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Game 1 Thread: PHI @ POR

Jack Straw on Dec 26 at 17:12

The day has come. Tough way to start the season with this 5 game road trip. Despite coming off a solid turnaround season, we're still a mediocre road team until they prove otherwise. Portland has several guys that can hurt us from outside along with a force in the middle in LA. We'll need to be locked in defensively. Production from our bigs and bench will be key.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 17:31

Please keep Gerald Wallace off the o-boards.

Sixers +5 tonight - I'll take the points

Sean K reply to Rodney Buford on Dec 26 at 20:44

Pretty fair line in my opinion. I think Vegas is actually giving us some respect with a somewhat small line on the west coast against a solid team. Thought about taking the Sixers but decided against it.

Here we go, tough test to open the season. This is one of the only teams all season Doug will have ample time to prepare fore.

I took Spencer with my last pick in our NBA fantasy dynasty league - he was essentially my 17th rounder (12 teams)but cut him tonight for Damion James. Sorry Spence.

Yeah, I'm not clicking that

I should have said that it was an image of Tyson Chandler spin-kicking Damion James' face off. SFW.

Garnett goes unpunished for choking Bill Walker. Not even a fine? Sheesh.

That's like punishing a dog for when it takes a dump, a bitch does what a bitch does

One thing I"m looking forward to this season is the compacteness of the season wearing on him and making him look old.

And like kamla said on NBA TV - maybe someday he'll pick on someone his own size and they'll knock his ass out, like to see him try tht on dwight howard

league pass is suppose to have a free preview for this week, are the games not showing for anyone else?

i really dont want to watch the magic vs rockets

So the NBA League Pass free preview goes until January 8th! Wow, two full weeks is pretty nice. Is there really only ONE channel though that is in HD?

At least you get one - i have one hd channel for indemand and right now it's NHL

Man, how bad are th nets?

Johnnylaptop on Dec 26 at 19:40

Just read on OregonLive.com, that the Blazers have won, 20 consecutive season home openers, and they were 31-10 at home last year. We need to break that streak tonight.

103-86 Sixers

Holiday nets 20, Hawes double double

NBA Courtside app for the ipad combined with league pass - fun

finally my league pass started to work, just in time for rubio

Is it my imagination or does Beasley shoot it every time he touches it in the half court ?

he does

See also: Williams, Terence

Man the Rockets just chuck it around. Martin is no better.

Ricky putting on a shot out there in Minny. Kid's going to be fun to watch.

Some good court vision but passing on open looks is a bad idea
Thunder look lethargic. Can you imagine what the lakers are going to be like tomorrow. Much older team.

His court vision's a couple of notches above good. I said this at the time of the 2009 draft, but he may have the best pick and roll court vision in the league now. If he can develop hitting the jumper off dribble's, he's going to be very successful.

First time I've ever watched him play so can't say great yet but he has made some quite good passes. The announcers love him.

Okc just took the lead. Don't expect them to relinquish it

We've been watching him at DX since at least 2006. What I love about his no-look passes is they serve a purpose. He absolutely froze Harden on a fast break.

He's not a complete package yet, but any time you have a 21 year old who's exceptional at something, he's worth watching to see if the rest of his game rounds out.

Gives me a reason to watch Minnesota. Theres that

Minnesota got a sell out for their home opener. Will the sixers?

Johnnylaptop on Dec 26 at 20:44

Looks like when he misses he misses bad.

reading all these predictions makes me think you guys are forgetting this is the home opener for a very good home team. can't believe people are picking us to win by double digits.

Wow. Ricky Rubio looks pretty darn good. The man can pass. Him and Derrick Williams should make B-ball pretty fun to watch in Minny.

Rich reply to Dwight on Dec 26 at 21:02

If anything, he will absolutely punish a team for taking bad shots. Westbrook just took an awful turnaround with nobody in rebounding position. Rubio's looking to push off those misses.

The. Thunder are getting a bunch of second nd third chances in the first half. Gotta get the misses consistently to make a team pay

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 21:10

Of course, that's on his teammates though. He has four assists that are all in semi-transition, just understanding the angles.

Thunder started to take control with turnovers and a little more discretion on offense.

YoungGun13 on Dec 26 at 21:03

sammy dalembert looks pretty good tonight vs orlando.

Man, I like Westbrook and marvel at his athleticism, but his shot-selection when his shot isn't falling is head-scratching at best.

