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Report: Speights About To Be Dealt

I think two picks is a lot for a player that doesn't play. Talent be damned - his value had diminished quite a bit on the sixers.

The Grizzlies are desperate for some front court help so maybe they will throw in a first rounder. Speights can learn from Z-Bo himself :).

I'd probably prefer an early second rounder. Late first round picks are guaranteed contracts for players who typically don't pan out.

He's been dealing with injuries these last 2 seasons, right? In his rookie year I thought he looked rough, but talented (/big) enough to be developed...

Why can't the sixers get Xavier Henry? I would rather take a chance on him and he fills a real need at the SG spot. I imagine there is an additional salary that would have to be added(from Memphis) to match up the cap, but second round picks do nothing for me. Hopefully the picks are at least for this years deep draft.

stan reply to JJT on Jan 4 at 11:37

The Sixers would be saving 2.7 million with this trade. They probably don't see much in Xavier

Big Will on Jan 4 at 11:34

The Sixers would trade Speights to the Memphis Grizzlies in return for their second-round draft pick in June's draft, provided it is pick 31-55. That means the Sixers wouldn't get the pick if the Grizzlies finish as one of the top four teams in the league. So it's a pretty safe bet they'll get that pick.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/sixers/Sixers-close-to-deal-to-trade-Marreese-Speights.html#ixzz1iVYdk7ZF
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Stan reply to Big Will on Jan 4 at 11:43

Bottom 4 protected? lol, I never heard of that before.

I'm a huge fan of second round picks. Their unguaranteed nature allows for teams to take fliers on talent that if they pan out - can really be super valuable.

Not feeling Xavier Henry so far though.

Shawn reply to Shawn on Jan 4 at 11:39

draft analysis over the years: actual factual analysis instead of me blabbering


I like the trade. Hopefully we'll pick the next DeAndre Jordan

JJT reply to Stan on Jan 4 at 11:56

DeAndre Jordan. We can only hope. Still painful for me because I really wanted to draft Jordan over Speights. I couldn't believe he fell all the way to the second round.

Hmmm, not a huge fan of the trade but i'll take it. Speights was useless to the Sixers anyway. At least they got a mid to late second rounder in 2012 and hopefully an early second rounder in 2013.

I'd much prefer Xavier Henry.

I could care less about a second rounder in the #45 range (or worse) since you can easily buy that type of pick. The type of 2nd round picks with value are 31-40, which is where the Hornets 2nd rounder will be.

Stan reply to tk76 on Jan 4 at 11:48

Lucas Nogueira

Jason reply to tk76 on Jan 4 at 11:55

Not sure where he'd fit into the rotation, also a bad match for ET.

Xavier would not yet even have a spot, since he is still developing. Ultimately he works well as a back-up at SG and an eventual replacement for Meeks in the starting line-up.

i'm more concerned about accumulating potential talent right now as opposed to worrying about where ET will get his minutes. ET can play 3 positions, so when he is playing at a high level you will always be able to find minutes for him at PG/SG/SF.

If the Sixers are hoping to make an impact trade for a star they should be accumulating tradable assets and redundancies. If you have 3 young SG you can trade away one as part of a package without worrying about having a hole in your rotation.

New Orleans traded a 2013 second rounder for Henry, who was picked #12 last year. Wow.

So the only reason the Hornets get Henry is because the Sixers wanted to save some cash?

Stan reply to tk76 on Jan 4 at 12:09

2.1 million. Not chump change

I suppose. Could be they just don't like Henry, and to be honest, if they don't like him, taking him back doesn't make a whole lot of sense. That's a guaranteed contract. Not a huge one, but a million here or there could make a difference if you're trying to make a big move.

I guess. And if they are getting the Hornets second rounder they can always sell it for another 3M and a later second rounder... and then sell that pick for 1.5M :)

It all makes basketball cents.

