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This signing is exactly why I have developed such an admiration for the Yankees... they see a weakness and then they do whatever it takes to fix it. I just can't hate these guys anymore, as they have an owner that just wants to WIN and doesn't run the team like a freakin' corporation with only concern for the bottom line.

GO YANKEES, GO ROGER! (Jaime Moyer, you are no longer the oldest pitcher in baseball....)

Just goes to show how wrong some guys are in their speculation...

Jason Stark said just last Thursday or Friday on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning that Clemens was at least a month away from making a decision on where he'd go. And to top it off, he thought he was leaning toward Boston, as that is where he'd be most likely to be pitching in October!

HAH! What does Stark know?

ESPN is all over the place on this one. Last night during the Phils/Giants game Peter Gammons (probably the biggest Sox apologist in the world) was saying the move was huge for the Yanks, and Joe Morgan was saying it was a stupid move.

It's funny how everyone, and I do mean everyone (check the post I put up today) has something to say about this, and pretty much everyone but Yankee fans are looking for ways to spin it in a bad way.

For me, 4 or 5 months of Clemens mentoring Phil Hughes is worth a prorated $28 mil, regardless of what Clemens does on the mound.

Brian, you're right on two counts...
1. there's a bunch of sour grapes out there among the rest of the world, and
2. if Clemens doesn't earn another strikeout, he still earns his money in the mentoring of Hughes.

As a former pitcher, I love watching this guy. He's the greatest pitcher of the modern era, arguably the greatest ever. I'm glad to see him back in the game.

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