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Sixers Drub A Bad Phoenix Team

Gotta love that 22-4 run for the starters in the third. Didn't see many runs like that to open the second half last season. Usually, the bench ripped off lines like that.

Phoenix: 12to
Philly: 11stl

how amaziing...

Watching NBA TV postgame, the host says something like "Philly was trending up in this game." Chris Webber then went on a long diatribe about how he has all of these doubts about the Sixers, all but saying they are going to burn out.

Whatever, Collins' history is what it is, but I take offense to his going on about the fact that the Sixers don't know who they are. I so disagree with that. The one main strength on this team is the fact that people generally know what their roles are. If they aren't good, I don't think it will be for a lack of identity, just poor rebounding namely.

Ryan F reply to Rich on Dec 29 at 7:16

I have heard him shit on us before, and honestly believe he has no clue what hes talking about and hasn't paid any attention to the franchise since he was bought out.

I think he has a bit of resentment towards the franchise and the fan base.

I'm try to see why Jodie Meeks is still in the starting lineup.

Probably because we're two games into the season, a blowout win on the road and a 4-point loss on the road. There isn't really a need to mess w/ the starting lineup under these circumstances.

If there is going to be a change, Collins will make it during a lull. That's the way he's done it in the past, w/ a couple days off, he breaks the news to the media, then they have a day or two in practice to adjust before we see it in the game. He did it w/ Jodie going into the starting lineup last year. Did it w/ the Iguodala point-forward thing last year as well. I don't think it's really necessary, especially considering how well the starting lineup played last night, but if it does happen, it's not going to be a panic move after the second game of the season in the middle of a road trip.

That being said, meeks hasnt really played poorly but it seems as if he is putting the ball on the floor more looking to penatrate more. It even looked like that in both preseason games and most likely in practice also. He is not being the three point, spread thd floor threat he is supposed to be early on.

If this is the case then Turner is much better option if you want a all around better player at the two spot. I understand you thoughts about thd timing of Collins decisions but with a short season there is less time to make these changes.

Someone said Steve Nash had lost a step. I believe he may have lost his legs. Couldnt even elevate to shoot last night. Looked like Earl Boyle without the quickness.
Jrue is in a funk right now. Not convinced that he won't stink up the next game. At least he is not turning over the ball.
Like Iguodala's attitude now, hope he does not get carried away bcos his jumper is falling.

Suns played D-League ball last night, but good to get that win. If Boston is as troubled as they look(even if PP comes back), the Atlantic is officially up for grabs.

The most encouraging sign for me after the first two games has been the play of Turner. He has looked very aggressive on the offensive end and his jumper looks much improved. If he can continue to hit that floater in transition, combined with a serviceable mid-range jumper, he will be an extremely tough mark for opposing defenses. He's also looked steady as the backup PG, which means we have a legitimate scoring threat from the backup PG position, rather than the Antonio Daniels-esque warm bodies we generally allocate to the position. At the very least, all the bust talk has completely vanished and it looks like Turner will be a solid role player if nothing else. Hopefully, he can continue to grow into something more.

jkay reply to Sean K on Dec 29 at 8:52

Speaking of; if you've got Antonio Daniels coming off the bench regularly for you, I'd say you're not gonna be winning a championship soon. Maybe not even a division

Sean K reply to jkay on Dec 29 at 11:14

Agreed. I just mentioned him as a byproduct of the cost-cutting measures management always seemingly took. He ended up being a late season roster add because we never addressed the issue of acquiring a legitimate backup point guard. Royal Ivey would be another name that comes to mind along that vein. But if Turner can be a serviceable backup PG for 10-15 minutes per game while continuing to develop in his natural role as a wing player the rest of the game, that bodes well for the team this season.

South Broad reply to Sean K on Dec 29 at 10:33

If you're a #2 pick in a draft and so far you're trending toward just a role player, aren't you still pretty much a borderline bust when relative to draft position?

Sean K reply to South Broad on Dec 29 at 11:10

I'd argue he's already a good role player and is trending toward becoming a guy who can be a solid 2nd or 3rd option on a good team. History is littered with high draft picks who amount to nothing so if you get an above average starter you've generally done fairly well. Not everyone can end up as a superstar. Regardless, it's only been two games; there's obviously still a long way for Turner's development and that of the team in general. I've just been encouraged by the initial returns. Hopefully, he continues to build on this progress going forward.

deepsixersuede on Dec 29 at 9:39

The team has played 7 out of 8 pretty good quarters without Jrue being a good distributor in any of them. And Iggy is getting open looks without Jrue's help.

