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EC Predictions, and Pressing Questions

I think I'd lean more towards 38 for New York, 35 for Indiana, 35 for us, 31 for Milwaukee.

38 is like 47-48 in a regular season. I guess I could see it if D'Antoni didn't have to use Chandler/Stoudemire/Melo for 40 minutes/game, but he's not going to be able to rest them. They're just too shallow. He's either going to need to sacrifice wins through the season, or he's going to wear them down (and possibly get one or more of them hurt). He played Amare to death last year, and the schedule is infinitely harder this season.

Indy and Milwaukee could swing either way. I think Derek predicted they'd swap spots during the show. I think the Sixers range is probably 33 to 40 wins. I think they fall somewhere in there, depending on health and how much improved Holiday and Turner are.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 2:49

You think 40's a possibility? That's like a 50 win season. I think D'Antoni can rest Amare a bit more than last year, because you don't need Amare and Chandler on the floor at the same time. And you don't always need a real center on the floor (against us, for instance, not sure why you'd need one at all), and you can sub Melo out, of course, and have a perfectly alright lineup with Fields in for him, or even Balkman. By the time the playoffs come, they'll wear out, but it's a short season and they shouldn't break down until pretty late.

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 9:48

Is Andrew Bogut healthy? If so, I would have them higher

Court_visioN on Dec 23 at 2:00

this is off topic, but i'm curious why we call the holiday-iguodala-turner trio "JTI". wouldn't a more logical acronym for them be "HIT"? Taking each players' last name instead of taking Jrue's first name and Turner and Iguodala's last name. Haha, not anything of importance, just something I've noticed.

I like to call them JIT because it actually has meaning in my industry (Just in Time) and it works :)

Love Brians predictions if only they didn't remind me of my own failure to get my stuff done on time :)

I went w/ JTI because I always call him Jrue and I guess I prefer random letters strung together over making words out of them for things like this. Though I wish the Sixers twitter folk would abbreviate Passioniate. Intense. Proud. Or just stop saying it all the time. Guess that's unrelated.

But then Charles Dickens estate would sue them

call them jti because soon enough people all around the league and not just us will start to refer to jrue holiday simply as jrue. hes got one of those names you know

My list of predictions for the EC goes as follows:

Miami 50-16
Chicago 46-20
Philadelphia 38-28
New York 37-29
Indiana 35-31
Orlando 34-32
Boston 34-32
Milwaukee 33-33
Atlanta 32-34
New Jersey 30-36
Toronto 28-38
Detroit 22-44
Clevelend 18-48
Washington 14-52
Charlotte 12-54

This is my prediction but i won't be surprised if the standings are even more compressed towards the middle. The good marketable teams are playing much more games against strong competition (long live the TV stations) and will make them suffer at the hands of a lot of bad teams with weak schedules.

Court_visioN on Dec 23 at 3:00

Here's mine:

Miami 48-18
Chicago 47-19
Boston 39-27
Philadelphia 37-29
Orlando 36-30
New York 35-31
Indiana 35-31
Atlanta 33-33

Milwaukee 33-33
New Jersey 24-42
Detroit 22-44
Toronto 20-46
Washington 16-50
Cleveland 13-53
Charlotte 12-54

And Philadelphia takes out Dwight Howard and the Magic in the first round 4-2, falls to Miami in the second round 2-4, and then Dwight is so impressed by the Sixers he signs with them in summer 2012!

deepsixersuede on Dec 23 at 7:07

I like Chicago to have the best record in the east , followed by Miami. Boozer getting back to at least 18 and 8 is the key, along with a deep bench.

I agree with Brian's number for the sixers and think we get more wins than the Knicks, the 2 biggest reasons being our bench and coaching.

With 4 of Miami's best players at the 3 and 4 spots how does Spoelstra use his roster? Do Bosh and Has;em play as much center as p.f.? And does Lebron play a lot of p.f. next to Battier?

