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A Perfect Preseason

Agree with most of the writeup. I have the same wishful thinking on the end-of-game shots (go with Jrue), but I think Doug C. will still go with the Iggy & Lou show. Both were pretty much terrible at end of games last year, yet Doug stuck with them all season. I hope I'm wrong but I expect Doug to go back to his two favorites Iggy & Lou.

Turner looks good, I'm glad to see him get minutes although it looked like Doug C. was screaming at him late in the game on Jrue's late 3-pointer (not the one on the pass from Turner, but the other one). I couldn't figure out what Doug was yelling about, but I had bad flashbacks of "I just wanna play for crying out loud."

Hawes looking great, I'm obviously glad to see that. Vucevic looks like he has a ways to go to catch up to NBA speed, but his defensive abilities are showing. I expect an adjustment period but I think he's a legit NBA center. Still love the pick.

No surprise seeing Lou revert to a classically awful 1 for 6 performance after his mirage superb game 1. Typical from Lou, one great game followed by multiple terrible games.

Overall, a solid preseason, but against a terrible team, hopefully we get a good west coast start, goal is 3-2 I guess.

Dwight reply to stoned81 on Dec 21 at 1:36

Really? Lou is terrible at the end of games? Did you miss game 4 against the Heat? Or how about the numerous times at the end of quarters when Lou makes buzzer beaters or draws the foul. He is easily our most clutch player, well maybe besides Holiday.

As for everything else, I agree.

One game against the Heat doesn't mean he erased all the horrible end-of-game shots during the season. I remember a few end-of-quarter shots by Lou that went in, and I remember about 40 that didn't. Pretty sure he missed like 15 straight end-of-quarter shots at one point last season.

Rich reply to stoned81 on Dec 21 at 1:39

Lou played more than one game tonight?

Was speaking of last year, he'd have a good game and everyone would talk about how amazing he is off the bench, then he'd follow it with multiple bad ones. He's back on that path already.

eddies' heady's on Dec 21 at 0:34

The comment counter box in bottom left is pretty cool. Helpful. Convenient to refresh there too.

Kind of aggravating having to hit the +/- to drop down a comment(s), particularly if it was something you read at one point and wanted to respond to it but couldn't at that time due to game action flowing frequently. I realize you could just click 'expand all comments' at bottom but you'd have to refresh your screen to cause most recent comment(s) (mostly at bottom) to close back up (since they're open from being 'unread') in order to open the prior one up above you wanted to respond to and also see most recent ones open at bottom of thread. Not a big deal.

Overall, pretty good and seemed to be faster though I'd like to see how fast it is when you said it bogs down when multiple comments are submitted at once and everything has to reload.

Anything besides the TiqIQ ad again during game threads :)

If I'm following you correctly on the open/close of comments, there's a solution for that. In the black box, if you click "expand" it will open every comment, it won't just swap the states, so the unread comments won't close. If you click the text link below the last comment "Expand/Contract all comments" that just swaps, meaning opened comments close and vice versa (same with the toggle button in the black box). I specifically added in the expand button in the black box as an alternative because the unread comments get closed/open if you toggle. Hope that helps.

Hawes has been looking pretty spry these 2 preseason games, he's half a foot higher in the air and is rebounding like a monster, well that is compared to the Hawes of old. Really hopes this keeps up through 60 plus games, it could be a real game changer.

Jrue was the answer at the end, and very cool and calm doing it too. Very little helter skelter. Anyone notice how Nick Young became very quiet after DC put Andre Iguodala on him. I thought that was big. Turner's rebounding is huge on this team with it's weak rebounding frontcourt. While Lou was floundering, this was a preview of how end of games should be; give it to Jrue, let him make the call. He may have hit those shots but they were all within the offense.

Brand's defense was very suspect tonight.

Need to get some good work in before Monday.

Brand was pretty much just letting Blatche take those 20-footers, that was good defense as far as I'm concerned. It took Blatche 15 shots to get 13 points, which is pitiful.

McGee is just too long for Brand to guard him. The thing that pissed me off about Brand's game was his defensive rebounding, or lack thereof. He was abused on the glass all night.

