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One Question and A Game Thread

That was the "old" Hawes...

My favorite preseason story so far - that somehow because he got in shape, his mentality and approach to physicality will somehow change. Last I checked he's always been 7 feet tall (unlike Paul George who grew two inches).

Seriously though, I think it comes down to something along these lines:

Undersized players like Brand at C and Thad at PF can only take so much banging against the opponents starting frontcourt (which plays minutes 1-8, 25-33 and 41-28.) So if you can steal some minutes with Hawes in 16 of those "starters minutes" then you can reap the benefits of Young/Brand down the stretch. But if you started them and they were on the floor at those positions 25+ minutes a game vs starters, then they would wear down.

So the answer is not to make Thad a starting PF or Brand a starting C. They need to upgrade their current center production through a better center.

You're really answering a different question here, though. It's easy to see why a smaller lineup could/would be more effective on the offensive end, and possibly overall because the offense is so much better, but why is the defense so much better? And starters vs. bench for the opponents doesn't even begin to explain the difference w/ JTI on the floor, because they never started together.

The answer is simple. Defense is more about speed, rotations and teamwork than it is size. Especially against 2nd units or tired legs later in games. Hawes is slow and a terrible defender.

Also, better offense means your defense gets to set itself. Bad offense with long jumpers means easier baskets for the other team. Offense and defense are pretty interconnected.

Yeah, that's the GSW theory of defense. Or maybe the Eddie Jordan theory.

I guess the thing I'm trying to figure out here is, if they're simply dominant defensively w/ their small lineup, how good would they be with a plus defensive center and the other four guys?

Which other four guys - just curious - brand or young - do you just pull brand or do you pull young and move brand back to the 4

Sam hasn't signed anywhere - just saying

Or the Scott Brooks OKC strategy.

EJ and GSW just don't coach defense. Put Larryt brown there and those same players would give you somewhat better results. Partly because defesive minded coaches stymie their offenses to where they limit easy opportunities for the opponent. The keep good floor balance on offense and don't take shots early in the clock or without defenders rotating back at all times.

I'm not saying you can be a great defense without size- just that scheme can get you far if you are fully committed on both ends.

Some coaches are not "defensive minded", but there are examples of coaches who stress defense who get decent defensive results from undersized frontcourts.

Dwight reply to tk76 on Dec 16 at 16:04

Larry Brown was all about size. Get good rebounding and defensive minded big men who can't play offense. Dikembe Mutombo, Theo Ratliff, Nazr Mohammed, George Lynch, Matt Geiger, Tyrone Hill, and then later on Ben Wallace, Desagana Diop, and Tyson Chandler.

In college you can have great defenses by being quick and small. Look at VCU under Shaka Smart. But in the NBA, you need great big men. Duncan, Shaq, Wallace, Garnett, and Bynum/Gasol. Those are all of big men to win a championship in the last decade. You need a good defensive front court if you want to win a championship.

Fortunately you can still be a playoff contender without a great, defensive big man. But for the Sixers to take the next step and become a championship contender they will need to get that big man.

Dwight reply to Dwight on Dec 16 at 16:10

In the shot clock era, the Sixers have two championships.

They won those two championships by taking dominant big men away from other teams. First it was Wilt, taken from the Philadelphia Warriors. Then it was Moses Malone, taken from the Houston Rockets.

Maybe our next championship can arrive when we take Dwight Howard from Orlando.

Correction: SAN FRANCISCO Warriors. Wilt was ripped away from 'bounding, also-big buddies Nate Thurmond and Wayne Hightower (Overbrook HS homey) and scrappy Tom Meschery (former Philly Warrior) at '64-'65 midyear. SF net result: 48-win Finals team (lost to Celts 4-1) sinks to 17-win season. Thanks, Mr. Mieuli. [Was short on cash.] Philly forever indebted.

NBA TV does have a game tonight but I think it's the Pistons

I'm gonna go with while Brand and Thad may be better than I think, the big difference is Hawes total suckage and people trying to compensate for his suckage puts em out of position.

Also, I mean, when the team the sixers are playing brings their 'big center' backin - does brand defend him or does doug bring back in the big republican?

Last year, it was 50/50 whether Hawes would come back in after his first run.

For people outside of Philadelphia, Directv looks like it is showing the game tonight. If you have NBA League Pass the game is on chn 752 tonight.
Also, there might be a free preview, (there usually is to start the season) so even if you don't have league pass, check it, you might get it.

Damn, I wonder if it's showing up on cable InDemand as well.

(BTW - I think the free preview is the first two weeks of the season for folks)

I just double checked, it's not on time warner. Though the NBA did try to automatically sign me up for league pass broadband, instead of just getting the broadband companion like I've always had they wanted to charge me twice, which was a pleasant surprise.

When I sign up for stuff like this I make it VERY clear that any auto renew BS should be turned off immediately.

If it's not, I usually raise hell and get a 20 dollar rebate

Hell - one year I got charged twice for the full NBA package they're so incompetent

Can you explain the Nocioni situation to me?? Is he in camp? Is he coming to camp?? Are they going to pay him not to play to save the amnesty for next year?? Is he going to be bought out? What is the point of that?

I believe he is there. The point of buying him out is that you save some of the money you owe him, usually not all that much.

