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NBA Christmas Spectacular: Five Games, One Thread

My late predictions for today:




Cannot believe the NBA is about to start!!!

Does anyone know if you nationally televised games live on league pass?

National games usually aren't available online, which is a policy that really needs to change. Sports need to become more accommodating to how their customers consume their product.

Damn. I agree. I hope they'll at least be available on demand then.

ojr107 reply to Jeff on Dec 25 at 11:35

You might be able to get the games that are on epsn on espn360, i know they used to broadcast thier games online. The only reason i have cabler tv is for sports, i really wish i could just directly pay for the sports online... seems like a missed oppurtunity.

Only the ESPN games - not the ABC games

I'll go with


Seems Tony Allen has some opinions on todays games

Tony Allen: How the hell the warriors!! Playing on christmas!! Smh!! And we ain't!! Twitter

here we go, basketball is back

Celtics bench just not good.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 12:40

Could be a huge problem all year. They have a pretty good eight-man when they get Pietrus in.

Charlie H reply to Rich on Dec 25 at 13:33

The Sixers bench is looking better & better the more teams I see.

Yeah, they're so shallow. Knicks are basically playing playground ball.

Shumpert - better than Nikola?


Impressed by the way Carmelo played that quarter. He was really active and really affected that game even though he was missing shots. The opposite of his usual M.O.

Garnett shoving people after the whistle. Typical

Celtics looking like they still miss Perkins badly.

Rondo is taking control of this game.

Refs calling an imbalance game help

I hate rooting for the Celtics but I really want this Knicks team to finish below us. I really hate how people think they've significantly improved by adding Chandler, and how theyre hyped by the media and were overlooked.

Just be patient, they'll probably start fast, then D'antoni will burn out his starters.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 25 at 14:07

He won't have much of a choice. This team is kiddie pool deep.

And Shumpert just got carried off

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 14:14

Shumpert was the one good thing the Knicks had going for them off the bench. If he's gone for extended time that could be a huge loss.

Good at creating his shot but man watching him try and just bring the ball upthecourt was a adventure. Not a great ball handler un that situation it seened

I thought Shumpert is a SG i have no idea why they view him as a PG.

Anyway, he is 3-13 shooting with 2 TOs and 1 AS. Not seeing why suddenly everybody likes him...

How much of the game have you actually watched by the way?

Most of it.

He has nice moves but he is not effective.

Sorry but I don't like either of these teams. Knicks are very thin off the bench, can't play defense, and don't have a true point guard. The Celtics should be good with Pierce but they're not nearly as dominant as they once were.

I think the Portland Trail Blazers, who we play on Monday, will be better than both of these teams. I'll be surprised if we win that game.

I'll be very surprised if you have anything to do with any sixers wins or losses this year

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 13:57

What? I don't play on the team. I'm just making my predictions.

Joey Crawford is an idiot. Nba officials make the game more about them almost as much as baseball umpires. That T on pavlovic was idiocy

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 14:26

Yeah I saw that. That was a joke. Technical fouls just for looking at the ref.

Jeramine O'neal just got one too

Interesting thing was seeing rondo take the team in hand as Carmelo shot the tech.

he strikes again

Hey just found the site- this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Love the discussions.

Good game. Hate the outcome, but a great start to the season.

Anyone watching Miami Dallas? This Norris Cole kid looks like a draft steal.

I see the mavericks look terrible

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 16:04

yeah it's one thing to be losing big, it's another to look completely outclassed and disinterested out there. i can't even tell if miami's defense is just really good or the mavs are just really bad.

Good game. Hate the outcome, but a great start to the season.

Wilbon, "Miami will win 58 out of 66"

Was not impressed by the knicks at all. Playing a Celtics team w/o Pierce, at home, while needing a series of bad calls in order to escape with a win does not bode well for them moving forward, imo.

Charlie H reply to Sean on Dec 25 at 17:35

The Knicks' defense was awful. They didn't get between Rondo & the basket once.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 25 at 18:43

Half time, Busted hand and all, Kobe still looking good.