When Jrue starts playing like we know he can this could be a solid team. Brian, would like your thoughts on the Hawes/Gortat matchup, could Hawes be getting closer to his level because he seems more of a factor on the offensive end?

Hawes has played well in these first two games, but I'm no more going to say he's suddenly a good center than I'm going to suddenly say Iguodala is one of the best three-point shooters in the league because he's shooting 60% from three. Give it a couple of weeks, then we can talk about the new Hawes, if he's still playing like this.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 10:54

I agree and hope he continues to rebound. As far as contract year I hope it is more about maturity and having a coach pushing the right buttons.

He and Sam have the same excuse about 4 coaches in 4 years and maybe having a coach who can build your confidence over a couple of seasons is what is needed.

Iggy's shot seems to look the same but maybe the fresh legs are helping him.

Turtle Bay on Dec 29 at 10:37

Can't overstate the affect of a contract year. He'll probably play just well enough to get an exorbitant long-term contract from the Sixers and then revert back to his old self.

That's always the fear. Hopefully he'll flee for a red state.

Except that last season was also a 'contract' year for Hawes and he played so well he only signed his qualifying offer, the contract year thing is vastly over rated...Hwes just isn't that good.

Cin reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 11:13

Except it's not. He didn't like the offers he was presented and openly stated that he'll take the QO to build his value.

He didn't get any offers.

Cin reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 11:46

In a Rod Thorn interview after Spencer signed his QO to Rod said Spencer wasn't happy with his market value although you're right, nothing was formally presented. Considering the dearth of big men available I'm sure contact was made with some teams. Instead he chose to return to an assured starting role.

So he couldn't play 'good enough' in a contract year (last season) to get a good offer on a market where big men were being vastly over paid - so somehow he's going to do it this year.

I don't understand the logic. LAST YEAR was a contract year for Hawes and Young, Young converted it into probably an above market deal, Hawes converted it into bubkis - why would one think he's going to do better this year.

Cin reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 12:00

Last year I think he had less in his control as far as his role. He also started injured and out of shape. Also he was only an RFA so by signing his QO he gets a do-over. This time his performance will be the only dictator of his role and he has an understanding of the O and what D.C. wants from him and the 5 spot in general. The logic is very simple. Better opportunity, better chance to cash in.

So in other words - you'll just keep finding excuses for Hawes. Cool to know

Cin reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 12:17

Those are actually called observations. Very basic observations about something that has proven true in every sport: athletes try harder in the final year of their contracts and also take one year "prove it" deals to increase their value. I didn't say he would accomplish that, but again, it's very apparent that is what he is attempting to do, and for good reason.

They're 'beliefs' that sports fans have that aren't actually supported by the facts, and the fact that Hawes already had one 'contract' year where he sucked, why would one believe this season would be different?

The 'contract year' phenomenon isn't supported by the evidence when taken in toto, the singular application to Spencer Hawes isn't supported by the fact that last year was his contract year ALSO and he didn't exactly 'step up'

Cin reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 12:34

Fans, analysts, and every human being. When you're presented with the opportunity, the chance, to protect your future as it hangs in the balance, you just try harder. It didn't work out last year, but then again, it doesn't work out for everyone all the time. Spencer is lucky enough to get another try, and doubly lucky to be in a better situation. So far in two games he has impressed, and both games have been arguable better than any he had last year. It remains to be seen if that plays out throughout an entire season, but he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

How do you think Rollins will play this year. He definitely had an uptick last season.

So what's his 'excuse' for not building his value last season?

He was in a contract year, and he played like he played.

Are you implying he doesn't have an excuse?

No more than Sam ever had for not getting better

Tonight's going to be a telling game for the Knicks. Amare and Melo played 35 and 38 minutes last night, respectively. They're going back-to-back, in LA, against the Lakers who finally had an off day. If D'Antoni has any common sense, he'll limit Amare to less than 30 minutes, but they probably won't be able to win w/ him playing limited minutes.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 10:59

A slimmed down T.Murphy along with McRoberts and Eubanks may allow the lakers to survive this years rough schedule. Maybe Bynum's minutes can be limited slightly.

Well, missing the back-to-back-to-back to start the season may have been a very good thing for Bynum's health. He's out for this game as well, then comes back.

Saw the highlights of the game last night on nba tv this morning and weber was saying he doesn't believe the sixers would make the playoffs. Compared Collins to Skiles coaching style and thinks the players may tune him out eventually. Fair point I guess because Collins has been tuned out at his other coaching stops, but ever since he's been in Philly he's made an effort to let his assistants play a bigger role. Webber was also saying that the team doesn't have an identity. Last time I checked they were young and athletic. Thought that was interesting. Kendrick Perkins said on twitter this morning that weber shouldn't criticize him until he wins a ring. Thought that was funny......

