good defensive minded coach like Doug Collins. But Collins was one of the guys who didn't want Dalembert on the roster, so he knew what he was doing.

I give up, it's obvious that you know how the sixers think and to you that the sixers should do whatever doug collins wants

Do you know what post hoc ergo propter hoc means?

I don't know anyone sane who think Spencer Hawes is a better overall basketball player than Samuel Dalembert

As for the whole 'wanted him gone' bull shit - Collins was in place less than a month - if he felt he could evaluate the entire roster in under a month after being out of coaching for years, that's a problem too,

Then again, you seem to be a Collins Acolyte - so when he's fired next year - you'll be very upset about it

Dwight reply to Dwight on Dec 13 at 12:59


Read this. They describe Vucevic as not a shot blocking threat but they give him a "7" out of 10 for defense because of his physical nature and size. Again, he could be a solid defender. Which would already be a big upgrade over Hawes.

Rich reply to Dwight on Dec 13 at 13:08

I'm skeptical of Vucevic, but I'm willing to watch the guy play a little before making a judgment. I guess the silver lining for Vucevic is that Doug Collins will help his limited athleticism if he's willing to be a good positional defender and a sound fundamental one. We'll see if it works at all.

NBA Draft Net?

I don't consider them reliable, accurate, or good at scouting

Derek - Does DX have a player summary type thing? I couldn't find it on a quick search.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 22:16

I like NBAdraft.net's format. I just wish they would provide more accurate information. The NBA comparisons are off and they skills ratings can be misleading. I was excited to see that John Henson would be a 15-20 pick, but based on draftexpress he is supposed to be a top 10 pick.

Did anyone see this Cousins video?


Stan reply to Jeff on Dec 13 at 12:08

I hope he was being sarcastic, but I can't tell

Comments from various folk who see the kings indicate that DeMarcus Cousins might win the award for 'put on the most weight' during the lock out

I think he was joking around because it was true.

raro reply to Jeff on Dec 13 at 13:28

I think Cousins might be smarter than most people think. Funny sense of humor there.

It's funny if he didn't actually gain 40 pounds. If he did, it's just reinforcement that he's a complete waste, which is probably the case.

I don't think this is accurate. I think Cousins just got fat in the off season

raro reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 13:48

Seems pretty harmless to me. But I'm not a Kings fan either.

We'll see what happens to him this year, 2nd year over 1st year (to me) as I said before is a good indicator of a guys dedication to the game and getting better

Maybe Collins meant that he could stretch the floor with his mid-range game. Or maybe Brackins has worked hard on his 3 pointer this offseason.

Either way, I'll always trust Doug on what he believes the role of stretch 3/4 hybrid players should be, after what he was able to accomplish with Thad Young last season.

Ah the cult of collins

His inevitable firing in the middle of the 2012/13 season can't come soon enough.

It could be that Brackins just sucks, because it's not like the sixers had tons of depth last year, and he's just making training camp small talk

Would you rather have had Hawes and Batie for a year at $5+ million or Kwame Brown for a year at $7 million??

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 12:33

Hawes and Battie. Kwame sucks.

Kwame plays defense better than hawes

Everyone laughing at Kwame getting overpaid by a million or two should recognize that DeAndre Jordan is overpaid by about $6M a year.

It's a one year deal...Kwame makes the warriors better defensively.

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 12:43

Kwame Brown isn't good defensively. He's below average according to 82games.com and he averaged .6 blocks per game last year so he isn't that good of a help defender.

At least Hawes is only 23 and has many more years where he can try to improve his game.

I love that line of thought 'he has many years to try and improve his game'

He's been in the league many years already and hasn't improved his game...I'm not sure why people think that guys are going to change their approach to the game...5 years in - if you don't work in the off season you don't work in the off season - if you don't improve the fundamentals - you won't improve the fundamentals

5 years in - Hawes isn't much improved - people wanna give him a chance
5 years in - Thad isn't much improved over his rookie year - give him a long term deal
3 years in - Speights isn't improved - he's useless (not that I disagree with that idea, just the interesting double standard)

Kwame Brown makes the warriors better defensively - if your evaluation of a player is based on counting stats, that's cool

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 13:12

As for Hawes, he was hurt all training camp and offseason last year so that obviously doesn't help. Let's see what he does this year when starting the year healthy. If he still sucks, then I will agree with you. But let's at least see what he can do.