And what is the timeline for D.Rose and company to tune out Thibedoux? His intensity, like Collins's, could wear on them quickly.

And finally, when Elton goes to a dinner and orders a stack of pancakes. when the waitress brings them does he yell at her , "and one!!! ".

Miami 51-15
Chicago 47-19
New York 44-21
Orlando 40-26
Boston 38-28
Atlanta 35-31
Philadelphia 34-32
Milwaukee 32-34
Indiana 33-33

stan reply to Stran on Dec 23 at 9:59

Yikes. Switch Indiana and Milwaukee

according to sportsbook.com, the sixers over/under for wins is 36

Wow. I don't think there are any official lines in Vegas. The last I saw was 30.5, TK posted it here. I wouldn't touch that bet.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 23 at 10:42

I agree with the way you laid it out, Brian...I am simply not on the Knicks bandwagon...the lack of bench is a killer, Amare simply will not be able to play heavy minutes, and B-Diddy is done as an elite player.

Sixers/Magic in Round 1...Sixers run them out of the guy...and Howard says, "hmmm...I could get with these guys..."

Pass the Kool-Aid, please.

Quick note on the Knicks. I actually think Baron Davis can really help the when he gets healthy. The lack of depth will kill them in the regular season if they are smart or in the playoffs if they are not. Their biggest problem however i think is the one thing that everyone sort of forgets and that's the major red flags their frontcourt has injury wise. Both Stoudemire and Chandler are huge injury risks and with such a schedule it's realistic to expect at least one of them will go down with an injury if not both. If that happens it could get ugly considering who the backups are...

Come to think of it i cannot believe the Knicks invested nearly 15m per season on a guy who had missed a lot of time due to injuries and even had a trade nixed after not being able to pass a physical. I don't think Chandler has a lot left in the tank to be honest.

So Stoudemire and Chandler are huge injury Risks, but Baron Davis is going to get healthy and not be an injury risk?

Sure, that's likely

Sure Davis is an injury risk, but he already is injured so in a way when he gets healthy it's unlikely he will get injured again, considering he will have probably half of the schedule off.

I am only counting him from the moment he starts playing not the time he will miss.

I don't know why but you seem to think Baron Davis is the same guy who signed his (overvalued) big ass contract as opposed to the fat guy who even when healthy was unwanted in Los Angeles and Cleveland

I don't think he is the same guy. The way i see it any kind of Davis is a help for the Knicks at this point. Douglas is an interesting player but is no starter at PG, especially not for a DÁntoni team.

The way i see it, the biggest problem for Davis is focus. He needs the fans to cheer him to be productive and Knicks fans are such that they will cheer him no matter what

Ugh. It's been like 5 years since Davis was even average offensively, yet he still uses 25% of possessions and turns the ball over a ton. Douglas really isn't a PG, so now instead of having no PG, they have a bad PG. I guess that's a step up. Of course, when Davis starts taking shots away from the rest of the team, and the rest of the team is extremely efficient (well, everyone except Melo, but he was more efficient with the Knicks last season), we'll see how great it is to have him running the team.

The whole Baron Davis thing is such a joke, to the point where I don't think it even needs discussion. Even if he's healthy and suddenly turns into something other than a gunner who takes a bunch of bad shots (which he's really been for most of his career), it just doesn't matter. They're still pitifully shallow and they still aren't going to play any defense. Chandler doesn't make up for Amare, Melo and a coach who doesn't care about defense.

They're going to start hot and then fall flat on their face for a number of reasons.

Chandler is a good fit for the team, they needed at least one player who could defend, but the contract is ridiculous. He's 29, with an injury history, and I don't think anyone is paying attention to how D'Antoni uses his players, and how he's forced to use them to squeeze wins out of such a shallow roster.

Chandler averaged 30+ minutes/game 3 times in his 10-year career. Last year, he averaged 27.8. He's not a guy who can go out there and play 35 minutes/game. Not at this point in his career. Maybe they get lucky and get a healthy season out of him with heavy usage this year, but he's signed for 4 years. That contract is going to wind up looking really bad, and they've essentially put all their eggs in this basket, with a very narrow window.