The Marbury comparisons are coming fast and furious for that kid un terms of his attitude

Beasley has SIXTEEN shots, at halftime. Wow.

Diaw one point and one assist away from a weak triple double.

League pass broadband looks nice this year, big improvement over last year.

Rich reply to Jason on Dec 26 at 21:27

That's what I've been hearing, haven't gotten it yet. How so?

Jason reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 21:31

Free preview the next 2 weeks. Better quality, moves faster for me than last year. Last year I'd move to full screen and have to wait 30 seconds for it to load. I don't know if you watched any of the NBA D-league games last year online, but has similar functions as well as performance.

Johan petro shouldn't shoot for fifteen feet

John wall needs to slow the hell down

Wall turnover to end the Wiz game. Sweet night for him, 3/12 from the floor, 7/13 from the line, 13 points. 6 dimes, 5 turnovers. Did have 8 boards, though.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:52


The Mavs are getting killed
At home

YoungGun13 reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 21:36

they need someone to protect the rim

Brendan Haywood -25 is a big reason. Everyone knew they'd miss Chandler but sheesh.

Mavs also starting Delonte West at SG - Carter to the bench after one game.

YoungGun13 reply to Rodney Buford on Dec 26 at 21:46

vince is bad. If they want to start someone else at the 2. Why not rodrique beaubois?

I'll forgive David Stern for the lockout as well as the trade fiasco, if he can get Kaman to shave his beard.

Lots of bad beards this year. Seems that was the lockout trend. Lebrons is awful too

Anything that covers more of Chris kamans face isn't a bad thing.

YoungGun13 on Dec 26 at 21:47

Lebron's hairline timeline.

11 minutes. Wife just went to bed, I plan on waking everyone up a couple of times tonight. So excited.

Cool. Sixers broadcast

Zum w/ some sweet hyperbole to get the blood flowing.

MCT reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:05

Malik Rose seems a little nervous. From what I can tell from the preseason games, he will not start uncomfortable arguments with Zumoff like Snow did. I like him though, I hope he does well.

lets start the season off right with a win

Ugh. They couldn't have upgraded their sideline reporter?

South Broad on Dec 26 at 22:04

Tech Difficulties on DirecTV. Sweet start!

I hope all the hipsters in Portland ride their fixies home with tears streaking down their faces after an embarrassing loss tonight.

Just a reminder that the word hipster should only be used as a modifier for the word douche or douchebag.

YoungGun13 on Dec 26 at 22:06

anyone have a link?

Is there a livefeed anywhere?

Malik Rose - smallest shoes to fill ever?

Just stay awake and you're improving on Eric Snow.

T-Wolves only down 1 to OKC in the 4th. Love w/ 19/10 efficiently, as usual. Beasley w/ 20 disgustingly inefficient points, as usual.

YoungGun13 on Dec 26 at 22:09

Wow dallas is getting blown out

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:09

Is it Christmas again? Basketball!!

South Broad on Dec 26 at 22:11

DirecTV is playing Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". Yeh, tell me about it .... freakin' satellite

DirecTV at least has games in HD. I hate this SD bullshit.

Almost as much as I hate "Passionate. Intense. Proud."

I had to unfollow CEOAron and #Sixers - unbearable with that stuff.

South Broad reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:16

They don't have shit at the moment as far as Sixers. Just default music.

It's in SD tonight. Only game tonight that isn't in HD so far.

Gortat's playing, thought he had a broken bone. Tough guy. Hornets over Suns.

Who started at PG for the Hornets? Shows both Gordon and Belinelli starting. Vasquez has played 15 minutes off the bench.

Belinelli started at pg but i think gordon did more of the ball handling til Vasquez came in

And we're off....Hawes wins the tip!

Long two for Aldridge. Shocking.

EB, money.

Grab a fucking rebound.

Hawes gets outworked not once but twice by Wallace.

Hey man, Hawes has three completely uncontested rebounds so far.


Another long two for Aldridge. Keep 'em coming.

lazy pass. clean that shit up, jrue.

Ugh. Wake up.

Hawes still sucks.

You fucking suck, Hawes.

8-2 Portland.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:20

um, yeah keep Wallace off those o-boards

Get Turner/Lou in. Meeks threw it off the backboard, then vanished, and Holiday looks suddenly awful.

Horrendous start. Nerves it seems. Hopefully they'll settle in before it gets out of hand.