Dwight reply to Johnnylaptop on Dec 25 at 19:09

Kobe and Rose are easily the two best players on the floor. I really hope these 3 pointers by Rose are a fluke. If this guy can shoot 3 pointers consistently the Sixers are in trouble.

Because the sixesrs really had a shot at being better than the bulls if rose only shot 33% like last year?

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 19:22

The Sixers beat the Bulls last season.

If Rose has a new-found 3 pointer those won't be wins this season.

Yea. Counting on wins against the bulls if foolish. The bulls are ostensibly a bettere team than the sixesrs. This crappy second half aside.

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 19:44

I understand that the Bulls are a better team. That doesn't mean that the Sixers can't beat them. Rose becoming a better shooter just makes it that much more difficult.

Rose shot the three pretty well for the first half of the season last year (37.4% through Jan), then shot it like crap the rest of the season (28.9%). He also started taking a ton more threes later in the season. I think he lost his legs.

Wow, not a single FTA for Rose in this game. That's kind of crazy. Bulls as a team have only gone to the line 11 times.

Lots of open looks :)

Both teams pretty bad from the line

Kobe three turnovers basically with no one around him. Maybe an ipact of the wrist thing.

The nba needs to works on its scheduling. Every game has over run the starting time of the game after it

Personally I chose to watch the beginning of Mavs heat over celtics Knicks which was a mistake. The thunder magic game will possibly start before the end of the lakers game. How does a 48 minute game take over 150 minutes to play.

People bitch about the length of baseball games....

Basketball is usually pretty good at being right around the 2.5 hour mark. I think there are probably extra commercials for these national games today.

And that is the difference between mike brown coaching and phil Jackson coaching? That turnover that could have code them the game.?

Wow, Bulls won that? Unreal. I stepped away for a minute, seemed like they had no chance in the final minute.

Lakers badly designed inbounds play. Kobe got doubled. No one really helped.


Do you unspderstand this December 31st extension deadline for a guy like Dwight costing hmmm 25 mil?

I've heard it referenced a couple of times. I think there's a cap on how many years you can tack on for a player, so an extension would be only for 3 years, plus the player option year, but if they opt out and re-sign, they can get five total, which is another whole year, w/ the same increases. I believe that's why D. Williams and C. Paul were never going to sign extensions right away no matter where they were traded, same with Dwight.

But if traded before December 31 couldn't they max out their extensions?

Does Orlando lose leverage after the 31st?

I'm not sure what the 31st has to do w/ it. Actually, if that date has meaning, then we're talking about different things.

Yeah. Ive heard multiple people refer to the 31st but I can't find a cba online yet

OK, I found something which might make sense. Extend-and-trades can only add 3 years to current deals, but a team can extend their own players for either 4 or 5 years. There's another rule where it's an extend-and-trade if the guy extends within six months of the trade, so if someone was traded on January 1st, that six months would take him through July 1st of the following summer, when he'd have to either exercise his player option or opt out. It's a do-or-die thing for the players. So if they're traded prior to december 31st, that 6-month window ends prior to having to make a decision on their player option, so they can get the 4th or 5th year on the extension. Make sense?

Traded on Dec. 30th, you can extend for 4 years (or 5, that's vague) on June 30th. Traded on Jan 2, it counts as an extend-and-trade until July 2nd.

btw, this is just me piecing shit together from a couple different stories and vague recollections, but I believe this is probably the case they're talking about.

That does make sense

Did you find that on coins FAQ?

No, found an espn story from december 3rd and the rest is just from memory and another espn story from around december 9th.

Looks like the Magic are going to ruin my perfect day. Man, everyone not named Dwight on that team completely blows.

stan reply to Brian on Dec 25 at 22:34

Would you rather have him play in LA or in NJ?

PHI. That's the only answer you'll ever get to that question from me.

Johnnylaptop on Dec 25 at 21:54


Curry's playing, huh? Good for him.

Blake griffin knows hes kind of big and strong right? The clippers offense so far seems to revolve around putting no one in the lane.

Deandre Jordan just alters people's shots.

Yep, challenges shots and finishes when you give it to him point blank. Pretty much exactly what the Sixers need, and pretty much the two things Hawes never does.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 25 at 23:33

Completely agree. You can see why guys like DeAndre Jordan and Javale McGee are so coveted. Their great blocking ability.

