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Sacto For the Middle Game

Attendance should go up, last nights number was pretty pathetic, unless of course the flyers are on the road...

Hawes will have 2 fouls by the 9 minute mark of the 1st quarter

Sharone Wright on Jan 10 at 10:55

I think attendance will rise only a little from Monday, but still pathetic. If win tonight and then beat the Knicks, then I think attendance will start going up quickly. Sixers are starting to get some talk on WIP radio. (I think WIP is a good gague of the City's intereest in a team, although I am sure many will disagree with me.)

I don't disagree with you that talking head support is important, but the flyers are still more popular in the city, and I bet watching a game on TV (an away game obvoiusly) appeals to more fans than watching a sixers home game. I wonder what the flyers away ratings are locally compared to sixers away ratings...I have no idea how to even find such things :)

I don't agree that attendance will go up 'quickly'. I don't think attendance showed vast improvement in january/february last year when they were on a 13-4 run did it?

Sharone Wright reply to GoSixers on Jan 10 at 11:11

Unfortunately, we are one of only three markets where the hockey team has a higher TV rating than the NBA team. Not sure of the numbers or how they break down, however. Also not sure of the attendance answer either, although I think a 7 game winning streak in first place will be a bigger draw than a 13-4 run from last place to middle of the pack.

I wouldn't be surprised to see an attendance bump for the knicks game because it's the knicks (and knicks fans showing up) but then again, i wouldn't be surprised to see the wizards get their first win of the season on Friday or Saturday

The Knicks game is on the road, so yeah, there will be a bump in attendance.

D'oh - for some reason I thought they were all at home - bummer

As a point of comparison, our very own Spencer Hawes shot 50% on put-backs last season, and he's scoring 1.46 points-per-play in that situation this year.

Wow, worse than the sissy putback. Can't count how many times Hawes got snuffed on those ones.
9/26 is still a small sample.

Cousins was much better last season, 1.15 ppp.

I hope they don't get Tebowed... or Jimmered.

I am worried about this game. I am worried they will slip defensively, because well it's about time and the Kings team is the type of team you lose your concentration against. Their defensive efficiency so far is absurd and probably unsustainable.

Btw, i am probably one of those rare ones that somewhat agree with you about Sacto's talent. Sacramento has three main issues IMO:

- Mismatched talent full of offensive weapons, but no real PG and noone who can, and will pass the ball when he should.
- Worst chemistry in the league. It's not just cousins, Evans is a headcase too and those two are supposed to be the faces of the franchise. What a great example they are setting!!!
- Worst coached and managed (front office) team in the league right now. I really have no idea what they are trying to do. They have the potential to build a truly good team, but somehow manage to get the worst possible outcome.

I am going to predict a win, because i feel the guys too (not just Collins) have set a high goal for them, and will find a way to beat a team they should. Hopefully i am right.

eddies' heady's on Jan 10 at 11:27

(1) Will Turner play a big role tonight

This seems to be a conundrum. Just don't know what to expect from him night to night besides getting rebounds and showing the will to play good individual defense. Thought he would build on that New Orleans performance where he played big all game, but he seems to be lost in the shuffle offensively and obvioulsy hasn't distinguished himself in any role the staff has tried him in. He doesn't seem to be forcing anything though so that's positive. Couldn't begin to guess how he shows up tonight, I'd say about the same as the last few games - just blending in with good defense.

Will the attendance rise or fall from last night's pitiful 8,600?

Rise. Only because Tyreke's posse and family will boost it. Pitiful, I know, but looks like the reality.

Sharone Wright reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 10 at 11:35

I think he is playing to tentatively. When he pushes the ball up, good things usually happen. He has a very impressive mid range game, which is somewhat rare in the NBA. Turn it loose, ET! Or as Elway says, “pull the trigger.”
When he just tries to blend with the offense, he disappears.

I just wish they would let ET initiate the offense instead of Lou. Lou is great at catch and shoot and Evan gets the ball moving.

ET does need to watch losing the ball when bringing it up though. Happened once the last two games.

I thought ET was passive last night, and he really only took the layups that he knew he would make. I'd like to see him at least try to get in the lane on this team and start drawing contact. Really, I don't know why he's hesitant to pull out a change of speeds move. Those will get him in the lane.