Is Henry a bit of a nut? Didn't he hold out his rookie year? Though if memory serves, he held out because Memphis didn't want to give him the customary 120% of slot.

jfp reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 19:51

Looking at it from a different perspective, Memphis gives up the #12 pick in last year's draft plus another pick for Mo Speights

Which seems more unlikely?

jfp reply to jfp on Jan 4 at 19:53

Sorry, meant to be a reply to Brian's post at 12:06

Stan reply to tk76 on Jan 4 at 12:07

I think this trade had more to do with saving money than anything else. I don't think the Sixers believe they are in any contention in bringing in a star. I honestly don't think Xavier will be in the league 3 years from now.

Way to early to tell.

You get a bit concerned when 22 years olds like ET and Wes Johnson struggle as rookies. But Xavier was 19, so to say he is a lost cause but ET is not seems a bit skewed IMO. Lots of future starters struggle right when they enter the league.

I for one think Speights got a raw deal. He'll be good in Memphis. He needs minutes. He shot himself in the foot by coming into camp out of shape this year, but I would not have given up on that talent.

Is Eric Gordon playing tonight?

Haven't heard yet. Sixers should be favored, maybe -3?

just looked its -6



Don't think I'd touch either line.

MikeW reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 12:19

Brian - most props aren't out yet, but the last I saw (about 20 mins ago) sixers were -4.5, and their team over/under was 93. This 93 is very intriguing to me, despite NO's slow down style. I'm almost certain to take Jrue's bet tonight as well, whatever it may be (guessing it can't be higher than 18.5, as he failed to reach that mark last game).

I like the Sixers over 93. Don't like the total over/under, because I could see the Sixers winning like 100-80, something like that.

Hmm actually before we jump onto things, has Stern approved this yet? :))

I added some info to the post above.

so the sixers gave up Xavier Henry in favor of NOH's 2013 pick lol. I change my mind, should of taken him back in this deal.

Some interesting early props: Iguodala v. Landry in points scored (Landry favored by 2), Holiday v. Jack in points/assists (Jack favored by 1.5), Brand v. Okafor in points/rebs (Brand favored by 1).

Anyone know if the Nets own their #1 pick this summer? Very high chance it could be top three, which might help them sell themselves to Dwight/Deron.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 12:45

Isn't there some rule that says you can't trade your first round pick for two consecutive years?

It says you can't make a trade that will leave you w/out a first round pick in consecutive years, but it only looks forward. So even if the Nets didn't have a first-rounder last season, they could still trade away this year's first. I don't know exactly which picks they sent to Utah for DWil, but I assume one of them was the pick they used for Kanter.

It looks like they sent their 1st rounder from last year, and Golden State's first rounder from this year, so they should still hold their own this summer, unless there was some kind of conditional thing, where utah gets the better of the two picks.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 12:52


"The Jazz will get New Jersey's first-round pick this year, which is not lottery protected, and Golden State's first-round pick, which is partially protected, next year. That selection is top-seven protected in 2012 and 2013 and top-six protected in 2014"

There's a chance that NJ could end up with 2-top 7 picks and the cap space to sign Deron and Howard

No, it's not lottery protected by the Nets, it's lottery protected by the Warriors.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 13:33

Still, it's scary to that the Nets could get Deron Williams, Dwight Howard and then have a trade asset like Anthony Davis. Billy King lucked into a really good situation.

It's certainly possible, though I need to look at the numbers, if they wind up w/ a really pricey draft slot, I don't know how much money they'd have left to pay Dwight and Deron under the cap. It would probably be tight.

You have to assume Deron is going to want a max extension from his starting point, which I think would be somewhere near $18M in year 1. Then a max contract for Dwight...yeah, they can probably still do it, but it's going to be tight if they wind up paying a rookie $5M in year one. They might have to move some salary out.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 14:00

It seems like they're only committed to 16 million next season- Morrow, Farmar, Petro, Brooks, and Williams. Those guys are certainly moveable.