Man I wish the sixesrs could find a guy like that
Oh wiat

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 23:38

Yeah I wish they could find a good shot blocking center that KNEW THEIR ROLE and wouldn't take bad shots on offense and wouldn't take every other night off.

Oh right I forgot the every day off nonsense

I'd rather have a doughy 7 footer with no us who takes 3 pointers every once in a while

Sriously if you think spencer is an upgrade over Sam you know less about basketball than I do. Period. Do you get excited when spencer sucks all over the court on both ends, taking such smart shots as 3 pointers?

Ps javale McGee is an immature shit who likes to shoot as well

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 23:49

I'd much rather have McGee than Dalembert.

I'd rather have Dalembert over last season's Hawes. But this season's Hawes, which should be much improved since he will be healthy, I'd rather have over Dalembert.

I admire your optimism.
Hawes was healthy last year. Doesn't change dumb game and lack of atthleticism or strength
Every time hawes takes a three the terrorists wun

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 23:52

if only hawes would get a fresh haircut before every game. Worked last season. Look good, feel good, play good.

Dwight reply to Dwight on Dec 25 at 23:53

Don't you think Dalembert would be an upgrade over whoever was starting at center for the Canadien team? He was. But they still booted him off the team, smartly. Why? Because he's a headcase who ruins team chemistry.

Court_visioN reply to Dwight on Dec 25 at 23:58

he was booted off the canadian team because winning for canada wasn't sam dalembert's priority (that's what the head coach said anyway). I'm not going to pass judgement on a player's character because of one incident with one coach. I'd take Dalembert right now over Hawes every day of the week (Except after the aforementioned haircuts)

"Yeah I wish they could find a good shot blocking center that KNEW THEIR ROLE and wouldn't take bad shots on offense..."

Hawes last season: 7.0 shots/36 minutes. FG%: 46.5%. TS%: 48.1%.

Sam's last season in Philly: 6.4 shots/36 minutes. FG%: 54.5%. TS%: 57.3%.

Sam took less shots and did much more with them than Spencer did. Pretty much every shot Spencer took was a stupid shot.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:04

i'd say every shot either of them took were stupid unless they were alley oops or dunks. just so happens hawes can't finish alley oops or dunks.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:04

Like I said, I would take Dalembert over last year's Hawes.

But I would definitely take a healthy Hawes over Dalembert.

There's a reason why no one wanted Dalembert this offseason.

Actually, no one wanted Hawes. Dalembert got $8.5M guaranteed. Hawes got less than half of that.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:08

You can't tell me that Dalembert wasn't a head case and didn't hurt team chemistry.

But see now you're changing your argument and you know nothing about what went on in the locker room

I also now the head case bs only came out during the Eddie Jordan year when Eddie Jordan ran that roster into the ground and threw everyone under the buss. I bet the locker room was a disaster and i put it all on the braces idiot

I also bet Doug Collins would prefer a defender like dalenbert with offensive issues than a useless on both end if the courts hawes

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 0:13

I've read stories about Dalembert deciding to work on 3 pointers in practice, dis-obeying his coaches.

I've also read articles about Dalembert not trying as hard against a non-marquee opponent.

Of course you have. Ive watched spencer hawes attent threes during games
I've seen him boxed out by six footers
I've seen him okay basketball and suck

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 0:16

At least Spencer Hawes can make 3's! I've seen Dalembert dribble the ball up the court and launch 15 foot bricks. He simply does his own thing.

Play not okay

And you read these stories immediately after he was traded when the team went into "justify this stupid move" mode.

The fact of the matter is that Dalembert was never a bad offensive player. He was a limited offensive player, who never used a lot of possessions and always scored efficiently. He was a great rebounder and a great shotblocker who was extremely durable. Hawes has consistently proved to be lazy, and wholly unproductive on the floor. Whenever the Sam vs. Hawes argument comes up, it pretty much boils down to the pro-Hawes guys either being morons or racists.

Just morons

Racists are morons by definition :)

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:19

Dalembert was one of the worst offensive players in the league!