As for Thad, he's become a much more efficient scorer and actually a solid defensive player under Collins. He used to be completely bullied in the low-post and would be beaten off the dribble on the perimeter, but that is no longer the case.

Oh good - excuses - those excuse his poor fundamentals and approach to offense? Those excuse his inability to box out?

Sorry - don't buy injuries as an excuse for poor fundamentals - or for those years sucking in Sacramento - is there an excuse for that too?

That's over all performance last year was almost a mirror to his rookie year performance - so he regressed for two years and the great doug collins got him to be as good as he was when he was 19...not sure why that's cause for celebration.

Anyone know what Fagan's new job is over at ESPN?

Brian seemed to indicate she'll be working for their espnW site

Sharone Wright reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 13:01

Bummer. She's better than Cooney.

Yup. It's for espnW.


"Fagan moves to espnW.com from the Philadelphia Inquirer where she covered the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado, where she played women’s basketball from 1999-2003. She played professionally in Dublin, Ireland and for the Colorado Chill of the National Women’s Basketball League. She will write for espnW’s commentary section, long-form features and special sections"

I always had the impression that Kate wanted to do more than be a beat writer for a single team. She has done freelance work for ESPN in the past.

Though I didn't always agree with her opinions (especially in the last season or so), there is no doubt that she played a large part in transforming the way Philly media interacts with their readership. The DeepSixer blog predated her with Marc Narducci, but she took the interaction to a whole new level, with blog posts in direct response to reader comments and (at one early juncture) direct comments of her own. Now, the younger generation of writers all follow that same mindset (I think Sheil Kapadia for the Eagles and David Murphy for the Phillies are both very good), and the older generation all have blogs ... though not all of them "get" the concept.

It got me wondering whether a straight news reporter would be satisfactory to us now, or whether we have come to expect opinions and "food for thought" from our writers?

Rich reply to Statman on Dec 13 at 15:16

Awesome points Statman. I really did like the way Fagan did things, just her opinions were way off in the past year or so.

OJ Mayo will not be spreading his love in Indiana

Every time Spencer Hawes takes a 3, the terrorists win

Tom Moore just put this up on twitter

#Sixers Iguodala on being healthy: 'I told Evan he hasn’t really seen me play. Some of the (offseason) stuff I was doing he had never seen.'

I thought Iguodala was healthy part of the season last year, but he wasn't the entire season?

mopey reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 14:19

wasn't his knee giving him issues the entire season? If I remember it was blamed on his not getting any significant rest from playing on the USA squad.

Well he was still pretty good (to me) last year at a bunch of stuff, if he was playing at less than 100% and collins goes withthe 'point forward' thing from the beginning - could be a great season for him

He was playing injured most of the year.

Weird, I guess I got the timeline messed up - I thought the injury was more mid season...my bad.


League pass

Shorter season, more games per night, same price...see how the lockout wasnt' about the fans at all?

The Pacers are after Crawford now. Anyone thinks the Pacers are the front runner to be the new Bucks of last season (gave a ton of money in free agency on mediocre talent before having a disappointing season)?

jkay reply to Xsago on Dec 13 at 15:17


Jack Straw on Dec 13 at 15:50

OT question, anyone know if Friday's game will be televised?

Ryan F reply to Jack Straw on Dec 13 at 18:37

CSN Philly @ 7PM EST. Never been so pumped for a preseason game in my life.

So you have been pumped for pre season games in the past?

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 22:22

In 2001 I didn't have cable so I used to peek through my neighbor's living room window from my room to see a preseason game.
Good times. Good times.