Denver is so confident, yahoo shows them only having four players in the game right now. Harsh.

What was that call?


Subs waiting to come in, couldn't tell who they were.

Lou and thad

Hawes stays in, Brand to the bench for Thad.

4 long twos for Aldridge, let him keep shooting them.

Great post-up by Iguodala to get 2 on Wallace.

2 on wallace thank god

South Broad on Dec 26 at 22:26

And to top it off - game is now on but it must be showing in HD feed from Blazers network because score is below bottom of screen and only half of captions can be seen due to satellite showing it only on SD channel. Great! game on but can't see the fukin' score!

You're lucky, actually.

Like to see AI9 in the post.

Jrue for 2.

Cheap one thad - come on

Don't mind jumpers, let's get a piece of the paint first though.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:28

EB back in quickly. He's going short on bench bigs tonight, no?

So what will Hawes finish with more of: TO+PF or Pts+Rebs?


eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:29

Hey Thorn and Collins - think we might could use a rim protector? Like really

This is ugly. Jumper after jumper.

Really ugly offense right now. They've only scored 13 points, and they are making a fair share of jumpers.

Just once. One player. Use the low post. Please. It's depressing

Continuity Huh?

Iguodala kind of pulling the offense along w/ him.

Isn't that why Lou and thad come in?

Our starters can't get anything going in the paint.

If you're going to double, then double Lou.

Malik Rose is not good, and Jrue Holiday needs to learn how to pass when he dribbles into a double team - it's just bad

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:34

What the hell was that EB? on that pick and roll he just watched Felton, didn't show/hedge or anything

Lou passing on last second shots? What the hell

14-0 points in the paint. Nice job by Turner to post up.

Turner to the line. Looks like AI9 is playing the point here.

Thad double a guy at the top of the key and leads to an open look? C'mon man

Nice ET

15-26, Portland. After one. Could've been much worse than that. Someone needs to grab a fucking rebound.

Defensively, the pick and pop is just way too easy for the Blazers. Their bigs have all day to shoot.

Nice fade away by Lou to close out a quarter.

Yup, always nice to see the return of the end-of-quarter Lou iso brick. Probably just started a new 0 for 15 end-of-quarter streak.

At least they ran a play instead of having him dribble in a 1-4. Not that it made a difference.

Blah, nothing good to say, lucky to be down 11


Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 22:38

Ugh, it's one quarter.

And there was nothing good to say about it was there?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 22:43

Pretty small sample size though.

It was a crappy first quarter and there was nothing good to say about it - that's all i said - d

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 22:46

People can grow tired of sarcastic wide-sweeping remarks based off one quarter, that's all.

And i can grow tired of douchey comments that seem to try to tell me what to say or how to say it. I said there was nothing good to say about the first quarter - you decided to comment on me personally somehow - please - just make a new years resolution to be less of a nosey nellie - huh?

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:38

Can the bench brigade show up this quarter? Please

Never let this guy on tv again, he's embarassing

Getting to the line is a good idea.

Nice D by Turner on Crawford, good contest.

Surprised Adam Aron didn't plug the Broadway lighting and sound crew they hired there.


eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:40

Yeah Lou just watch Nolan Smith light your ass up. He's very capable.

How is that not and 1?

Too many open looks - don't care from where - just bad defense

Hawes dishing, Lou attacking. Second unit is dominating.

Hawes can pass well it seems - someone should remind him of that when he thinks about shooting

Grab. The. Ball.

Jamal Crawford dares hawes to make him change his shot - intimadating

Sissy hook.

That was not a charge.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:43

It's sad when POR goes small like this w/ K Thomas at the 5 and we have no one to post them up and exploit it.

The sixers have no one who posts up period - it's sad

Jrue to the line. Alright.

Much better, getting out on the break. Love Jrue challenging Batum.

Hawes looks really good out there. Excellent passing, solid D. I don't understand why Collins wasn't calling for double-teams on Aldridge. Small ball is garbage and killed us on the boards, go with a big lineup!

I'm sorry are you watching a different game? Solid D? does it stand for something new?

You somehow missed Wallace getting three offensive boards right over the flat-footed Hawes early in the game, huh?

Everyone stunk at the start. Hawes has been excellent since returning. 8 boards 4 assists, several altered shots.

Turner looks great too. Get Lou off the court though.

The only play Hawes made on D was when Aldridge pivoted four times and passed it off. It was a battle of who was softer and no one won.