What is the max for Dwight's first year of his new contract? I think they can fit everything in.

mopey reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 14:22

Here's a hypothetical - what if Jrue out-performs D. Williams this year? Would that be incentive enough for Dwight to sign in Philly? Assuming there's cap room.

I love getting a 2nd round pick for next year for Speights, even if it doesn't project very highly. It gives the 6ers a chance to replace Lou with someone like Jordan Taylor or Meeks with Turner's buddy William Buford (my preference).

Actual reply: Let's not deal in impossibilities. Deron only looks bad because he is on an inexplicably bad team in a throw away year.

mopey reply to Cin on Jan 4 at 15:10

but what if Jrue produces close to what Williams did at his peak? say 17 and 7. wouldn't Philly's roster be more appealing than NJ's? What if the sixers win the Atlantic?

Im not saying these things will happen or that even if they did it would sway Howard in our direction. Just what would need to happen to tip he scales?

I do think Holiday will finish with 17and 7 and Sixers take the division though.

Jrue isn't going to reach Williams' level this season, even if the counting numbers are close (which I doubt they will be), he won't be the player Williams is/was in his prime. Getting Howard to come here is probably going to be about selling him on the entire team as constructed, as well as their potential in the next five years. To show him that they're a legit championship contender, they probably need to win a bunch of games this season and show that Jrue or Turner or both are heading the direction of being a guy like Deron. They don't need to be there yet, but there needs to be a clear progression.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 15:57

If Deron leaves for Dallas, Dwight has no where else to go :)

My reply was in the same vein as this. Statistics be damned, Jrue needs to breakout of this slump and display continued growth as a floor general and leader, although neither are guarantees. Those were both big Q's about him in the draft and will largely determine the depths of his potential. If he combines his combo guard-like scoring ability, growth in those two areas, and the "Im the best damn baller in this building" confidence he's exuded at times, all on a consistent level, he'll be as enticing as Deron to play with.

Unfortunately I think this will be a year 4/5 development and, to echo Brian, Howard would have to be sold on the prospect of that growth trajectory (also applied to Turner and, to a lesser extent, Young), Iguodala finishing out his contract in prime form, and Collins being a championship level coach.

He'd also need to be convinced that ownership is (a) going to spend to put a contender on the floor every year of his contract (b) committed to making the team a draw locally, and nationally and take whatever steps are needed to make that a reality and (c) committed to making Philly a place where players want to play (practice facility, player perks, etc).

Anthony reply to Stan on Jan 4 at 14:04

Did BK really 'luck into a good situation?' Wasn't this the Nets organizational plan, to blow things up, suck, gain cap space, and high draft picks?

Stan reply to Anthony on Jan 4 at 14:34

If Dwight Howard signs with NJ, BK will have a job for the next 10 years and be considered one of the better GMs in the league.

If Williams walks and they're left w/ nothing, he'll pretty much be remembered as the same BK he was in Philly.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 14:57

He has taken a huge risk. But I think NJ has the best chance of signing Howard than any other team in the NBA. If Deron Williams goes elsewhere, he'll still have a pretty decent draft pick in 2012.

No way Dwight signs there w/out Deron staying put.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 15:22

If Deron leaves, the Nets can still build with their lottery pick.

Would Deron really take less money to sign with Dallas and play with an aging Nowitski? It benefits Deron the most to stay with NJ and bring in Howard.

If he goes to Dallas, he's probably competing for a title immediately. In NJ, even w/ Dwight, they're probably a couple of years (and major pieces) away from being at that level. It's all going to depend on what he wants/values. Also, playing for a 12-54 team may leave a bad taste in his mouth.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 16:02

One can only hope. NJ is probably the most likely destination. They can sign Howard and Deron and trade their lottery pick for a veteran all star SF or SG.