So this is the second post

Why do people care what Chris Weber says?

It's like listening to Shaq and thinking it's an educated or intelligent opinion as opposed to a fat self promoting douche

deepsixersuede on Dec 29 at 11:31

Do you guys think, against teams with 2 bigs like the lakers we will ever see Vuce next to Hawes? He seems athletic enough to cover some 4's.

No, he really doesn't.

I guess I'll be the guy to bring it up.

If Iguodala continues to play at this level who would be more appealing for Howard:

Brooklyn Nets (Don't make playoffs)
1 Yr: Deron, Okur, Humphries
MarShon, Morrow, Farmar, Damion James, Lopez

76ers (w/ amnesty on Brand & 1st round loss):
1 Yr: Lou, Hawes, Meeks
Iguodala, Turner, Holiday, Young, Vucevic

What do you mean by 1 Yr?

Beyond Deron, the rest of NJ's roster is completely useless. He'd have to buy in to them adding serious pieces, which maybe he would.

Well, you have a top 3 PG and the top Center in the league

Or you play with Iguodala, a PG who may get better but probably won't ever be top 3 and a bunch of role players...good ones, but role players.

I'd rather start with two top 3 players at their position and build from there (in Brooklyn, cause NBA players seem to care more about the city they play in than other sports) with an egomaniac with tons of money to spend

Well, which is better.

2 top 3's and a bunch of bottom 3's at all the other positions.


1 top 3, 2 top 10's, and then 3 or 4 other guys who are above average in their roles?

The sixers don't currently have 2 top 10's - sorry -maybe Jrue will get there - maybe he won't - but right now he isn't there.

The sixers start a scrub at the 2, they don't have a future 4, and a one dimensional bench AND don't forget the perceptoin of the ownership - and right now the sixers owneship doesn't have one.

Then again - like I said - if Dwight is opposed to Chicago because of his sneaker deal - basketball isn't involved in this decision

And I believe that in the end, Deron and Dwight end up in Dallas - Cuban will maneuver and leverage the new CBA to be his bitch the same way he took Yahoo for 2 billion

that's really not possible unless he lets go of Dirk, which he won't.

To get Dwight and Deron, I bet you he would (did the mavs use their waiver yet? Is it Haywoods last year?)

If they cut Odom, that puts them down to about $46M for 6 players (plus roughly $6M in minimum contracts). If they then amnesty Haywood, that would put them at $38M for 5 players (plus roughly $7M in minimum contracts). That's room for one max deal. The only way I can see that they'd have enough space to sign both of them is if they traded Dirk this year for expiring contracts, or moved him to a team with a ton of cap space next summer w/out taking any salary back. Unless Orlando did a sign-and-trade, but I think that's doubtful.

jay reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 12:13

I think you and GoSixers are trying to fit an explanatory model here that doesn't work when you look at the "Top X, Top Y" etc. The basketball reasons he signs presuppose a Top 4 finish (we'll all gladly stipulate that he's not signing with the Sixers if they're the 6 seed. If the Sixers finish Top 3, they must have had many of the following good things happen - Jrue plays well, Turner plays well, Hawes plays well, Iggy becomes top 5. About the only thing that wouldn't work is if our resurgence is only because it was led strictly by Hawes/Brand who wouldnt be here if Dwight signs.

So yeah, pretty much by definition, if we win the 3 seed, some things would have occurred that would make us more attractive to Howard. Certainly more attractive than a non-playoff team Nets. I'm not asserting that we finish 3rd, just that if the Sixers did, that's a good thing for the Howard sweepstakes.

Well, it's certainly the best case we can make. Debatable whether it would be enough.

Forgetting the ancillary reasons where he may or may not sign, and just sticking to basketball. The Nets don't have a starting 2, 3, or 4. They'd have Deron and Dwight and basically nothing. Morrow is a carbon copy of Jodie, with a better shot. That's it.

I think Morrow brings more than Meeks in terms of driving ability, and maybe defense...as for the rest, I have more faith in Pokhorov to spend the money than I do in the new PT Barnum guy that the sixers are putting forward (of course if he gets assasinated running for president then it all goes out the window.)

If Otis Smith knows Dwight Hoard ain't coming back and lets him walk (however) he's an idiot

You already know Smith is an idiot.

Cin reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 12:06

Honestly with Dwight my impression is that basketball is all that matter. I don't see him having the Amar'e/fringe star/cover of vogue/spotlight-needy complex. At the same time I'm sure he wants to get into a bigger market, but it's a far cry from the NY-or-Bust thinking everyone had about Kenton as a free agent (look how that turned out).