Lou with a terrible shot, dunk on the other end.

Terrible shot by Lou. Fucking pitiful.

Nice drive, Turner.

on a positive note, I like what little I've seen out of Turner so far

He has - though those free throw misses gave me a bad feeling, he made it go away...

Too loose w/ the ball, Jrue. Expected Turner to go to the hoop, he didn't.

Jrue really has to work on those passes while he dribbles. That should have been a game tying basket - not a turn over

bebopdeluxe on Dec 26 at 22:49

Louwillville needs to be f'n condemned.

LOL, funny.

YoungGun13 on Dec 26 at 22:50

spencer hawes triple double?

Tale of two players: Jrue has been careless with the rock, and just helped off Crawford. Turner's been solid on both ends.

Go after wallace - get him his 3rd

Good D, Jrue. OK, three point game at the official's timeout.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:50

Good quarter so far, could be better, but still. Keep plugging away and get this lead by halftime. It's right there.

Oh right, Comcast and NBC are now the same company :)

Ugh, there was no reason for Jrue to go to Aldrige and leave Crawford.

JTI first time tonight.

Very happy with Meeks' one touch, hitting the side of the backboard, and getting benched. I don't think we'll see him in the starting lineup by the home opener.

Slow back on transition, Iguodala with a block that saves their butts, Hawes out of position leads to defensive 3 seconds.

Thad - don't dribble

Get a body, Hawes.

Grab. The. Ball.

Look at healthy Hawes GO

Johnnylaptop on Dec 26 at 22:55

Getting out hustle like this sucks.

I'm not entirely thrilled with how Jrue is playing but I'm hoping that's unrealistic expectations

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:56

Jrue needs something to fall or good to happen for a confidence boost. He's frustrated.

nah, let's bench him instead

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 22:59


He got pulled moments after he got smacked in the face and no foul was called - just the timing ;)

What a find by Jrue, and Hawes. Fuck him.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:57

WTH Turner? Run some offense please.

That's fucking pitiful that Turner gets no call there.

Unbelievable, no respect.

Is that bald douche joey crawford?

YoungGun13 on Dec 26 at 22:58

oh spencer hawes.....

Banks are open for Iguodala.

When you run - good things are happening...so keep running

end this quarter strong!!!

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:00

Put em on your back Dre.

Good job getting to the line. OK, get settle down heading into the half so Collins can rip you guys a new asshole.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 23:02


Can't win with Dre shooting 25 footers. Next possession is more like it.

Actually really nice recover and contest from Lou.

5 seconds on the shot clock - no one coming to the ball - he did what he could - he had no help or anyone getting open

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:03

BOX the F out! and GRAB the darn ball

Sloppy. Have to finish possessions.

Jesus - every time that rebound slips out of someones hands i die a little inside

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:04

Come on Jodie, run some offense please.

Man, Hawes can't grab a board.

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 23:06

Jeez, nine boards? What a misleading stat.

It's great that they do so well in transition - but they have to find some half court offense - you can't win like this

Voose cameo there on the bench.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:06

Please box out Spence. damn

Come on, three guys in a five foot area. Nice spacing.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 26 at 23:07

Lou single-handedly letting them reopen a lead.

He has a lot of help - he isn't responsible for piss poor rebounding

Rose is right. I know we want Aldridge shooting long twos but he is wide the eff open. They look so lost on pick and roll coverage, especially Thad.

Does Jodie get a sympathy "1 for 3" for hitting the rim once?

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:08

If we could grab some more of these available D-boards, Doug should run at every opportunity. Wear these guys legs down. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow with our guys.

Good take Lou!

Great move by Lou. I feel absolutely great that they are down only 4.

Down four at the half - guess they should consider themselves lucky?

Bummed they didn't get wallace his 3rd

lou gets smacked makes it, only down 4

bebopdeluxe on Dec 26 at 23:09

Amazing that they are within 4.

Hope Jrue wakes the fuck up in the 2nd half.

POR 48, PHI 44 at the half.

9 turnovers, really sloppy play and terrible rebounding and only down four. Fix one of those things and this is a win.

Lou Williams is the early leader for POTG.

Very lucky to be down by 4

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:14

We have to double Aldridge, no? He can't possibly beat us by himself. Make someone else knock down a shot. Cheat off Felton with Jrue.

Nah, we don't have to double, just can't leave him wide open off pick and pop.