That being said, his individual defense last night wasn't good, it was awesome. He looks so much more confident on that end of the floor, and he's turning into a weapon. I'd say he made Paul George go 0/6 on him and they were all tough shots that took George out of his comfort zone. This year so far, we've seen Jrue, Thad, and ET join Iguodala as pain in the asses on that end of the floor. It hasn't been spelled out when they play together, but they have all been excellent on defense.

eddies' heady's on Jan 10 at 12:15

Prediction - they blow these guys out of the gym tonight. And get off to a good start doing it. Least worried game so far this year, to me. Balancing minutes will be key as you'd think Doug is going to have at least a small eye toward tomorrow night on the road and a division game.

last year's 13-4 run was meaningless for attendance b/w we were 3-13 when it started. attendance should rise slightly b/c 1) people don't want to go out on monday nights for hte most part and 2) there is no championship game in college football tonight. That being said, hard to imagine more than 12K. So disappointing, but I still have hope for later in the season. Especially after some big names come in here and give the crowd its first boost.

I see - so a 13-4 run after a 3-13 run is meaningless - shows no resilency or anything.

What I find truly fascinating is that amount of excuses people will make for the fact that a team that has no star and no legitimate shot at a title not drawing in a city with teams in other sports that have much higher profiles.

Philadelphia (like most major cities) is an awesome bandwagon town - the sixers are the slowest moving farthest from the front most star deprived wagon of any of the four major teams, I don't see why it has to be harder than that...Sacramento is a great NBA town - when the kings are contenders - not so much when they suck or are mediocre...to me it's pretty simple - win in the playoffs and people will show up

yes, actually. the average "fan" is not like all of us here on this board. the average potential supporter of the sixers isn't saying "wow, looks like we are on a 13-4 run after a bad start!" they are saying, "oh great, the sixers are 16-17. another mediocre at best year."
maybe this was brought up by someone yesterday, but michael wilbon did say the sixers were going to win the Atlantic flat out (after hinting at such a preseason pick a month ago). winning in the playoffs is clearly the key to bringing back supporters, but leading the division throughout the season would help too.

The Sixers are starting to get some recognition. Here's the newest article by John Schuhmann about Thad Young and the Sixers bench.


Apparently Thad leads the league in offensive rating, meaning the Sixers are the most efficient offense in the league during the minutes Thad is in the game.

Same recognition the bench get last year, just earlier in the season.


Zach Lowe gives the offense some credit and the team some perspective. Really, they aren't any good when they are stagnant, and that's a basic explanation as why they start out slow. It's easier to swing the ball/run pick and rolls/constantly move with Turner (Or Lou, at times) and Thad replacing the more stagnant Brand and Meeks.

Remember this date. This is Sixers Day on the internet, and while it won't be reproduced ever again, it's freaking awesome. They are #1 in Hollinger's Power Rankings too.

They drew 8,612 fans last night, a shockingly low figure even for a seasoned Atlanta Hawks attendee like me.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 10 at 13:23

He's got some really low-key humor that I like in his writing. Usually makes me chuckle 2 or 3 times a column.

I was waiting for them to get out. I knew they were going to be number one, due to the way his system works. They've been number 1 for a while now. Hopefully they can keep it up. And that rating of 115.4 is absolutely insane. They are bound to get much lower than that unfortunately because that's unsustainable.

There's no way they keep up what they've been doing (hell even Hollinger admits that) but if they can stay in the top 10 for the season I'll see it as an accomplishment.

Right now - home court advantage in the first round is all I'm looking for.

Good read, and I agree with his premise though it wasn't really 'about' the sixers so much :)

I enjoyed that one. thanks for the link.

jkay reply to Ryan F on Jan 10 at 15:47

good read.

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Jan 10 at 16:11

Thought it was great too. I think his analysis of what drives fans are on time. Someone wrote a few seasons ago, and I forget who, that the 76ers irrelevance was due more in part to their personalities than their play, essentially the premise of this article. Whether that is true are not is up for debate, but I think that it is part of the neglect by the fans and media.

Either way, feels good to hear so many positive things about the one professional sports team I care for. Been a while.

Furthering the Sixers internet frenzy, the Sixers are featured in the front picture for SI.com linked to their NBA power ranking article (they have the Sixers 4th):
Philadelphia 76ers (6-2)
The four-win week in the midst of a favorable part of the schedule included eight- and nine-assist performances from Jrue Holiday; two strong games from rookie center Nicola Vucevic; Lou Williams maintaining his season-long streak of scoring in double digits (he leads the team with 16.6 points); and a magnificent defense yielding an average of just 78.5 points.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/britt_robson/01/10/power.rankings/index.html#ixzz1j5AcVAXC

Dwight reply to Sean K on Jan 10 at 16:04

The best aspect of Iggy's game arguably is that he is a horse. He can play 40 minutes a game per season without getting injured. Last year was the first time where he had an injury trouble and that was only because of the world championships he participated in.