Work to be done, but I'm still feeling pretty good right now. I just hope we see JTI down the stretch w/ Jrue handling the ball.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 21 at 9:23

As long as Jrue can stroke it like that from deep in the guts of the game, I am MORE than fine with Turner handling the ball late in the gams as well...passes like the one to Jrue at the top of he key for 3 out of a double team are the kind of passes that Turner can make that Lou can't.

Yup, Lou would have almost certainly taken a bad shot in that situation.

I am fine with Turner having the ball late as well, but he does tend to overpass often and in tight games you cannot afford that.

That play was a nice find after a bad decision. He dribbled into the corner and got trapped by three guys. He was lucky to get it out of there.

Ryan F reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 21 at 10:46

If he is hitting that shot, I want the ball in his hands. High pick and rolls, forcing his defender to try and go over the screen. When defenders know they have to fight over screens, great things happen in the offense.

I don't want him spotting up, letting someone else make the play. Counter productive for his growth into the playerthis team NEEDS him to be in order to be successful now and in the future.

Dwight reply to jkay on Dec 21 at 1:46

Yeah I think Elton tends to let the more athletic power forwards shoot the ball instead of drive. He did this against Blake Griffin last year and held him in check pretty well. He's a good, but smart defender and finds ways to get the job done.

It was really Hawes who was abused in the defensive rebounding department. He couldn't control McGee at all. Brand was called out to hedge and then the shot would go up, so it was up to only Hawes to get the rebound. It was a smart design by the Wizards to abuse Hawes and it worked. 21 offensive rebounds.

I think Voose has the potential to take Hawes' job by the end of the season. He showed strong signs of playing defense and being able to rebound better than Hawes.

Dwight reply to Dwight on Dec 21 at 1:50

Voose was +4 on the night.

Hawes was -1.

Ryan F reply to Dwight on Dec 21 at 6:27

You can't make conclusions or assumptions with +/- on one game. That metric only holds any weight over the duration. Unless of course they both played the same amount of minutes with the same lineup and against the same lineup, which is impossible.

Voose had a fair game in limited minutes but lets not go giving him a contract extension just yet.

eddies' heady's reply to Dwight on Dec 21 at 10:03

If Vuc takes Hawes job by any point in the season, we can all say miracles come true. In other words, don't see it happening. That guy has a mountain of work to do, particularly with his on-court awareness and especially footwork.

Really sloppy effort, not a lot of flow and execution on either side of the floor. Oh well, this will give Collins something to harp on.

Nobody else really mentioned how well Turner played. Before the last few minutes, he was probably their best player on the floor. I loved how he used change of speed/direction moves to get to the line. His shot looks much better too. It's not just that he moved his guide hand to the side of the ball. It's that because of that, he doesn't have to bring the ball sort of over his head. That helps him get it off way quicker. Notice on his threes when he misses short too. The form is absolutely fine and the shot is dead on straight. He just has to get comfortable incorporating his legs instead of "shooting it harder" like he did in the past.

Didn't seem like Collins ran a ton of plays tonight, maybe he didn't want to show too much for Portland? I did like one play where he cleared out the whole left side for Thad, with Jodie in the corner. Thad scored a layup.

Iguodala was very lethargic through the first three quarters (on both ends). Then he started getting hot in the 4th. I refuse to make a judgment til we see basketball that counts.

The pick and roll defense was poor tonight. They need work on the hedging. Jrue needs to to a better job fighting through screen as well. Sometimes he does it, other times he's pretty lazy. That's all about effort.

Blatche and Crawford- 31 points on 36 shots, and I didn't feel that they played too far from their usual games.

Hawes had 12 defensive boards in 22 minutes? Wow, didn't notice nearly that many. Good on ya, Spence.

Watching this replay, Jrue had a couple of big rebounds in the last few minutes too...not quite sure why V8 was out on the floor when it sounds like 00 was actually playing up to his size early on...

jkay reply to das411 on Dec 21 at 12:43

5 fouls on Hawes.

Woah and for those who are interested...looks like our new anthem singer is already starting to gear up:


Johnnylaptop on Dec 21 at 1:58

Voose hitting the shot at the end of the half was great can't wait for the start of the season. Jrue and Evan are the ones I want to see play together the most.