He is in camp. I'd be surprised to see the roster changed at this point.

Saving the Amnesty for when it might be more useful...I expect they want to buy him out but want him to take less money to go.

The only reason to use the Amnesty on him is if they would have used the cleared cap room to do something (or to save luxury tax money which they aren't paying right now)

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 15:02

My dream scenario -

Sixers start off hot...hang around the top of the Atlantic...Iggy gets off to a great start and gets into his first ASG...Sixers finish in the top 4 and win a round (losing to the Bulls or Heat in the EC semis)...Hawes, Noc and Mo Speezy roll off the books...they amnesty Brand next summer and - based on their young talent, new ownership and up-and-coming status, sign Howard to a max deal.


Um I suppose anything is possible

Andre Iguodala going to an all star game - highly unlikely in the east no matter how well he plays.

As for Howard coming to Philadelphia, again, possibly, but I think less likely than Iguodala in an ASG

And I think the Magic are going to trade him, they don't have a choice. I don't think their 'moves' this off season will yet convince them. Then again, Dwight is upset Gilbert was waived according to reports.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 15:26

Maybe if Iguodala scores 20 ppg he can be the 3rd string SF to Melo and Granger.

I guess LeBron doesn't make the team.

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 15:45

lol. For some reason I completely forgot about him.

Iguodala is a "wing." He can play SG or SF. I don't think they focus on quotas for specific positions as much as they add a certain number of guards and bigs.

Wade Allen Pierce

off the top of my head - 3 guys probably all guaranteed to make it over Iguodala unless he's somehow leading the league in scoring


Deron, Rose, Pierce, Wade, Melo and Lebron are locks ahead of Iggy. probably Rondo as well.

So that means he needs a couple of guys to bow out due to injury.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 16:02

Allen AND Pierce?

In my "dream scenario", the Sixers are surprisingly near/with the Celtics and Knicks at the top of the Atlantic, and Iguodala will be the reason why...which will get the coaches to acknowledge him with his first ASG selection.

I was just picking 'stars' who would get the nod over Iguodala because, well, they're stars, and the fans are dumb

Stan reply to tk76 on Dec 16 at 16:00

Dwyane Wade
LeBron James
Derrick Rose
Carmelo Anthony
Danny Granger
Paul Pierce
Joe Johnson

I hope the SF and SG positions are 8 deep

I don't see grandge or Johnson as absolute locks. Certainly more likely than Iguodala, but not locks.

The 6 players I listed above are locks.

bebopdeluxe reply to Stan on Dec 16 at 16:04

Since when is Danny freaking Granger a lock to be voted on the team by the coaches?

I could see Iguodala get in over the bottom three guys on your list...especially if the Celtics struggle and the Sixers play well.

Cause he scores 26 ppg

bebopdeluxe reply to Stan on Dec 16 at 16:34

Will he score 26 ppg this year, almighty soothsayer?

(especially with West and Hill now getting touches)

If Iggy has a 18/7/7 slash line, playing DPOY level defense for the surprising first-in-the-Atlantic Sixers, is Granger (who only averaged a little over 20 ppg last season, shooting a VERY pedestrian 42.5% from the field) a lock over him?

This is the f'n all star game. Vince Carter was selected one year even though he was injured for most of the season.

bebopdeluxe reply to Stan on Dec 16 at 22:15

He was selected by the fans. What year did Granger get selected by the fans?

Dude - this ain't Paul Pierce...this is DANNY GRANGER.

Charlie H reply to Stan on Dec 16 at 17:30

Maybe because he's really a point guard.

Game Thread... Woohoo!

Stan reply to raro on Dec 16 at 15:27

The Vucevic Era begins!

Charlie H on Dec 16 at 15:45

My guess is that it's about match-ups combined with the fact that Hawes is a)terrible and b)plays few minutes, so the poor match-up that is Hawes vs anybody is minimized.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 15:46

It will be interesting to see how good Jrue will defend against John Wall, if he will be able to stay in front of quicker point gaurds this year.

Dwight reply to Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 15:53

The Sixers have never been able to defend John Wall. Nor has the rest of the league for that matter.

If I remember correctly last season we tried putting Turner and Williams on him. But it's going to take a team effort to try and contain him.

Clog the lane, let him take jumpers.

Heh. 4.2 shots from 16-23 feet/game, shot them at 30%.

I completely agree. Brand is and always has been a very good defensive player. He averaged 2 blocks a game almost every year with LA and even had a year where he averaged 3.

His lone weakness on defense comes when playing against dominant 7 footers who can take advantage of his height.

As for Thad, he improved a lot defensively last season. He used to get bullied in the low post but he's become better now. He also has become a better defensive rebounder and is great at anticipating passing lanes.

I will be watching. I dare say this is the most excited I've ever been for a preseason game. 8 months after elimination...finally we're back.

By the way, just from looking at rotations from last year, Collins needs to avoid playing Lou and Meeks together, bad on both ends of the floor.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 17:31

Another of what seems like a lot of plusses to starting Meeks.

Or maybe playing Lou - a lot less :)

Or trading Lou.