Cin reply to Cin on Dec 29 at 12:07


Damn auto correct. Changes Marreese Speights to Mattress Slaughter.

So if it's all about basketball, why isn't he open to playing in Chicago, which even after the trade, would be the most competitive place for him to be RIGHT NOW

Cin reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 12:35

It's easier to speculate on teams that could have cap space. That and there's also an established notion that he won't go to Chicago.

And yet you didn't answer the question, that's all I'm wondering.

If it's all about basketball (only) why isn't Dwight willing to consider playing with Chicago which probably has the best roster, even after trading for Dwight, to win a title?

Yes he's established he doesn't want to go to Chicago, but in your mind if it's all about basketball for Dwight, why won't he go to chicago then?

Cin reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 11:52

That this is the last year on their contracts.

Brooklyn is more appealing than Philadelphia

Then again, I heard a report last week that ADIDAS wouldn't want Howard in Chicago (because they already have D-Rose there) which struck me as odd, but if that's why Howard doesn't want to go to Chicago, he'd never choose Philadelphia over Brooklyn because of exposure.

This is coming from a Brooklynite, I really don't know how much exposure the Nets will get once they're in Brooklyn. I think they missed their huge opportunity when the Knicks completely blew, but when they move to Brooklyn now, they're still going to be second class citizens. Unless they win a championship, of course.

Hard to tell too much from this game because the Suns were so bad, but some part of it was because the Sixers made them look bad. My observations:

- Wasn't it after three halves of the preseason that everyone was worried about Iguodala's shot? Then he goes out and makes 7 3's in his first two games, something I can't remember he's ever done in back-to-back games. The outside shooting is unsustainable, but it does look like he's a half-step faster this year now that he's healthy. (By the way, his PER after two games is a crazy 30.6.)
- Maybe it was the nature of a game where the Sixers were in control most of the way, but Thad showed zero post defense against anybody that he guarded. Next game he'll be up against Millsap, so he needs to do better at that.
- Lou shot 3-11 but I'd say he still had a good game, with two made 3's, his usual free throws, and a handful of good passes off penetration. Don't look now, but that sounds like a pretty good backup PG to me (one that happens to lead the team in scoring).
- Like everyone else, I love Turner's intermediate game. Unlike the 3-point shot, which will run hot-and-cold for this team, that's offense you can rely on on a consistent basis.
- I'm guessing it was because he was matched up against Nash and felt like he could get his shot at any time, but Jrue looked like he was playing on his own a lot. He really hasn't been setting up anybody else on the team, the most disturbing trend of the early season. A score-first PG is a lot less valuable to me than a pure PG. On the positive side, I thought Jrue played decent defense again (though part of it was that Nash missed some open shots), and opposing starting PGs are now 5-20 in two games.

The only bright spot for Jrue, at least offensively, is that he's gotten to the line 11 times in 2 games. Lou's passing has been noticeably better, and he's been using his penetration to set guys up, which he rarely did in the past. Been very happy w/ his play so far.

Rich reply to Statman on Dec 29 at 14:00

The only think that I can think of for Iguodala is that maybe the fact that he's slimmed down a tad has helped his shooting? In the past, even when he made shots, it seemed tough, like he really had to crank up his body. It didn't look that way last night. It's nice that he's hot, but agree that this is very unsustainable.

It didn't really happen last night (Probably because it was an ass-kicking), but it was awesome to see him get to the hoop in Portland. His free throw shooting percentage has gone down during his career because he gets there less. The more he gets there, the better percentage he'll shoot.

Teams are drooling over Joel Przybilla

And no one wanted Spencer Hawes

I'm just saying

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 12:53

Teams seem willing to sign Pryzbilla to a 2.5 million exemption and Hawes wasn't gonna sign for less than his qualifying offer, a pretty big difference especially over 2 or 3 years.

Doug said Meeks would be lost with the bench players. He is keeping turner with thad and lou because they mesh and can all run the court well. He said evan deserves to start but he has 8 who can start

He only has 8 who can start because the skill level on this team doesn't provide for 5 'true' nba starters however you want to define it.

Meeks is 'lost' with the starters too, cause he only can do one thing...that's Doug spinning and justifying Meeks playing when he plays him cause he has to not because he wants to

bebopdeluxe reply to Greg on Dec 29 at 12:34

For right now, I don't have a huge problem with Meeks starting...it is kind of like Iavaroni was back in the day...he sucks up a few minutes at the start of each half, if his singular skill (hitting the 3) helps the team get off to a good start in that half, then good for us - if not, we move onto the bench...and Turner gets a chance for these first 20-30 games to build his confidence, while still being in there for quality 4th quarter minutes.

