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SixersBeat Episode Tonight - 12/22/12

Tom Moore on Dec 22 at 18:53

Doug Collins Thursday on Meeks starting instead of Turner: "I spoke to Evan in front of our team the other day. I said, ‘Evan, you’ve probably been our hardest worker in the offseason with one goal in mind – to be a starter on this team.’ I said, ‘You are a starter. As one of our better players, you are a starter. But what you do for our team with Thad and Lou – if I were to put Jodie in your spot and put you in his, we’re not as good a team right now because Jodie would get lost with Lou and Thad.’ That’s why."

Interesting. Definitely something to talk about tonight, thanks Tom.

Btw, are you happy to be back with the Sixers? How did you like covering other sports during the lockout?

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 21:34

Enjoyed it. Did six Phillies games in October. Still does Eagles practice every Thursday (not today because of Sixers preview stuff) and games on Sunday.

Okur to the Nets for a 2nd rounder. They got another center who doesn't rebound, BK rocks.

Pietrus got waived. He'd be of some use here.

Just saw he wants Celts, if he clears waivers. They could use him.

Sbnation says we're tenth most watchable! Some kind words for Jrue and Thad.


Gani Lawal was waived. That's someone I wouldn't mind on the Sixers.

Biyombo just played his first half of preseason basketball. 8 minutes, no shots, one rebound, one blocked shot, three fouls, two turnovers. Is Stackhouse actually making the Hawks roster?

If he has about 100 more halves like that this season, he'll suck as much as Cousins.

Oh no, someone else is doing it now too!!

@Jmeeks20 (Jodie Meeks)
Jus woke up from a great nap!! Feelin refreshed

21 Dec

Do you think Bismack will have any 18/18/7/2 steals/3 blocks games, like Cousins did, any 30/9 games, any 25/12/7 games, any 25/14 games, any 21/16 games? Anyway, isn't that sort of play exactly what we expected from Bismack? He (a) can't score at all, (b) is incredibly raw and is bound to foul a lot at first, (c) turned the ball over in Europe a ton (1.6 turnovers a game in 17 minutes per, turnovers in 26% of his possessions), (d) cannot pass, (e) is a good but not dominant rebounder. He's a great athlete who plays hard, but his one plus skill at the moment is shot-blocking.

I'll bet that even w/ his limited offensive skill, he still manages to better a .484 TS% in his rookie season. I'll be he doesn't turn the ball over more times than the most turnover-prone point guards in the league and doesn't lead the league in personal fouls by 60.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 22:11

I believe Favors is the fouls per minute leader. In the end, Biyombo had one point on two foul shots, two boards, one block, four turnovers and three fouls in 16 minutes.

Favors was actually 11th in the league in fouls/minute (among guys who played in at least 40 games) with 6.7. Cousins was 27th with 5.7. Cousins, on the other hand was #1 in the league in turnovers/minute (again w/ the 40 games played minimum). Cousins averaged 10.3 TOV+PF per 40 minutes, just an astounding number. I'm not sure advanced stats are really advanced enough to compute how terrible Cousins was last season.

Tom Moore on Dec 22 at 21:58
Johnnylaptop on Dec 22 at 22:30

I believe Collins is wrong keeping Evan on the second team. He states Meeks would be lost playing with Lou and Thad. Turner on the floor with Jrue and Iggy will make us a better team by the end of the season. Let meeks get off his ass and learn how to fit in with Lou and Thad. Turner can get his own shot, he gets to the basket, and free throw line well. Driving to the basket and getting contact is what we need with our starters.

YoungGun13 reply to Johnnylaptop on Dec 22 at 22:33

well if we put lou and meeks out there together for the second team, there wouldn't be enough defense. And with jrue turner and iggy, there's not enough shooting unless turner becomes a threat.

Who starts honestly doesn't matter. If Turner plays like he did in the preseason, he'll be getting 30 minutes/game, and playing the important minutes. Lou/Jodie was the worst back court combo for the team last year for a number of reasons, without Jrue/Iguodala out there, Jodie gets no looks and if he isn't knocking down threes, there's no point to having him on the floor. Don't get worked up about this yet, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when the games start to count, at least I hope you(we) will.

YoungGun13 on Dec 22 at 22:34

also since meeks can't get his own shot and lou is a shoot first guard, meeks wouldn't get alot of shots.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 23 at 0:05

You guys are right. I just want to see alot of the Jrue and Evan show.

I think we all do.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 23 at 0:28

Getting to the free throw line and making our foul shots is a big concern for us.

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