I'm telling people - new orleans NEEDS players to get to 13 - give them Speights and Lou

I'm not giving them Lou for nothing. we at least need to bring back Willie in a sign and trade. Then Sam to a 1 year and the old gang is all here. Raise the roof! (says B. Franklin Dogg)

I don't think we will see a Lou and Meeks play together this year a lot, if at all. Basically they will be given 48 minutes for one of the guard spots on the team IMO and Holiday, Turner and Iguodala will share the other 96. Assuming Iguodala and Holiday play 36-37 minutes, Turner will probably end up playing similar minutes to last year, maybe a few more, but his role should change. Collins did hint on putting Lou at SG and Turner at PG and letting Turner initiate the offense. This is different from last year and a huge part of Turners struggles.

A PG who does not pass and a SG who does not create his own shot. yeah, agree we won't see that combo.

I have the actual number on spreadsheet in the ther room, but I'm pretty sure they played 385 minutes together last year.

deepsixersuede on Dec 16 at 17:18

Do you guys believe the numbers you are discussing are a big part of the contract Thad got? If the team does well with Thad at p.f. next to a guy only getting 8 rebounds and 1 block a game maybe Thad doesn't need Dwight next to him to start.

I was thinking about Denver's interest in him and a combo of him starting backed up by Faried was an interesting option.

I honestly don't know what, if any advanced stats the sixers FO uses, or if the new owners have changed their thinking at all, but maybe.

Weird start to the game...in Philly they are showing the Comcast Washington broadcast! WTF. I think Zumoff might be coming on in the second half at least.

John Wall made some weird comments about us, his team making the playoffs:

he was asked on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. if the Wizards are a playoff team:

“I think so. Last year, we was ahead of Philly at one point and then they went on a 15-game winning streak. The most winning streak we had was two games and that was near the end of the season."

Longest streak we had was four.

He was either drunk or just incredibly stupid

I'm gonna go with incredibly uneducated for the win

Did he really say was each time?


His memory sucks - but 13 of 17 is a pretty good run still

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 19:25

I have nothing against the 'was,' that's just how people from certain areas speak. I assume he said it, it's CBS Sports's transcription.

Way to be racist without being racist Tray

It's how uneducated morons speak, regardless of where they're from...I'm sure he wasn't TAUGHT in school (if he went to class) to speak that way.

Gotta wonder how he passed his classes his first year at UK

Yeah, he's borderline short bus.

Wall turnover to start

followed by sick assist from Jrue to Hawes

Sixers.com has a tv companion for the iPhone that looks pretty cool. Think I'll follow the game there.

Is there an ipad version?

Yeah, it's just an auto-updating play-by-play and box score. Just go to sixers.com

Anyone else getting a Washington feed on CSN here in Philly?

and/or wondering if Brian has gone to break something now that 00 has scored their first points of the season?

First turnover of the preseason as well.

Does the away team usually send their own crew and announcers for a preseason game?

Javale abusing Hawes on the boards on that last possession, followed by nice Jrue cut to the basket/finish

Jrue looks fine to me.

Jrue 2 offensive rebounds on one possession, and a put back. 4 minutes in and he already looks amazing.

Great to see Jrue rocking it again. That offensive board sequence was great.

Ah, the return of the Sissy Hook.

It's a thing of beauty.

Jrue looks good. Ball movement looks crisp. Interior presence non existent.

Continuity baby!

Jrue another SICIK assist to Hawes...if this is a trend, Hawes' stats are gonna look great this year...

Jrue getting in the lane at will.

Holiday is the best player on the floor right now.

By far...

How bad was the foul on the and one? Did he bitvh out and slap at the ball, or give a hard foul?

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 19:24

Late rotation, soft foul.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 19:24

Very very weak contest. Would you expect anything else?

really weak foul...it was actually barely even a foul

Horrible pass by Hawes but they saved it. PX90!

jrue trying to get fancy on his last 2 possessions, 1 turnover and 1 near turnover.

hawes pretty jumper, then blocks wall. then sixers blow 3 on 1 break

Thad just made a very nice drive and kick to get Jodie and open three. Jodie missed it. Then he screws up a 3 on 1.

Hawes is shooting well though.

Bad pass by Meeks on the 3 on 1 - Singleton swats away the alley oop.

Hawes beautiful move down low...the guy is lighting it up!

spencer with the nice move

Turner in now, Voose checking in!

Voose checking in.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 19:28

Meeks looks bad.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 16 at 19:29

You cannot stop Spencer Hawes...you can only try to contain him.

Fucking NBA TV is showing Pistons/Cavs. Ugh.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 19:42

Just saw that. Was really hoping for this game. What a hideous choice.

They promoting the rookies as a reason to watch it - it's just ugly

Thad is forcing some AWFUL shots...he wants to earn that contract right now.

Did Voose and Brackins really check in? Holiday, Iguodala, Brackins, Brand, Voose. That's a giant lineup.

lou will in now - drains a J to start

VOOSE swatting wall!

Get out of the Voose's house Wall!

Wow, Vuc blocks Wall

Turner's missed jumper looked to be the exact same form as last year....although it was a runner in the lane. Not a pure jump shot.

Is it me or does Wall look terrible? I know it's preseason, but...

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 19:35

Hah, on the last play Collins had Thad run at Wall 35 feet from the basket. They didn't even get a shot off before the first quarter.