I think he's lead the league multiple seasons in worst assist/TO ratio.

I'm not saying Hawes is a good player! I'm not for Hawes playing for us either. I'd just rather have him over the head case that was Samuel Dalembert.

And there's no need to resort to name calling.

I'm not sure how many different ways I can explain this to you, but I'm fairly certain it won't make a dent. Hawes is extremely inefficient. Sam was extremely efficient. Meaning, Hawes didn't score a lot of point for the number of possessions he used, Sam did score a lot of points for the number of possessions he used. When Hawes uses a possession, it's taking points away from the team because EVERYONE on the roster can do more with it. When Sam used a possession, he was doing more with it than pretty much everyone else on the roster.

I know when Hawes hits a 20-footer every once in a while he looks super-skilled, but when he gets stuffed 3 out of every 4 times at the hoop, it kind of doesn't help.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:31

I'm not sure how many times I can explain this to you:

Basketball isn't played by numbers and stats. Intangibles are a big part of the game.

The reason the Sixers got rid of Dalembert wasn't because of poor numbers. It was because he hurt team chemistry. Stefanski even said this.

Only after he was traded and ther was no sniff of it before hand
How d you know hawes being a right wing tea party redneck isn't bad for the locker room
Intangibles are what one brings up when the facts aren't on ones side.
Dalenbert is a better basketball player than hawes
Shaq hated Kobe. Kobe hated shaq. Amazing how they still won titles.

Court_visioN reply to Dwight on Dec 26 at 0:36

talent wins in the NBA. Dalembert was a force on the glass and in challenging shots. Hawes talent is being ball friendly.

Show me the quote where Stefanski said that.

Jesus, just go back in the archives and read the comment threads from when the trade happened if you want to continue this conversation. I'm sick of it.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:41

There were quotes of Ed Stefanski saying how he wanted a cultural change after the 2009 abomination. Then he went out and traded Dalembert and fired Eddie Jordan. I can't find you a specific link or page. But I am 100% sure that is what Stefanski said.

Alright, man. I don't have the energy. You win, Hawes rocks. Just drop it.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:45

No, Hawes doesn't rock! That is my point. We need an improvement at center, we need a shot blocker. But we can't have another head case like Dalembert.

stan reply to Dwight on Dec 26 at 0:39

Stephon Marbury was a head case. Terrell Owens was a head case. How was Dalembert any worse than a guy like Nocioni?

Dwight reply to stan on Dec 26 at 0:43

And that's the question. How much are you willing to sacrifice team chemistry in order to help team production? The Sixers got tired of Dalembert's antics obviously and decided that it was worth a drop in production if it meant better team chemistry.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:21

Also, Ed Stefanski justified the Dalembert trade as "trying to create a better team atmosphere".

He knew that Dalembert was a better player than Hawes, but that it would be worth it in the end to get rid of him in order to improve the team culture.

I would trust Stefanski because he knew the players and their personalities. At least better than you or me.

stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 0:20

I can only hope that Doug feels that way. Everything that he has said leads me to believe that he values a center thay can stretch the floor and pass than a guy who is strictly a defender.

But I thought Collins was the big defense guy?

Has this team ever had a team chemistry problem since Iverson left? Dalembert was/is definitely a space cadet, but I've never seen/read/heard anything about a problem in that locker room.

Court_visioN reply to Dwight on Dec 26 at 0:05

hawes had teams lining up for his services though, right?

And if you're using Hawes' health as an excuse, I guess he's never been healthy his entire career, cause he's always sucked ass.

Dwight reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 0:10

Hawes sucked at the beginning of last year, but then got better as the season wore on.

Like I said, I'm not a Hawes fan! I would rather have a guy who can block shots.

But at the same time I am glad that Dalembert is gone and I would rather have a healthy Hawes over him.

No he didn't get better
He's sucked always
And Im still not sure where this healthy bs excuse came from
Iguodala was hurt most of last year. Still better than hawes fully healthy

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 0:23

Hawes hurt his back and missed all of training camp last year. Doug Collins has talked about how missing camp really hurt him last season. That's one of the reasons why Collins is so optimistic about Hawes this year, because he now knows the team a lot better.