They really don't have the pieces to make a trade for a legit third player w/out the lottery pick, and they can't just trade the lottery pick for a legit player because they won't have the cap space to absorb his contract. They could add the lottery pick to the nucleus already in place, but Deron + Dwight will eat up all of their cap space. Best they can hope for is Williams + Howard + lottery pick + mid-level player + the other crap they have on the team right now + veteran minimum guys.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 12:49

I think they have that pick. I never thought of that. Deron + Howard + Jeremy Lamb or whatever FA they can trade with that pick, would be decent team.

That being said, would you trade Iguodala for pick #3 in the draft? Even if it meant a Brooklyn dynasty for the next 7 years?

Not even this year's Hornets 2nd rounder?

Should have taken Henry.

But I guess expecting anything for Speights is asking a lot for nothing.

I guess this one gets an Inc. on Thorn's report card. he's made some earth-shattering moves in his time here:

- Willie Green, Jason Smith and a second rounder for Songaila and Brackins.

- Speights for 2 second rounders.

- Vucevic and Allen in the draft.

- Signed Antonio Daniels.

- Re-signed Thad.

- QO for Hawes.

- Signed Battie (twice?)

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 14:30

You forgot about the trade for Jodie Meeks.

That was before Thorn took over.

Is Jodie meeks going to be a RFA in the off-season? how much is Jodie capable of making next season? Would xavier be cheaper next season?

I'm a little wary of lessening the depth @ the 4 b/c Brand looks like he's on his last legs, but if Collins isn't going to play him then it's at least getting something in return for nothing.

I think I'd rather have the 2 second rounders than Henry (or anything else from the bottom of those 2 rosters, save Josh Selby or Aminu).

Z-Bo tore his mcl, out 8 weeks
Speights might be the starting Pf for the grizzlies in no time


hmm, maybe we should have asked for more.

Funny that this news broke right after we made the deal. Wouldn't it break to be on the right side of something like this, just once?

Or, I guess the trade isn't a done deal, but seems like it's pretty much agreed upon. Guess we'll see.

jkay reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 13:50

whatddyu think Memphis' options were concerning other PFs available, that they came to us again after they refused to give in. Is Speights that desirable? Something tells me we could have gotten a first or more if we had insisted. Sounds like they had really few options.

Philly in NYC reply to jkay on Jan 4 at 14:13

I think we should be happy that we got anything at all for speights. i really doubt he's going to amount to much for memphis this year as it sounds like he's pretty out of shape. i'm guessing the gets a little play and then suffers an injury.

also, i think that if we didn't take the deal, that another team would have taken a similar deal. the sixers cleared some money and got a couple second rounders which at best will amount to a role player off the bench....which is more than speights is right now...and with a lower salary. not a bad move.

Any chance we bring back Xavier Silas for the 14th roster spot now? He seemed like he was the closest to making the team out of the players that were cut cut before the season.

Stan reply to Scott on Jan 4 at 16:41

What's the point? He'll be the 6th guard on this team after Andre, Meeks, Holiday, Turner, and Lou. Let him play in France and bring him back if he shows significant improvement or we lose a guard to injury.

Have to agree here. Even looking forward without either Meeks and Lou potentially, that 2nd rounder from MEM will net a better prospect than Silas. Leave the last two spots open. One for trade flexibility, one for a vet in case of injury.

I wouldn't mind if they used it for a big who can dunk.

Speights would probably have a lot more value today if Collins had ever played him.

Or maybe less if teams saw his doughy frame jogging up and down the floor and jacking shots every time he touched the ball. 2 second rounders is one more second rounder than I thought they were going to get.

Tom Moore on Jan 4 at 15:21

Trade story: Sixers get pair of second-rounders for Speights:


Thorn says 2012 Memphis pick goes to Sixers if it's from 31-55 and to Heat if it's 56-60. Sixers will get it.

John Mitchell (@deepsixer) just broke this news on twitter.

He's on top of things.

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Good luck, Mo Speezy M16 Marreese. Will always remember your cheering off the bench. 2nd chance, time to buckle down.

South Broad on Jan 4 at 19:55

Memphis traded their whole draft class from last year to New Orleans. Vasquez and Henry.

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