Totally forgot to mention that Brand only played 18 minutes last night. It wasn't by design, he was in foul trouble, but it does bode well for him being at least available tonight and tomorrow.

I'm a little worried about AI and Jrue for tomorrows game after heavy minutes last night. I hate the Knicks.

It would really be great if they could just blow Sactos doors off tonight. I'd like nothing more than to see Jrue and AI9 spend the entire fourth quarter on the bench.

Closer to thirty for each of Jrue, AI, Meeks, and Turner would be ideal.

I think if they sat the majority (if not all) of the fourth, they'd be under 30, the way collins runs folks in and out in the first half...

Though I don't think they'll put the kings away early enough

Teams continue to miss shots against us. I think Jrue Turner and Iguodala all have good height for their positions, and solid D. I guess they are just a hard team to get a decent shot up against.

I think the sixers are really proving how good a team we can be if we have a capable big man in the middle. I doubt hawes will keep his production up all year, but hopefully they the team keeps up its stellar play and proves something this year. then maybe we can try to get a big guy who is a beast in the middle next year. like dwight howard or something.

Also, i don't think there will be any iguodala trade rumors this year if they stay hot. thank the lord

Think how much better they'd be with a presence in the middle defensively who could at least put up a fight against a guy like Roy Hibbert.

And there will be Iguodala trade rumors, inevitably the 'need a star to win' discussion will be talked about the sixers needing one to get 'over the hump'

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 10 at 15:19

Not many teams have a player in the middle like Roy Hibbert. Who scores at center in the NBA? Hibbert, Bynum, Howard, Monroe, Horford, Marc Gasol, and Bogut. Less than a quarter of our opponents.

A presence in the middle would still make our defense so much better whether or not the other team has a scoring center or not. And our defense is already phenomenal. Getting a guy like that HAS to be the team's next obligation.

Well if you want to rank obligations - i kind of think finding a power forward is more important - since behind elton brand there's, um, no power forwards

Does anyone know if the NBA looked into a rule such as any team on a back-to back-to back must at least play a team on a back to back for the 3rd game? Seems absurd that the Knicks should be rested vs us in our 3rd game. Maybe this was just too impossible to coordinate.

Tray reply to MikeW on Jan 10 at 15:19

Every team has won its third game in a back-to-back-to-back so far.

jkay reply to Tray on Jan 10 at 15:54

and apparently only the Thunder have gone 3-0.
Looking forward to joining that stat club soon.

Yeah but how many teams have actually endured the triple back? I know the lakers have already - but who else?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 10 at 16:00

6 teams, 6-0 on the third night.

Brian, what website do you use for NBA salary info?

Stan reply to Stan on Jan 10 at 16:09

nevermind. I got it from your links page

Not sure if I've updated that link. Use this one:


I need to do some housekeeping when I get a minute, update a link here and there, also update the roster w/ the new additions/subtractions and this year's salaries.

It would be so fitting if the Sixers finally got a player on the All Star team, and it wound up being Hawes as the backup C.

I'm going to say it's very unlikely that will happen

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 10 at 16:37

I wonder who will become the #2 C, Horford or Chandler?

Tray reply to Stan on Jan 10 at 16:42

Chandler. Horford's always underrated, the instant New York starts playing sort of well people will say that it's all thanks to Chandler turning their defense around, and, Chandler's currently shooting 73%.

Rich reply to Tray on Jan 10 at 16:44

I'm not sure if it's because of him, but they are not as good as their record is right now. They have some (Mike Francesa voice) HUH-YUGE holes.

Tray reply to Rich on Jan 10 at 16:53

Yeah, the Knicks have looked awful but it's not Chandler's fault. They have about 7 legit NBA players on the whole team, no point guard, no bench, disastrous start to the season for Toney Douglas, a coach who's okay with Amare taking 6 16-23 footers a game. Chandler and Shumpert are really their only bright spots.

I was thinking it would default to joakim noah, regardless of numbers, just due to being on chicago

Wow, virtually everybody is suddenly writing about the Sixers. Can't believe what a simple win over the Pacers can do. I read about 6-7 different Sixers related articles today.

Wow guys. Anyone check out Hollinger's latest power rankings? He has the Sixers #1.

Although I guess he just uses a statistical formula of some sort to compute it.

He also has the Knicks 24th and the Celtics 21st.

The problem with the rankings is that it doesn't account for injuries. It pretends that we beat the Pacers as if they had Granger and Hill.

Tray reply to Dwight on Jan 10 at 16:44

Pacers are a lot better without Granger, the way he's been playing.

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