Aldridge is doing pretty much what I expect. 18 points on 16 shots (and 2 FTA). Let him keep shooting long twos. If he takes 30 shots to get 30 points, that's a win.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:17

How the heck did NOH end up with Greivis Vasquez?

Got him for Pondexter, I think.

I know this isn't a stat, but how many 50/50 balls, especially off offensive rebounds that were tipped into no mans land did Portland immediately convert into points that half? Seemed like they got 12 points on plays like that.

Really liked what I saw from Turner, he was 2/6, but he got freaking smacked in the face on one of them.

Jrue got fouled on a drive as well w/ no whistle. They need to keep going to the hoop. The whistles will eventually come.

They really aren't running their offense at all. Jrue + Iguodala + Williams + Turner = 3 assists. That's not Sixers bball.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 23:24

1st order of business: Get Jrue and Brand in the pick and roll and station Hawes in the opposite short corner. Maybe even get Meeks going by putting him in the ball-side corner.

Are the new CEOs serious when they think Bobby Jones coming out to the home opener is going to move the needle and draw fans?

A 4-1 start to the season might do it, or like $5 tickets.

$17.76 upper deck tickets in January is cute but you're spot on.

Guy reminds me of a carney barker...but in the en - if the team don't go better folks aren't coming no matter how much you change the window dressing

hollingers's thoughts on the game so far: Caught up at the half. Sixers still look bedeviled by length. Hawes better than expected, but Brand is lumbering


Are you tracking rotations this year?


That was no fucking foul. Ugh.

Raymond Felton falls over - foul on holiday?

Great patience, Dre.

That was a nice rebound by Spence. Contested, actually.

There we go.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:27

Like the aggressiveness Jrue, but we have to run offense.

The sixers don't run an offense

Wanted to say to you that you were right, I was wrong on whether we were smart on giving That contract. After seeing Humphries take a one-year deal, and Nick Young taking his qualifying offer, I think it's clear we could've gotten Thad on a one-year deal. Bummer.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Dec 27 at 19:07

It wasn't that I was right, it was just an unwise business decision from a management perspective. Yeah, Thad presents matchup problems from time to time, but he's not what I would consider an integral piece, and they overpaid him like he was one - way, way too soon. It was reminiscient to me of when Stefanski bid against himself with Iguodala's contract. In an inflated market you got Lou for around 5/6 mil a year, not sure why it was a wise move to give Thad 8 mil in a supposedly re-adjusted market, when they provide the team basically, but not literally, the same things.

Jodie should not have gotten caught on that fucking screen, then he loses Matthews in fucking transition. God damnit.

Lovely 2 straight 3's

Meeks now 0 for 4 (1 for 4 if you count the rim) and just gave up 2 straight threes. Worst starter in the NBA.

bebopdeluxe reply to stoned81 on Dec 26 at 23:28


I don't know, Rasual Butler started tonight.

Jrue and EB in P and R please. Not Hawes.

Fucking walk, no whistle.

Jrue's struggling with Camby's length. Hawes needs to make himself available and Jrue needs to find him. Camby's going for everything.

WTF - someone?

Sissy hook, good.

Hawes is a machine, just sayin. Triple doubl?

Way to let that young and up-and-comer Camby get the easiest basket of the night.

Wallace is quite the flopper

At least the turnovers are coming on offensive fouls now. I guess that's better.

Stay still on the screens.

JTI early here.

Thad was pretty useless in the first half

turner fouled twice no call

There we go, to the hoop, Turner.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:34

Ahd damn, another loose ball converted by Blazers.

Spencer J!

Good Hawes half outside of the bungled P and R coverage.

Malik Rose is bad

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 23:37

Yes he is.

Our starters seem to have no prayer.

Put the ball in Turner's hands...

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:36

We're just not running any sort of offense pretty much the whole game. Just freelancing it seems.

Not a good defensive game from Jrue. Closed out way too hard on Felton who blew right by him and set up LMA.

They need to string some stops together.

Brand is looking very slow this game

Atta boy, ET.

Great find, great finish. Come on, now.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:39

Alright, let's go Lou. Another half just like the first one.

Great defensive possession by Jrue and Hawes, then Dre to Thad for an And 1. Make the FT though, Thad.

No one on this team can stop wallace?

Pretty drive. Keep up the fucking pressure.

Gotta give that one up Evan - but nice charge taking Thad

Have to make a run with their bench in.