Stan reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 16:00

I just don't understand why NY would put themselves in this position. Chandler is great but he doesn't make up their lack of PG or a bench. Maybe they don't care about this year. I bet they'll sign Steve Nash next year with the full MLE.

Tray reply to Stan on Dec 23 at 18:05

Might just trade for him this season. They don't have much to offer, but I don't know what the price for Nash will be. Doubt it could be very high.

stan reply to Tray on Dec 23 at 18:28

I don't think they can without giving up one of their "big 3". Nash is owed 12 million and I don't think they can trade for him even if they gave up their other 9 players.

Tray reply to stan on Dec 23 at 19:16

They only have to give up 6 million in salary; what you give in a trade only has to be half of what you get now, not 75%.

Stick to law, your math skills blow. You can take back 150% of what you send out, so if you send out 6, you can take back 9.

But that only applies if you are under the tax after the trade. In Nash's case, they'd need to send out a minimum of $8m, if they'd still be under the tax afterward.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 24 at 3:00

With all due respect, that comment shows why you're (though vastly sharper than gosixers) not very bright; the correct inference is that I merely misread what the cba says, or read an inaccurate article, not that I can't do math - as it's true that if it were the case that what you gave up in a trade only need be half of what you get, the Knicks would only have to send 6. The mistake is the inaccurate premise, a mistake of fact, not of math. Of course I know that 150% of 6 is 9, that 200% of 6 is 12, that 300% of your IQ is mine, etc, etc.

Court_visioN reply to Tray on Dec 24 at 5:40

C'mon guys we can talk basketball without resorting to passive-aggressive (or just aggressive) shots at each other right?

Jack Straw reply to Stan on Dec 24 at 12:25

Chandler always plays better when he plays alongside an elite pg. I'm a little intrigued to see how he does on a team with no point guard with a coach who's philosophy is to outscore the opponent, not defend them.

Keith Lipscomb and A Kamenetzky have the Sixers winning the Atlantic. 17 votes for the Celtics, 11 for the Knicks.


Tom Moore on Dec 23 at 11:49

Sixers video: Doug Collins on Jrue Holiday and the importance of getting a higher seed to increase the chances of winning a playoff round:


Tom Moore reply to Tom Moore on Dec 23 at 11:51

Last time Sixers advanced beyond the first round was 2003 over New Orleans. Was Larry Brown's last year here and Keith Van Horn's only season in Philly.

Here's how I see it:

1) Chicago
2) Miami
3) Philly
4) Boston
5) New York
6) Indiana
7) Orlando
8) Atlanta

Man, I could really see anything in between 33-40 for this team, which is a ton of game realistically. Usually I see in between five game on a 66 game schedule.

Tom Moore on Dec 23 at 13:48

Video: Evan Turner on his increased confidence, improved shot, working with Herb Magee and wanting a chance to show what he can do:


Paul Pierce doubtful for the Celtics on Sunday

Yeah, I had read that was what it was at bodog.

Tk76 reply to Tk76 on Dec 23 at 17:30

Re 30.5 wins.

Kate's thoughts on the sixers, she has them going 34-32


From DX on Vucevic (http://www.draftexpress.com/article/Top-European-Performers-of-the-2011-NBA-Draft-Class-3826)

Nikola Vucevic, 7'0, Center/Power Forward, 1990, Buducnost
Drafted in the First Round (16th Overall) by the Philadelphia 76ers

A mid first-round pick whose stock rose dramatically late in the draft process, Nikola Vucevic spent the summer playing for the Montenegrin National Team at Eurobasket 2011. Stuck in a role off the bench behind Vladimir Dragicevic and Nikola Pekovic, the former USC Trojan averaged 5 points and 3.2 rebounds as the team failed to advance out of group play.