Tom Moore on Dec 13 at 16:00

Sixers Tuesday video: Iguodala, Collins on Iguodala being healthier, fresher this year


It seems that Rudy Fernandez is already whining about playing time in Dallas and might soon be traded to Denver for 'future' considerations

Which might eliminate them from the great Speights auction

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 16:11

I thought he would be the next Manu Ginobili

Tom Moore on Dec 13 at 16:01


Does Andre actually look noticeably different than last year in terms of his athleticism or anything?

It would truly be awesome.

Also be awesome if Evan Turner gets more than one day to run with the 1's

If you trust Cooney - he seems to think JOdie has already redeemed his starter job - glad Collins showed patience

LOL seriously, vomit.


Very quality listen here, with two guys I don't always agree with: Matt Moore and Spike Eskin. I thought Moore had very rational points, maybe he should stick to the podcast instead of Twitter. Spike did a nice job hosting too.

I like this team, it's EXCITING

#Sixers Collins: 'Spencer (Hawes), I think, is going to play more minutes than he did last year. ' Battie may start season as 4th big man.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 19:30

Yeah, I don't see anything exciting about this team at all. Except for Jrue, he's our one beacon of excitement. At least we'll get to play the Clippers this season.

Probably didn't see the new star trek either

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 13 at 20:37

No, I have never seen any Star Trek. But I understand the new one was a pretty good film.

Well that does explain a lot

Stan reply to Tray on Dec 13 at 20:34

You're not excited to see Vucevic or see Spencer's improvement?

Tray reply to Stan on Dec 13 at 20:39

I'm kind of interested in whether Turner improves. I think Hawes is a bad player and has consistently been bad for, what, four seasons now? I expect zero improvement there. I did not like the Vucevic pick and expect him to be about the player Hawes is - maybe a little better, maybe a little worse. Everyone else on the team is pretty stable at this point - I don't see Thad, Lou, Iguodala making any major strides.

Stan reply to Tray on Dec 13 at 21:32

That was mostly sarcasm, but nevertheless I am really dissapointed in this team. I thought that at the end of last season we would bring in a center in the off season that could rebound and defend the paint. I thought that with that center we could be a 50 win team and be better than NYK, ATL and possibly BOS (barring any major roster moves of their own). Instead they draft Nikola friggin' Vucevic and resign Spencer Hawes. I would have preffered giving Kwame his 7.8 million than having those 2 stiffs on our roster.

The only team that really improved were the Knicks who I think on paper are the 2nd best team in the East. However they did sacrafice the 18 million in capspace they would have had next off season. It'll be fun to see their "big 3" play with 9 other players on minimum contracts.

YoungGun13 reply to Stan on Dec 13 at 21:37

Thanks for calling the Vuce a stiff w/o even seeing him play one game yet. Just because you don't like the pick doesn't mean its a bad pick.

Just because you like the pick doesn't mean it's a good pick either, and he has played basketball, and there is footage and everything.

YoungGun13 on Dec 13 at 22:07

Did i say that i liked the pick? No. Im just saying that no one has seen him play against NBA competition. He has the potential to be a serviceable big for the team.

Stan reply to YoungGun13 on Dec 13 at 22:11

Look I don't hate the guy but I have seen enough footage of him to know that he's not the long term answer at C. He can barely jump 5 inches off the ground and shoots a lot of jump shots.

YoungGun13 reply to Stan on Dec 13 at 22:16

yeah i agree with you that he's not long term, but it would be nice to see a big man out there that can at least rebound enough to stay on the court.

While I like that Hawes picked up the PX90 workout routine and is apparently in servicable shape - the biggest part that is left out is that his *mentality* isn't changing just because he's ripped. He still can't board, and plays with little physicality. Until I see that change (slim odds), the PX90 stuff is pure preseason fluff fodder for bored journalists.

On the Vucevic side, I thought it was unfair that it was news that he "looked lost" in the second scrimmage. Geez, the guy didn't even get a summer league in and it's only the second day. I was surprised by Rotoworld's line of "expecting big things of him". I certainly am not.

This guy was a second-rounder until he measured at the combine. He's really overachieving if he's a regular in the rotation this season.