Felton's little fat ass complains about everything.

Sissy hook drops.

Then aldridge makes hawes his bitch

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 23:44

That was sort of a tough hook. He took a lot of contact.

Felton with 8 assists but boy is he BIG.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:42

Damn Thad, you doubled then backed off under the hoop? sheesh

Nice find by Lou after he didn't get the whistle on that baseline J. Late transition.

Lakers losing to Sacramento

the hornets also beat the suns, gordon hit the game winner

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:44

If they could just get the lead one time ......

So what are everyone's thoughts on John Mitchell (the new @DeepSixer)? I'm underwhelmed and going to start tweeting about how Brian should have that gig.

Not sure he wants the pay cut

One big man who knows how to grab a god damn rebound and the sixers are winning this game

Stop talking about how many damn rebounds hawes has - the blazers have too many damn second chances

Get to the rim, Thad. No more stepbacks.

Thad - you have no jumper - please learn this

Sweet ball movement.

Nice hockey assist by lou


eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:48

Good touch pass ET.

Keep penetrating Lou. That's twice in a row w/ EB ending up with candy.

Lou Passing? Huh?

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:49

F me. Batum 3 and Lou turnover. mofo

Fuck me. Corner three and a turnover at the top of the key by Lou and down by 7. Ugly.

Well that was a crappy 5 seconds

Damn, killer, killer stretch. I hated that decision by Iguodala to leave the 3 point shooter.

end of 3rd down by 5, still in this

POR 77, PHI 72 after three. Lost that quarter by 1 point.

Terrible final minute or they might have the lead here. 12 minutes to glory.

Winnable game - but need to tighten up the glass and the open shots

bebopdeluxe on Dec 26 at 23:51

What the FUCK does Doug Collins see in Lou Williams to give him the ball at the end of quarters?

He gets the basket, he draws fouls, and he finishes, better than anyone else on the roster

but aside from that, probably nothing

I heard Collins is trying to build a new house, made of bricks, and is counting on Lou to provide them.

bebopdeluxe reply to stoned81 on Dec 26 at 23:58

You got that, bro.

Statistically, at the end of quarters, Lou's numbers are HORRIFIC.

Gotta give lou props for those two straight possessions in which he found open guys instead of forcing shots - both led to easy makes by Elton

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:51

Just get the lead please before this first official's timeout.

Jrue? you in the building tonight? come on kid

No DeMarcus Cousins updates?

4 fouls in 14 minutes.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:53

Dammit Thad, stop pulling up, cause they're offering it up to you man.

Fuck, Thad. Come on.

Track the rebounds in this quarter - I think that's where it's going to get decied...how do the sixers do limiting the blazers to one shot.


take thad out or fine him for every jumper he takes

Not a fan of Thad taking all these jumpers. Nice steal by Jrue.

Great job, Thad. Great fucking job.

Thad two straight strong defensive sets - very nice - now stop taking jumpers

As soon as I get mad at Thad for the jumpers, three straight great plays. Got away with a walk on the board.

As soon as i compliment lou for taking the assist route he makes an AWFUL drive to the basket :)

Eat shit, Wallace.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:56

Get this fucking lead!

Wow, you should be embarassed Gerald Wallace.

Fuck me.

Jesus - seems like every time these fuckers NEED a basket - they get it -

turner needs to make that corner shot

I'm confident he will, in time.

And sometimes he will - no one makes that shot 100% of the time - it was a good look - a good set to get the open shot - he missed - but it looked like a good shot to me

See - he made it this time

Zoom said turner first

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:57

F me! Batum again before the buzzer. Crawford 3.

That sequence and the one before where Iguodala cheated off Batum are so key so far. Just crucial. ugh

YoungGun13 on Dec 26 at 23:57


Marcus Thornton just got 'blocked by world peace'

Man that's funny

Still have a chance. Comes down to stops.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 23:59

WHew! Lou 3! lets go

YoungGun13 on Dec 27 at 0:00

oh god spencer hawes 2 dimes away from a trip-dub.

That's so killer. Thad putz zero body on Wallace. Zero.

Come on - just grab a damn rbeound

Malik Rose: if you didn't say that (about Hawes being close to a triple double), I never would have known that.

Well, then.

Great rebound andre - but wtf were you doing after that?

Sixers just giving the game away

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 0:02

Dammit! all this one on one Dre. ends in a 3 on other end.

wow ......... just friggin' wow

Afraid that may be game. Ugh.