There is plenty of time to move Turner into the starting lineup...no need to rush it right now.

I agree with both you and GoSixers. He essentially has to start Meeks but also showed against Portland that if his shot isn't falling he'll stay on the bench. I'd also add that Collins has already mentioned that Meeks is better suited as an 8th or 9th guy off the bench, so his starting line-up is far from ideal. I have to wonder if we had a legit 2, like Kevin Martin, if Collins would have much use for Turner at all.

I have to wonder if we had a legit 2, like Kevin Martin

Brian LOVES this idea :)

South Broad reply to Cin on Dec 29 at 22:10

Your last sentence is kind of how I feel. Turner hasn't done anything of note to move the needle convincingly in his favor to where Collins feels the need to call his number or isolate him up. He has seemed to get his shots/points from freelance or hustle plays if not fast breaking. It may be safe to say that DC would have no place for him if we had a legit guy eating up 35+ min a night at shooting guard. Bit minutes backing up Iguodala maybe, b/c Lou would presumably gather his min from backing up the 2 and Jrue.

He's shooting 55% in the first 2 games, rebounding well, playing good D. What the heck does the guy have to do, shoot 100% and block every shot?

deepsixersuede reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 29 at 12:49

I was wondering if starting Lou would benefit the team more. Put Meeks between Evan and Thad and allow Turner more freedom to create. Is Meeks that much better than Lou defensively?

Probably not, but Lou is more suited (right now) for being that guy off the bench. In fact, with his improved passing (so far) this season...Lou looks more and more like an ideal back up kind of guard, he can score, and draw fouls, and there he is creating for other players. While who finishes is more important than who starts, I think Lou playing against second teamers is just better for him and the sixers

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 22:25

Lou's passing isn't really improved, he did this last year here and there but wasn't given credit for it by some around here. The numbers bear it out.

I think his passing is improved (only 2 games ofc) in that he's moving the ball within the offense and not dribbling the air out of the ball. His point skills are the same.

Turner has played 21 of 24 fourth quarter minutes so far. That's more important than who starts and we should keep an eye on that stat going forward.

Can we try some discussion instead of arguing for the rest of the day? My head is starting to hurt.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 13:02

The sixers will be fine next year when they amnesty Elton and sign R.Allen and Garnett. :)

How's this...do you think that we should post our bigger perimeter guys more? I think most nights there is a size advantage on someone.

That depends on how those perimeter guys are in the post...not having a big man who can post up in the low post is just disheartening to me. You can get so much more offense (I think) when you have a big man down low who can score realiably, hell if he can pass, even better...it's the one thing the sixers (I feel) have been missing for so long and the one thing that the sixers never really had in the Iverson era either (stupid ping pong ball, drops the right way, sixers have a duncan iverson duo and win titles)

I.e - which of the sixers guys are you thinking of to post up?

I presume that Thad could pull it off because of his athleticism, maybe Turner?

I think Jrue should post up Nash, for example. When AI9 and Turner are in the game together one of them probably has a size advantage.

If Synergy Sports would behave I could try and look it up - but how is Iguodala out of the post, I worry about him doing anything that ain't dunking usually :) (Anyone else having trouble 'paying' for synergy? They can't 'validate' my credit card even though all info is accurate

deepsixersuede reply to sober81 on Dec 29 at 13:08

Lebron sure seems to be posting up more this year and as the year goes on I expect Iggy ,Evan and Jrue to all do it more.

Jrue tried to post Nash up a couple of times last night, but they never got him the ball. I think he's going to have the opportunity most nights because of his size/strength.

Rich reply to sober81 on Dec 29 at 13:53

Turner scored last night on a move LeBron seems to have perfected early this year: Get 10 feet away posting up a smaller guy, turn and face, keep the ball above your head at all times, and just flick the wrist and shoot if their hand isn't up.

Cin reply to Rich on Dec 29 at 14:18

Where is the offense without EB? It seems like every time a run was made EB was right in there knocking down jumpers. He still needs to give the offense some second chances with o-boards when they're not running small, and get his feet under him.

Cin reply to Cin on Dec 29 at 14:23

Oops, not meant as a reply. To be on subject, watching LeBron and Wade has been nothing short of incredible. I think they sold themselves short by bringing Bosh in on their deal, he's very much a third wheel.