Tray reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 19:36

I think a lot of people are going to look a little shaky early in this season.

Rich reply to Tray on Dec 16 at 19:37

That's true. I hate Wall too.

Tray reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 19:41

You know, I've yet to watch a single John Wall game in the NBA, because I go to law school in DC and it's blacked out. And I never went to a Wizards game because they're atrocious.

Rich reply to Tray on Dec 16 at 19:45

I've never seen a team force more contested jump shots than the team last year. Just a hideous basketball IQ on that whole team.

They don't look to be off to a good start this year.

LOU WILL BABY. Gonna be money from 3 this year, drains a long one to end quarter.

I just imagined Zumoff commentating about him hitting another 3 as the clock ran down. CONTINUITY

Hawes 10 and 7 in 8 or 9 minutes!

Thad really did a good job of aggressively doubling on that play to end the quarter. Watching the world's worst feed.

Voose's d rotations looking pretty good in limited time. Maybe it's just because I'm used to watching Hawes.

Rich reply to Ryan F on Dec 16 at 19:38

Agreed, even though it was only in 2 minutes against the Wizards.

Vuc's jumper on the other hand, not quite as good as Hawes...

brackins for 3

and just hit another one

Brackins with the 3 and the inevitable " 8 more tries since he got the first one tonight" coming

Brackins looks pure!! 2 3s looked great. wow.

And of course Brackins nails two threes.

If I learned one thing tonight, it's that Craig Brackins can shoot the shit out the three in the preseason.

Brackins has the largest head I've ever seen. NBA Jam like. Raining 3s though.

Charlie H reply to Ryan F on Dec 16 at 19:54

Bigger than James Donaldson's? Maybe you're not old enough...

Yikes...are you guys seeing any difference in Turner's shot? Looks just as flat and ugly to me.

worst#2pickever on Dec 16 at 19:42

Turner looks terrible!!!

Thabeet disagrees.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 19:43

Brackins had a decent looking stroke with the catch and shoot. Looked confident taking them.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 19:45

Turner has that lost look.

Charlie H reply to Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 19:57

Not again. I thought that lost Bambi look would go away in his 2nd year. Oh well, maybe he'll be right by March. He's already forgotten his new J-form?!!??!

johnrosz on Dec 16 at 19:45

I'm guessing that Eddie's Heady's is worst#2pickever

Looks like Charlie V. put on some fat during the lockout. I wonder if it'll make him less lazy, like a bizarro effect.

Jrue's 3 looked pure...looking forward to him taking more of them.

JRUE 4 3!!!

Turner really looks lost. Like he isn't running the plays, that last play was blown because he didn't come up to get the ball from Brand.

Don't get too high or too low about Turner's jumper. One of them was a floater too. I want to see good plays where he cleans the glass and leads a break really strong like that one. Just be involved to start, not passive.

Man the Wizards announcers are *really* excited about Roger Mason Jr coming back. That was the 8th time they've mentioned it.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 19:49

Jrue looked mighty confident stepping into that one also.

Who was that pass to?

The Turner pass? Supposed to be Jrue, I think.

The Hawes pass was to the Wizards.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:01

yeah the ET one, apprec

Kobe's wife filed for divorce. Raising him on my fantasy cheat sheets now.

I just started watching the feed, 2 turnovers in a row.

Iggy isn't exactly showing much....hardly notice him on the court. Not worried about him at all though.

Yeah, only play I saw of note was where he dribbled to the baseline and drew the big's defender (think it was Voose) and the big didn't roll to the hoop for the dunk.

Rich reply to MikeW on Dec 16 at 19:55

Made a great steal and pass to Brand for an easy baby J.

Charlie H reply to MikeW on Dec 16 at 19:59

Nah, he's letting the other guys show what they can do, sort of a challenge. It's preseason, he shouldn't be exerting himself except in practice.

That Jordan Crawford sure looks like a winner. I am gaining Brian/Blazers-like hatred for the WIzards.

There you go Turner.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 19:55

still not pretty, catching a lot of back rim on that make, but who cares as long as it goes in I guess, right

Ugh, Iguodala had a step there and instead of turning the corner he took a pull up 20 footer. Hate that shit.

That was such an Andray Blatche shot. And of course Hawes can't box out Rashard fucking Lewis.

Hawes foul trouble - Brand at center now.

EB looks very good.

Thad step-back. Nice.

Hate the shot, like that he made it (if he's capable of making that, he's unguardable).

Da Jruth on Dec 16 at 19:58

Good game so far by the guys. Dont know how I'm able to see this game... usually dont get this channel - I'll take it though

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 19:59

EB is looking good on D and O. Those two years off showing, good sign.

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:03

Brand is a really good athlete actually, even by NBA standards. Not fast, not a leaper, but he's a man.

Da Jruth reply to Charlie H on Dec 16 at 20:05

Beast when his legs are under him.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 20:00

How many times have we got to the line this half?


I hope Collins rips someone a new asshole over that dunk they just allowed. Fucking pitiful.

2 times

Iguodala is taking too many jumpers.

Nice work, Thad.

Stop taking those jumpers, Iguodala.