All those teams were clamoring for hawes though right?

Where is this healthy bs coming from. Hawes has stunk for multiple years.

Van Grundy made the comment about needing someone to protect the basket to win in e nba. I just knew you'd love that one:)

Yeah, I was away from my computer, but laughing. He actually said, "You need someone who can protect the basket to be a good defensive team." Collins clearly disagrees. Rod Thorn thinks Van Gundy is out of his mind.

How long 'til the Fire DelNegro movement begins? I say like 15 games.

As soon as Chris Paul gets tired of him

Just from that last shot they showed of the Clippers bench, seems like they're just ignoring DelNegro and talking among themselves. Probably a pretty good idea.

Kobe was drawing up plays during timeouts today.

You know I never knew Marc Jackson was a Shakespeare scholar either

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 23:24

did kobe draw up that last second drive-into-4-guys play? because i coulda sworn i've seen that play from lebron before in cleveland a crapload of times.

I think h also drew up the one where he gets double teamed off the inbounds and no one comes to help him. Which led to the winning basket

The west coast espn studio guys un charge of graphics and cuts and such are just not as good as the rest of the day

Chris mullin might be the most openly biased guy ever to do an nba game for espn

Speakng of body language

Monta Ellis looking tired of Marc Jackson already

Court_visioN on Dec 25 at 23:48

don't give kwame brown the ball! if he catches it and they foul him, he won't make the free throws! haha

Warriors aren't even playing that well and are winning. I can't wait until Vinny is fired and the true talent of this team can be unleashed.

Tray us that you?

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Dec 25 at 23:59


This mission impossible stuff is awful

Blake griffin taking twenty footers. Bench him for that

Caron butler circus shot. Nice. But late call on the foul.

The clippers starters are much better than the warriors starters

The Clippers second unit might need some work

Damn. Blake just got jobbed.

jordan vs brown in s free throw shooting contest, first to 20 wins, who wins?

Could you imaging having to depend on one of them or biedrins to make three straight for practice to end

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 0:33

everyone would be running suicides until their legs gave out.

stan reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 0:34

Lol. Like that scene from Finding Forrester but in reverse.

Deandre Jordan. The new hack a shaq
But if they dt get the rebounds it won't work

airball on the free throw

Court_visioN reply to sixerfan1220 on Dec 26 at 0:39

ugh. he swished the one before the free throw too.

It can be fixed if he wants to work on it
Shame none of the big men care enough to try free throws the more efficient way no matter how stupid it looks
Guys would clean up if they shot em underhand

If they had a team rule that Monta couldn't dribble more than 3x whenever he touched the ball, he'd be a decent player.

Clippers keep getting jobbed on these charging calls
Chris Paul seems very unhapoy

Blake griffin worked over on the defensive glass by Klay Thomson

Wow. Let's slobber over the warriors fans more. Ok?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 1:02

They are an excellent fan base. That place was the loudest building I've seen on TV when they beat the Mavs.

I'm thrilled for them. Chris mullin doing this game is ridiculous
They slobbered less over the okc crowd than this one. It's just ridiculous. Talk about the game please

Six minutes left. Chris paul combines back in. No goes out instead of Chauncey. Mo seems less than pleased. Great to hav all those good guards Assuming they don't mind sharing time

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 1:16

not sure how your autocorrect turned "comes" into "combines" but Mo Williams did not look happy at all to be taken out of the game. He had just nailed a jumper and gotten a steal just prior to that moment.

Sometimes the iPad does weird things. But yeah that was my point :)

Terrible game for Curry. Never seen him shoot this badly.

Some awful give aways too. Probably should be resting the ankle instead
I hope Jrue is watching this game cause Chris Paul is closing this game all by himself.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 1:20

right now, you are on the clock. curry and holiday are both on the board. who do you take?

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Dec 26 at 1:21

we'll throw in lawson for good measure but i already know how you feel about him :)

Jrue. Curry's ankle scares me and I'd make the bet that Jrue's defense will be worth more than the scoring advantage Curry will probably always have.


Magic wasn't a point guard

He was a point fowrard

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