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 22:18

Is it considered over achieving if you're 7 feet tall and can take away minutes from Spencer Hawes?

Yep. That's the state of affairs.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 22:49

I thought there was some chance a team would peel Hawes away from us? What happened with that? This has been a rather dull free agency season, aside from Stern's attempts to fix the league/punish Paul for his transgressions/whatever he's doing; Nene has just resigned with Denver for 5 years and 67 mil. Even Mayo is staying put now. I do, though, want to revise my Clippers prediction so you can possibly have the pleasure of telling me I was too optimistic; with Billups in tow, and Butler (not a good player but a lot better than Gomes), that's a solid team. I will predict a 35-31 season.

w/out cp3 I'm sticking w/ 30-33 or worse. w/ cp3, 40 minimum.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 23:02

Yeah I think I'm a little on the high side. I base this prediction in part on Gordon's having missed a third of the season; in games he played, they were a .450 team. So I figure, with a healthy year from him, they could bump up, with Billups, Butler, an improved Griffin, to .530. Also, they got off to a 5-21 start and subsequently went 27-29, which may have something to do with the maturation of Griffin, or players taking to Del Negro, or some other non-fluke cause.

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 13 at 23:01

I'm not really focusing on his projected draft stock. Jrue was projected #4 to the Kings and then #28 in the span of about 5 days. He would have been the same player either way.

Certain types of players are slotted based on their profile. Marc Gasol was drafted 48th. Basically, non-athletic big white guys are seen as afterthoughts until people really start looking closely at their frame and skillset. While athletic bigs start high and then drop as the red flags pop up (De'Andre Jordan and Whiteside are examples.)

I do have concerns that Thorn does not seem to view getting an athletic big to complement JTI. Getting Hawes and Voose suggests that Thorn wants a non-athletic center (after drafting Kristic #24 at age 22 in 2002.)

But I'm not down on Voose or ready to say what kind of player he will be. Gasol, Kristic and Hawes are all hugely different players despite all being athletically challenged white 7 footers. No doubt Voose will have his own strengths and weaknesses that very well could prove valuable to any team.

Much in the same way, I am not super concerned about Turner, but I worry when the team thinks it can field 3 non shooters in the backcourt. That does not scream "basketball sense" (or maybe it does.)

So my concern is not that he will be a stiff- because it is way to early to tell. But I am concerned by the teams recent approach. They seem to want non-athletic bigs who can shoot along with versatile wings who can't shoot.

Tray reply to tk76 on Dec 13 at 23:08

"Basically, non-athletic big white guys are seen as afterthoughts until people really start looking closely at their frame and skillset."

For very good reason. You can only name one good one.

Tray reply to Tray on Dec 13 at 23:20

Slightly hyperbolic, but very nearly true. Krstic's barely a good player, and he was supposed to be so skilled when he came into the league.

tk76 reply to Tray on Dec 13 at 23:39

Yeah, they are uncommon. But getting a quality starter at #16 is also uncommon. So either way you look at it you are hoping for the best.

Speights is more common than Jrue when it comes to mid 1st rounders.

I was looking for some future hope and checking out what big men would be available in 2013/14 when the Sixers can finally make a move. Josh Smith looks like the best available right now, and I guess I'd be ok with that if we were even able to get him. But I got sick to my stomach when i saw who the other best available guy was.....Al Jefferson. I can see it now....He puts up 2 more 20/10 seasons for a crappy Utah squad and convinces the Sixers he's the guy they need in the post. I can totally see this happening and I hate it.

Can someone please tell me I'm totally wrong on this one?

I have to believe they might be an overly-cautious franchise, but they're not an idiotic franchise.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 13 at 23:58

Brian, would love to see a post about Iggy,having his best year ever. I believe this is his year to be an all star, if the team does well. He's due.

I don't think that's in the cards. Even if he has his best season this year, his role has changed. He's an excellent player, and he helps the team in a number of ways, but he's not going to make the all star team scoring less than 20 points-per-game, and that's simply not his game.

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