I hate you spencer hawes - that three by wallace is your fault

ET at the point here? Jrue pulled again.

F'n Hawes

Jrue with sort of a nightmare night to start the season. Oh well, long season ahead of us.

God hawes is out of shape. If drafting Vucevic at 16 keeps our front office from giving Hawes a long term deal it was a great pick imo.

Out of shape near triple-double, I can't wait to see what he does when he's in shape. Sheesh, haters gonna hate I guess.

Jason reply to stoned81 on Dec 27 at 0:06

Are you even watching him play defense?

Well in his defense - no one is watching hawes play defense :)

And the sixer are going to lose - and one BIG reason is piss poor defensive rebounding by the great white hype

Out of shape? What happened to the PX90 workout all offseason?

Guess P90x lacks cardio. His rotations on defense are 3 steps too slow.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 0:04

aaannnnndddd Hawes caps it off with a damn airball. 3 on other end. Terrible fuckin' game.

Annnndddd Dre with some more one on one. Run something guys, it's called plays, sets, or offense ..................

thats bs, doug please go crazy if thats a block]

Yeah, that's complete fucking bullshit. In no world is that a charge.

Exactly - when the fuck was Batum set on that play? Horrific.

He's fucking moving and that's not even close. What a load of horsecrap.

Helluva sweat by Collins tonight

Gerald Wallace - kick ball doesn't apply to him

bebopdeluxe on Dec 27 at 0:05

Before Jrue becomes the All-Star that everyone says he gonna become, he needs to show up for games like this.

Rich reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 27 at 0:06

What exactly is a game like this?


bebopdeluxe reply to Rich on Dec 27 at 0:11

A season opener on the road...loud crowd...your team is out of sync...

The point guard MUST settle things down...set a tone on BOTH ends of the floor...and Jrue did neither. Turning the ball over...letting Felton have his way...

Look - I love Jrue...think he's gonna be a good one...but this game isn't one that he'll keep the video of.

I hope he does keep a tape - you learn more from watching yourself suck - I hope he watches the damn thing every day and uses it as motivation and to learn from - this is a learnable game for him - he sucked from the beginning - he needs to see that

Rich reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 27 at 0:13

Oh yeah, I agree he's been bad tonight. I just think he's been good on big stages before.

bebopdeluxe reply to Rich on Dec 27 at 0:19

He HAS been good on big stages before...but the great ones show up every night.

I know that he will learn from this.

.but the great ones show up every night.

Like kobe last night when he gave the game away to the bulls?

I agree 100%

YoungGun13 on Dec 27 at 0:05

spencer hawes one assist away....... andre with the sweet and 1

Hah, Dre still complaining about the last one and Richardson says "I had a block." THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU CALL IT.

Good D. Get a hoop.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 0:06

One on one Evan.,, SHit i give up

The refs seem to think the sixers charge a lot no matter what - not sure how that's evans fault - wes fell over

Alright, this one looks like an L. Let's play good ball down the stretch at least.

Who flops more than this fucking Portland team??

San Antonio?

All of Europe.

Regardless of outcome, loving that Sixers are being aggressive and driving a ton tonight -- getting to the line a lot more as well.

That's great

Maybe they'll learn how to get rebounds and run a half court offense some day?

CB reply to GoSixers on Dec 27 at 0:17

I'm just saying it's nice to see that when compared to last year, but I wouldn't expect you to be positive in any way.

Maybe you'll learn to acknowledge that spencer hawes is an inefficient - poor rebounding - low bsketball iq dough boy...the sixers are LOSING because of PISS POOR REBOUNDING

That's spencers job - NOT TAKING 3's

You call it negative - i call it the sixers are losing and the terrible rebounding is a major reason because hawes can't box outr a a bag of groceries

When he does something positive I'll be positive about it

CB reply to GoSixers on Dec 27 at 0:24

Hey, crazy guy on a tangent, I wasn't even talking about anything but the Sixers getting to the FT line. Take your rage somewhere else, or at least pick a fight with me when I'm actually trying to argue about whatever you're talking about.


Neither Hawes nor Brand has attempted a single FT tonight.

Hawes is FEELING IT (and bricking it) - here I was hoping his inflated stat line would draw interest from another team. Only in fantasy basketball.

Can't be traded without giving up his bird rights - sixers are stuck with him all season

Good call - forgot about that.