I get excited any time the ball is in Turner's hand. I love his creativity with the dribble. I think someone last year brought up the point that he works so hard off the dribble to get a good look, where as other, smoother and more proficient scorers make it looks really easy. Well so far he has been making his moves looks really easy. That sick between the legs crossover inside between Price, Lopez, and Morris was effortless. And he's been getting off floaters with ease.

Rich reply to Cin on Dec 29 at 14:51

The initial change of speeds is effortless for him, that's for sure. Also, even with the revamped jumper, Turner is someone on the team that's been getting shots closer to the rim.

Guys what's your take on Speights getting a DNP CD in a blowout W? Is Collins putting him to a "test" or he has already decided that MS won't be in the rotation this year?
I'd tend to say #2, but then I wouldn't know how to explain Collibns' quotes earlier this summer, when he said that his biggest "failure" or regret was not being able to involve Speights enough (or something like that).
BTW I think Speights can/must find a place in the rotation, not read to give up on him yet. Of course if Hawes continues to play like this, minutes for other big men will decrease significantly.

I think Speights is done, and if the sixers could find ANYONE to take him off their hands (even if it's just absorbing his contract) he'd be gone already. He had his chances to show improvement, to show he understood there was more to basketball aside from shooting every time you get the ball. He was given an opportunity, and he blew it, more than once, he has no place on this roster going forward...send him to the nbdl for gods sake (if you can)

I think it's pretty clear now that Collins' quotes were - in the best case - a tool to motivate Speights, or - in the worst case - a pretty thin attempt to up his trade value, or maybe drum up some trade interest that simply wasn't there.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 17:32

Agreed. Collins was trying to encourage Speights after a (rare) good practice. Didn't continue, though, and Vucevic is clearly ahead of him. Still don't believe Collins trusts Speights.

"Collins was trying to encourage Speights after a (rare) good practice"

Uhm, you just replied to a question I put in my previous comment. That must be the reason, then.

Probably, even if I don't see a reason for NOT emptying the bench in the last minutes of a game like that. I wonder how is Speights working in practice, his attitude I mean. Let's see how he reacts

Tom Moore on Dec 29 at 17:31

Hawes has 25 rebounds in two games this season. Didn't get 25 until ninth game last year.

Iguodala has made 7 3-pointers (on 11 attempts) in two games this season. Didn't make his 7th 3-pointer (on 21 attempts) until 10th game a year ago.

I'll take trends unlikely to continue for 1,000 alex :)

Seriously though, if I had to pick one more likely to continue, Iguodalas improved 3 point shooting (but not at this high a rate) would be my favorite to continue. Hawes rebounding numbers are padded by the Suns horrible shooting last night and their lack of interest in offensive rebounds :)

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 17:34

Well done. Yes, those numbers won't continue.

Hawes does look like he's thinner and moving better, which will help him play more minutes and get more rebounds. He could average 8.5 or so.

I'm not worried about the exact number that Hawes averages, I know it's easier to look at, I'm worried about how easily the Blazers got offensive rebounds in the first half of the game, I'm worried about his inability to box out, and his desire to take 3's :)

Maybe it was just wishful thinking but I think Voose looked better offensively than Spencer did last night, more naturally athletic or something - but i was watching on an ipad (damn you cox cable)

Cin reply to GoSixers on Dec 29 at 18:11

I think that second chance opportunities rest on Brand and Young. If Collins keeps Spencer 15+ feet from the basket, he just doesn't have the athleticism to get to missed shots outside his area. I think his role is on the d-boards when he's supposed to be closer to the basket. Also I've noticed Turner crashing the boards a ton which should help. I love his tenacity in pulling them down.

I agree with your observation on Goose and extend it to the defensive end where he was moving his feet very well. Where Spencer has awkward, a second too late contests or putback attempts, Voose looks to flow really naturally and have a good awareness. I think he's going to start adding up blocks soon, but still looks physically weaker than even Hawes right now.

Btw, obviously JaVale McGee has looked like leaping tiger going up, but Tristan Thompson is looking good on both ends too, with a similarly effective extension.

Sorry, I wasn't clear, I'm not worried about Spencer on the offensive boards (every time he takes a 3, a sarah palin voter is born), I was only referring to the defensive glass, which should be his primary concern.

the Nets starting lineup tonight, good luck stopping dwight tonight

PG Deron Williams
SG Sundiata Gaines
SF Damion James
PF Kris Humphries
C Mehmet Okur

Jesus - Spurs getting KILLED in the first half against the Rockets?

So if that Lavoy Allen dude did not get any minutes with a 30+ lead vs the Suns...will he just not play at all ever then?

Second game of the season with only two pre-season games, I'm fine with Collins using the second half as a kind of 'pre-season' game for the vets to get their minutes and shake some rust off.