I don't see any point in getting excited by Hawes' defensive rebound total; the Wiz missed a ridiculous number of shots. All of our centers looked like geological formations when trying to defend McGee. Sad we picked Speights over him.
Hawes and Voose did look good on the other end in a ball friendly sort of way.
Speights is absurdly out of shape.
The website improvements are excellent.

This team looks better with Turner in the game than Meeks. What Meeks brings in shooting they lose in ball handling, passing, defense and rebounding. Turner is even looking better than Iggy and Lou.

Agreed. And what Meeks brings in shooting isn't even all that much, especially considering how bad he is in all other areas of the game.

By the way, it appears that Monta Ellis will be sued for sexual harassment tomorrow by an ex-Warriors employee, and that the Warriors are getting sued for terminating her. The plaintiff's lawyer claims he has evidence of the harassment in the form of a picture Ellis sent the woman from his cell phone, that he'll share this picture with the media in a press conference he's holding this morning, and that this picture is "pretty disgusting and graphic." I suppose we can guess what that means.

The Greek on Dec 21 at 7:50
deepsixersuede on Dec 21 at 8:27

Tk made a comment about us lacking a R.Evans' type player during the game thread and I totally agree, especially if he signed for one year at the veteran minumum, as it is being reported.

I believe he could of been reeled in a bit by Collins and on nights like this, when our teams effort is down, he and his Rodman like effort could be contagous out there.

Sam's value seems not as high league wide as most of us here have thought. I agree with somebodies comment yesterday that clearing caproom, via Spieghts, and making a run at Sam for say 3 years at 5 m.p.y. would of been a solid move.

I think Sammy wants something like 10m per season which is why he hasn't signed with anyone yet. The teams that have the ability to offer hi that high a contract are saving their cap space and realize he is not worth that much.

Cinaed reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 10:06

I'm guessing he doesn't want less than DeAndre Jordan and expects to be a peg below Tyson Chandler in both cash and length. Deals like Kwame Brown's (1yr/6-7M?)but have really inflated his value.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Dec 21 at 10:09

I'm perturbed that we didn't try to sign Troy Murphy.

It's nothing personal, we didn't try to sign anyone.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 21 at 10:49


Earl Barron's available. He was a fav of some around here last year I think.

After seeing our bigs last night, and realizing Battie isn't going to be able to give us much with this compressed schedule, management should take a flier on someone like him or Sean Williams (who was picked up) instead of a Xavier Silas type. I mean, if Silas isn't going to see the court much this year, then why not take a shot on a big man and see if he can develop into something useful by later on in the season instead of a 6th guard/ball handler if you count Dre as one.

Sure looks to be more opportunity for minutes in the frontcourt than the backcourt, so adjust your roster accordingly, no?

Agreed on Sean Williams. I wanted him last year. Thorn drafted him so he knows the guy has skills, unfortunately Thorn also threw him off the team for personal problems so Thorn is probably one guy who will never sign the guy ever again.

The Sixers are apparently asking too much for Speights. http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2011/dec/20/grizzlies-make-offer-dante-cunningham/

At this point, I'd be happy if they just got the bare minimum and moved on.

I'd be happy if they moved him for a trade exception

Sacto should take him, he's better than Cousins.

Now you're just plain old baiting him

Then again

Maybe the hornets might like him (are they at 13 yet?)


Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 20:50

They just signed some talented Mexican center.

Obviously I like Cousins's upside over Speights, but he has some severe basketball IQ problems which may or may not improve.

I was channel surfing during breakfast this morning and Sportscenter now teases their upcoming stories on the left hand side (if you have HD I think), and one said 'it's holiday time in philly' so I kind of thought they'd do the sixers highlights and talk a bit about the sixers and jrue.

Jrue Alley OOp to Thad
McGee Dunk ('facing' voose')
John Wall end of first quarter
Voose 3
McGee Dunk
ONE of Jrue's 3's to ice the game

that's it

It was pathetic

Oh yeah, cavs/pistons got more coverage cause of the #1 pick

HOllinger did his eastern conference predictions today, has the sixers 5th, Magic fourth, and same division winners as last year.