Nice tip save there by Voose - led to Thad's and one.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:03

Dre needs to keep shooting in preseason, particularly if his shot is looking this funky. Just coming off so awkward.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:09

meaning, work out these kinks now and not 10 games in, cause it needs some kind of fine tuning. And i say this not expecting him to be in attack mode this early, no need for that now, but that shot needs reps, soon

Nice give and go, Thad-Voose-Thad.

How Flip Saunders puts up with Blatche, I have no idea.

Seriously, he's like Speights, but worse.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:06

Been waiting a long time to do this again,


Feels good to get it back.

I'm not asking to sound like a dick, but what is clever about saying Jo-3?

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Dec 16 at 20:10

Nothing. It's fun.

open scrimmage at the palestra, sunday 6 pm

Charlie H reply to jaypiddler on Dec 16 at 20:08

that's a fun idea. props to the new owners.

Lakers practice allowed the public in today

Not exactly a revolutionary idea


Lou Will seems unstoppable when he wants to be. He's gonna have an amazing year, all you Lou haters.

Charlie H reply to MikeW on Dec 16 at 20:11

God I hope you're right. We need one new weapon to emerge this year. I know Lou isn't new, but he needs to make a jump to be a true weapon. Last year it was just a sometimes thing.

Charlie H on Dec 16 at 20:07

Just going by your comments, I'm really fighting the urge to be way more optimistic about this team than I already am. It's the Wizards after all.

Rich reply to Charlie H on Dec 16 at 20:10

No need to be too high, but a very pleasing half of basketball. Everybody played a good amount of time and they played well, which is what you like to see.

The main difference is that one team shares the ball for open shots and defends, and the other one does neither.

Charlie H reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 20:12

even Turner??? (no pun intended)

He hit a jump shot and had 4 boards and 3 assists in like 9 or 10 minutes, what did he do that was so bad?

Charlie H reply to MCT on Dec 16 at 20:58

I was just asking, not disagreeing - I'm not watching.

Rich reply to Charlie H on Dec 16 at 20:21

He had his struggles, but again, it's one game. He wasn't that bad either.

21-point lead at the half. That's what I like to see.

It's preseason, so take it for what you will, but the Wizards seriously look like a pickup game at the Y compared to the Sixers.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:12

Totally agree, looks like the team I was on yesterday heh

One thing I took from that half it's that the Wizards are going to be a joke. I also really hope that Wall fails. I think he was way over hyped.

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Dec 16 at 20:12

For some reason I have an unusual amount of hate for the guy and I have absolutely no idea why. Maybe it's that stupid ass dance.

I really wish we got the #3 pick in that draft, and it was really what I was wishing for on lottery night.

Da Jruth reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:14


meekshouldstart reply to Da Jruth on Dec 16 at 20:15

Favors has way more upside.

Because I didn't want Wall and I knew if we were #2 we were taking Turner. Figured at three we'd take Favors.

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:18

I wanted the #2 pick because I thought we needed a SG, and for some reason I thought he would be a 16-20 ppg guy his rookie year.

I thought this lineup would be a top 4 team-


Charlie H reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:21

You were pretty much saying that at the time. Interesting that you still think Favors is the guy. I really haven't seen him yet. Utah's gonna build around him.

btw is AK47 just out there as a UFA? I hope the Celtics don't get him. (Or maybe I should hope they do.)

last i heard hes in Russia, with the nets and kings interested in him and hes unrestricted

I'd feel so much better right now if we were developing a defensive big like that. I'd feel like this team, as constructed, has a real chance to develop into a contender.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:46


Da Jruth reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 23:03

Nodding head.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:20

I was certainly in the Turner camp because of his college career, and I didn't want to pass on Paul Pierce again. It's still way early, but in hindsight it looks like I was wrong.

Except that history indicates hiss first year on any level is pretty bad - i'm not ready to give up on him just yet

and it's not like favors is vastly out playing him so far either

Wall was trying way too hard - I mean Voose picked him off once and swatted him another. Sixers were pretty disciplined against him.

I'm not sure who looks worse, the Wizards, the Pistons or the Cavs. Just some horrible, horrible basketball teams playing right now.

Brian, suggestion. If you make any tweaks to the site again, consider taking away the ” thank you for your comment” pag, and have it direct you back to the most recent comment.

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Dec 16 at 20:17

Just an unnecessary step, especially during game threads when everyone is going back and forth and still trying to keep up with the game.

Yeah, there's a reason for that. The system slows down when there are a bunch of comments coming in at once. If the server has to rebuild/reload the page on every comment, it really bogs down. The interim page gives it a chance to do the work and keep the thread up to date.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:27


Can fix that with some handy dandy ajax integration probably - the code sounds a bit cludgy if it's slowing down that easily

It's about dependencies. When a comment is submitted, scripts need to rebuild a number of pages (home page, entry page, a couple others, depending).

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 21:00


Iguodala is 0-5 for 0 points. Overrated.

Still waiting on the voose's first board as a sixer.

Voose looked pretty good, I must admit. He was solid defensively.

if turner had the opportunity to run point full time, he would be a poor man version of Andre Miller.

Rich reply to #5>>#2 on Dec 16 at 20:22

Yawn. Tired act already.

Have we seen Speezy at all yet?

sissy hook in full effect

Sissy hook!