The important question is - if he isn't going to play will they send him to the NBDL

(PS - new owners - you want to prove you're for real? BUY your NBDL affiliate so you can control the system it runs)

With the rules the way they are, I really don't see the return on buying an NBADL team. At most, you're going to have one or two guys down there who have like a 5% chance of ever even being rotational players.

I'm not a big fan of Hawes, but he was a much better defensive rebounder last season than people give him credit for. Whether you look at d-boards per minute or DRR he was somewhat above average for a center and better than Brand. He also was much improved from earlier in his career, and centers often develop into better rebounders in their mid 20's as they mature.

Hawes averaged about 4 D-Boards every 20 minutes. That translates to about 7 35 minutes. That is better than Brand in any year of his career. And yet people consider Brand in his prime to be a good rebounder.

Hawes will always have his weaknesses, but I don't think D=Boards is one of them- at least since he joined the Sixers. And I expect him to be better this year than last (but not as good as the past 2 games.)

I'm a huge fan of Hawes (as everyone knows) and I agree with your sentiments.

Brand was never a dominant defensive rebounder, his offensive boards always buoyed his overall total. If Hawes has a defensive rebounding rate in the 25% range and keeps his usage rate well below 20% (preferably below 15%), he'll be fine this year. We'll just have to wait and see. Even if he does that, though, he's not the answer at the five and there's no way they should re-sign him.

Charlie H on Dec 29 at 22:32

Sounds like Lou could be a monster this year. And this is the best stat of the year so far:

Turner has played 21 of 24 fourth quarter minutes so far.

Iguodala is going to continue to be a point forward part time, which I think helps Jrue in the long run. They have 4 really good ballhandlers and passers (assuming Lou keeps up the drive-and-dish) and can score in transition, so they'll be fun to watch.

What is up with the owner? He can't be worse than Comcast can he?

For some reason I always wind up tuning in to Sacto games in the fourth quarter, and it's always such a Cousins train wreck. Since I've been watching he's picked up two fouls, missed four shots, gotten stripped once (which was recovered by a teammate, luckily), turned the ball over once and scored 0 points.

His line for the night..wait, he just fouled out, so this is his final line:

4/16 from the floor, 7/8 from the line, 2 TOV, 6 PF, 15 points.

Of course, the 15 pts/12 reb makes people drool, but he's probably the starter who does the most damage to his own team in the league.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 30 at 0:31

Should of watched Portland-Denver. The first three and a half quarters of that game were conference finals worthy. Portland's defense has been very stingy to start the year.

Wallace, Camby and Matthews are all solid defenders. Aldridge is long and gets the easy matchup up front, so he's fine. Never liked Felton all that much. Batum can be good off the bench. They're a fun team to watch now that they gave up on the snail's pace. Been watching the Knicks play possibly the worst interior defense I've ever seen most of the night.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 30 at 0:35

Back on Cousins: Don't tell that Tom Ziller! He'll find some comparison that tells you Cousins is in line to be somewhere between Dirk and Duncan all time.

Back on the Knicks. Steve Blake and Derek Fisher have both gotten the ball in an iso, faced the basket and realized Mike Bibby was guarding him, and proceeded to blow right by him off the dribble.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 30 at 0:43

It's been a weird couple of days in the league. Everyone has shown major flaws, especially Eastern teams not named Miami. The Sixers haven't really shown much except the ability to hang with a good team and the ability to blowout a horrible one.

The Knicks have looked like garbage for two straight nights. Can you imagine what the Sixers 2nd unit would do to this Knicks team right now: Melo, Bibby, Balkman, Josh "Jorts" Harrelson (shouldn't be an NBA player), and Steve Novak. Wow.

I don't know, Miami showed they don't know what to do against a zone.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 30 at 0:51

They looked really stagnant, watched that whole game and it seemed simple: Whenever they reversed the ball from Bosh to LeBron or Wade on the wing, they had a running start at the rim. What I didn't understand was Spoelstra's refusal to put James Jones in. He hadn't even hit the rim in his first two games. I'd much rather play him against a zone than Norris Cole.

Ugh, and this game isn't over. LAL only up by 8 after three.

D'Antoni might really go for this win and push his big three. Melo already has 31 minutes, Amare has 24, Chandler 26. This will be telling, if he pushes Amare past 35 on back-to-back nights now, he's going to keep doing it until Amare gets hurt or wears down.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 30 at 0:56

Even if they win, D'Antoni has three players on this roster who fit his system: Amare and Fields (Who really played over his head for most of last year). I guess Douglas too, and Baron when they get back, but two of three best players don't really fit.

speaking of the blazers, one of the denver announcers on gerald wallace, "I didnt realize he flopped this much."