Knicks 7th, Bucks 8th, Hawks out of playoffs

Hmmm, so Hollinger has the Sixers at 37-29, 5th in the East


He also mentioned some weird stuff though: top heavy roster, thin backcourt, financial issues (has he forgotten of the amnesty clause?)

He also mentioned some weird stuff though: top heavy roster, thin backcourt, financial issues (has he forgotten of the amnesty clause?)

The sixers ARE thin in the back court (which is what he was referring to)
Thad does have match up problems defensively
The sixers do have financial problems in that you can't use the amnesty clause on two players, and how many teams are using their amnesty clause ON two of their best players. His point was that short term the sixers might be as good as the four seed, but mid to long term, they aren't going to get much better and they have no future stars on their roster.

Everything he said seemed spot on to me

I don't disagree with the general points, but some of the things aren't tight to me:

- I disagree they are thin in the backcourt. Between Holiday, Meeks, Turner, Williams and Iguodala they have plenty of decent (at worst) players for those 96 minutes combined.
- For a lot of teams he mentioned that if they amnesty player X they will be 20 million under the cap. Now while the Sixers won't be that far down, they can be far enough if they amnesty Brand to sign (sign and trade) a tier A player. So no financially they are not that bad anymore. No reason to amnesty Iguodala, his contract is not that big of a problem.
- Top heavy roster: How the hell is a team without a superstar and with 3 of the top 6 players coming off the bench top heavy? A top heavy team would be a team like the Knicks for example. The Sixers are quite the opposite.

Anyway, Hollinger is the guy i like the most of all media guys, because he works with statistical facts and has common sense, but some of these points are off base IMO. I agree with the rest.

Rich reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 13:01

I didn't like think back court and top heavy roster when it's pretty plain to see they'll at least go a pretty solid eight deep, nine if their rookie figures it out. A top heavy team to me is the Knicks, with a huge dropoff after their frontcourt and a team that's relying on Jared Jeffries and Mike Bibby to even get to eight deep.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 12:54

The Sixers have a four man rotation in the backcourt with young players that all can play. That's not a thin backcourt.

their back up point guard is a 2 guard that can't really pass or create for others and can't defend real well

Their back up 2 guard can't shoot really well, but he can defend.

They have a weak bench, they have a weak starting 2 guard who defensively is bad

They have a weak back court, it's a fact I agree with, they have cap issues that are only absolved by giving away one of their best players, and they have a guy who yo uhave to hope over achieves or they don't have a star.

Not sure what he said wrong...short term the sixers are a playoff team that MIGHT win a round, mid to long term, they aren't.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 13:12

I made the mistake of thinking Lou can't create in the summer. He averages 5.2 assists per 36 minutes. Jrue averages 6.6 for reference. So it's hard to say he can't pass. Lou does dominate the ball, but he's not a complete black hole either. He's also a very valuable scoring guard off the bench which many teams don't have. Lou is a plus player coming off the bench, even with his shortcomings.

As for Meeks, if he's your fourth best guard, that's not a terrible thing. He is a much better team defender than he gets credit for too. With the guys he usually plays with, he doesn't hurt you all that much on that end.

Look at everyone in the Atlantic Division. Find me a better 1-4 in the backcourt. There really aren't that many teams in the East that you can say, "Woah, their first four guards blow the Sixers' away."

I don't necessarily disagree with the other stuff, long-term they are going to need Turner to be a big-time player.

Judging from last night's game, I'm not sure Lou is the backup PG. I disagree w/ weak in the back court and shallow overall. If anything, their bigs are weak. Their strength is their perimeter group and their talent level 1-8.

Dwight reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 13:17

Don't pay attention to Hollinger. Just by watching the games we already know more than he does. He's just a fan of the game like us.

That's right, all you need to know you can learn only by watching the games, the human eye can capture all 10 players and their movements at once, the human eye misses nothing, perception is not clouded by preconception

Whether or not he 'knows more' than you (I believe he does know more than you) he has access to more than you do, he has access to video analysis you could only dream to have access to, he gets to talk to people you'll never meet.