I would call Blatche the frontcourt version of Willie Green, but that's an insult to Willie.

Heh. Candy from a baby, Jrue.

The Wiz announcers need to stop talking like their shooting is the only thing making this such a big lead. The Sixers are kicking their ass in every facet.

and didn't this team blow a couple of huge huge late leads to the Wizards last year? Anyone remember how big/how late those were?

Getting sloppy here in the third on the offensive end. Good thing they're shutting WAS out.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:31

Thought Dre was going to hit Jodie on the trail there, ugh.

Turner in for Dre.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:32

and another ugh, cause I wanted us to get Singleton.

Hah, yeah me too. One steal and a dunk does not a player make though.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 20:35

Who suggested it did?

Jrue is in Eff You mode.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:33

Jrue 4 3!

Jrue three. Love it.

Da Jruth on Dec 16 at 20:34

I'll give Spence some credit, he doesn't look as doughy as last year, whatever that's worth.

turner for 3

Turner three. Nice.

If he can hit that corner three, he's a weapon.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:36

Good pick Thad. ugh not a good runout the other way though, turnover

Turner for three. That shot looked loads better. I'm biased, but there was much more arc on the ball.

I expect he's going to be hit or miss on his form while he gets used to it at 'game speed' - as long as it shows up in game time it means it's there - i wouldn't expect him to have it fully there on every shot for a while - i have no idea how long muscle memory takes

wall youre down almost 40, maybe be less fired up

Here's Zumoff on commentary talking about Lou being a scorer especially as the clock runs down. YES!! CONTINUITY!

Voose w/ another 3 seconds call. That's just rookie shit.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:38

Way to get to that spot suddenly Evan, and can it.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 20:39

Turner nice drive.

That was a fucking sick play by Turner. Skies for the board, goes coast to coast around his back, and a step back J with a ton of arc on it.

Charlie H reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 20:50


Blatche is so fucking bad. They should amnesty him.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:40

We're running these guys out of the gym, literally. We're pushing pace easily after boards.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:41

Yes, push and to the line again. Pour it on these scrubs!

The Greek on Dec 16 at 20:41

Turner can really stuff a box

Did Allen get in and Speights hasn't yet?

They just showed an overhead view of Turner's three going into the break. His guide hand placement makes the shot come out much better.

The Sixers have 8 guys with 5+ shots, Hawes has taken the most w/ 8.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 20:44

Anybody think Speights will get some run ? Last two min.

If ALlen is in before him, I don't think he will. I think he'll never step on the court as a sixer again in a game, and if they can find someone to take him off their hands they'd give him away

Lavoy Allen is in before Speights

I'm not sure how he'll look, but Anthony Davis will look something in Wiz blue.

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 20:46

My bad. He'll look rail thin, that's what.

Not that you can take anything from this game, but does it look like bigs are actually hedging out on the pick-and-roll? We saw so little of that last year.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:46

Yes. That's my biggest takeaway teamwise.

Talk shit, Wall. You just dunked on a d-leaguer with your team down by 40.

Blatche and Wall beat their chests on consecutive possessions. They're great, aren't they?

Charlie H reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 20:52

very intimidating. beware of the Wiz this season.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:48

Good d Thad

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:50

And Doug must want Evan to work on his form, cause he's taken two techs in this game, with Lou on the floor.

Two techs in a preseason game? heh lockouts over for everyone isn't it?

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 20:51

everyone except the Wiz fans lol

The Wiz cut it to 36 after three.

Here's the national perception of a game like this. The Wizards lost, but did you see that awesome John Wall dunk! He's a superstar!

Charlie H reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:55

the Vitale Effect

Da Jruth reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 20:55


I would say Voose played Good D on Blatche, but who doesn't? Hawes maybe.

nice pass from voose

Speights is in w/ the guys who don't have a prayer of making the team. Wonder if the Wiz can get this under 30 against the Sixers JV team.

I can't believe we didn't retire Carney's jersey.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:00

Where's Trevor Booker?

i think he is somewhere in Europe

woops, they just said hes hurt

thigh contusion

He's hurt.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:03

Sweet J Lou. He can be so damn big for this particular squad.

As long as when his shot isn't falling he doesn't keep shooting - but he never seems to understand that principle

or defense, or passing

Did anyone see that Kevin Seraphin was the Wiz rep in "Star Watch." He doesn't really play.

Damnit, it's under 30.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:06

I hate to have to watch the Wizards play from time to time just to appreciate the way Singleton applies ball pressure. Man

Pay for synergy sports - it'll save you the pain :)

Johnnylaptop on Dec 16 at 21:06

Jrue looks like he's worth his weight in gold.

Wiz announcers, they aren't making shots because they take crappy ones. That's why.

Man the Voose looks like he has Hawes' shot selection with a Turner type hitch.

Under 20

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:11

Who was that pass to?

This unit has been awful. Turner-Meeks-Silas-Speights-Voose. All of them have blame too.


3 of those guys likely won't be part of the regular rotation once games matter

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 21:17

Yeah, and they are showing why.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:13


That was a deuce, unless you were talking about Money Mase's two triples against him on the other end.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Dec 16 at 21:16

Oh, sorry, thought it was behind the line

Speights sucking wind. Must of been all those salads he was posting on twitter.

