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Early Sixers Trends

Surprised to see Iguodala start hot. He's typically been a slow starter. It is only four games, so time will tell. Out of curiosity, I wonder how many of Iguodala's threes (both attempted and made) have come off the catch and shoot?

First thing to go is Hawes' and Lou's shooting from distance. Also, I think the first thing to come back is Jrue's distributing and Meeks' perimeter shooting.

Not sure about Elton. To be honest, I'm kind of scared to see what happens if Hawes cools off and Brand still hasn't "gotten his legs".

Dwight reply to Jeff on Jan 3 at 5:20

Why should hawes stop shooting well? Hes been getting wide open looks and hes a good shooter so he will make those. His number will only go down when teams start giving him more respect.

Teams didn't give him any respect last season, and he shot 40%. Teams haven't given him any respect his entire career and he's always shot around 40%.

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 3 at 13:34

Ever since his 35% from 3 season (2008), teams have been good at contesting his jump shots. After last season, it seems like teams have created a new game plan to let him shoot it, forgetting that he can hit open shots. I wouldn't be surprised to see teams bring their centers out of the paint like they did last season. While it will decrease his shooting percentage, it will help open things up for the rest of the team.

Statman reply to Jeff on Jan 3 at 9:47

Surprised to see Iguodala start hot. He's typically been a slow starter.

This is balanced by the fact that January has typically been one of his best months. In 08-09, for example, he averaged 22 PPG on 53% FG and 43% 3-pt in January. Maybe cutting the first two months out of the season was exactly what he needed ...

Johnnylaptop on Jan 3 at 2:27

Iggy, Lou, and Hawes, are going to be find. They came to camp prepare to play at a high level,and there results show. Of course there numbers will drop some, but there the ones right now carrying the team. Jrue, Jodie, Elton. are three main starters are not pulling there weight. They need to play there way into finding there shots, there legs,there mojo. By the home opener two out of these three should be up to par.

Dwight on Jan 3 at 3:33

Brand isnt having a bad year as much as hes taking a lesser role. Hes taking fewer shots and playing smaller minutes. However he has still be very good on defense and solid in rebounding the ball. Hes also become more Of a facilitator on offense. When the sixers have needed a hoop this year brand has been clutch in going to his patented turnaround. As long as he can still make that shot, he will be fine.


PTS/G: 103.0 (4th of 30) ▪ Opp PTS/G: 92.8 (9th of 30)
SRS: 17.24 (2nd of 30) ▪ Pace: 94.4 (8th of 30)
Off Rtg: 109.1 (5th of 30) ▪ Def Rtg: 98.2 (8th of 30)

Our defensive rating is up there among the front third of the 30 teams. But I haven't watched all the games, so don't know if it looks different on the court.

Spencer for hire on Jan 3 at 9:15

.The Hawes interview Tom Moore gave us, thanks Tom, was a good omen because Hawes brought up being more efficient offensively. Hopefully when he cools off he shoots less and passes or postups more.

I disagree on the dismay of Thad taking jumpshots. He and his coach have both said he will be unguardable if he can hit the 12 footer along with driving. With less practice time he must insert this skillset during games and as J.Anthony showed in the playoffs he could be held in check otherwise. He isn't taking 3 pt's at least.

Elton and Thad's minutes interest me this season, who ends up averaging more by seasons end. Whoever is the better defender would be my guess.

Meeks wasn't mentioned but hopefully he can make up some slack when Iggy and Lou cool down. You would think Lou is what he is by now but a slight bump up in percentage [44% and 36%] would be great.

this one's easy - lou will be a great 3 point shooter all year. 50%? of course not. but he'll be around 40. he is just entering his prime, worked his butt off this offseason, and was draining from deep all fall. every time he shoots the ball, it just feels like it's going in. it amazes me how people seem to discount the youth on this team. i know it feels like lou has been here forever, but this year should be the beginning of his best 4 years. hawes has been in the leage a little while, but he's only 23!! he won't be at his best for another few years. so while i am of course surprised at his output this year, i am not completely shocked just because as long as you work out the way you need to and avoid horrible injuries, you should get better every year until 28 or so.

you should get better every year until 28 or so.

I guess it's harder to buy that the improvement will be sustained when the guy didn't get better at all from years 19-22.

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 3 at 13:39

Lou Will has improved each and every season. From ages 19-22 his free throw attempts have jumped a good amount. Getting to the line is essentially Lou's game.

I don't know about in Sacto, but since he's been in Philly I've never, ever seen him take a contested long two. He's always wide open, usually the closest defender is about 10 feet away.

Tom Moore on Jan 3 at 10:51

Sixers video: Lou Williams, Doug Collins on Williams leading the team in scoring off the bench:


Wow, three Sixers in Hollinger's top 20 PER rankings.


I want to know who this Jon Leuer guy is, had never heard of him until looking at the link.

Spencer for hire reply to Statman on Jan 3 at 14:10

A soft Brackins like p.f. who was a 2nd rounder who, surprising to me, was banging against K.Love in a game I watched this year. He has been a pleasant surprise so far and is out of Wisconsin I believe. Jason Smith isn't a bad comparison either.

He in interesting guy. I saw him a few days ago against Minnesota and he looked like a useful guy to have off the bench, athletically limited skilled guy who hustles. His ceiling is probably David Lee, and he does have legit size for a PF.

If i remember correctly Hollinger was high on him with his statistical analysis prior to the draft. Early on he appears to be right i guess :)

Dwight reply to raro on Jan 3 at 14:15

Spencer Hawes is ahead of Dwight Howard...

For being a high-cost flop, Elton Brand sure has escaped criticism in Philly. Von Hayes, Mike Mamula and Chris Gratton wonder why.

13.8, 8.8 $13,757,844.00
13.1, 6.1 $14,858,471.00
15.0, 8.3 $15,959,099.00
8.3, 7.5 $17,059,726.00
- - $18,160,354.00

13.9, 7.5
(190 games)
$79,795,494.00, guaranteed

Brand took a lot of guff in the Jordan year, mostly from Jordan. When they signed him, if you looked at his age, you probably should've expected two "prime" years, maybe 20/10, followed by a couple of productive years, then pretty much a crap shoot in the last year of the contract. They missed the first year due to injury, the second year was wasted with Jordan (and he still didn't seem 100% physically), but the third year, last year, was pretty much what should've been expected out of the third year of the deal. This year, well, let's hope he bounces back.

Stan reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 3 at 15:05

1. No one cares about the Sixers
2. People hate Iguodala more. Brand is a nice guy. Iguodala is an athletic Kobe wanna be who got a big contract because of his dunking ability.

mopey reply to Stan on Jan 3 at 16:14

I care about them....

wow, there are people on his site who call Igoudala a Kobe wannabe? No offense, but you're a little out of place here. Maybe philadunkia is more up your alley.

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