Diminish him if you want but he's more than just a fan, calling hm just a fan is pretty much just sour grapes to me

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 15:10

Talking to GM's and coaches can only tell you so much. We actually get to watch the games. He doesn't. It's impossible for him to, anyway. None of the Sixers games are nationally televised and there are too many teams in the NBA to follow at once.

We also get access to Doug Collins and the GM. They tell the media the same things they tell Hollinger.

And it's not that difficult to get access to advanced stats. 82games.com, basketball reference, synergy sports. Those are all the same things that Hollinger is looking at.

I trust someone like Dei Lynam over him, because she actually watches all of the games and probably has more inside information to the Sixers.

He gets more access to more games than you do, your 'i watch the games' thing is a laughable assertion that was awful when a philly sports writer used it to say that bobby abreu 'padded his doubles' - and it's laughable now. You can't see it all when you watch the game - the human eye and brain aren't capable of it

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 22 at 2:49

You're missing my point.

Hollinger doesn't even watch all of the games! Obviously if you want to be a good analyst you want to watch the games, and then watch the film breakdown of each play. But Hollinger doesn't even do either of those things!

Tray reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 14:01

37-29 and a 5th seed seems generous to me.

@GoSixers: any particular reason why Mr. Hollinger has the hawks out of the playoffs?

Their bad second half (recordwise) being out scored for the season (it's a pythogaras thing), losing crawford and heinrich, and having a weak bench

Heinrich injured, Crawford gone, he seems to think Hinrich might be out a bit longer than projected

Monta Ellis - accused of sexual harassment in lawsuit by former Warriors employee

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 14:30

The messages included lines such as, "I want to be with you," and "Hey Sexy," and proposed sexual encounters, according to the lawsuit.

I thought there was a photo or something. In my book, those two statements are not harassment. Unfortunately, no one goes by my book.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 21 at 14:42

There is a photo, yes. I never took any classes on this sort of thing so I have no idea what is or isn't harassment. Though I'd think the proposed sexual encounters (and the photo), at least, would be.

the laws are bullshit. it's basically anything that can be perceived as making someone uncomfortable in the work place.

I don't think it's the laws, it's corporate policies. The law sets a pretty high bar for sexual harassment violations. But companies tend to fire you at the first accusation, without even conducting an investigation. This is why Harold Reynolds got fired by ESPN when accused of sexual harassment, and he sued and won a million bucks cuz it was BS, he just hugged a staffer.

In corporate would, that's harassment.

Yep. No doubt about it. It's best to just completely avoid anything that could even remotely be construed as sexual when you're at work.

If you are in a position of power over someone in your job you have to be extra careful. Legally, you are given more leeway in what you say to an "equal" (say someone in a social setting.) But if you say the same thing to someone who you can get fired it can get you in big trouble.

Most people in corporate environments understand this. But I can see how a player, who is used to being coddled, can unknowingly get themselves in hot water.

Tray reply to tk76 on Dec 21 at 16:05

I don't really have too much sympathy for a player who unknowingly sends a team employee a picture of his genitals. Seems to me that if she has all the texts she sent him and he sent her, and she didn't reciprocate his advances, he's pretty screwed and will ultimately face some sort of suspension.

Good news for the Warriors. Until he's suspended, though, I expect like 40% usage from him in Curry's absence.

It depends on her response to the first one, if someone shows no interest and you continue to pursue her - you make a hostile work environment - especially when they guy is paid 11 mil by her employee

Plus - it's well known in general that athelts have a sense of entitlement in general

Court_visioN on Dec 21 at 15:34


i'm kinda liking the alternate uniforms. when are they wearing them this year? http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7166/6521901633_8157850a0d_o.png

Simmons has the Sixers at 33-33, #8 seed.

biggest surprise is the Knicks as the #3 seed, I think.



why does everyone love the pacers so much? To me there an 8 seed that added david west(off an acl tear) and george hill who wont be starting for them

i guess because they looked so good against the Bulls last year. i do think they will be better but not as high as 4

With the knicks it's all a matter of hype and who decides to give in to the hype. Looks like Simmons did.

they announced a few cuts apparently, anyone know if lavoy allen made the team? i'm assuming he did.

