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The First Eleven

Just seeing the predictions thread gets me excited! I've got 7-4 as well.

The only game that I see as a certain loss is NYK. IND is a coin toss, but due to the unlikelihood of ending up 10-1, I'll give them a loss there. UTA won't get enough production (especially on D) from their backcourt so I'll differ with you and give the 76ers a W. PHX and GSW have continuity but are not good. POR and UTA have significant turnover (and talent) but it's still too early to expect them to be gelling. SAC, WAS, NOH, and TOR are easy W's to predict. DET is the deepest team (on paper) but my prediction is 8-3 with all the credit going to continuity before things start to balance out and they are back in Even-Splitsville.

If they go better than 3-2 on this road trip I'll be surprised

Cin reply to GoSixers on Dec 26 at 17:26

I think that PHX and GSW are games the 76ers should win but will drop at least one, which is where my 3rd loss comes from. I have to give them the edge against UTA, NOH, and POR. It's like Collins said, they are going to start the season running aside from the post-ups they'll see against UTA. Nate McMillan has been using 15 second shot clocks at practice to speed up the Blazers and we already know what PHX and GSW like to do. But if they are running to avoid weak half-court games then they are doubly playing into our strength (half-court D and running O). UTA should give us some trouble down low but I have seen no indication that Burks/Kanter are "ready" and the combination of Harris/Hayward or Bell/Miles/Millsap or Favors/Jefferson doesn't exactly cause me to jump in fear. If JTI can get to the line and put fouls on Millsap and Favors they can really gput them on the ropes. Mind you, those aren't huge ifs.

I feel the Knicks game is almost certainly a loss due to the third game in three nights and that they'll lose one of the Utah-GS back to back. I would put the Hornets, Wizards, and one of the Pistons-Raptors back to back as 'certain' wins. So that leaves the team with a range of between 3 to 9 wins over that stretch. I voted 6. Where the team falls across that band I think should provide a true outlook of whether the team is ready to move up into that 4-5 seed range this season or if they'll remain in the 7-9 range. Pumped for the game tonight!

I am usually not good at predictions, anyway I went for 6-5, I believe we can win the phoenix, golden state, Detroit, Toronto, Sacramento and Washington games. Hope they will have a better start though and build the rest of the season on that enthusiasm.

I went with 7-4 with losses @NYK @UTH @POR and the fourth one one of @GSW and vs IND.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 17:29

9-2. Cough up the GSW game and the NYK game. Key player that HAS to be on for this to happen - Lou. Consistency Lou, consistency.

Wow, preseason optimism.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 1:19

Optimism may easily change to pessimism if we don't show any semblance of an offense. Guess that key player is Jrue if Lou shows up like he did tonight.

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