20 minutes, zero rebounds for the voose.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 21:16

He's looked bad. No way around that. Stoned81 can at least brightside for Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:15

Mo Speezy looks as if he went to Krispy Kreme often during the lockout, no?

I mean, they cook slow too right?

Damn, anyone wanna start the "If we took Singleton isntead of Voose topic?"

Bet it would get contentious.

I don't think it would get all that contentious.

I was sitting on the floor on draft night within ear shot of the green room with the DraftExpress guys bitching about it as it happened.

eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:19

What a feeling of watching basketball again!

Again, feels good to get it back, instead of that brouhaha. Feels like a typical Friday night.

Sure does feel good. 10 days 'til they count, then we're going to have more games than we know what to do with.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 21:24

Damn game threads feel good too, to be back, respect to that. They'll be rapid fire this year, whew.

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 21:38

Yeah, they're getting better all the time. effing funny too.

Anyone have an advice for how to break it to my wife that I plan to watch 12 hours of hoops on Christmas day?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 21:27

Or, what about breaking that the next 3 1/2 months I'd enjoy being able to be occupied by 66 games of this, if you don't mind? It'll only last 2 1/2 hours.

I'm picking my spots - will catch highlights early and follow my fantasy guys on my phone. I'd like to catch a little of the Mavs game and then I LOVE the nightcap once everyone's asleep.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 21:33

Lie. Tell her you don't feel well, and since youre already going to be bed ridden or stuck to the couch, you may as well be entertained.

"Don't you want me to be happy"

That always works for me (i never actually mean it though), i think i'm lucky, i told her i'm watching basketball all day friday and she said 'as long as you have fun'. She'll maybe watch with me or watch something she wants to watch.

It helps that she's a sports fan (baseball)

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 23:53

So you're actually a fan of the NBA, not just of our fine .500 team? I'm glad to hear that.

magoo reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 11:50

Buy her some jewell and chocolates,then pretend you are interessed on what she feels and her points of view in life.. that´s it ! She could tolerate your (our !) freakish love relation with this team and game for some hours on x´mas day..

That only worked a few years for Kobe.

I'd like to order about 15 more games like that. 15 easy wins this season. Too much to ask?

Just have the papers already filled out.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 21:42

No. Sounds about right. No more fluke buzzer beaters from the Wiz, no more inexplicable losses to the Nets & Charlotte. If they don't play down to the opponent's level like they did last year....

Amazing how not even Gosixers is complaining after a nice solid win!

Blow me

That was great to watch, despite the bench play in the 4th. So happy we are back. Brian - your predicament is better than mine - I have to be with my fiance's family on the night of the 26th. Shoot me now.

Speights -11 tonight in 11 minutes of work

Starters all got around 20 minutes with Jodie pulling a heavier load (33) along with Evan (30)

Just as it should be.

No Nocioni thought? To what do we owe that honor?

deepsixersuede on Dec 16 at 21:34

Positives about our rookie? Moves quickly on defensive rotations, passes well, and not afraid to set screens. Negative, had a Jason Smith like affect on the game.

Did he grab a rebound? Like were there rebounds he should have gotten but didn't?

Um, shouldn't you accidentally get at least one rebound in 23 minutes if you're 7 feet tall? Actually, shouldn't you accidentally get 3 or 4.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 22:13

According to E.S.P.N. he had 5.

5 assists, 0 boards.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 22:19

My mistake, at least he is "ball friendly".

Yep, we need more of that.

Da Jruth on Dec 16 at 21:34

Doug Collins is a good'un. He's so cerebral.

Thankfully I'm not a Pistons or a Cavs fan. That would be brutal. I have no idea what their front offices are thinking.

That sometimes you have to be real bad before you can get real good - The cavs didn't prepare for losing Lebron - the pistons over paid folks - and have to work through it.

Pistons have a new owner in place, be interesting to see what sort of owner he'll be.

Charlie H reply to Ryan F on Dec 16 at 21:44

How can you say that? Joe Dumars is a genius! He assembled the 2004 team!

what a dolt.

While the Wizards looked horrendous, the Sixers gave you all you could ask for in their first game.

I think Jrue is our best player. He's making things happen on offense. I think 90% of Hawes' point were due to a beautiful Holiday assist.

I think Lou is our best scorer. He made some unreal shots tonight.

Hawes looked improved in rebounding the ball and looked more comfortable on offense.

Iguodala looked as bad as one could look, although he had some nice passes.

Meeks and Turner both looked OK. Meeks missed some makeable shots. Turner had 5 turnovers.

Brand and Young both looked as good as usual.

I actually thought Vucevic played OK. He was getting some tips which led to offensive rebounds and he passed the ball nicely and had some nice defensive plays. Obviously he needs to do better offensively and defensively he gave up too many offensive rebounds.

And lastly, Craig Brackins will be an interesting player for us. He made two 3 pointers, as DC wants him to become a 3 point specialist. He also looked solid on his defensive rotations.

Overall, our DEFENSE is what won us the game. Good rotations and good game plan, sagging off Washington and making them beat us from deep.

For a guy like Iguodala, I believe this compacted pre season is similar to the nfl exhibition game where the starters only get one set :)

No matter how he looks, he's the one I'm least worried about when the games matter

He tends to be a slow starter. I have some concern over that.