Hah, I had the Portland feed. Yeah, he's been great to start the year but his flopping is too much. He's better than that, too physically dominant to have resort to that crap.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 30 at 0:52

Were you on Kevin Love for his 6/18 the other night with 3 turnovers, or do you just like picking on the one prospect you've been right about the past few years? He also had 12 boards, 2 blocks, 8 FTA in 28 minutes.

In other box score news, Ty Lawson dominated, yet again. 8 steals and 25 points on 16 shots. Kyle Lowry put up his second-straight near-triple double - 16, 9, 8 and 3 steals in 27 minutes. 10 shots. Kahwi Leonard keeps hustling and missing shots; in three games he's 6-19 from the field, 1-8 from three. Splitter looked great, had 10 and 11 in 24 minutes. MarShon Brooks, who's the spitting image of Nick Young, skills-wise, size-wise and even hair-wise, again led the Nets in scoring, and not all that inefficiently, though he takes a ton of iffy floaters. Orlando, as part of its welfare for washed-up vets campaign, got 6 very bad minutes from Larry Hughes today.

You mean the game where Love was also 19/24 from the line and grabbed 21 rebounds? 31 points on 30 possessions is below average, but nowhere near the DeMarcus line.

Here's a math problem for you. Take a look at Cousins TS% from last season, then look at the league average. Then do the math to figure out how many points a league average player would've scored had he used the same number of possessions as Cousins. I'm only talking FGA and FTA, we don't even need to include turnovers.

Lawson is having an unreal start. On draft day I wanted Lawson. After their rookie campaigns I wasn't sure. For most of last season, Holiday was better, until the Carmelo trade got Billups out of the way, and Lawson tore it up as a starter. Now he's at a whole new level, and with this tiny sample size, is having a much better start to his third season than Jrue. We'll see what happens. What's really amazing is both Lawson and Holiday dropping to us at 17. I think I'd take either of them over any player picked ahead of them in that draft except Blake Griffin and maybe DeMar DeRozan.

Sorry, didn't mean to put your math skills on the spot. The answer is 137 more points. Give his shots to an average NBA player and you would've had 137 more points. Or 1.7 more points per game.

And now let's factor in the turnovers. Cousins turned the ball over 268 times for a turnover rate of 18.5%. League average (and this includes everyone, PGs and you know, guys who actually handle the ball) was 12.9%. So an average player who attempted 1,004 shots and 402 free throws would've turned the ball over 175 times. So that's 93 extra turnovers for Cousins, over the average player.

137 points on shooting alone, then another 93 possessions (the Kings scored 1.035 points/possession last season, so we'll use that number, even though Cousins dragged it down dramatically), that's another 96 points and change.

So the cost of having DeMarcus Cousins instead of an league-average player was roughly 230 points over an 81 game schedule, and that's only factoring the shots and turnovers. 2.84 points/game worse than the average player.

It would probably be more fair to isolate his stats against bigs, who typically score more efficiently and turn the ball over less than guards, but you get the picture. This doesn't even take his 332 personal fouls into account.

He was the worst player in the league last season in terms of the cumulative damage he did to his team.

Tweet of the year from Knicks fan:

@netw3rk netw3rk
"Weekend at Bibby's" synopsis: A basketball team tries to trick its opponents into thinking its point guard is alive.

4 white guys and Metta World Peace, and the Lakers are maintaining a lead against the Knicks. What the fuck

37 minutes for Anthony, 32 for Stoudemire, 35 for Chandler on the second night of a back-to-back. Could've been worse.

Court_visioN on Dec 30 at 2:14

Apparently Sam Dalembert thinks he's the only one that listens to Biggie. Locker room cancer!

"@TheRealTWill (Terrence Williams)
Samuel makes everyone listen to biggie and say "what you kno bout that young fella" in my best haitian voice...like we never heard biggie"

Dwight reply to Court_visioN on Dec 30 at 4:52

The Lakers have a chance of winning the western conference if they can get Bynum to stay healthy for once. They have a very deep and talented front court. And it looks like Kobe is still Kobe.

eddies' heady's on Dec 30 at 9:51

Kind of funny to think back to pre-draft talk about Lawson not being able to get his shot off on this level. Or maybe it was him having difficulty getting it off.

Sometimes it's fun, but other times sad, to think what this squad would look like with Lawson and Favors rather than Jrue and Evan. It'd be a different dynamic for sure. On second note, better not to think about it, particularly when thinking about having a potentially capable big man. DiLeo and Witte rock!

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