Signing with Buducnost for the duration of the lockout, Vucevic returned to Montenegro to compete in the Adriatic League, and after losing to Jonas Valanciunas and Lietuvos Rytas in the Euroleague Qualifying Round, the Eurocup.

Vucevic emerged as one of the most productive players in both the Adriatic League and the Eurocup during his 14 game European tour, which is quite an impressive feat considering his age and lack of experience. Ranking 3rd in PER in both the Adriatic League and Eurocup, Vucevic showed the same advanced inside-outside game that made him such a dominant force in the Pac-10 last year.

Similar to his role at USC, Vucevic was Buducnost's primary post threat, and nearly 30% of his possession came with his back to the basket according to Synergy Sports Technology. Despite all the touches he saw on the interior, the rookie big man spent more time running the pick and roll and spotting up on the perimeter than he did in the NCAA.

Vucevic knocked down his jump shots at respectable 36% rate and finished at the rim at a tremendous 72% clip, while showing the same array of post-moves and touch at the rim that caught the attention of scouts at USC.

It was his ability to score in a variety of ways both at and away from the rim, as well as utilize his size and tremendous length on the glass, that resulted in his 22-point, 10-rebound performance against Dexia Mons that garnered him Week 4 Eurocup MVP honors.

Though Vucevic may not be an elite athlete, his physical tools and well-rounded offensive game allowed him to make an instant impact in the European game. He may not have shown dramatic development in any particular aspect of his game, and is certainly going to face new challenges in adapting to the NBA style of play in Philadelphia, but he was among the more productive players overseas during the lockout and there's plenty to be said for how quickly he was able to adjust.


“I know some guys like pizza a lot,” he said. “I don’t want to say his name, but he has an app on his phone for pizza.”

Anyone know which Sixer has an app for pizza?

Even though Sp8s was suggested, I have a feeling it might be someone else...

Court_visioN reply to HW on Dec 24 at 5:41

It was Turner. This is fairly old news.

thx for the answer. by old news, do you mean most people know he was referring to turner?

Court_visioN reply to HW on Dec 24 at 13:31

Yeah, I think Tom Moore asked him and he was like yeah! I love pizza!

Just read that article about Iguodala. Is there anyone on this blog that really expects anything more out of Iguodala than he did last year statistically? If anything he will become less a factor for this team simply because he is being surrounded by superior talent (Jrue and Turner) and players who don't rely on him for offense (Thad and Lou).

Stan reply to KellyDad on Dec 24 at 10:05

He was playing through injury last year. I don't except much improvement statistically although I do think he'll average around 17 ppg this year. I expect him to be better defensively and be able to drive in the lane more often (although I didn't see him do it in the preseason)

Can't see Iggy going up to 17ppg. I think his ppg will go down as Holiday's and Turner's go up, while Brand will stay about the same or maybe go up a bit. I think the less shots Iggy takes the better, I'd like to see him drive to the basket more and either dish or get fouled.

Tk76 reply to KellyDad on Dec 24 at 12:49

We would see the biggest jump in his production if they had a dominant interior defender to trigger more break chances, but Jrue and Turner could also create more runouts this year.

But I agree that Iguodala won't play a bigger role in halfcourt sets as compared to last year. If anything Jrue will initiate more as a true PG.

We would see a big jump in his productivity if he finally developed a consistant jumpshot, had a go to move or could , if he focused on penatrating to the basket rather than shooting jumpshots and had a go to move or a sweet spot on the court. All these are things a guy in his 8th season should have.

deepsixersuede on Dec 24 at 7:27

K.Benson cut by Hawks, bring him in for a looksee?

Tom Moore on Dec 24 at 15:18

Video interview: Sixers forward Thaddeus Young talks about spending the offseason working on his jumper:


Tom Moore on Dec 24 at 15:45
Tom Moore on Dec 24 at 16:06

Sixers preview story (with Evan Turner video interview): More confident Turner poised for breakout second season:


Pietrus to the Celts. He should actually help them.

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