I guess we'll see...in order of concerns I don't know if he'll hit the top 5. I would like him to stop taking jump shots, but I've always wanted that :)

deepsixersuede reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 16 at 22:10

What did you think of Vesely? Very interesting defensive player to me, looked good defending Thad and since he and Singleton play that side of the court well maybe Washington would give us one?

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 21:50

I agree with you here. I think Iguodala wanted to ease into this year after last season's injuries. He didn't want to put too much effort into a meaningless preseason game.

It's the guys like Turner, Hawes, and Vucevic who are most important this preseason.

Charlie H reply to Dwight on Dec 16 at 21:50

I like the fact that Iguodala played as bad as possible and still had 4 boards 5 assts and 2 steals (in 20 minutes). He's not gonna play all out in a game like this. It would be silly. He's approaching the game like a coach, letting the younger guys show what they can do. That's my take. Probably missed his shots semi-intentionally to see if anybody can O-board on this team.

Heh. That was as bad as I've seen his jumper look, and there was nothing intentional about it.

Looked back at SB Nation's Top Players in 2015:

The guy ranked 53rd had 12 points on 7 shots, 4 boards, 5 assists, 2 TO's.

The guy ranked 11th (who the writers said could legitimately be #1) had 8 points on 12 shots, 0 boards, 3 assists, 6 TO's.

I know it's only one game, but Jrue is still too low in people's minds.

Tray reply to Rich on Dec 17 at 3:41

Like I said when some people here were talking about Jrue for Paul, Jrue, for whatever reason, isn't all that well-regarded.

What does a game in 2011 have to do with where people will be in 2015?

Jrue is much farther along in his development as a point guard and as an overall player. He plays older than his age. John Wall plays like a point guard who just turned 21 on a team with no talent. But, to me, there's no question who has the greater talent level, and I think Wall's a fairly safe bet to reach something close to his ceiling.

Agreed. Jrue is about as complete as it gets for a young player. That's been the story on him since high school. Wall should acquire those skills by 2015, plus have the top 10 athleticism Jrue will never have.

There is no doubt that Jrue would be a valuable piece on a championship level team though - most important player on the team.

Tim reply to T McL on Dec 17 at 12:08

wow this is really dumb, who says that wall should acquire those skills by 2015? there is a reason that jrue has already acquired them at the same age as him. high basketball iq is a major factor in a good basketball player and wall doesn't seem to have that. not to mention, jrue would never be caught dead celebrating and talking shit after dunking on someone while down 40. this is a clear example of what makes jrue a great player and john wall a great highlight reel.

On the flip side, Jrue does have a liitted ceiling. he won't every be a top 10 NBA player.

Wall has the talent to be a top 10 player some day- but you can't say whether he will harness it or not. there were questions about Rose befoer he exploded last year, but similarly he always had the rare gifts needed to even have that type of ceiling.

Its like talking about baseball prospects. Only some guys are 5 tool prospects, but that in itself only gets you far.

Sorry, lazy posting in terms of typos.

Tim reply to tk76 on Dec 17 at 12:40

wait why could he not be a top 10 player?

He lacks the raw talent and athleticism of a top 10 player - he'll be very very good because he can maximize his upside, but his upside isn't top 10...which isn't a bad thing...I mean in a league of 400+ players top 10 is only 2.5% of em

Tim reply to GoSixers on Dec 17 at 12:55

see this is where i disagree, sure he might slightly less of an athlete than wall or rose, but hes not far off. and i don't get how that is even relevant to top 10 player in the league. wall will never have the attitude, the iq, or the work ethic that jrue has and that is what makes a great player. wall and russell for instance are too one dimensional relying too much on their raw talent and having no other facets to their game.

It's relevant because athleticism and inherent talent get you as far as you can go even if you maximize your work ethic and iq...Why is it 'bad' if he's not a top 10 player...no one is saying wall is going to be top 10 either, hell from what I've seen a read of him it's less likely that Wall will hit his ceiling than Jrue will, but Wall's ceiling is much higher than Jrues just based on his inherent, let's call it, potential for lack of a better term

Tim reply to GoSixers on Dec 17 at 19:39

so just because he has better potential makes him a better player? it is the ability to reach your top potential that makes a player great thats the point. just because you are an athlete doesn't mean you can play basketball

No, either your intentionally missing the point, which I've spelled out more than once, or you don't get the point. Either way it's irrelevant. The point seems lost on you concerning potential or upside and the limitations.

Tim reply to GoSixers on Dec 17 at 21:33

well i just responded very clearly to your points down below, so it seems that your intentionally missing my points due to lack of response or knowledge

Stan reply to Tim on Dec 17 at 13:24

What makes you think that Wall doesn't have the work ethic or attitude? He's not DeMarcus Cousins.

Jrue has above average quickness but he is not explosive. He can get to wherever he wants on the floor, but in the lane has a bit of trouble finishing over average bigs. Guys like Wall, Rose and Westbrook can explode to the rim against all but the best inside defenders (like Dwight.)

You can compensate for this through craftiness and quickness. Nash and Rondo are successful at this (as are Turner and Lou to some extent.) Jrue can improve some in this area, but I don't see his "finishi