Yeah, I didn't see his name among the cuts.

Mike reply to Brian on Dec 21 at 16:40

word thanks

Kobe Bryant has a wrist issue that according to one doctor who calls into the local sports station in LA could have him out for a month or so depending on the severity.

He won't play tonnight and the lakers are listing him as 'day to day'

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 19:35

apparently it's a torn ligament. for the lakers sake i hope it's not as serious as it sounds because the Lakers literally do not have another ballhandler/playmaker.

If you go to 710espn.com look for a radio hit from dr clapper - it's 'maybe' a torn ligament - he said guys who read x-rays / mri's sometimes over state the case - depening on the real degree of injury he might not miss more than a couple days

dalembert to the rockets on a 2 year deal

2 years/14 million with a team option for the 2nd year. Pretty good deal considering Kwame Brown was paid around the same.

Where can we see who got cut?

Rewatching the game from last night. How is it that Rashard Lewis cant shoot anymore? Atheletes will lose there legs but a pure shooter should never lose his shot.

Iguodala was guarding him before shutting down Nick Young.

jkay reply to Jeff on Dec 21 at 18:33

well that too, but he missed open looks too. strange.

the commentary mentioned something about him playing injured last season, something analogous to that of the man who was guarding him.

Tom Moore on Dec 21 at 18:47

Thanks Tom! That's great stuff, makes me smile. I see this as the writing on the wall, if Turner plays well he'll be taking Jodie's place in the starting lineup sooner rather than later.

Playing Iguodala and Turner together gives the Sixers additional size, ball-handling, on-the-ball defense and rebounding.

Excellent paragraph but you still need scoring, and that has to come from jrue (or lou) but once the sixers have a lead in the fourth - no reason turner should not be in the game for his over all abilities

Apologies if someone said this already today, but on PTI today Wilbon said the Sixers might win the Atlantic. Gotta love it.

nice! Although I think it just confirms my opinion of Wilbon as a fool, I still like it. I think the Sixers will compete with the Celtics for second, but I see the Knicks as sure-fire Atlantic champs. I could be wrong of course, but Baron-Carmelo-Amare-Chandler is an incredible lineup in my opinion.

out of that group the only one that tries on defense is chandler, that could cause some problems

Carmelo is a pretty good defender when he concentrates on it, which is more often than his reputation in my opinion.

You think baron davis starting makes an incredible lineup?

You sure you want to go calling Michael Wilbon names?

Toney Douglas is a better starter for the knicks than fat davis

I'm very confident about my decision to call Wilbon names, and I'll add a few more: buffoon, idiot, moron.


Rich reply to stoned81 on Dec 21 at 21:30

Hahahaha wow, that's not his best work. And that's putting it lightly.

Haha yeah. He also thought Eddie Jordan was a fantastic coach. Wilbon is a talented writer and a good speaker, which is why he got the jobs he got. But his basketball analysis is frequently terrible. I think picking the Sixers to win the Atlantic fits right along with that. Hope I'm wrong and he's right, but I'm obviously not expecting it.

jkay reply to stoned81 on Dec 22 at 3:24

to me that article was more about Kobe not being enough to win for a franchise than Arenas being extremely valuable.
ergo don't trade half your team to get him.
Not so egregious IMO.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 22:24

Agreed. WTF has Baron Davis done lately that gives anyone a chubby?

He hasn't scored more than 15 ppg or shot over 42% from the field since he played with GSW in '07-'08. They didn't play any defense either, so he should fit in just fine with the Knicks.


He averaged 13 and 7 last year on teams that had nothing to play for. If he can replicate that on a team that is a lock for the playoffs, they'll be thrilled. They have Carmelo and Amare, they don't need Davis to go back to his 20+ ppg days.

bebopdeluxe reply to stoned81 on Dec 22 at 19:00

He averaged 13 and 7 for a team that people didn't care SQUAT about when they played them.

If Davis is the PG when we play them, Jrue will have a field day.

