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Sixers To End Trip In The Big Easy

Tom Moore on Jan 4 at 8:49

Sixers video interview: Doug Collins on facing the Hornets Wednesday night and having so many games in a short period of time:


Collins quote on new-look New Orleans: "I hope it takes them a few more days for the chemistry to kick in."

jswigga on Jan 4 at 9:56

I know it's early and we still have the Hornets game later, but the fact that our sixers are at .500 (on the road!!!!) should be a topic for conversation in the future. I realize we are exactly where we left off, but 500 ball on the road is worthy of props.

love from Japan

If they played .500 on the road last year, they would've finished w/ the #5 seed.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 10:56

Didn't win second time on road until Game 12 and third time until Game 14.

Seven games in nine days (first four in a row at WFC) starting with Friday's home opener.

Stan reply to jswigga on Jan 4 at 10:48

I'm still pissed about the Utah loss. Plus, we've played some pretty bad teams. It's not like we played OKC, LAL, and DAL during that stretch.

The NO game and the back-to-back this weekend are all extremely winnable games. Hopefully we take advantage of this before our first 3 games in 3 days next week.
A key for this game is Jrue hounding Jarrett Jack on the defensive end who can be turnover-prone when faced with pressure (8 in a game vs SAC this year!). Forcing some turnovers to get out on the fast break and convert easy points will go a long way toward victory. An early lead will force NO to speed up the pace, which as illustrated in the post, is the last thing they want to do.
Heading to the Temple-Duke game so looking forward to watching the second half of this one. Let's get above .500!

A Duke game. Hope you enjoy the 60 foul shots. ZZZZZ.
The Rat.

Good luck, Temple!

Ariza ruled out for tonights game, Aminu will start for him

Not sure that really hurts them at all.

Marc Stein: Just going up on ESPN online: Grizzlies in advanced talks to acquire big man Marreese Speights from Philly in three-team deal w/Hornets


Trade, on course to be completed Wednesday, would send Speights to Grizz, Xavier Henry to Hornets and furnish Philly with two future picks

Hm, so two second rounders for Speights?? Dare i hope there is a late first rounder mixed in?

This is probably unsupported by facts, but for whatever reason, per $, second rounders seem to end up being more valuable than 1st rounders because teams are much more likely to take a risk, or a flyer, and get lucky sometimes and strike gold. I like two second rounders a lot.

Great picture. I wasn't sure if that was Cazzie Russell or Willie G. Gorgeous fingertip release, Mr. Green. (Turner with the late fly-by.)

As for tonight, should be a big easy win for the tourists. Hard to replace a set of guards like Chris Paul and Willie Green. Is this a "trap game" as the modernistas say?

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