Ah - the tim legler school of though - excellent

Tim Legler ranking point guards on ESPN makes
1. Rose
2. Williams
3. Paul

The reason Deron Williams is #2 to Legler is because he plays on new jersey and people will forget how good he is so he coudl slip down the list as the season progresses

I found that logic asinine - he's a GREAT point guard - his talent nor ability don't change because he's on a CRAPPY team - but that's how the NBA works - if your team wins - you're more talented

Then they had the most hate nba players according to nielsen

#1 was kris friggin humphries

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 20:48

What is the logic behind Williams over Paul?

I was driving (it was on espn radio and static in and out) but hhe thought Williams would grae out the best if you listed 10 categories, but ha him at #2 because new jersey is a bad team.

Which I found a ridiculous argument that where a guy plays makes him better or worse...

Paul might be the best pure point but williams might be better defensively or scoring - i don't know

As i was driving i was thinking - 'yes michael jordan is considered the best all around player of all time' but what single thing was he the best at?

It was when they were comparing Barnes numbers at UNC to jordans

I wondered how much of jordan being the best ever was just his work ethic on both ends of the court...

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 22:31

Uh, single best/most efficient scorer? Most creative player in the league in the 90s with the ball in his hands? Best finisher?

The Knicks are going to be an interesting team. They probably have the best C/PF/SF trio in the east, Landry Fields is a capable starter, but everyone else is crap. I wonder how far their "big 3" can carry them. They can go anywhere from #3 seed to #7. My gut feeling is that they'll have a better record than Philly, Atlanta, and Orlando.

Chris Tomasson: Udonis Haslem-'Even if we went 66-0 it still won't be the same as 72-10 Somebody will say Oh yeah they probably would have lost their last12 Twitter

Udoonis, your 1st grade teacher called and would like to talk to you about basic addition and subtraction.

So derrick rose qualified for the '30%' extension because he won the MVP...while I think that ruling is stupid - it makes the clippers situation SUPER interesting.

I believe there are multiple qualifications to get the '30%' extension. One of them is making the all star team twice isn't it?

Can you imagine Donald Sterling extending Chris Paul long term in 2013 and THEN giving Blake Griffin (presuming he (rightly or wrongly) makes another all star game)a similar to rose 5 year 95 mil extension?

I just don't see it

DDaryl morey might or might not be the genius people think he is

But he got sam dalembert to agree to a 1.5 million dollar buy out if he stinks up the joint this year

so - if he's bad it's only 1 year 8.5 million

Stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 21:59

Is Miami allowed to use the full MLE? If so, either Miami or Dalembert made a huge mistake. He would have been a perfect fit for them. Sam would have only sacrificed 1.2 million for that one season.

Court_visioN reply to Stan on Dec 21 at 22:27

miami used their MLE on shane battier

Stern had a confrontational interview with an ESPN head toay

Sadly it was one of the bigger morons less informed about the NBA than the average ESPN head


Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 21 at 22:26

Can't believe Stern would interview with Cowherd. He's easily one of the three dumbest major sports pundits out there.

lakers starting line-up tonight

lmao. This guy got less minutes in the playoffs last year than Antonio Daniels. What happened to Metta?

Their lineup for the season opener will be-


Heh, all those guys clamoring for Anthony Morrow, check out his line in the Nets/Knicks game tonight.

You're right, your opinion about a player should change after one game.

I don't know that 'preferring him over jodie meeks' and believing he's a bargain is clamoring...you'd think you were the NY POst or something ;)

My opinion on players changes on a daily basis, and I wasn't pointing it out to say he sucks, I was pointing it out because it was funny. The guy is a great shooter, in fact, if you check the archives I'm pretty sure I said it over a year ago, and gushed even more than you guys did.

Hell I still have the sixers game on the DVR - it's the holidays why am I working later - god damn it :) - I hope to watch it before the first game.

If Morrow were a free agent, I'd clamor for him to be given the 'max mle' and jodie given the boot :)

Blake has a bit of the bitch in him. Maybe more than a bit.

Jesus, they're ejecting Barnes? Give me a break. So Blake is the golden boy that needs to be protected.

They didn't eject him. Right call.

Bynum looks very good tonight. I still wouldn't trade Dwight for him, but he looks very good.

Oh and Artest, so far this season: 1-15 from the field.

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